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This page outlines the variations and alterations in reality as I’ve come to witness firsthand.

I used to tell myself stories about how my memory was flawed, and that a specific event or geographical feature wasn’t what I remembered it to be and my memory was flawed.. Understanding the Quantum nature fo the universe and infinite complexity, I no longer question my recollections, and have opted to use this document to detail the variations in reality I’ve come to witness over time.

This document outlines the permanent geographical feature variations other variations between my origin reality and this reality

This includes ONLY firsthand witnessing or direct cartographic evidence.

If possible, the list also should include observed cultural variation references.

In my origin reality, Macau was East of Hong Kong (I took a ferry from Hong Kong to Macau twice). Denmark, where I come from, is completely moved from where it was in my reality – it used to be on the right side of Finland, the dog ears were all Denmark – on this reality, it’s under Norway (I had a couple hour layover in Copenhagen one time, and got to know the country well). And the dog ears are Russia? Wow, that blew me away!

Russia appears to have expanded in size and influence, I’d never heard of it’s influence here before in Nicaragua, and Moldova’s about twice the size it was before.

Moscow used to be above and to the right of St Petersburg – I was going to go there one time, and mapped out train routes…. Moscow is now nearly 600 miles south. Prague was on the border of Germany in my reality, here it’s in the interior (I spent 7 days there 9 years ago). Nizhny Novgorod also used to be just about where Moscow now is. I was at one time looking at the Russian wife thing, and that’s where a lot of them come from, I ADMIT it

Bratislava, Slovakia was in the middle of the nation where here it’s on the west side. Budapest was shifted over by a couple hundred miles east, Dublin was well inland, in the middle of Ireland, here it’s a coastal town, and north ireland has significantly different borders (I drove from Dublin to Letterkenny, a straight shot, and went through Belfast on my way there! Ireland also had about 1/3 more land mass to the south than it currently has.

Orlando is shifted north by about 100 miles, in my reality it was just as far north as Tampa was…. And Guatemala has shifted about 150 miles to the north from where it was before.

Looking in the sky, where I come from, Venus and Mars were the dominant bright lights in the sky. Here, you don’t even see Venus and Jupiter is a dominant light? I couldn’t see Jupiter in my reality, not with the naked eye. The largest and furthest planet you could see in my reality was Saturn, and it wasn’t even that large. I remember looking at Saturn thought a telescope at Griifith, and them saying it was the furthest one could see with the naked eye.

Luxor, the entire city, had been ‘lost’ in my reality. What that means is – I received a hand carved obsidian statue from my grandfather after their trip to Egypt, but the name of the city alluded me for so long, I could not for the life of me remember where it was. Then I come to this reality and then it dawns on me. it’s Luxor where it came from, the ‘LOST’ city in my reality where the Luxor pyramid in Las Vegas was based on.

Lesotho in South Africa? It’s not in my reality. I remember Swaziland, which I thought was more in the central, but Lesotho, which reminds me of Lothario, was most definitely not there. And Johannasburg was more in the center of the nation.

Sydney and Melborne were on opposite ides of the continent, Darwin was on the west side, and Perth is where Darwin is (North side of Australia) – I was considering Perth as a destination when I was working in Singapore. New Zealand was also positioned at the same position offset North rather than south of Australia, and seems to have drifted farther away from Australia.

The North Pole was covered with visible ice where I come from, and Antarctica was much smaller.

In India, New Delhi was where Chennai is, Chennai was where Bangalore is, and Bangalore was about 250km south of where new Delhi is now. Ahmedabad was a coastal city (I used to date Kena who was from this area).

Pakistan. I could have sworn Karachi was in the middle of the interior, but I could be wrong with this. Kabul, in Afghanistan, was south about 100km and about 300km to the west.

Jordan was twice the size it is now, it looks like Saudi Arabia consumed some territory there. Tunisia shrunk. Madagascar shrunk as well, about half the size it was from my reality.

Venezuela and Colombia have exchanged positions, I visited Columbia and the peninsula connected to Venezuela in my reality, not Colombia. Ecuador is larger in my origin reality – about 50% more land mass in my reality, Peru is smaller, and Chile’s looking like it’s gonna get squeezed out, it’s about 1/2 the size it was in my reality.

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