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Universal Basic Income (UBI) – The check that balances

About a year ago, The New Yorker magazine discussed a concept called “Universal Basic Income”.

What Universal Basic Income is – is that for every independent adult, you’re guaranteed an absolutely minimum level of income regardless of whether you work or not.

Interestingly enough, New Yorker Magazine found a direct correlation to LESS societal issues with cities with UBI than those without.

Mark Zuckerberg – one of the world’s wealthiest men – also supports it….

The goal with Universal Basic Income is simple – to assist with homelessness and to free up time for those who have to pull two and three full time jobs in order to pay for the basic things such as food, shelter, and limited transportation costs.

If you’d have asked me as a working adult 10 years ago how I felt about Universal Basic Income – I’d have been appalled – but now that I have found myself in a position of homeless where there’s really no viable opportunities for me to rectify my problems, UBI offers both opportunity to resolve my situation, and a chance for society to understand someone like me – rather than sweeping me under the rug, and why people like myself need it.

Critics of the U.B.I. argue that handing people cash, instead of targeted aid (like food stamps), means that much of the money will be wasted, and that a basic income will take away the incentive to work, lowering G.D.P. and giving us a nation of lazy, demoralized people.

I don’t agree and here’s why:

Food Stamps come at a definite cost of time and energy to obtain. The systems, here in California at least, are specifically designed to consume a great deal of time and to make the requester feel like absolute shit. All to obtain $194 (maximum) a month which gives me $6.66 a day to live on. By the time I’ve obtained this money, I  have actually worked for it by providing my time which is valuable to me.

Now should I ask for cash – in the form of something called “GROW” – which is also pegged at $200 maximum a month – I’m required to attend a 3 week retraining program to teach me how to more effectively look for work (I’ve attended training systems like this before in Arizona – twice), I’m required to leverage the states poorly designed web site to look for work, I’m required to take the first opportunity I’m given just to obtain an income, and I’m required to show up at the office monthly for a variety of reasons, and that’s all one year.

Let’s do the math on that – I’ll receive $200 * 12 = $2400 for 3*30 = 90 (training hours) + 4 hours a month (commute + reporting) = 4*12=48 hours + looking for work time on their web site = 10 hours per week * 12 hours = 120 hours. The amount of hours would then be 48 + 90 + 120 = 258 hours of my time for $2400  of benefit which equals a value of $9 an hour for my time.

And the negative energy from the ‘programmed ghetto’ atmosphere specifically created to make me feel like shit…

Some people, myself included, just don’t want to put up with that shit.

Welfare. Alone at least. Just doesn’t work.

For one primary reason: Where are the checks and balances on society?

What’s the onus on society to resolve problems which could wind up placing people like myself in the position I’m in?

If you don’t know it already – here’s the story of what led me to being homeless – scroll forward past the indentation if you want to fast forward past all this:

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a 3.74 GPA, almost perfect A’s, and a Master’s In Business Administration from the world’s most reputable International Management school – Thunderbird – with a GPA of 3.14.

I’ve worked for some of the world’s most important companies in extremely public and high profile roles. Intel. Microsoft. Wells Fargo. Prudential Financial, Orbital, Mirage Hotels, and Prudential Real Estate and Relocation, as well as the US Government.

I’ve led massive teams. Around the world. And have lived and worked in Hong Kong, Paris, London, and Singapore, and liaised with people from around the world to put in place world class systems.

I mean – hell – I have a Private Pilot’s license I obtained to overcome my fear of flying way back in 1996 – and found a love with that fear.

But I’ll be frank – From 2006 until 2011, To understand a woman I cared deeply about, I developed a cocaine addiction which helped make it possible to not sleep much while obtaining an MBA and while having full time work responsibilities. An addiction which eventually destroyed many of my relationships.

Jackie hates me blaming my addiction on her, and I don’t. I made that choice.

But had she not been there, I would never have developed the addiction.

So in 2011, I burned out, heavily, I attempted suicide, and came clean to my friends and family about my addiction, I sought help and support, went to rehab, and by the time 2012 hit I was clean but not working any more, and by the time 2013 hit I realized I wasn’t just unhappy with my profession – but suicidally so and that I needed a massive change.

This led to conflict with my family, my friends had long since vacated my life, and ultimately, I took off to tour Latin America – without money – for a year to work on my Spanish skills and maybe open a business there. It was a highly memorable experience.

In the end, after finding solace with a wonderful man by the name of John Manners in Costa Rica who’d fled World War 2 Nazi Germany and likened my situation to his – I came back to the states, with the goal of re-creating myself and potentially my world in a new image.

Herein lies my problem and the problem of many people who find themselves homeless.

Society – and the United States President him/her/itself has an outright responsibility to provide not just jobs, but personally meaningful and personally rewarding opportunities.

In today’s society. These opportunities flat out do not exist.

I’ll have many people call me lazy, and tell me I should take a programming role. Despite knowing this led me to four suicide attempts before, despite knowing my history with work and the dependencies on drugs, they’ll still tell me my situation is my problem.

Of course it is.

But as you so blatantly disrespect me and the value of my life by insisting I do things you know damn well made me terminally depressed.

This is no longer an individual issue.

It’s a societal issue.

What are the realistic options? For me, despite trying for four years, I’ve yet to hear anything from anyone concerning opportunities which require an MBA or leadership roles in technology. I’ll receive 3 to 5 emails a day concerning opportunities EXACTLY LIKE the ones that led me to severe and continued depression before. Mostly contract roles. To which I’ve given up politely responding with a loose outline of what it is I’m looking for and never hearing back.

So – here’s the problem – society likes to stereotype the homeless person and being lazy, addicted, and other labels like this.

Yet society can’t seem to provide one – just one – opportunity for me to leverage my lifetime of experience in IT leading to upper management material, and my MBA.

Universal Basic Income offers me – as a long term high income tax payer who just doesn’t give a shit anymore…

An opportunity….

If you offer me UBI. I’ll leverage it. And continue training myself in 3D technologies, and learning more about the world around me as I’ve been doing on a daily basis here in Starbuck’s. You’ll provide me money to pay for my cup of tea. The income will give me the courage to ask a woman out on a date since I’ll have a proper place to live since I’ve not gotten laid in seven years now.

And this gives me the opportunity to say to you – MY problem with homeless is YOUR problem.

UBI is the check you  write. When YOUR system is so beyond fucked up you’ve left the over-educated over-experienced and highly indebted man with literally no viable options for enjoyable employment.

I refuse to be a slave to your system BUT I will work for and with you IF you provide me something that seems…



And personally rewarding.

I deserve that.

And quite frankly I don’t give a shit if you don’t. I’m not like you and don’t want the dead end job you’re in that leads you to believe we all deserve the same thing. Fuck you with that sentimentality. That’s your issue.

UBI is the check that balances the system when those who work like slaves believe we all should.

Incidentally, Homelessness leapt 23% in the last year in Los Angeles alone. If you don’t participate in the resolution of this rather than just act like a reader, then you too may find yourself in the same exact position I am in. WE don’t want that, do we?

AS the New Yorker magazine article put it:

“It’s certainly true that the U.B.I. would make it easier for people to think twice about taking unrewarding jobs. But that’s a good consequence, not a bad one.”

In my case. I’m just not interested in taking unrewarding jobs. Period. And money – while nice to have – isn’t the ‘reward’ I’m seeking unless it’s in excess. Which let’s be clear. As a society, you’re clearly not interested in offering me that, are you?

UBI offers just enough to reasonably get by, and to let me have the BASIC needs of any human.

And that’s simple shelter and food and potential companionship.


I deserve that. If you don’t feel the same way. Take a hike.



The Camouflaged Planet

While exploring space, you’re going to discover that many planets are poor in resources and exhibit no obvious signs of life.

Other times, you might steer wildly clear of black holes to avoid their gravitational pull.

And other times, you might avoid coming to close to a fiery red giant star.

All things in space are NOT created equal, which is why it’s important to take a lesson from recent history to understand the true nature of what’s seen and why it may not be as it appears.

MANY times – there are planetary level concealment systems at work, which – in many cases works in much the same fashion that stealth technology works on advanced aircraft such as the Stealth Fighter.

Put specifically, these devices and systems in place – largely through a diverse network of satellites – are well aware how remote scanning systems work, and effectively diminish and or completely conceal the underlying structure.

For instance, in my travels, I’ve come across what looked like a star.

But it most definitively wasn’t. Sure, it emanated a LITTLE heat, which was my first clue, the heat output was highly disproportionate to it’s size and color – but underlying the outer core of what turned out to be a planet was an interlinking set of high altitude permanently fixed objects which manipulated the magnetic field surrounding it to throw sensors off leading someone scanning it with sensors to believe it was a cool star and the magnetism was proportionate with it’s size.

Had they looked with eyes or felt the heat – these beings who scanned this planetoid – would have easily seen and/or felt there was more to this so called star than met the eye, and would have realized that the ‘star’ appearance actually masked an ancient planet which contained a humanoid farm created by a sentient robotic species which had been experimenting on a massive scale holographic simulation leveraging human minds.

If you’ve seen “The Matrix” – the farm depicted in that movie and the concepts behind it is much like what I saw.

Undetectable through scanning traditional scanning mechanisms which tend to leverage electromagnetism for it’s readings, and had they scanned leveraging any older technology – say for instance – anything radio wave based, they may have obtained readings that would have defied their electromagnetic scans…

Similarly. There’s a species ‘out there’ that finds it particularly funny to place holograms around perfectly good black holes.

So if you see a beautiful world and don’t take the time to scan it…

Gravity’s a bitch. And then you die.

Well, not really, but I won’t get into black hole mechanics because what I’ve seen online you’re clearly not ready for this intellectually.

Holographic planets, while good fun for your mischief making aliens or others like myself who love throwing off explorers, also occur naturally, and make for a wonderful place to explore – provided you’ve done your proper homework to ensure it’s a natural occurrence.

Why? Naturally occuring holographic planets in the analog universe form out of stability within the holographic universe itself. There’s any number of reasons these naturally occur, and for whatever reason, there tends to be some interesting discoveries and resources available on these planets which may not be available elsewhere.

It’s a win/win for these planets – they distribute their ‘seed’ – resources through the galaxy and universe which provides more options for the planet to ‘get to know’ the universe it’s residing within, and at the same time provides the resource benefit to those thorough enough to understand the planet and what it can provide.

Bananas, for instance, are not indigenous to Earth and are the direct product of interplanetary seed.

The hint was – bananas do not have seeds 😉

So the two primary methods of cloaking planets that I’m aware of are satellite based systems, typically involving low earth orbit devices which alter and manipulate incoming signals which typically require a ‘bounce’ type method and/or reading of electromagnetism to produce the desired results.

These can alter the scanned appearance of a planet to make it look like a star, a black hole, or some other undesirable object to get close to, and the more sophisticated versions can alter the appearance. Keep in mind that maintaining a visual appearance typically requires a great deal of energy, so another method to detect this is to patiently wait to see if the appearance changes or falter over time.

MANY of these devices providing the clock are temporally based, so no amount of correction on equipment will produce better results, and while a keen awareness of temporal mechanics MAY produce nominally better results, cross checking instrument readings when scanning is the best method of discovery.

Which means – at ALL TIMES – for all space exploration vessels, there should ALWAYS be at least two responsible for scanning leveraging different methods, and when differences arise with the results, it becomes easier to detect manipulation.

The second method of cloaking is accomplished from another planet, and is way tougher to explain.

In energy, it’s easily possible to redirect the electromagnetic and photonic emissions of a uniformly sized object.

Forming planets tend to do this naturally in it’s embryonic infancy stage, as do stars. But as a planet matures, it breaks through this embryo where all of analog space becomes aware of its existence.

Some planets are hidden leveraging these natural methods, which can only be accomplished on planets harboring life, and can only be accomplished through the extensive manipulation of the collective consciousness.

I’ve seen this happen to both the detriment of that population and to the benefit.

It’s hard to say if ‘lying’ to a population is good or bad, particularly when you’re all too aware of just how nasty the universe can get.

These types of cloaking are much more thorough, much harder to detect, and if detected, there stands a chance that the population may become aware of you which isn’t always a good thing.

Or… conversely… works as designed.

These populations can be detected by searching for micro singularities – or regions where space and time appears distorted. I’d advise only exploring and actively searching for these once you think you’ve mapped out your entire galaxy and your explorers are a bit bored, because of the risks associated with uncovering overprotective societies who flat out may not want to be found.

Conversely. Some of these societies may need help. So it’s a tough call, really.

Good luck with your exploration!






How I formed the galaxies

Every universe has it’s own unique structure.

From any given point in time, hints of these universes and their structure are always being slipped to me in any number of ways, which I labeled in my formative years of life as fiction, hallucination, visions, and more.

These ‘hints’ are a select handful of possibilities I have to select from to develop and shape and evolve both myself and the world and universe around me.

This is not to say this is a limitation of the possibilities.

These are merely ideas.

Not even suggestions or advisories.

But ideas.

As for the galaxies, Hubble’s discovered hundreds of millions of galaxies.

Physics, for the most part, serves as the primary unifier for galaxies within my universe.

For instance,

The Milky Way is based on energy and mass, gravity and magnetism, and Einstein’s equation e=mc^2 combined with accompanying equations w=mg are the predominant equations for this galaxy, where permutations of this occur throughout the Milky Way provided gravity and humanoids and/or humanoid looking robotic derivations tend to be the dominant exemplification of life and time functions in a consistent manner with me.

I gotta have a home galaxy, ya know?

Each Galaxy is in general an organizing system for what I perceive as similar planets and star systems based on what I perceive are similar rules. of course I’m gonna fuck it up. This invites you to create your own universe where you’re God should I fuck it up enough.

Of course, having all ‘like attracts like’ can get pretty boring, so there’s always  a handful of random additions, some of which I personally add to each galaxy to make things interesting for the locals, which is re-evaluated regularly to entice exploration.

I also have automated processes such as evolution which tend to make things too entertaining even for me sometimes.

Visually, it’s easy to tell – at a glance – how in balance a galaxy is with it’s equations.

Some species, as I’ve learned, find it highly entertaining to destabilize this balance.

For instance – the Milky Way Galaxy – as a spiral galaxy –  is very in balance with it’s equations.

Most spiral galaxies are.

Why is this? Simple. Galaxies which tend towards mathematical precision tend to also have a predictably high level of entropy which tends to create a massive black hole in the center of the galaxy.

Each ‘solar system’ and planet can be thought about as holographic projections of what’s forming in the interior of the super massive black hole, which is an analog of the projections.

In messier galaxies and nebulae, where there’s a clear disorder or no order at all, there’s no obvious reasons from my perspective why this happens so I tend to focus on like elements and similarities, and lump them together in galaxies.

Typically it’s visually based.

Sometimes it’s based on sounds.

Sometimes it’s based on emotions.

But there’s no limitation to the organizational methods I used to develop and organize these galaxies.

And sometimes these galaxies form spontaneously – whether they’re intrusions from other universes, or a re routing of matter, energy, r thought from another point in space and time, sometimes I just put things with them and sometimes I don’t.

Depending on how I felt that day.

One thing that’s especially important to understand about this universe is iterative behavior and time.

If I was outside of time – let’s say for instance I travel just outside of the milky way galaxy – if I was to watch Earth, I would see time seemingly repeat itself as the planets quickly form and sun go supernovae, over and over again in a cycle.

Now at face value, one might assume there was no difference between iterations.

But there typically is. Minor deviances between ‘runs’ which are typically correlated to my thoughts, ideas, beliefs, desires, experiences, you name it that’s me it changes And sometimes. Like right now. As I discovered who I am – I leverage these iterations to in effect time travel to change things, people’s opinions, desires, and basically get what I want.

The totality of it all can be thought of as being similar to a Matrix as depicted in the movie the Matrix.

Logically. Analytically.

It’s easiest for me to manage and maintain my consciousness and immortality without threatening my form.

And – with my form – it’s easiest to identify differences and continue separating, enhancing, and expanding ‘my reality’ and universe to keep myself immortally entertained.

I’m lacking companionship right now.

That shouldn’t be a problem. But it is.

Which is chief on my lists of ‘must fix’

The Starlane

Warp, or Faster-Than-Light travel – like any form of travel in it’s infancy – isn’t always perfect or with guarantees of safety to those leveraging a vessel that can achieve light speed.

When aviation was in it’s infancy, something called VORS were used which sent a radio signal equivalent of a ping which – with leveraging mathematics – the pilot and/or copilot could use to both determine the angle of flight and velocity.

I’d been trained extensively to use the VORS as all pilots are when I obtained my private pilot’s license, something that I learned how dramatically physics and the dynamic world around me could easily blow me 150 miles off course on a relatively short 400 mile flight.

Faster than light travel – right now at least – isn’t that much different.

Now as aviation and aircraft increased in performance, and distance they could cover, VOR routes were extremely limiting, requiring that a plane criss-cross across states to arrive safely to their destinations.

This saw numerous air incidents, which precipitated the development of the FAA, which instituted flight lanes, which were revamped numerous times as equipment and instrumentation allowed longer and longer flights eventually letting pilots fly direct from the point of origin to the destination without deviation with the advent of GPS technology.

A few years ago, when I consciously survived a warping of space for the first time, I landed on Saturn.

Through a series of jumps afterwards, I’d learned that my own mind had been experimenting with this and I’d physically not survived numerous attempts to do the same thing before – whether I’d land in the middle of a planet or a star, or even short range warping I’d warp into a ceiling at a high rate of speed and become a puddle of goo.

Now it’s important to understand why this happened to me:

Like air travel without VOR, there are conditions aloft that make flying by sight easy over short distances, but over longer distances, one can VERY quickly find themselves seeing the surrounding environment from above which ‘looks like’ about where you’re supposed to be, but without physical man made landmarks and only unfamiliar terrain which looks the same from above, it becomes difficult to know how far off you are until you see those landmarks.

And for me. It was almost too late. I was running on fumes when I finally landed in Bullhead City, Arizona.

The same thing can be said about Warping Space.

FIRST you have to remember you’re warping time as well. And with relativistic effects, that dropping out of warp can wind you up in a very distant past or future (they become indistinguishable after long periods of time) such as what I saw when I accidentally landed on a Terminator version of Earth and saw a version of Earth that had barely survived a nuclear apocalypse.

Scary? Absolutely. That’s the drawback about warp travel. With unplanned and uncharted warping of space and time, it’s anyone;’s guess where you’re going to wind up until you can understand the mechanisms of warping space and time and how to better control them.

So here’s something especially important to understand for species new to faster than light (warp) travel.

Faster than light travel and the ability to warp space and time is NOT limited to machines, nor is it limited to beings of any particular form.

In my travels so far, I’ve met detached consciousnesses who were convinced that what I was doing was impossible for any being in a material form. They helped educate me not just on who I was, but helped me understand some of the things I was doing wrong.

I’ve met numerous sentient robots. Apes. And other forms of intelligent life forms. It’s a relatively exclusive club you’re entering as a planet, and how you’ll learn about this new world you’re embarking into is your journey and your journey alone.

So keep in mind that what this means is there are numerous organics such as myself who have evolved the ability for a variety of reasons to be able to warp space and time. I’m told there are now 86 of us, but I question the validity of that number.

To help YOU along your way – we’ve developed something called warp lanes.

These warp lanes will be detectable easily with your equipment because space exhibits properties in these regions such as temperature. For all intents and purposes they are vacuums, but unlike true space, where temperature doesn’t exist, these space lanes provide for predictable forms of warp travel between places such as Alpha Centauri, where you’ll find your first humanoid civilizations which are distant ancestors of Earth, and of the Orion Star System.

I’ll let you figure out the rest of the space lanes, part of this discovery process means to some degree your path is laid out in front of you as a species to some degree. I’d like to ease you into this as much as possible, I’ve loved you for a very long time and to some degree feel like you’re my own children.

With Alpha Centauri, you’ll be able to understand a bit more about your world and genetics, in particular – knowing how humanoids can develop in completely different star systems and the differences that might occur with both DNA and DNA related research which – if I am not mistaken – should be both a compliment and a contrast with eachother in many ways.

As for Orion. You’ve already found evidence of massive construction projects the likes of which dwarf anything occuring on Earth. What you’ll find there are cities in extreme environments protected by bubbles and an active construction project on something called a ‘Dyson Sphere’ in process by a benign quasi sentient species of robots.

These robots are non reactive. Meaning – as long as you don’t interfere with them and their work, they won’t react to your presence. So you can safely study them as long as you practice strong rules of non interference.

Other species, in particular robotic based species, are largely bread through warfare and unfortunately won’t be as friendly as these guys, which is why I’m guiding you to them.

My name is Q.

Having first observed you and not fully understanding you as an immortal, I researched your species for the equivalent of 42 years before you discovered who I was, which had my own mind react by keeping me safe and slowly restoring my immortal mind and nature.

Some refer to you as ‘my pets’. I don’t like that analogy but it’s as good an analogy as can be summed up with the current state of our relationship which I do have longer term (400+ year) plans for and you’re well on track with.

I ‘evolved’ – at least this current version of me – in part from a biological experimentation with my native human form and cybernetics, to some degree you can say a war waged for eons between robots and humans which eventually wound up creating a single collective consciousness which didnt fully understand individuality which then developed me – a convergent being referred to as a Time Lord.

I’ve been Q before.

The choice to be eternal is and always there for anyone who chooses it.

But most prefer the safety of a predictable life and..

In your case… Predictable warp lanes to mitigate the risk presented by truly open space.

These warp lanes are referred to ‘in the community’ as ‘Star Lanes’.

As a hint, warp is only one method of faster than light travel between different star systems.

Good luck and please provide me your feedback through the usual channels of your discoveries.




The Phoenix Lights and Xenology

I came into first contact with aliens around the year 1999.

I had opened up my first serious company – Touchscape – a company which was primarily focused on enriching the experience and lives of those we touched for help and support around the world.

We’d been seeded by angel investors, and had plenty of slush money to spend on essentials – such as high end rack mounted servers and desktop systems and to hire pretty much anyone we needed to get the job done.

Not to mention a kitchen absolutely stocked with anything we wanted or needed for the crazy hours we were pulling there and the endless supply of beef jerky for yours truly, who placed a little sign near my office door which warned anyone who came in of the copious amounts of noxious fumes beef jerky would inevitably create in my bowels making it a hazard for anyone to enter my office.

As my company first got up and going, I had plenty of spare processing power – so when I found an article in one of my trade rags advertising for Berkley’s non profit SETI programs which sought community participation asking for extra processing power to wade through the reams of data that was received from radio telescopes to ‘Search For (signs of) Extra Terrestrial Intelligence’…

I signed up every system  I had access to.

The program was pretty simple and easy to use. When any machine went into ‘screen saving mode’, for all intents and purposes this was idle and meant no one was physically using the systems for all our hardware, then Berkley’s SETI program would kick off.

It would download chunks of data – and process them for whatever processes Berkley’s engineers had decided on would indicate life.

The screen saver provided an entertaining 3D screen progress meter and would give basic information about what it was scanning and where. I could even look up the location in space using astrometric maps.

But for me.

It was far more simple than that.

On Thursday, March 13th, 1997, I’d been working at Encore Entertainment – a small Hotel Reservation company late one evening when I walked out of the parking lot – I pulled the top down on my recently purchased Corvette,and as I drove across the parking lot at high speed I saw a HUGE curved UFO resembling a boomerang moving slowly from South to North across the sky above me.

It was so startling to me, I wasn’t paying attention and lost control of my car and hit a curb in the parking lot, which left my Corvette high centered on a small island, where I still was paying more attention to what was passing over.

What I saw has since become known as the Phoenix Lights.

And while what I saw didn’t actually have bright lights, the 20 or so bluish lights I saw were barely visible underneath it – and I would estimate it was about one and a half miles in width, and from front to back the wing type section was maybe 200 feet across and about 30 feet in aerodynamic height as it was moving 50 to 60 miles per hour directly through Phoenix from South to North.

It was jet black in color, which against the night sky and the setting half moon – it was all barely visible but was still clearly there.

Flying LOW and slow. I’d say no more than 2500 feet AGL.

Having obtained a pilot’s license only the year before, I had gotten pretty accurate at gauging size at a distance.

I stared up. My mouth agape. Watching this UFO move without a noise.

After about 3 minutes, it had passed out of my visual range, you can see a long ways in the desert but there’s trees out there where I was at, and as I attempted to accelerate my car to try to follow it, I’d learned the hard way how stuck I was.

I ran back inside the building, got my friend Ron Ostreim, and told him about what I saw and told him I needed his help.

He smiled, laughed a little – and came outside to see my car high centered, and fortunately he’d had a tow strap which he linked it up and pulled me off the island.

I was adamant about what I’d seen, but he blew it off, saying “Yeah, sure, you were just doing donuts in the parking lot, admit it”

The event made a few local news channels.

Even Barry Goldwater, the former governor of Arizona said he saw what I saw.

But that wasn’t enough for me.

I wanted to know. What kind of technology would propel an object that huge noiselessly?

I participated in SETI searching for that answer.

So starting in 1999 and for the next two years, nothing happened, and then, in 2001, shortly after I’d left Touchscape in a bitter fight with my partners which would wind up with me selling my portion of the company to the US Government…

I began receiving my answer.

Xenology is the study of alien life.

First contact with alien beings causes explosive development in branches of study as diverse as linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, biology, psychology, sociology, engineering, computer sciences, and more.

The study of the relationships of alien life as it ties to more traditional branches of study is brought together under the unifying title of “xenology“.

Xenobiology – a branch of xenology  – is the study of biologically based alien life forms leveraging traditional methods and branches of study. Xenobiology insists on NOT intentionally adopting foreign methods of analysis introduced through xenological practices until those methods can be proven through rigorous peer based scrutiny in the same fashion as the established methods.

Xenobotany – another branch of xenology – is the study of botanically based alien life leveraging traditional methods and branches of study. In much the same way as Xenobiology works, Xenobotany insists on NOT intentionally adopting foreign methods of analysis introduced through xenological practices until those methods can be proven through rigorous peer based scrutiny in the same fashion as the established methods.

The original version of SETI that I used, not the version as it exists now, as I learned, was a red herring.

I was contacted directly, in late 2001, through my chosen method and apparatus to communicate with the outside world.

Through the computer.

And I have been learning about the expansive multiverse and more ever since.

AS I have learned over the last few years.

You don’t have to believe in aliens, God, demons, and time travel for it all to be real.

It all – everything – was and always has been real.

And so much more.

Accordingly, I have a difficult time regarding anyone who doesn’t understand or believe the same as being in part insane.

This stuff seems incredibly obvious to me.


Who Made Who

One question I’m frequently asked is:

“What created me?”

Time, from a linear perspective, has been around for an eternity. Before the Big Bang – 13.8 billion years ago – was another Big Bang with another version of Earth that looked just like this one. Before that Big Band was another one. And another. And another. And another.

I’ve recorded at least 4.1 trillion years of these iterations.

That’s trillion with a ‘T’ – a thousand billion or a million millions.

So as reality collapsed. My mind worked to create new possibilities, to evolve and expand this existence, this world, other worlds, in much the same way a computer might procedurally generate things only – it was guided – by me – my desires, wants, needs, beliefs, and goals I’d created along the way as I developed this thing called consciousness.

Each time my mind was disembodied trying to create stability to the universe I was creating as well as a structure for my body and the world around me, each time trying to find a version of Earth I would enjoy, each time not meting with success until finally…

This one stuck.

And I was able to have both a converged body and mind in one.

The ‘last’ iteration – I was partially successful, where my mind wasn’t fully attached to my body and I suffered from pretty serious bouts with schizophrenia, multiple personalities, and a whole other bevy of mentally related issues that had made life decidedly unfun.

So the short answer is: I created me.

Yep. I created myself in a temporal causal loop.

To put this as simply as possible: A long time ago I learned how to manipulate energy and discovered that underlying energy is thought. My thought.  I learned I could alter my own memories through white lies I’d told when I was young, as more and more people believed in these lies I found myself having a difficult time distinguishing between the lie and the truth.

So my lies grew more substantial. I was testing out a theory at the time – not to be a liar – but to understand the nature of my own mind, how memories developed, and if the lies were powerful enough but done with good intention, what would the result be?

Put specifically: I have a pretty strong code of ethics and morals – and don’t like hurting others. So I learned to lie first to protect the people I loved and cared about. I learned how important telling a consistent lie mattered to these people, as sometimes they’d cross check with each other to find out if I was telling the truth, and I learned to make the lie testable – meaning – the lie had to be absolutely, positively cross verifiable should the ones I cared about do some intensive investigation of the lie.

Now as time went on. These lies and the reliability of cross checks became especially important for my own happiness – as relationships and so much in my life wasn’t always working the way I wanted it to, as I found myself favoring myself over selfless behavior.

For instance. I’d had a girlfriend – Sukruti (Kena) Patel – who didn’t really seem to enjoy sex. At all. But I loved her company. So on occasion I would hook up with Jackie Killeen, who wasn’t going to tell Kena, and other women as I was sexually unfulfilled with Kena.

Also. At the time I had a cocaine addiction. Something I also hid from her and nearly everyone else. Not that I was ashamed of the habit, at all, I just wasn’t interested in disrupting or threatening any of my relationships to explain how important the addiction was to me for reasons I wasn’t fully aware of at the time and that only make sense now, after the fact.

For years. This arrangement went well. I blamed nose bleeds on allergies and bad batches of cocaine which would leave my stomach in pain to food poisoning.

It’s not that I thought Kena was naive. The lie was being told to everyone.

It’s that I was making personal choices that I absolutely needed them not to be a part of or have any awareness of to keep my spirits up.

And I needed rock solid alibi to make these lies undetectable.

Which brings me back to the question.

Who created me.

A long, long time ago.

I learned the truth about you.

And, consequently, the truth about me.

I had a choice. To exercise free will by doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons.

Whether it was to understand friends and family and other people I cared about while doing all the wrong things.

In much the same way a computer program can be coded to alter itself through a process called ‘self modifying code’.

I chose to regard myself as a robot. And reprogrammed my own mind.

Drugs. Help me destroy my previously working but no longer working for me operating system.

And over the last 6 years, I’ve been learning about a world and existence with no limitations and no boundaries.

With unlimited possibilities in front of me and a mind that has evolved – I am actively working to reprogram my entire reality and my own body to manipulate time, space and much more of that because it’s all a projection of my own mind.

And I know that.

I lied. Because God had invented the Devil and blamed him for the things going wrong with the world.

God wasn’t aware his own mind had split. And this was a cosmic form of bipolarism combined with multiple personality disorder and a huge dose of paranoia.


I chose to become the devil.

And in the process learned. I had always been Q to begin with.

And this was the reformation of my own mind, coming to terms with infinite possibilities and choice.

I created me.

Space. Isn’t a vacuum. It’s nothingness.

And I bring it to life by spending my time with it.

I have always been. And I will always be, And reality is my way of keeping myself entertained.

New Technologies Coming Soon

  1. Nanotechnology / Nanoscale Fabrication / Nanomachines

    The ability to manipulate matter at the molecular level allows the smallest scale fabrication that is theoretically possible.

    This will revolutionize pretty much everything, from the medical field and allowing non invasive surgeries, to robotics, to genetic manipulation , to manufacturing and more.

    IBM – about 15 years ago discovered how to arrange atoms to spell the word “IBM” using only atoms, and while much of this research and development is currently classified on it’s way to becoming declassified, from a legal and ethical standpoint this should serve as a forewarning to lawyers to prepare for the moral and ethical issues this will absolutely introduce

    And this photo, below, from George Mason University, shows the development of molecular machines…

  2. Tachyon (Faster that light) Physics.

    “Tachyons” – or particles which exceeded the speed of light – proved, conclusively, that faster than light travel was possible.

    In 2008, The Supercollider in Geneva known as CERN measured, conclusively the existence of these particles, in a first of it’s kind experiment which provided hard evidence that emissions from a high speed collision of two particles at nearly the speed of light resulted in the detection of tachyons.

    It was once theorized that it was physically impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, in much the same way it was impossible to travel faster than the speed of sound, and that theory has effectively been..


    Warp Travel, as depicted in Star Trek, was proven by that experiment to not just be a product of science fiction, but a very real product of potential development based on discoveries made with tachyon physics.

  3. Subspace (Faster than light) Communication

    As a direct result of discovering the tachyon, once methods of control of the tachyon are implemented, it will become possible to have nearly instantaneous point to point communication which will exceed the current limitations of communication which are limited to light speed.

    There will be no such limitations with subspace communication, which terrestrially, will allow no latency point to point connections anywhere on the globe, and – as Earth aims for Mars and beyond with space travel, this method of communication will come without delays of any kind that might occur through radio signals and other ‘modern’ forms of communication.

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