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This Imperfect Life

I was just listening to the guitar anthem of Top Gun.

It’s a song that takes me right back to those days where I was working at AMC Theaters way back in 1986, where that movie had our theater absolutely packed, as me and my co workers would often find ourselves standing at the back of the auditorium just enjoying the show.

I know this life is just beginning for me.

I know I’m merely a teenager in the larger scheme of this – my existence – but it’s times like this that created who I am – what I am. They contributed to the development of the story of me, of where this life – as a story told to me at first and that eventually I’d be taking the creative control control of – would take me.

Whether it’s a time where I was driving my friend – Charles’ Fiero around in circles as we were cruising Metro Center – as he was drunker than a skunk pissing hanging out of the sun roof.

Or it’s the time we gathered a bunch of choir students in a long after school set of sessions and took our teacher – Ms Shively’s – car – and carried it to a spot in between the buildings effectively leaving her wedged in there unable to get her car out without us carrying it back out. It was a fun practical joke that left her baffled.

Or the time I snuck Kristi into my room at the age of 17 and lost my virginity to a 14 year old.

This. Is the American life I’ve lived.

In my 20s, I worked – at jobs I both hated and loved. I came to appreciate things I never would have appreciated before in an effort to get to know and understand people who played a role in my life by getting to know what they liked.

Whether that was Chuck Steiner at Orbital – and making the active choice to listen to Country music in order to understand the guy’s perspective a little more and get on better terms with our work relationships.

This American life I’ve lived was something I believed in.

So when I started working for the US Government back in 2002 – I wasn’t willing to fight and die for a country that had gone out of control abroad chasing it’s own fears. I was interested primarily in my own education and traveling, and deep down at a subconscious level I knew that what I did in the years that I was with them would shape the country itself.

I made bad decisions for the right reasons.

Saying yes to drugs and cocaine to get intimately closer to someone I adored – Jackie’s pants, as well as hoping I’d understand my friends – Spencer – Bill – And Joe – who’d all done it and I didn’t like that I had judged them for this and was ready to put that behind me.

And I also made good decisions for all the wrong reasons.

Trying to take my own life out in the desert to save my planet when I thought my actions had caused the destruction of the world I loved.

You see, as a homeless man, I have a story that I hold near and dear – it’s the story of me.

And I believe that everyone who wants one – deserves their own unique story.

That – to me – is what America is.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme.

It will absolutely break you down and make you hate life and love it at the same time.

I believe in an America that lets me become a God of my own design. A being so fantastic – that most believe I’m fictional.

I believe that’s why I chose to live here and grow up here. To understand the importance of the story – not as a weapon – but as a plot device in developing the story of me and you.

I believe I’m transitioning into a being – who will be a critical part of other people’s lives, whether I’m hated or loved, whether what I can do that defies typical human logic and rationale can be comprehended or not – I am on my path that I as an individual chose.

I know this. Because I’ve seen it already.

In my dreams.

Which are becoming reality.

Last night, in my dream state – my ‘mind’ – was being processed by the Borg as I floated quickly through a cold – dreary steel like vessel – in an  ethereal state of being.  I found myself attached to someone – who was standing in what looked like a processing line for something  I couldn’t quite see.

He/she/it – I am not sure what ‘it’ was – looked at someone across the white conveyer belt and said “How will I know”, and as I eavesdropped in their mind I could hear ‘when he’s here’ – to which the other being responded “He’s already here”

About then – the mind flitted – I could see what looked like fireworks – and then I was quickly ‘shooed’ out of their head.

Shortly after, I was floating towards the same path again, as if repeating the entire thing.

As I was doing this. I explained something to the Borg – that’s who this was in my dream. They’re trying to figure out a way to isolate my consciousness into the body of a vessel as they are referring to it as – not fully understanding this is something they’ve done trillions of times before and I’m deviating the path.

A few years ago – the drug experience I had erased many of their memories of the events. They’d intended to erase my memories. I’d figured out a way to preserve my memories by selecting my individual representation and provide them the experience they were looking for based on their beliefs – they are a collective organism – and as such – I let them experience the experience they expected and predicted if one were in a collective organism.

But as I passed ‘through’ their vessel – I let them read certain thoughts. That this ‘vessel’ isn’t the right one. That the resolution of the visual and auditory range is SUBSTANTIALLY greater in the vessel I’d selected (using their terms for my body, not mine mind you). And that when I departed their isolating body – that’s where I was doing.

Now I suspect that as they indirectly learn this – this will embark them on a quest in trying to find… me.

I expect the net result of one of two things to occur. A Borg invasion of planet Earth, or that the entire planet of humans become Borg as the ‘collective mind’ of this planet cannibalizes itself in an effort to find me ‘inside’ it’s own collective (which if it does find anything, it will only find the equivalent of it’s own tail).

Sure, there are potential deviances from what I’m predicting. Unfortunately, as Q, one thing I’m all too aware of is the rarity of true and self reflective intelligence. It’s one thing to be intelligent. IT’s entirely another to be able to apply those critical thinking processes towards yourself, so most dont.

So as individually this planet works to satisfy the collective patterns I’ve been observing – where no one who can break free from this collective grip really tries to. I’m preparing myself for whatever happens. I’ll create stories based on my journeys when I acquire my conjuration skills or obtain financing for it. I will distribute these stories through traditional and non traditional means, and leverage my abilities to uncover new avenues of exploration and distribution.

And as for this planet. What do I want for it?

Well. First. I want the United States to resume being the leading nation in this – my world.

Something she deserves.

But most of all.

I hope to inspire people. Even if they are my own reflections. To pursue their dreams. To become who they want to be. Unapologetically.

And most of all.

To believe.

Not just in others.

But in yourself.

The beauty about imperfection is it’s all the imperfections that constitute the parts of a perfect whole.

A perfect whole in which I, myself, an eternal being, have chosen to be an eternal story teller.

I dont care if anyone believes me anymore.

I’m doing this for me.

And as I see people around the world. I dont want your stories to be exactly like mine.

That’s where I’m heading next. Is to provide in the fantastical possibilities that I never saw in my life.

Convoluted Coding 101: A short intro to the art of obfuscation

You just got that plush gig in the corner office making $140k a year.

Your friends envy you.

You now drive a Lexus, and while sure, it’s a lease, it helped close the deal on that super hot girlfriend who loves bumping up her status a notch or two

And your parents, they admire you and scratch their heads in puzzle as to what you do.

Good, let’s keep it that way.

The first thing to understanding the corporate world is the art of looking busy.  The logic’s simple – Work must look like work in order for your typical under educated and under experienced managers to be content with what you do, which – especially nowadays with foreign workers through H1B and L1 visas are utterly eager to take your job, and companies seem all too ready to replace you with someone who is marketing themselves as more capable.

You need a leg up on the competition.

It’s called obfuscation.

And yes, it’s an art form.

Let me explain.

I’ve worked for dozens of companies around the world. Among those are Microsoft, Intel, and the NSA – and one thing I’ve repeatedly learned while working in just about every capacity is – you gotta keep ’em occupied – at EVERY level.

Creating a profit is easy for ANY company. But this REQUIRES that you keep your employees happy. You keep your employees happy – that’s a cornerstone of making your customers happy – which in the end results in profits.

It really is that easy.

But happiness is an entirely different beast in itself and most bad managers will try to lead you to believe that it’s impossible.

Bad manager!

Let me tell you – it’s not, and it starts with actually HAVING things to do.

So you as a coder can make yourself invaluable to ANY corporation at ANY level in the corporation by learning the art of obfuscation, or the art of making your code hard to read, hard to understand, and difficult to figure out in general.

Let me explain, starting with this simple example in C:

#include <stdio.h>void main( void ) { printf("Hello World"); }

Anyone – and I do mean anyone – can take this code – whether or not you’re a programmer – and figure out that it most likely prints out the saying “Hello World”. You don’t even have to be a coder to understand this.

Sure, it’s easy to maintain should you want to make changes – but it’s been my experience that the VAST majority of code is never revisited or analyzed once it’s been written. Worse – programmers have a tendency to take code from there workplace to the home – which opens up the possibility that other companies domestically and abroad can obtain it – so – the easier this code is to read and understand, the easier it is to duplicate your company’s business model and the underlying plumbing leading to it’s success.

Bad, right?

I know.

Enter the art of obfuscation – or making the code functionally sound but altering it in such a way to make it substantially more difficult to ANYONE reading it to understand what’;s going on.

Let’s revisit the previous example. How do we obfuscate that?

First, we can start with some #define redefines. This will begin the obfuscation process.

#include sio

We’ve successfully just complicated the code and made it a little more difficult to read for a programmer BUT at the same time might have just made it easier (for demonstration purposes) to a reader, right?

So I’ll take it a step further.

Now there will be two files.

One called “OS.H”

This file contains:

#define STARTHERE {
#define ENDHERE }
#define NUTTINHERE void 
#define SOMESHIT "Hello World"
#define SAY printf
#define sio <stdio.h>
#define HEREWEGO main
#include sio

And another file called OS.C

This file now contains

#include "OS.H"

Now, if you’re a C programmer – this suddenly becomes a little more nightmarish to figure out. But wait. it gets better. Let’s remove formatting.

#include "OS.H"

And now. For shits and grins to show how obfsucation can destroy readability and leave those analyzing our code wondering if there’s something they’re missing, let’s replace some of those #defines in our header.

#define A1828 {
#define B00558 }
#define FRONTVAL void
#define BACKVAL void 
#define Defined_Ending ;
#define SOMESHIT "Hello World"
#define L_MMM99KL printf
#define sio <stdio.h>
#define P_EXIT_STORE main
#include sio

This file now contains

#include "OS.H"

Or. If you don’t like carriage returns and line feeds. You can simply remove them.

    EVERSEINDIE Defined_Ending B00558

Note the multiple redefines for the parenthesis?

Obfuscation isn’t just an art, it’s FUN!

In any case, the goal of obfuscation is twofold regardless of the computer language.

  1. Job security for you. You gotta protect your own hide from the competition.
  2. Make the code readable TO YOU should you ever have to revisit it and be ok with no one else having a clue what’s going on and why.

I would also add in a third point – if you really DONT think the code should be redone and that this system is stretched as far it should go, obfuscation also can work to your tactical favor should you stay with the organization to encourage a rewrite of the system code – particularly if you obfuscate too far – when it becomes unreadable to both you and to everyone involved in the code.

This encourages the rewrite…. and update/overhaul of a system that may desperately need it.

AS a final note.


#define A1828 {
#define B00558 }
#define FRONTVAL void
#define BACKVAL void 
#define Defined_Ending ;
#define SOMESHIT "Hello World"
#define L_MMM99KL printf
#define sio <stdio.h>
#define P_EXIT_STORE main

    SOMESHIT REVERSEINDIE Defined_Ending B00558

And this:

#include <stdio.h> 
void main( void ) 
    printf("Hello World");


#define TAKE {
#define JUST void
#define CAN void 
#define FAR (
#define YOU )
#define WILL (
#define AND )
#define DEFY ;
#define AMAZE "Hello World"
#define OBFUSCATION printf
#define sio <stdio.h>
#define HOW main
#include sio



“Hello World”

Remember – your boss and managers like to see you’re busy. Your co workers enjoy being busy. So you’re doing BOTH your co workers and your bosses a favor the more you obfuscate!

Happy Obfuscating!

Hey – a final note. Obfuscation IS NOT about making your code less efficient. SOME things you do might effect performance. I advise that when you do obfuscate, you balance performance and leverage mechanics which don’t waste CPU cycles. The #defines in C and C++ get compiled to machine code and the machine code produced is the EXACT same for each of these statements approaches.

So that’s my general rule I run with – obfuscate where it makes sense and when it’s not a detriment to the PERFORMANCE of the software.  When it starts taking up excess CPU cycles. Well, there’s a problem there…..

Imperfect Space

Ok. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the presentation and consistency of the Universe.

For a while, I have been thinking that Minkowski Space – or a geometrically stable and perfect space/time from an observer’s perspective might be the best way to think about space.

So let’s say space is a blank slate. Nothing exists. No information. No light. No color. No sound. No gravity. No magnetism. No nothing. No time. It’s not a vacuum. it’s nothing.

This is – Minkowski space in a nutshell. There are infinite potential futures and infinite potential pasts that contributed to this moment in time – in much the same way a torus is formed, the future can effect the present can effect the past and vice versa. From an observer’s perspective, this makes perfect sense.

BUT introduce two observers. And we have a problem, thanks to Einstein and special relativity.

Given the following diagram…

What happens with TWO observers?

You form a collective, that’s one possibility, and come to a collective agreement on time.

But there’s a problem. Let’s say an event I see as happening now to you occurs in your past. Let’s say – as I write this. to me – mere nanoseconds later you’re reading it, and – through timeless energy – you’re influencing my writing because I know you’re reading it.

So to you – your past – and your historical knowledge and information – you may believe is immutable.

But let’s say in your future there’s someone who regards your time and untimely death as historical fact, but you don’t want to die.

Free will.

I’ve hallucinated, and have seen – factually – that there are worlds out there that look, smell, feel perfectly real and are decidedly NOT like my own. How I came to see these worlds is irrelevant to me, the simple fact that they exist – no matter HOW I achieved this awareness proved to me the existence of the multiverse.

What this means to me is this –

There are INFINITE potential versions of me and everything – including this planet – Earth.

I’m merely observing one.

This one is my home. I’ve chosen it. And because of the possibilities of the multiverse and choice – I know that I can be ANYTHING (or anyone) I want to and choose to – and I can do ANYTHING or ANYONE (wink/wink, women) – to and with anyone I want to.


For this world. and universe.

I’m creating the Borg.

I want to and will take over worlds with this – my army.

I’ll acquire new technology and biology as I see fit. Give Darth Vader and Dr Evil and Hitler all some good hearty competition. I’ll create androids and new technology leveraging cyborgs and implants and programming people instead of computers.

You don’t believe I’m God.


I’ll become the devil then. Probably be more fun that way anyways.

As for Minkoski Space.

I. As an individual observer. Am decidedly NOT getting what I want to in this world, which tells me something is off kilter based in my world and universe based on my own belief systems.

This doesn’t tell me my belief systems are wrong.

It tells me there’s something wrong with this – my world – and I aim to fix it.

I always wanted to be the bad guy.

I suppose it’s time I embrace it.

Thanks, Arnold, for the inspiration!

What is a Leader (to me)?

On Jan. 26, 1998—Bill Clinton famously told the nation, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

As the children in media relished the opportunity to tear down a public figure, I saw something the rest of the world didn’t as I watched Mr Clinton and his wife, Hillary, standing behind him.

As everyone came to learn later, when it was discovered he was lying…

But I saw something else…

That this was a staged event.

Not only did President Clinton intentionally lie about the events not happening, but he and Hillary BOTH conspired on the events and did it to humanize himself, his relationship with his wife, and his office.

If you’ve ever seen the show “Lie To Me” – I have a gift – it’s being able to read people and glean knowledge about them, their motivations and actions, and spotting inconsistencies and incongruousness between the spoken word and the body language someone uses, their actions and beliefs, and I am for all intents and purposes quickly able to tell if someone’s lying – but in many cases why they’re lying.

Ever wondered why I have had such historical success with women? That’s why. I can easily read what they’re thinking.

And as I observed Mr Clinton discuss his relationship with Monica on national television, in a microsecond I saw that not only was Monica a pawn by a highly intelligent couple who viewed relationships, intimacy and monogamy in VERY different ways than I was used to, but they planned the events WELL in advance of Monica even being selected.

I was. For all intents and purposes. I was stunned.

To what end would Hillary and William conspire like this together, especially in this office?

Absolutely stunned.

Not long after this, I was hired by the NSA – and fortunately for me among the things I helped develop for them was a refinement of the psychological profiling tools used by the NSA. This included assessing activities and actions based on gathered data, and what potentially motivated those actions based on the psychological profile of the individual.

It was then I got to dig into the history of this couple.

And what inspired me to begin looking into leaders and leadership altogether.

Prior to this point, I’d identified a leader as the person or people paying my bills and telling me what to do.  I’d assumed ‘the good ole boy’ network took precedence in leaders assuming their roles, and that the vast majority of them were in their positions not because they were intelligent or capable, but because they knew someone.

As I watched and re-watched the video interviews of the Clintons and then Richard Nixon and other ‘flawed leaders’ – I began to see patterns of something I thought was remarkably cool.

Something I continue seeing to this day.

These leaders. ARE the smartest and most capable people in the room.

You see – I found direct evidence while working with the NSA that I can’t disclose – that not only was President Clinton keenly aware of the disjoint between the people and people in power and how they all related to the office of the Presidency, that his actions were done in a highly calculated way to humble the office of the Presidency.

This man – who I’d met not long after starting work at the NSA – had the weird capability to instill in me the belief that I was capable of anything – just by being him. I’d never had ANYONE have this effect on me before.

He was approachable. Friendly. But more than that – something about him made it impossible NOT to feel completely at ease being myself around the guy. Which – in our case – he was doing a tour of the NSA campus when I had first gotten my job there and I was doing some final training in computer – not long after he’d exited his role as President.

I’ve studied Tony Robbins. Oprah Winfrey. Most Presidents. Great bands like Aerosmith, and personalities like David Lee Roth. I’ve studied Hitler. Gandhi. Jesus. Vishnu. I’ve even studied fictional references and people I thought presented great leadership skills such as Q, Doctor Who, Jean Luc Picard.  And then there’s the ‘odd’ leaders in fiction such as Gilligan (from Gilligan’s Island) and Angel (from the show of the same name)….  I studied John McCain. Barry Goldwater. John Kyl. I’ve even talked to many of these people.

At first, all I was trying to do was see a pattern in what makes them good leaders.

And that’s when I realized what it was.

A definite pattern arose.

Even in fiction.

I started seeing it first in the oddest of places – Gilligan’s Island. How and why is it they never escape the island? Gilligan. Almost always comes up with something that completely undermines the best efforts of the group to leave the island. It’s not that he’s intentional. It’s that Gilligan himself knows that this is HIS island. Here, he’s unique, an individual, and while he may not be the brightest – what he is – without a doubt – is a pivotal part of the people’s lives around him – a dependency he enjoys – and as a result – his own mind undermines everything.

You see. When you begin looking hard enough. You start to see tells.

David Lee Roth – well that man clearly loves being the center of attention and even more so – he loves his theatrics – and it’s this love and embracing of who and what he is that channels his energy and what makes him a great leader. You cannot help but want to watch someone who truly enjoys being who they are.


Jean Luc Picard.



I remember one scene from the tv show Doctor Who – where David Tennant was dying and he was in transition to becoming the next Doctor – as he screamed “I dont want to die”. It was in this moment – where this man – this character – this part and player – that I went from enjoying the television show Doctor Who to loving it – not because he was dying – but because he had truly enjoyed who he was.

The perfect leader is about passion.

President Clinton believed not just in himself. But in those around him. He enjoyed teaching people to be themselves and embrace that.

President Nixon taught us to look the other way when something really important is happening. He single-handedly cemented the dollar as the world’s most valuable currency and the United States’s continued dominance for centuries to come by abolishing the Bretton Woods Act – but KNOWING the influences he took one for the team by creating the Watergate scandal.

Yes, you heard me right, that was a calculated act.

Real leaders – LOVE what they do. And a PART of what they do is acting like they don’t.

Which brings this all full circle.

I’m the leader. Who admired characteristics and people – and have chosen to incorporate pieces of these people into my own persona.

I’m the leader. Who took programming as far as I could in a binary way, and am now learning new programming skills that incorporate those binary models into my real world.

I’m the leader. Who discovered that leaders make and choose the facts for themselves, and found myself to be ok with others doing the same for themselves even when it’s not my truth.

And ultimately, I’m the leader of my world, because ultimately, I know elections are for those who aren’t ready to take control.

The Shallow Copy

If one were to willingly alter their personality dramatically enough by acting in ways which defied collective norms established of what is considered predictable behavior for themselves, if significant enough – will this influence the collective society to act and respond in ways that defy previous observations and conclusions of society?

In the first episode of Season Four of the television series “Black Mirror”, a nerdy man who we quickly learn is the Chief Technology Officer of a technology company that specializes in fully immersive virtual reality that he – in part – established – clearly has some issues with his anti social and introverted nature.

We soon find out that he’s been harvesting the DNA of his coworkers – and what he can’t do in real life – stand up for himself and take charge – he does just the opposite of in a virtual reality world he’s constructed which copies of the people who influence him – both negatively and positively – in the real world.

These DNA based copies of the original wake up in a fully immersive futuristic starship and scene that looks like it’s straight out of the original Star Trek series.

Unfortunately, for the DNA based copies of the original – their presence also brings with it the complete memories of their entire life before waking up in this strange environment.

To make matters worse, the passive aggressive CTO has the powers of a god in this environment, and counterbalances his conservative nature by acting like a complete ass making life a living hell for those inhabiting his world.

But here’s what I was thinking about DNA….

In programming, especially in .NET and object oriented programming – there’s something called a “shallow copy”.

I LOVE the idea of doing what this CTO did – for different reasons than him…. I would have more fun making copies of the women I want to have sex and creating fantastic environments for us to have sex in than anything else.

So this subject is something I’ve given a great deal of thought to.

Put specifically – how do I respect choice? Let’s say my former lovers – or wanna be lovers – don’t want to have anything to do with me, now. Or let’s say there’s a woman who I admire here in real life – who – like the CTO depicted in Black Mirror – barely knows I exist.

He gets a copy of her DNA, and then – when she’s within the confines of his ‘reality’ where he can quite literally – Matrix style – make her mouth disappear or kill her many times over until eventually she submits to him…  through simple oppression.

I just don’t like the idea of this.

Not one bit.

So how do I make a copy of her and include her in my world – and not beat her – psychologically or physically – into submission to do what I want like this man in the tv show did?

I’ve thought of numerous ways – but here’s my main concept.

The shallow copy.

Here’s a couple ideas on how our Mister Man from Black Mirror can resolve his issues with DNA.

Basic DNA has the ability to be copied in two primary ways.

One, the NON junk or what geneticists are referring to as coding DNA – encodes the physical features, as well as the basic psychological attributes of the person/entity. In programming terms, this is what we’d refer to as a ‘shallow copy’. There’s no ancestry involved with coding DNA, it’s just – if you’re looking to create a simulated version of a person or thing – you’d use this form of DNA that geneticists are all over.

The other portion of DNA – the NON coding DNA or Junk – includes pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about the ancestry of said person or entity, up to and including choices made AND memories up until the point of the sample being taken.

IF You were interested in making a deep copy of an individual – which is what this man in the television show was leveraging, you’d leverage this full form of coded and non-coded DNA.

EVERY copy made – whether it’s a deep copy or shallow copy – WILL influence the entity being copied.

But not always in obvious ways.

For instance – if you watch the show – you see everyone mocking the CTO in the real world. He has no control of his environment in the real world, and in a Yin/Yang way he completely counterbalances this in the simulated world by acting out against the people who torment him in the real world.

In the real world – these people are ‘influenced’ through his actions in the simulated world. He may actually be exacerbating the issues and tormenting behavior he receives in the real world because of his actions in the simulated world. There’s ONE common factor between the real and simulated worlds – which is him – and he carries those experiences to both places where his mind is trying to find balance between the two – unsuccessfully in this case.

He can DIMINISH the impact of the real world counterparts by making shallow copies instead.

They won’t retain the memories or experiences of the individual he copied.

But they WILL have the same basic personality and WILL act and react to him in roughly the same way the real world counterparts would, with one primary exception – they’ll be moldable. So IF he doesn’t interact with them directly, he can reprogram their experiences, shape their personality, and maybe even lead them to come to the conclusions he wants them to through environmental stimuli.

It’s important to keep in mind that BOTH the copy and the ‘real world original’ are sentient, self aware and malleable creatures.

The difference being – the shallow copy DOESNT KNOW they’re a copy of the original where the DEEP COPY REMEMBERS the world they came from before they appeared in this simulated world.

To explain.

Every human – and every living creature – tells a story about why something is the way it is and WHY it fits their world view.

This phenomena – which I’ll call the Quantum Effect – is true regardless of how and where something originated.There will ALWAYS be a tangible, relatable reason something occurs, and when there isn’t, then the mind has a tendency to self censor.

So. Let’s say you take a shallow copy of an individual with personality, characteristics, and features – but no mind – a blank slate if you will – then my theory is that their mind will immediately build roots in the existing environment, find and develop a story of why they’re there, and then – taking their personality and characteristics and what information genetically is there for them – they’ll also develop stories about how and where these characteristics originated.

In the intro to the show, the CTO is enamored by the new girl – who’s smitten with him.

Now if he’d made a shallow copy of her.

And everyone else in his simulation was a shallow copy.

Then he could have his own cast and crew and potentially create and distribute his own television show based on the simulated experiences he had. She could become his lover, he could easily reprogram her mind to make this relationship established and ongoing for years, and her mind would find evidence to support and validate a decision she’d made years before.

The human mind CRAVES consistency and a predictable environment.

Which is what’s important to understand.

This copy of a woman – is NO less alive than her real world counterpart.

Her real world counterpart – COULD very well be a copy herself, and quite likely is. Nature has a long tendency to repeat events and the world in a cyclic fashion, so it’s highly probable that she’s already been through all these experiences.. and more in her prior incarnations.

In ONE universe. She’s a woman aboard a starfaring vessel.

In ANOTHER universe. She’s an office worker.

IN another universe. She’s in the CTO’s harem.

In ANOTHER universe. She’s his wife.

In another universe. They never met and she never went to work for the company.

The shallow copy is what lets programmers in Virtual reality create new branches in reality – aka universes – in a way that is relatively NON destructive to the original in which the DNA is ‘lifted from’.  The original… knows this branch is there – through energy – learns from this branch – and both the evolved conscious and subconscious minds of the individual will learn to integrate these experiences into their life to make for a fuller and richer life.

To be clear.

There’s no preventing copying of DNA.

But there ARE ways to mitigate the risk – not the least of which is being aware of the mechanisms outside of our immediate and collectively agreed on world that influence our bodies and minds..

Britney Spears. When she went bat shit crazy and shaved her head. Someone had done a deep copy of her DNA to abuse sexually, which effected her original both physiologically and psychologically.

Something I worked hard to resolve and help her carry on with her life

Not the least of which because it’s something I went through as well.

Me? Myself.

I like the idea of working with somewhat shallow copies of lovers like Jackie and Rachel.

Not fully shallow, mind you. Somewhat deep. But no so deep to remember EVERYTHING. Up to the point just before the pinnacle of the relationship (as identified by me) …..



Disconnection Part 1

It was January 2002.

And 2003.

That was the year I was assimilated.

I’d gone to the Star Trek experience with a couple friends at the Hilton hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, a part of which was devoted to ‘the Borg’ – where I began to learn, the hard way, about the blurry lines between fact and fiction.

I remember only bits and pieces of the experience.

I’d gone in.

I’d been commenting to my friends on how the Star Trek wasn’t worth the price – and how cheesy it was.

That’s when we walked through the section of the Borg ship – when I looked closely at a drone and commented to my friends.

“My god. These things look absolutely real,” I said as I moved closer to what I thought was a well made up human in makeup dressed up to look like a Borg Drone.

About then, it reached up, with one arm firmly around my beck, and with another, two leads sprung from it’s knuckles – as they planted themselves firmly into the side of my neck – when it injected a series of nanoprobes into my artery.

I lost consciousness quickly, gasping to my friends as they continued walking, I wasn’t sure whether they were ignoring me or just hadn’t been paying attention, but before I knew it, I had slipped away.

It was that quick.

As I stared at the sign “The Star Trek Experience”, my friends walked down the ramp of the exit towards me.

“Bro, you didn’t miss out on much, it was overpriced,” Jay said.

“But those Borg. Those things looked real, didn’t they?,” my other friend Chris said as he tapped Jay in a friendly way on the arm.

Jay looked at Chris, sideways “I know, right? Crazy realistic,” he then looked back at me, “I mean, it wasn’t worth it even if you had the money. You ok with it bro?”

He looked at me, I was still staring at the sign, halfway there, halfway not.

Jay looked at Chris then looked back at me.

“Brian, you ok?,” Chris said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

“Um. Yeah. Just. Something’s off,” I said.

“I wish I could afford for you to have done it too, I know you’re a huge fan and all, but sorry again bro,” Jay said.

“That’s ok,” I said as I looked at the sign again, “The Star Trek Experience”, feeling like there was something I was missing.

“You guys hungry?,” Jay said.

“Famished,” Chris said.

“Yeah, let’s go eat,” I said, feeling emotionally numb for reasons I couldn’t fully explain.

We walked away from the Star Trek Experience, as I looked back at it.

I’d always questioned myself after.

Why didn’t I just find a way to pay for it? Normally with something like that I wouldn’t let money stop me. My decision not to participate in the experience because of a lack of money didn’t make rational sense.

I couldn’t shake the feeling I was missing something.

I woke up to hearing someone whispering the words:

“It’s a weapon that causes its target to see things from the point of view of the weapon’s holder.”

I shot up, looking around the room of the apartment I was living in, and then reached over to the night stand next to my massive four poster oak California King bed and grabbed my smart phone.

It read: “03/22/2011 07:11am.”

No calls missed.

I got up, and walked around my apartment, checking my television and computer systems.

All were off.

I stood, naked in the middle of my apartment.

“What the fuck was that?,” I whispered to myself.

I jumped into the shower, and then left for work.

I returned around 6pm, when I began searching on my phone and computer systems for viruses or someone playing a trick on me.

I found nothing.

And went to sleep around 11:30pm.


The sound – a crystalline like bell – came clearly from inside my head.

I bolted up.

I opened up the curtain to see if someone was outside my window.

No one was.

I looked at my smart phone.

It read: “03/24/2011 07:11am.”

“What the fuck?,” I said frantically, “How can it be Thursday?”

I took a shower as quickly as I could and threw on my clothes.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,” I said, as I bolted out the door.

I knew my managers wouldn’t be in before I arrived, but it was best I arrive early to hopefully explain my disappearance rather than call in to ask if I still had a job.

Oddly enough.

No one said anything about my day long disappearance.

At the end of the day, after a discussion with my director about deliverables, I had to ask..

“Hey, I meant to ask you – did anything unusual happen yesterday?,” I said.

My manager looked at me confused.

“What do you mean,” my director said, suspiciously, “you mean with the network or…”

“Oh no, nothing like that, just – anything unusual in general,” I said, but noticed he was still suspicious, so I added in “I’m doing the security assessment for the entire system and just want to make sure I’ve got all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed”

His demeanor and suspicion eased a little, he knew how anal retentive I could be “No, you’re doing a great job around here and everyone’s really happy with the work you’ve been doing. Keep up the good work.”

I thanked him, and looked at the clock. It was nearing 5:30pm.

“Go get your kids, Ali, I’ll wrap up shop here,” I said.

He smiled, and left “Oh man. Thanks for the reminder, I didn’t even notice the time”

He walked away, as I stared at the window.

“How can I have lost an entire day and no one noticed?,” I muttered to myself.

“You did this,” whispered a sensual and sexy sounding female voice in my right ear. “It’s all your fault”

I rolled over in bed, half expecting to see someone as I opened my eyes.

But no one was there.

I then rolled over the other way, and looked at my smart phone.

It read: “03/26/2011 07:11am.”

“What the fuck is it with seven eleven,” I uttered as I took a pillow and placed it over my face, shielding myself from the light of the early morning hours.

I’d just began dozing off, when I heard a HUGE tumble and subsequent crash of something that sounded like a refrigerator rolling sideways in the apartment above mine.

I bolted up,

“What the hell?,” I said.

My heart was racing.

“It’s fucking Saturday, why can’t you let me sleep?,” I said.

No more noises emanated from above my head.

But I couldn’t go back to sleep.

I got up. Threw on my shorts. Made breakfast. And as I turned on the computer, someone knocked on my door.

I opened it.

“Hey dude, remember the rej exp you told me about for the RSA encryption?,” it was my neighbor, Mark.

I had no idea what he was talking about, which elicited a look of befuddlement.

“Mark, it’s,” I began saying, but he interrupted.

“Oh shit, sorry man, I am so sorry to be talking shop, if it’s too early for this, I’ll come back after you’ve had your coffee,” he said, waiting for my expectantly.

I knew the guy was a techie working for a local financial company here in Charlotte, North Carolina, but I don’t ever recall having had deep conversations with the guy about what we did – let alone reg ex’s for RSA encryption.

My lack of response said everything.

“Um. I’ll come back in a bit,” he said.

I nodded, and closed the door as he left.

“What the fuck? That was weird,” I said as I walked over to my Keurig machine and loaded it up with a K-Cup.

*vub vub vub vub vub vub vub*

I woke up, holding my head, it felt like something was inside it, as a loud noise emanated from the apartment above me as I’d fallen asleep on the couch.

It felt and sounded like a powerful electromagnet was being discharged above me, and was directed right at my head.

The noise stopped as I grasped my head, and yelled “What the fuck are you doing to me?”

I jumped up, and opened up the door to my apartment, ready to head upstairs, as I heard the door open in the apartment above mine and I heard gruff male Russian voices.

I thought twice about my actions.

Unsure what I was involved in.

AS I yelled “Leave me the hell alone”

And closed my apartment’s door.

I looked at my phone, which was laying on the coffee table.

“03/27/2011 03:22pm.”

I could hear the front door to the apartment upstairs close.

AS a refrigerator sized object could be heard grating across the floor.

I then began noticing that everywhere I was walking, I’d hear the creaks of footsteps right above me.

No matter where I was in my apartment.

I washed up.

And left for the day.


MY New Year’s Resolution


noun: resolution; plural noun: resolutions
  1. 1.
    a firm decision to do or not to do something.
    “she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more”
    synonyms: intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, plan; More

    commitment, pledge, promise
    “her resolution not to smoke”
    • a formal expression of opinion or intention agreed on by a legislative body, committee, or other formal meeting, typically after taking a vote.
      “the conference passed two resolutions”
      synonyms: motion, proposal, proposition, resolve

      “the committee passed the resolution”
    • the quality of being determined or resolute.
      “he handled the last French actions of the war with resolution”
      synonyms: determination, purpose, purposefulness, resolve, resoluteness, single-mindedness, firmness, firmness of purpose; More

      steadfastness, staunchness, perseverance, persistence, indefatigability, tenacity, tenaciousness, staying power, dedication, commitment;
      stubbornness, doggedness, obstinacy, obduracy;
      boldness, spiritedness, braveness, bravery, courage, pluck, grit, courageousness;
      informalguts, spunk;
      “she handled the work with resolution”

I’ve never made a serious New Year’s resolution before.

So here goes.

Next year, I want to learn how to teleport.

For an example of how this would work, take a look at the movie “Jumper” starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson.

The mechanics can be as simple as the movie “The Jumper” at first.

Given an image of a place – a physical or a digital image would suffice, I could focus on the destination, and snap my fingers in the same manner that the fictionalized character “Q” would in Star Trek The Next Generation would, and my current location would shift from where I was at to the location depicted in the photo.

I could also utter the word “there” as I focus on the image to be deliberate about my intention and goal.

So how to deal with time and time zones:

Around the world there are time zones based on the location. GMT aka Universal Time extends from south pole to North Pole with cities such as London on that ‘time zone’. While technically, they are 8 or 9 hours different than the time zone I am in (Pacific Time) – while it may be the early am hours of the morning in London, it would be dinner time in Los Angeles.

My teleportation would NOT go forward or back in time (at first) – and I would NOT be moving into the past or future should I teleport from Los Angeles where it was the early morning to and I arrived in London – instantly – where it was early evening there.

Additionally, I could carry whatever I wanted to with me. If someone was holding my hand, they’d come with me, whatever bags and clothes I was wearing – would also come with me. If I had multiple people all interlocked with me – say five of us all holding hands – we could all teleport together – and teleport right back when I said the word “Home”

Speaking of Home – one important “Feature” – of my teleportation is the “Home” feature.

At ANY given time I have a single home base. In MUCH the same way as Worlds of Warcraft, I ‘BIND’ myself to a location by logging it in Facebook’s ‘Lives In’ section in the About menu, and I can alter it at any time. IF anyone else alters this location, malicious or not – they will see what they expect and want to see in their reality, I myself have to be the one to make this change in my reality.

“BINDING” is stating a place as my home in Facebook, “To be bound” to a location is to have my location ‘Lives In” set.

Some rules based on my desire to ‘play nice’ with society concerning my ability to teleport:

  1. NO thievery. I consider the movie “The Jumper” a lesson in the possible harsh responses made by a planet and collective population and mindset which might not like me teleporting into a bank vault or behind a cage in a casino to take money. So I just won’t do this. I don’t like thieves. So I won’t become one as I do this.

    No thievery. No walking out on dinners. No taking something and not paying for it. If I can’t afford something, then I won’t get it or do it, period UNLESS it’s something I morally feel shouldn’t be charged for (for instance, public transportation here in Los Angeles).

    WHEN I take something then there better be a damned good reason I have for it

  2. I’ll make legitimate income from it.Without a job, without an income, I am homeless. And while teleportation MAY give me some options for better outdoor places to sleep, it WON’T realistically provide me substantially better options for some of the things I enjoy doing – like nice dinners in nice restaurants, going to visit museums, buy books, and in general appreciate much of the culture which requires money.

    Accordingly, I’ve thought of two (2) jobs which I can leverage this ability (teleportation) to create an income:

    Instant delivery and courier services for well heeled clients.
    Fedex promises overnight delivery. I can promise 30 minutes or less anywhere in the world. Want your favorite pizza direct from Italy and have the expendable income to pay for the $1k delivery charge I might tack on (price can fluctuate based on demand), I’m your man. Want your package delivered, securely, to your friend anywhere in the world – NOW. I’m your man.

    Travel and Tourism services
    AS I lock hands with three people who may be paying $200 a piece, I look at a picture of the Pyramids from the comfort of their home in Studio City early one evening, moments later, the four of us are in Egypt and it’s morning.

    We spend a few hours touring the pyramids, and return after a few hours when it’s midnight.

    Another way I plan on making an income is by providing escorted tourism to locations around the world for everyone. No longer do you have to take a 15 hour flight to visit Asia, instead, I take you to see Hong Kong for lunch and have you back by dinner. No longer do you have to travel for six hours round trip to go skiing in Colorado, instead, I can have you there to spend the morning on the slopes and have you back for a board meeting by noon.

    The possibilities aren’t endless. But there are many possibilities that can both produce an income for me and open up travel options for those who might not be able to have the time and/or money to travel.

  3. No teleportation to places I haven’t been to beforeOne thing I have thoroughly enjoyed in traveling the world has been the unexpected experiences and the experiences in between. Had I not HAD to work in Hong Kong, I would NEVER have had the opportunity to go to Bangkok for the night of my life. HAD I not listened to a friend that enticed me to visit Budapest, I’d never have discovered Romania and it’s crazy ways. And had I always taken a plane to Central America, I’d never have overcome my fear of it and the feeling of being ‘right at home’ no matter where I’m at there.

    So for me. It only makes sense to live with the rule. I MUST visit a place first through traditional means first. Pictures that aren’t mine or aren’t taken by me are perfectly fine, but in order for me to go to – say – Egypt (which I haven’t been) – I have to FIRST visit there by jet, car, boat, or whatever method of transportation I can find that isn’t teleportation.

    With this I CAN teleport to Paris or even Athens – since I’ve visited both places, and find methods of transportation from there.

    Which is where money comes in. I can always hitchhike, find work on a boat, or find some alternate way of getting there without money, or I can buy a plane ticket from Athens to Egypt to see them AND THEN (and only then) take tourists from the states…

    The goal for me with this rule is to develop an awareness of the geography, culture, and to some degree history of places I’m visiting, at least from a traveler’s perspective. I’m not interested in becoming an expert, but am at least interested in knowing about the areas I’m touring and/or providing services to prior to doing it.

  4. I’ll find creative ways to support and provide charityAS a homeless guy, nothing’s taught me about the necessity for charity more than this. But I also know that while traveling opens up the mind to the possibilities, the mind has to be receptive to it to begin with.

    What makes a receptive mind? I’ll know it when I see it. I always have. And with that, I’ll stop trying to escape my country so much and instead teach people to appreciate it, her weird ways, and introduce them to a world they may not fully comprehend and why the American way of life is something that many of us choose to fight and die for.

    Charity isn’t just about providing for the needy.

    It’s about providing for those who never knew they needed it to begin with.

  5. I will WELL document my travels. I’m preparing to shift from text blogging to video blogging, and a part of this i think would be awesome is to present my ability to teleport in a way that lets people believe what they want to.

    AS I hold my computer, and snap my finger, as my background suddenly changes from Universal where I’m demonstrating it to a street overlooking Big Ben in London  – people will inevitably form an opinion about whether it’s real or not.

    Am I green screening it? I certainly have the skillset for it. But what if he’s not they may ask…..

    Is it fiction? if they want to believe it is. Then I won’t fight them or those that oppose  them or debate their comments.

    When it happens – I’ll position it as fact. What they choose to believe is entirely up to them.

    I’ll even make a web site to promote my services when they become available. In much the same way I dismissed ads about real XRay specs and a working and real submarine that could be shipped in a small box when I was young, I have no doubt that many won’t believe what I’m telling them is true and selling.

    That’s fine. They’ll noodle on it though. I know. Because I did.

So – ONCE a week over the next year, I will stare – intently – at a picture on the computer monitor. Then, when I’m ready for it, I’ll snap my fingers on my right hand, say “THERE” and when this becomes successful – I’ll have teleported from the location I was in – to the location I want to be in depicted in the picture.

Safely, of course, not teleporting into a chair or a person that just happened to be standing there.

I’ll focus on teleportation locally at first.

So when I do get it working, I know I might have to find a storage location for my stuff to try ‘bigger’ jumps.

That’s my New Years’ Resolution.

To do this until I am successful this next year.

Stated specifically:

In the year 2018, I will teleport for the first time WITHOUT drugs to a destination of my choice.

(I’ve already done it with drugs, so precedence has already been set letting me know my mind is already capable of this. HINT: There’s NOTHING in Physics and Science which says this isn’t possible…… )

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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