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Introducing the USTS Enterprise NC1701

Vulcan Science Institute, Shik’Kar , Shik’Kar District, Planet Vulcan

Planetary Time Synchronized to Planet Earth – November 2nd, 2006 – 06:44:22.717 UTC

A completely nude female Vulcan by the name of T’Pol charged into the Science Directorate, striding quickly past the receptionist.

“Commander, Commander, Do you have an appointment?,” the ensign receptionist insisted as she, also completely nude, tried catching the commander.

“I am tired of being waylayed, ensign, I am seeing the Admiral NOW,” Commander T’Pol said in a raised tone of voice as her trajectory on the Admiral’s office remained unfettered.

“But he’s in a,” the ensign trailed off as she burst through the doors interrupting the Admiral and a…

… human … guest.

To her surprise the Admiral was not nude and was instead wearing traditional ceremonial Vulcan garb.

“Admiral, what the hell is this?,” she said.

Commander Spock smiled warmly.

“Commander T’Pol, I would like you to meet Admiral Kirk,” he said, showing an open palm towards the guest who was beaming, ear to ear.

Highly incensed, she responded “But Admiral, He’s human.”

“She’s very astute,” said Admiral Kirk looking at Commander Spock as he looks her head to toe, “I can see why he likes her.”

The Admiral leaned forward, his open hand extended to Commander T’Pol.

Amy looked at the human man who claimed to be an Admiral with suspicion.

“Admiral Kirk, former Captain of the USS Enterprise N, C, dash seventeen zero one dash B,, and current Captain of the USTS Enterprise NC seventeen oh one,” he said.

She shook his hand, quickly, still unsure of the situation and how to react “USTS, I am not familiar with that designation,” Commander T’Pol said, as her attention swerved to her Vulcan Admiral “Admiral Spock, I demand to know what’s going on, why is a human here, first contact isn’t….”

“Have a seat, Commander,” Admiral Spock said, as he waved to the seat next to the human admiral.

“But a human. This is,” She started to say.

“He’s from the future, Commander, as am I,” said Admiral Spock.

Her mouth dropped, “But the science directorate, it said that time travel is impossible”

Her face was incredulous.

“Deception has never been a stranger in this room, has it Admiral Kirk?” Admiral Spock said, smiling.

“No, it has not, “ said Admiral Kirk,

“Please, Commander, I insist, have a seat, “ said Admiral Kirk.

The Commander looked nervously from Admiral to Admiral, as she, still completely nude, moved to the seat next to Admiral Kirk, as the three sat slowly down in unison.

“I just don’t understand, “ she said, “everything I was told.”

“Was true when it needed to be, “ said Admiral Spock.

“I’d planned on coming in here discussing …. wait a moment “ she said, standing up again, “computer, end simulation,” she said, somewhat in a panic.

“Commander, you are not in a simulation,” said Admiral Spock, now please, have a seat.

“How do I know you’re even the Admiral? ,” she said, “and HIM – he’s not supposed to be here,” she said pointing a finger at Admiral Kirk.

“Commander, while it’s convenient that you showed up when you did, you’re free to leave this room and go about your business if that’s what you prefer, “ said Admiral Spock.

“That’s exactly what I prefer,” she said, and proceeded to the exit of Admiral Spock’s office.

“Commander, Jim here’s only going to be in town for three days. So please, when you’re comfortable with resuming this, make it within the next three days and give me a warning next time, I’d like to be a little more prepared,” said the Admiral.

The Commander, nodded, not saying anything, as she exited the door.

The door closed as she left.

“Think she bought it?” said Admiral Kirk to Admiral Spock.

“Would you have, Jim?,” responded Admiral Kirk.

“Probably not. But as much as I don’t want to see it. It would probably be easier for her to accept if you weren’t wearing any clothes, either,” he said.

“I was thinking the same thing,” said Admiral Spock, “I was doing this for you, Jim”

Vulcan Science Institute, Shik’Kar , Shik’Kar District, Planet Vulcan

Planetary Time Synchronized to Planet Earth – November 4th, 2006 – 15:03:27.849 UTC

“Commander, please, come in, have a seat,” said a completely nude Admiral Spock who walked out and towards the door towards the completely naked Commander T’Pol at the door as she was let in by the receptionist into his office.

He took her hand and embraced it in his.

AS she walked in with Admiral Spock, she noticed the human Admiral Kirk was once again in front of the large and casual desk clothed in a highly decorated starfleet uniform she hadn’t recognized, he was standing as well, and walked towards her, repeating the gesture.

“I still don’t know how I feel about this,” said as she began to walk towards the desk.

“Commander, there’s something I’d like you to see before we get started,” said Admiral Spock.

Admiral Spock walked with her to the fireplace, which she had never actually seen lit, as he swiveled an ornate and highly detailed model of a Surook Class vessel 180 degrees inside it’s concentric ring, then he gripped it with his open palm, and pushed the entire thing down like a lever. An audible click could be heard, as Admiral Spock released the lever and the model reoriented and returned to it’s original position.

A few seconds later, what was once a fireplace and it’s adornments all receded. in much the same way the waves of a wind blown water might level – revealing a door against the wall..

The Commander looked at the Admiral who smiled and said “Interactive Holography”

It wasn’t the interactive nature of a hologram that had her confused though.

On either side of the fireplace was windows. The Admiral’s office had a magnificent view of the Science Academy and the Pyramids of Cydonia in the background. As Admiral Spock reached around his neck pulling a key on a string out, Commander T’Pol had walked over to the window on the right of the door and saw open air.

She’d never, in fact, noticed the lack of a fireplace on his office.

She stepped back, as the Admiral took a straight edged key with grooves on the inside of it, as she looked back to see the human Admiral having had taken a seat at one of the two chairs next to the long couch on the far side of the room.

He smiled, as he then looked out the window, waiting for whatever it was the Admiral Spock had planned on showing him.

The seven foot tall by four foot wide door swung open and flush to the interior. revealing a large almost steampunk style looking interior, which stood nearly fifty feet across and twenty feet in height with comfortable looking reds and browns as the Admiral looked back at the Commander and said, “are you ready?” as the Admiral stepped inside.

The Commander stared straight ahead.

“Commander!,” said Admiral Spock, “Are you with me?”

The Commander stared straight ahead.


“Commander!,” he repeated.

Admiral Kirk stood up.

“Are we losing her again?,” said the Admiral Kirk.

Admiral Spock rushed up beside her, and took her hand.

The Vulcan science Directorate has said that time travel is impossible,” said Commander T’Pol.

“Yup. We lost her again,” said Admiral Kirk.

“We have to try something else,” said Admiral Spock.

The Vulcan science Directorate has said that time travel is impossible,” repeated Commander T’Pol.

Vulcan Science Institute, Shik’Kar , Shik’Kar District, Planet Vulcan

Planetary Time Synchronized to Planet Earth – November 2nd, 2006 – 06:44:22.717 UTC

A completely nude female Vulcan by the name of T’Pol charged into the Science Directorate, striding quickly past the receptionist.

“Commander, Commander, Do you have an appointment?,” the ensign receptionist insisted as she, also completely nude, tried catching the commander.

“I am tired of being waylayed, ensign, I am seeing the Admiral NOW,” Commander T’Pol said in a raised tone of voice as her trajector on the Admiral’s office remained unfettered.

“But he’s in a,” the ensign trailed off as she burst through the doors interrupting the Admiral as he was standing in front of his desk, completely nude, arms folded, as if he was waiting for her.

“Admiral,” she said, looking at him confused, “What are you waiting for?”

“You,” Admiral Spock responded.

“Wait. What? This all feels. So familiar….,” she began to say.

“It’s about time, Commander, there’s something I’d like you to see,” said Admiral Spock.

“But Admiral, “ he said.

“AMY! COMMANDER T’POL!,” the Admiral said, in a raised tone of voice, “This is important!”

The Commander noted how he never raised his voice.

She apologized.

Admiral Spock walked with her to the fireplace, which she had never actually seen lit, as he swiveled an ornate and highly detailed model of a Surook Class vessel 180 degrees inside it’s concentric ring, then he gripped it with his open palm, and pushed the entire thing down like a lever. An audible click could be heard, as Admiral Spock released the lever and the model reoriented and returned to it’s original position.

A few seconds later, what was once a fireplace and it’s adornments all receded. in much the same way the waves of a wind blown water might level – revealing a door against the wall..

The Commander looked at the Admiral who smiled and said “Interactive Holography”

It wasn’t the interactive nature of a hologram that had her confused though.

On either side of the fireplace was windows. The Admiral’s office had a magnificent view of the Science Academy and the Pyramids of Cydonia in the background. As Admiral Spock reached around his neck pulling a key on a string out, Commander T’Pol had walked over to the window on the right of the door and saw open air.

She’d never, in fact, noticed the lack of a fireplace on his office.

She stepped back, as the Admiral took a straight edged key with grooves on the inside of it, as she looked back to see a seat at one of the two chairs next to the long couch on the far side of the room which strangely – looked emptier than it should have.

She made a mental note. Filed it away for later perusal.

She looked back at the Admiral, and felt like smiling.

She didn’t know why but something about this moment was feeling right.

The seven foot tall by four foot wide door swung open and flush to the interior. revealing a large almost steampunk style looking interior, which stood nearly fifty feet across and twenty feet in height with comfortable looking reds and browns as the Admiral looked back at the Commander and said, “are you ready?” as the Admiral stepped inside.

The Commander stared straight ahead.

“Commander!,” said Admiral Spock, “AMY! Are you with me?”

“I… am…. ,” said Commander T’Pol, “I’ve seen something like this,” she said as she walked to the left window to see if it had the same view as the right side did, which it did only displaced a few feet.

Admiral Spock walked inside.

“Would you care to join me?,” he said.

Commander T’Pol walked in and marveled at the setting.

She realized the room was much larger than it looked from the outside, which made her suspect some form of dilation in time and space may have distorted the view and may have made this even possible.

The room was fifty feet in diameter, cylindrical, with a single wall extending about eight foot in height, made out of what appeared to be an Earth like flagstone. The floors were a beige berber type shag carpet, as she noted how extremely comfortable it felt to walk on it barefooted. On either side of the entry way was cherry wood stairways with brass hand rails, which led to the second floor, a ten foot wide walk way with spartan rails coming up from the top of the flagstone walls which would prevent a clumsy humanoid from a short drop. Two stairways at the back of the massive fifty foot room also led up and were situated in the same position only opposite the ones leading into the room. Underneath all the stairwells were stairwells leading down to an unseen level.

Leading to the middle of the room was a semi-transparent and lightly lit blue walkway, consisting of a material which felt like a soft, very pleasant to walk on padded rubber. through the transparent surface could be seen four light blue solid cylindrical surfaces staggered left and right in decorative support of the blue walkway, each flush against the transparent surface but – T’Pol noticed – undetectable to her feet as the Admiral walked towards the center of the room.

AS she did, she looked to the left and noticed for the first time two chairs – red velvety antique looking things with high backs, facing towards eachother at a 45 degree angle, with a round end table in between them topped in a red marble and an old fashioned, by Earth standards, lamp, and next to the right chair from her perspective was a plant which looked indigenous to Earth. On the right side was another red chair, this one looking far more comfortable and something she imagined herself actually laying in as she read one of the numerous books that lined the massive nearly twenty foot long bookshelf with a sliding ladder on a rail to the chair’s right.

She was able to comment, how “Earth like” the decor was feeling,…

When she saw him. on a long couch which itself looked like it could be moved effortlessly and was currently stationed as closed to the center console which was roughly ten feet in diameter on the same material as the walkway leading up to it,

“Admiral is that a ..” the Commander trailed off.

“Commander, it’s my pleasure to introduce,” Admiral Spock began saying.

The humans abruptly stood up, “Admiral Kirk,” said the Admiral as he extended his hand towards her

Commander T’Pol looked at Admiral Spock and then looked at Admiral Kirk, taking his hand, which he warmly clasped with his other hand, shaking it lightly as he said “It is absolutely my pleasure to meet you.”

“Look at you,” he said, politely scanning her naked body up and down, “you are absolutely beautiful”

“I’ve been lied to, haven’t I,” said the Commander to Admiral Spock.

“And she’s quick, too,” said Admiral Kirk.

“James, let me handle this, “ said Commander Spock.

The Admiral touched a button on the console, when, in the same fashion the fireplace had disappeared, two seats grew out of the flooring in front of the couch.

Admiral Kirk went and sat back down at the couch, arm casually draped over the right arm of the ten foot long couch.

Admiral Spock went and sat on the far seat, immediately in front of Admiral Kirk, as he waved Commander T’Pol over to the vacant seat stool next to him, “Come, Commander, please take a seat, we have much we need to discuss”

As she walked over, Admiral Spock turned towards the console, pressed a button, and the door to the entrance could be heard closing.

“Why Spock, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this side of you,” said Admiral Kirk as he looked at Admiral Spock’s bare ass seated on the stool at eye level just in front of him.

The Admiral looked over his shoulder, as Commander T’Pol took her seat, as he responded “Jim, do you mind if I have the floor for a bit?”

“I still don’t understand why he’s here,” said the Commander.

“We’ll get to that in a moment, Commander,” Admiral Spock said.

He pressed a button, and the computer screen on the console lit up “In 2151, You and Captain Archer uncovered a Vulcan listening post hidden beneath the temple of P’Jem, something the High Command had explicitly told you was not being done. Do you remember our conversations that ensued”

“I do, I came to you and told you I didn’t feel I could trust their leadership.” the Commander replied.

The Admiral pressed a few more buttons on the console.

“Do you remember this man?,” he said, as an image of a human came on the screen.

She looked at the image. She wracked her brain.

“He looks familiar, but no, I can’t say as I do,” she said.

The Admiral then said “And tell me. Why did you say I’ve seen something like this before shortly before entering”

She looked straight ahead. Her eyes remaining fixed in space.

“But none of this is making any sense. The Vulcan high command said that time travel… “ said Commander T’Pol.

Admiral Kirk cut in “Dammit, Spock, I’m telling you this isn’t going to work”

The Commander turned to Admiral Kirk.

“Why don’t you explain to me why it is an Admiral is Captaining a first generation time ship? I thought people like you belonged behind a desk, and left the exploring to those who can walk more than twenty feet without becoming winded.” said the Commander, with a sly smile.

Admiral Kirk sat and looked at her with feigned hurt, as Admiral Spock clasped his hands together in delight.

“Whoever this is, he’s rewritten our history book, I remember now, that was Q, wasn’t it? And that ‘bigger on the inside, you reverse engineered it, and that’s what this is?” she said.

“It is,” said Admiral Spock as he touched the screen.

He grimaced slightly.

Not enough for the Commander to catch on to.

But enough for the Admiral to.

“And yes, that was was Q, “ he said.

“Well now that you have seen what I have to show you, what did you want to chat about?,” said Admiral Spock.

“Are you sure there’s not more you wanted to show me?,” said the Commander, with a sleight tinge of suspicion in her voice.

“You’ve seen it, “ said the Admiral, “Clearly there’s much more to show you, but you cut this a bit short as Jim has a set schedule and you waited until the last minute to arrive”

“I did,” she admitted,” I’d come to you to discuss my efforts with Q, the bridge between Earth years 2006 and 2011 isn’t coming together as neatly as I had planned and I was going to look for advice on how to create the war.”

Admiral Kirk looked alarmed “A war, what’s she talking about?”

Commander T’Pol looked at Admiral Kirk and then Admiral Spock as she said “Are you sure he should be here?”

Admiral Spock responded, quickly, and politely “Amy, or Commander, which do you prefer now?”

“I’m fine with either, “ she said.

“Fair enough. Commander, I hope you understand the physics of space and time are not fixed, and accordingly, neither are the events in space and time, but Amy, there’s a wonderful timeless film I would like you to watch by the name of Fifth Element. It might provide you a few clues on how to address your bridging problem,” said Admiral Spock.

“I was hoping for a more direct answer, “ said the Commander.

In matters of time as it’s associated with space, I’m afraid that’s just not possible.

Admiral Kirk stood up, and extended a hand towards Commander T’Pol.

“I’m afraid I must bid my adieu. it was my pleasure,” said Admiral Kirk.

“Jim, I’d like you to wait here for a moment, I’ll see Amy here out,” said Admiral Spock, “Commander?” he said as he got up and started heading for the door.

She’d mentally noted how it felt so rushed. But didn’t inquire, and followed him.

“Ms Newton, “ Admiral Spock said as they walked out of this ‘bigger on the inside room’ to his office and to the door leading her out, “I need you to seriously consider what’s important to you and move forward keeping that in mind.”

He held the door open for her.

Both standing there totally naked.

AS he said “Commander, I’d like to see you tomorrow, after your last meeting.”

She nodded, and politely said “Thank you, Admiral” and walked out without saying anything.

The Admiral closed the door behind her, and walked back inside where Admiral Kirk was still sitting on the couch.

“It’s the Queen,” said Admiral Spock to Admiral Kirk.

“How do you know?”, Admiral Kirk responded.

“The logs. Privately Secured Captain’s logs from Captain Archer at Starfleet,” he said.

Admiral Kirk looked at him and forward , saying only “Hmm.”

It just feels good…

Amy Newton

From: Amy Newton <amy.newton@microsoft.com>
Sent: Monday, November 1, 2006 9:23 PM
To: Attendees of Microsoft Technology Showcase
Subject: A Life Without Clothes

Greetings All –

Senator McCain indicated a number of you were curious about how life has evolved for me, along with the trials and tribulations I have endured following my decision to abandon clothing. I’ll gladly share this with any of you who are interested.

On November 1st, 2001, for the inaugural technology showcase which only had 50 people in attendance, I made the decision to remove my bra along with the rest of my clothes, both for highly calculated and ‘this just feels right’ reasons.

The following weekend, I called a dear friend up, who’d thought I’d gone mad, who reluctantly helped me pack up my entire wardrobe, consisting of two closets full of clothes, shoes, belts, and other miscellaneous adornments – which I then donated to goodwill.

She took a few items herself, despite her professed feelings of guilt.

The drive from work to my place is about 8 miles, and the first week was relatively hitch free. I refueled one time, it was later – around 10pm, much to the astonishment of a family in a minivan who was refueling, and a couple of teenage boys who surprised me by not only treating me with respect, but unlike the family, came over and asked me why I was doing what I was doing.

Oh I have no doubt they were coming over for a closer look. I’d analogize it to a car accident when you have never seen one before. While even as teenage boys I have no doubt they’ve seen plenty of pornography and maybe a couple of nude women in real life, but never in quite so audacious and unreserved a fashion as I had presented.

“It’s a warm night, and it feels good,” was my response.

They asked for a photo with me. They’d both had new smartphones. Holding one in each arm, They each took full body length selfies with me in it, something if you’d have asked me before how I might have felt about it, and comparing it to what I felt in real life, the reality versus what I’d predicted was way off.

It felt natural. Like no big deal.

“Have a good night, ma’am,” the boys said as they giggled and went back to their car.

Unlike the family in the mini van, where the lady yelled out the window “Put some clothes on you whore!”

It was through incidences like this that I grew exceedingly thick skin, incredibly quick.

That weekend, when I dropped the clothes off at Goodwill, I kept stepping on rocks and immediately came to regret the decision to relinquish my shoes. So I drove to Target, my first experience walking into a major store, and was caught and turned away by the guard no more than 50 feet inside the establishment.

The same thing happened half an hour later at Walmart, where I couldn’t make it through the front door.

So I drove to Nordstrom’s. an upscale, high end shopping clothing provider, where I walked in completely nude with my small purse around my side, one of the few things I had decided not to get rid of, and it was almost as if the sales associate in the footwear section didn’t notice my complete lack of clothing when I asked if he had some sort of resilient socks I could wear to protect my feet, as I didn’t want anything as bulky as shoes.

He quickly turned me onto something called nonskid ankle sock, which – wanting to emphasize and draw attention to my nudity, I purchased all the beige ones of these they had, and walked out of Nordstrom’s feeling both respected and classy and a fan of the business.

So sure, some customers walked by, and I had several looks by males, and a few females who seemed offended but mildly envious, but all in all, my initial and most of my subsequent fears and concerns over being objectifying and being physically harassed and touched were completely unwarranted.

In fact. Over time, I found people to be more stand offish than they previously were, quite the contradiction to expectations.

I shopped for groceries online at first, but found it way too difficult to plan anything in advance and hated eating by a schedule which grocery shopping online reinforces, so from there I switched to what I referred to as ‘hit and runs’ – I’d walk into a 7-Eleven or Circle K – grab whatever I could – paid for it – and left before gathering too much attention.

Driving anywhere was never a problem, and while my lack of clothes certainly made me substantially more observant of the world around me, I also noticed how little people actually look at other drivers or even care. I had a few people in trucks wave at me in the first couple months, from their vantage point my lack of clothing was obvious.

But never any lewdness. In a sense. My expectations and initial concerns far exceeded the reality.

But grocery shopping became my immediate problem. The first three times, Managers or employees attempted to escort me out. I explained the law to people, but they refused to believe it. They refused to believe that not only was what I was doing an expression of my individuality, legislators had regularly been refusing to make laws which governed individual expression, particularly if it couldn’t be demonstrated that behavior was detrimental to the public.

But people, by and large, I found to be irrational creatures. And as I explained the law here in Phoenix, and that nudity is not against the law, and while there are laws concerning sexual offenses, there are, quite literally, no laws on the law books, concerning nudity here. Some states such as California have laws which disallow nudity in specific places – parks in California’s case. But most refuse to cross this boundary and strip people of expressive rights when it comes to their body and individual freedom.

The police were another matter altogether. I’d found a couple of nudity friendly grocery stores – Trader Joe’s and AJ’s Fine Foods – which both would let me come and go as I pleased and actually supported my lifestyle decision, but this didn’t stop the occasional customer who’d call the police and I’d find myself detained, temporarily, as they insisted I put on clothes.

I couldn’t help but ask them “Why does it feel like you’re trying to shame me into putting clothes on?”

Body Shame. A very real thing.

Eventually, I was detained on the way home for 24 hours when Bill became involved, this incensed him so he involved lawyers, the ACLU, and while most newspapers mysteriously refused to respond, the local New Times picked it up which made the cover story and subsequently I was publicized in every news station in the valley as “The Naked Lady”.

The first year like this was hell. I’ll be the first to admit that. And while I considered, at times, backing off – I started understanding he tremendous pressures that very smart owners of companies use to their advantage to sell their products through the collective influencing of the population through marketing and law, and just how important this was to my studies of Q, of free will and choice, of mind control, and of the need by people like me to find less subversive and positive ways to leverage this knowledge.

With the publicity, I saw my world change in front of my eyes. I could go to a spring training game wearing only my booty socks and carrying my purse, and lay out catching the rays in front of a couple thousand people and no one would bother me. I could go to a concert, or visit a theme park as I went to Disneyland with a friend, all without being oggled or bothered.

I suppose this is where I began discovering what I considered ‘hints’ of how this universe is constituted.

When nudity, as a general practice, in isolation, is frowned upon, then I would have predicted problems traveling to other locations who didn’t know about me, especially internationally.

But as I took flights to other places.

Carrying only a backpack with a few incidentals, making travel a hell of a lot easier when I didn’t have clothes with me.

I found the responses elsewhere were exactly the same as I did at home.

No one noticed or seemed to care.

Here I was in London, Leicester Square a few years ago, and while I was freezing my butt off, chilly weather still something I’m trying to deal with, I found myself – completely relaxed. I even got drunk one night at a local club and danced all night , without my clothes on, at a club with 1500 people. there.

I’ve done the same thing in Las Vegas too.

Since 2003, I’m utterly flabbergasted on how little people actually care about my nudity. Senator McCain wanted to understand what I’ve been through,but even speaking in front of an audience of a thousand people, my overt sexuality and nudity no longer gets any reaction it once did. It feels, to me, completely natural to be like this, and you are among those who have accepted me for that.

The last two years have been utterly eventless. I have been to 9 countries in that time, I’ve visited the Pentagon, twice, I have gone skiing, three times – and let me tell you does it ever hurt landing on a bare ass so I became a better skiier as a result.

But men no longer look at my boobs when they ask me out, my pussy and my breasts are already out there for them to see, there’s no silly childish mystery and they actually look at me in the eyes when they talk to me now, and I no longer feel.. objectified.

I’d never understood the whole objectification thing anyways.

But I’d suddenly realized women were doing it to themselves in the traditions which surrounded clothes and finding a mate.

All told. When I come to work. I feel like I can focus on my work. I’m no longer concerned about my stocking running, a high heel breaking, or spilling coffee on my brand new blouse and the endless list of problems introduced by apparel.

And feels adult if that makes any sense.

It’s also saved me a great deal of money, too. I hadn’t realized just how much I was spending on clothing until I stopped spending money on clothing, which all told I would estimate was chewing up nearly 25 percent of my income.

I carry around extra booty socks everywhere I go, the ones I get now are very resilient, fit over my toes, and are as strong as most shoes only they make me look like I am barefoot. Almost. With bigger feet.

And other than that, while I do carry around a ‘sit cloth’, a cloth I use to sit on when a surface is too cold or may not be as clean as I like it, this ‘experiment’ in nudity has also made me substantially more aware of my own body, and has helped me control it in such a way that makes me less inclined to be cold in cooler temperatures and hot in hotter ones. I can self moderate my own body temperature much better now than I ever could before.

Amazing what such a simple change in attire does.

Hopefully, this about covers it.

To close. I feel at liberty encouraging other willing subjects to do what I myself have done and continue to do.

I see no place for shame in the body. And sincerely believe no one else should either.

Thank you for your time,

With kind regards,

  • Amy Newton




Intro of the Queen

Ocotillo Research Facility Tempe, Arizona – November 1st, 2006 – 16:40:00.000 pm Planet Earth

Amy sat up.

The auditorium was empty.

Q aka Brian was laying next to her. Both completely nude.

She put her hand under his flaccid penis.

“Q, make your penis erect please,” she said.

His penis grew, to fully – rock hard erect in two seconds.

When I tap your chest with my index finger, I would like you to ejaculate and continue ejaculating until you have nothing left inside you to ejaculate.

From there, she crawled over him, pushing her naked body down and assuming a crouching position with her legs underneath her and the camera at the base of the bed only inches away from her very exposed rectum and still wet vagina.

From there, she then gently cupped his testicles and erect penis, as this sent a shiver of excitement throughout her body and especially to her loins, which made it all that much more exciting to take his erect penis into her mouth, and slowly – voraciously swallow the entire thing, to where it touched the back of her throat, as she gently rested her chin on his testicles looking up at him  – she fought her gag reflex, as all six inches of his erect penis was reaching inside her mouth to the back of her throat forcing her to breathe through her nose all causing tears to form in her eyes.

She waited a moment. Soaking it all in. Trying to understand the excitement she felt that was so foreign, so unusual, so definitively arousing, the gag reflex stopped and she just looked at him – more vulnerable than any man would ever be.

“Why?,” she thought, as she reached down and stroked her clit.

“Business,” she thought, “must stay focused.”

She retracted her hand.

She then tapped her finger.

The first spurt of cum hitting the back of her throat caused her to cough a bit. But she swallowed. And continued swallowing. From the monitors, his penis could clearly be seen pulsing, and she could clearly be seen swallowing it all, as she thought…

“How much does he have?”

This continued for nearly a minute, a constant stream, until finally she could feel no more.

Q’s back arched a little, he was clearly feeling something despite his hypnotized state.

She then slowly pulled out.

A little semen dripped on her tongue.

And as she pulled his still erect penis out of her mouth, a final bit of ejaculate caught her, unexpected, streaking across her eye down across her face to her chin.

She sat up.

“Ok Q, you can stop ejaculating now and let yourself go flaccid, thank you,” she said, as she wiped the cum off her face with her right hand and stuck the semen covered fingers into her mouth, licking the cum off her hand.

As he went flaccid. She could feel the excitement drift from her.

She sat between his legs, looking at him, before saying “Let’s get you home,” she said.

“Highly entertaining, Ms Newton, highly entertaining, “ said Senator John McCain standing just in front of the stage to the right, getting a clear view of pretty much everything.

“Senator. I thought everyone had left,” she said.

“I saw everything, and might I add, even I enjoyed it. Amy, may I call you that?,” he said.

“Sure, Senator, ” she said, as she slipped over Q’s legs and to the side of the bed, hanging her feet over the side of the bed onto the floor, legs slightly spread apart, arms on either side of her holding the bed, intentionally exposing her nudity to him.

He smiled, knowingly.

“So what did I just see and why?,” the Senator asked, “It’s not every day you see something like that, and trust me, I’ve been around the block a few times and have seen what I thought to be everything. Please don’t take this as an attack or confrontation, I’m simply curious. Do you mind explaining why you just did what I just saw you do?”

She looked at him, demurely.

“It just felt like something I wanted to do,” she said, “it really is that simple.”

“Well, are you full now?,” he said, jokingly.

Amy chuckled, lightly, “He had much more in him than I anticipated,” she said.

“There are many of us throughout the government and in leadership around the world who are becoming increasingly concerned about the future. Many of us are not interested in seeing the world devolve into an animalistic carnal sexual state which you clearly represent. Conversely, there are many of us who are absolutely interested in what your lack of inhibitions can bring to this stagnating world,” Senator McCain said

He continued.

“Now don’t get me wrong, at first I found your behavior absolutely appalling and sincerely wanted you arrested. But there’s a part of me that says – for as much as we as a nation have chosen to capitalize on sex and relationships, your free expression represents well needed and well timed polarity. “

“Senator, I’d like to get Q back. Do you mind telling me where you’re going with all this?,” Amy responded.

“I’ll be blunt. Are you and Q in collusion?,” he said.

Amy stood up, smiling, and walked towards the senator.

“Why Senator, however on Earth would make you come to suspect that?,” she said.

“Just a hunch, Amy, I’ve done a lot of digging into your background and there’s a lot that doesn’t fit,” Senator McCain responded.

She held up a finger in the air.

She then placed it on her lips, as if to indicate to the Senator to be silent for a moment.

She then turned to the bed.

“Q. Would you please walk back to your home the same way we arrived here? Don’t speak to anyone, just walk and when you get home, you’ll fall asleep, and tomorrow, you’ll remember a long day at work and – imagine something inventive – a story to tell your friends – not remembering me and any of this – about why your scrotum may be sore from the excess expenditure of ejaculate,” she said.

Q walked off the stage.

“Amy, it’s midday, and you’re asking him to walk home nearly seven miles during rush hour while he’s completely nude?,” he said.

Q walked off the stage.

She looked at the Senator with a mild sense of anger.

“Senator. Have you ever actually read any of Einstein’s work?,” she said.

The Senator responded, “What’s that have to do with…”

“Senator… I need you to trust me with Q. His safety is my greatest concern, but that safety isn’t going to mean he’s going to live a sheltered and isolated life you and the others have been insisting he lead for your idea of a perfect world. I intend on making him my toy and am treating him accordingly, and conversely me his to,” she said.

“MS Newton, I..” the Senator started to say, but was cut short.

“Senator, Let me add this. I know you and your friends at the NSA are fully aware that I am among a number of people in this country whose mind is capable of floating freely of form, and that eventually I’ll be able to inhabit any body in much the same way you and others might drive a car,” Amy said, “Q is as well, and to some degree we’ve established a dialogue out of simple self preservation and the desire to enjoy our own lives more.”

The Senator sat down.

“How long have you known about us?,” he said.

“Well you see, that’s where it gets a little difficult to explain without flirting with your invalidating labels such as ‘insane’ and ‘fiction’. How do I explain that the man you know as Q is a homeless aspiring writer in the future, and my dialog with you now – one and the same dialog that you and I think is happening right now is actually being authored by an imaginative man in the future who’s spinning stories explaining the unexplained events in his own life from his own life experiences?,” she said.

“How do I explain simultaneity and the seeming coincidences of time and space to a man who organizes information in one specific chronological order, an order I greatly respect which has enhanced and given substance and meaning to both my and Q’s lives, but shouldn’t limit our lives but it does – by people like you,” she said.

The Senator leaned forward in his chair, his hands held together at his palms with his index fingers tapping lightly and slowly on his lips.

He’d begun to stare off in the distance rather than Amy.

“Are you angry with me?,” the Senator said.

“Do you mind explaining what happened to the world?,” she said.

“Only if you don’t mind answering a question I have before I do that, “ he said.

“Go ahead,” she said.

“Are you the Queen?,” he said, politely.

“I am,” she said.

“And Q?,” he said.

“We are two parts of the same whole, “ she said, “the beginning and the end, or as some would call us – the alpha and the omega.”

He sat. Pensively looking forward.

“About 5 years ago. A lawyer I was personally grooming to become President in 2020 approached me, a man by the name of Chris Gooch, and said he thought his wife was cheating on him and asked if I could tap my resources to see if his suspicions were true. The situation for me was horribly difficult – because his wife’s father was one of my good friends – the former Secretary of Defense by the name of Harold Brown, who was still doing work as one of those highly overpaid consultants for DARPA at Cheyenne Mountain,” Senator John McCain said.

Senator McCain leaned forward and stood up, slowly.

“Now I knew that my investigation of anyone in a former Secretary of Defense capacity would trigger immediate notification to the Secretary of Defense of my activity, and the last thing I wanted was his image of his precious daughter to be tarnished. but I also knew that I wasn’t above the mechanisms of reporting. so I contacted the NSA, found a a man who would discretely hack the database without questions asked and promised to remove logging mechanisms and notification triggers, and once he did that – I could then privately retrieve historical records for Chris’s wife without his or anyone else’s knowledge of what I was doing,” the Senator said.

“That’s why your comment about coincidences just now hit a home run. Rachel was indeed having an affair, and the man was one and the same as the man who’d just hacked the databases for me,” he said.

Amy smiled, and put her right foot on the edge of the bed, her vagina clearly exposed to the Senator almost as if it was looking at him.

“Q, right?,”  Amy said.

“I had him remove the changes he’d done, so anyone, not even he – could have seen what I did,” he said.

“So what did you do? A father who’s daughter was cheating on her husband, threatening the perfect relationship by sleeping with a computer programmer, a man who was a dime a dozen compared to a man who might be the future President?,” Amy said, “As a friend, as a mentor, as a father figure, how did you handle this situation?”

“I called Chris to my office, and showed him the evidence,” the Senator said, “And I intentionally kept it away from her father.”

“And what did Chris do?,” she said.

Senator McCain sat down.

A tear streamed down his face.

“He had both of them killed,” he said.

“Damn,” Amy said.

The Senator wiped away his tear.

“I loved Rachel like a daughter so it hurt having to show Chris the truth. And seeing how Chris reacted. I immediately stopped grooming him. I was, quite frankly, fearful of a man like this who could so quickly have his own wife murdered,” he said.

“Amy, why aren’t you questioning timelines here?,” he said.

“Well it’s not that hard to assume something happened which makes Q still among the living, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make those ties,” she responded, in a spunky way.

He shook his head.

“You are right about alternate realities. I come from a world where Princess Diana died in a fiery car crash, where terrorists struck and tore down the Twin Towers in New York which are no longer standing in that world, and where Elvis died in 1976,” he said.

Amy looked at the Senator with fascination.

“I figured as much,” she said, “your demeanor today seems far more… willing to cooperate than you traditionally have been.”

“Well, the last go around I resolutely stood against what you were doing and let’s just say what I did with mind control with you left me blaming myself for a series of events which led to a full on nuclear assault which wiped away most of the Southwestern United States including my wife and kids in 2011,” he said.

Amy didn’t seem surprised, and leaned forward, asking “So how are you here, now?”

“Q,” he said, “I’d seen the fireball of three nuclear missiles expanding above Phoenix, and as the heat rose. Time stopped.”

“I was in my den. Watching the news. It all happened so fast. That’s when Q came. And he said, matter of factly. ‘I’m God.’ and you’re about to be consumed by two exploding balls of fire. Now I am going to give you an opportunity to change your own future, and I am not going to tell you what to do to change it – that’s up to you, ‘ he said as he flipped the blinds back showing the two balls of fire that were hovering in mid air. If you don’t want that choice, well then, we can see where those puppies take you’,” he said.

“Typical Q,” she said, smiling, “Good to know he hasn’t lost his sense of narcissism and dramatic flair”

“In that moment, I agreed, and before I could ask more questions which god… or Q I have no doubt I wanted to, he snapped his fingers and suddenly I was staring at my computer screen watching a video of Rachel having sex with Brian in the backyard of Chris and Rachel’s home in Arcadia, “ he said.

“Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?,” she said.

“I’m done with thinking for today, Amy. But I want you to know – if there is anything I can do to help you and your cause and collaboration with Q. Just ask,” he said.

With that he got up and began to turn away, when he looked back to her as she got off the bed and said to her.

“And Amy. For whatever it’s worth. I’m sorry,” he said.

“For what,” Amy responded.

“For everything,” he said, as he paused at the door, and turned around.

“Oh one last thing, Amy” he said, as Amy had turned around and started heading towards the bed.

A little piece of him couldn’t help but wonder what she was doing

“Yes, John,” she said.

“Do you mind sending out an email explaining your trials and tribulations without clothes to everyone who attended today ? I suppose a part of me finds it fascinating how anyone, let alone a highly attractive female can live in modern society for four solid years without a lick of clothing. What have you gone through – what’s happened to you since giving your entire wardrobe away to Goodwill four years ago, and what led to you sending Q on his merry way without clothes as well?,” he said, ” I trust you. But it all makes me curious. Where does this confidence come from?”

Amy smiled.

And thought to herself.

It’s about time.

“Sure, I’ll send it out tonight,”  she said.

“Thanks,” he said, and walked out the door.


A Steampunk Wedding

Another set of weird dreams last night.

Do these things even classify as dreams anymore?

I was at a portable bar, a long semi truck had been retrofitted with hydraulics and some pretty amazing engineering to unfold, and lower itself near ground level, anywhere, at the touch of a button to reveal the interior, a fully outfitted wooden saloon style bar and small dance floor. with steps leading up to it as the sides had neatly unfolded to reveal high tables and chairs, and canopy style protection and sliding windows on the walls to protect from inclement weather.

As I sat in this bar, windows drawn on a cloudy blustery day, I noticed much of those who were in attendance were part of a wedding party. Was I a part of this? I don’t know. From my vantage point at a high seat at the end of the bar, I knew I was alone.

I could hear many people speaking Russian. I’m not sure what they were saying. But I could tell many were debating whether or not to proceed with something. I assumed it was the wedding, with inclement weather threatening the event, which was a safe assumption.

I saw a face in the crowd.

It’s a face I hadn’t seen in 11 years.


She looked amazingly beautiful in her bridesmaid’s dress.

But her face.

In it I saw a complete lack of emotion.

Like she was here. But a part of her wasn’t.

Her attire was slightly off as well. An odd ivory shoulder pad on her right shoulder. And a dress that looked almost… steampunk. Was it a part of the ceremony and a simple selection of choice by an eclectic bride and groom, or was it standard fare for this version of Earth?

I don’t know.

I started to get up, I wanted to talk to her, to see if she remembered me, but no sooner do I get up when a man I recognized walked out of the restroom behind me. It was Chris. her husband. Only he was short. No more than five foot six inches tall. Much shorter than the six foot five guy I had met in my world.

The dream faded quickly as I woke up.

My mind saying to me “This is important, you really need to consciously remember this”

Standing At Attention

Ocotillo Research Facility Tempe, Arizona – November 1st, 2006 – 15:00:00.000 pm Planet Earth

A crowd of roughly 1000 people are in attendance.

In the middle of the auditorium, near the front of the stage, is a large, heavy oak, four poster bed.

A completely nude and barefoot Amy, wearing only a starfleet style communicator just below her right collar bone situated about 3 inches above her right breast’s nipple, a full and uncensored view of Amy is visible on the monitor above her as she enters the stage from the right side of the audience, with a clothed Bill entering from behind the curtains on the left side.

Amy sat on the bed.

“Six years ago, when I was approached by Mr Gates to come do what I was doing working for him, I wasn’t really impressed. Having dealt with depression off and on throughout my life prior to then, I became curious how the mind worked. When I took myself off of Prozac, shortly after starting employment, I saw – without exaggeration – a profoundly different world than I had when I’d started the medication,” Amy said.

“I started college fresh out of high school pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing under the advice of the guidance counselor, and as I studied Customer Behavior, I couldn’t help but question this thing called free will. How much do you and I as humans have? When I take a drug like Effexor, or Prozac, I’d ask questions that chemists could answer with any degree of satisfaction. Why do these chemical reactions effect and influence emotion the way they do, and why were various placebos demonstrating similar results?,” she said.

The large screen that covered the entire rear of the stage. On it was an image with current jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, and a projected range leading to 2020, a 4x growth expected in little more than 13 years.

“As you can see by the graph back there,” Amy said as she turned, while on the left side of the bed facing the audience, looking and pointing to the back of the room with her right hand, “from this point pharmaceutical companies are expecting a 4x growth over the next 4 years.”

She laid down, completely nude, on the bed, which had 8 cameras from various angles looking at her. One leg extended towards the far right bottom of the bed as if being pulled to that corner by an invisible rope, another leg extended to the far left bottom of the bed, her left arm extended to the far upper left, and her right arm and hand extended to the far upper right of the bed, laying flat on her back.

Nothing was hidden. A camera from about 2 inches high at the foot of the middle of the bed obtained a clear view of her vagina looking up at her. Other cameras from about 5 feet above the bed on the corners looking down at the bed. Another camera about two feet above her waist looking straight down, and another camera from about 7 feet above that looking straight down at the same point. And finally, the last camera – 10 in all lining the monitors above – was offset from various audience perspectives.

“This bed feels sooo damn good I just want to fall asleep here,” she said, moving her arms like she was making a snowman.

A nervous air came across the crowd.

Amy, by any definition, was gorgeous. And seeing her lay naked, totally exposed, without sexuality involved in front of a crowd of 1,000 people – both men and women – of a technically oriented nature – was just too surreal and unusual.

Most didn’t seem to know how to react.

Amy was keenly aware of this.

Someone buzzed in, It was Senator McCain.

Amy then says, in an emotionally seductive way…

“Did you know that the communicator can be set to vibrate in response to your requests to chat?,” she said, as she took the communicator off her breast and placed it on her exposed clitoris for everyone to see and said, “Whoever did that, could you be a doll and do that again?”

At that point several people chimed in at the same time.

“Oh you little devils you,” she said.

Amy then removes the communicator from her clit, sits up on the bed, folds her legs Indian style, and places the communicator on her breast as she speaks again. .

“Yes, Senator,” she said in a nonplussed tone of voice.

“Amy, you clearly have your audience captivated by your complete lack of modesty, somewhere in all this, do you mind explaining to the rest of the audience what led to this?,” The Senator said, matter-of-factly, gesturing towards her overt nudity and implied sexuality.

“Oh I suppose I should get to that,” she said, “Thanks for the reminder”

“In truth. I’m having an exceedingly difficult time controlling my emotions lately. And I’d planned on coming up here, and discussing my education, background, what brought me into biomolecular engineering, and my plans to take over the world, but do I ever feel like I just need a good old fashioned FUCK. It’s a good thing I have this bed here, isn’t it?,” she said.

“Now, do I have any volunteers?,” she said

Most, expecting a formal presentation, were surprised at this. Some weren’t. And a surprising number of lights went on.

“Oh, I’m just kidding, I just wanted to see if anyone would respond. Turn off your lights before you embarass yourselves,” she said.

The lights on the name plates in front of the audience members all blinked off.

Except one.

“President Bush, are you still wanting to take me up on my offer?,” she said,“I suppose, for you, it still holds, come on down mister eager”

The President looked at her with a stern face “I don’t think Laura would much appreciate it, Ms Newton.”

“Call her, have her come down, she can join!,” Amy said, seductively, “it’s been a while since I’ve had a menage-a-trois, ” Amy said.

“Ms Newton. I think I speak for most of us in attendance today, well, I thought I did until I saw how many lights came on in response to your offer, but I still think I speak for most of us when I say – we are in attendance here today – watching what you have to present to us – knowing full well what in part to expect and you already haven’t disappointed – for some kind of big announcement. Do you mind cutting to the chase?,” she said.

With that, she hopped off the bed, and said.

“Fine, Mr President, if it’s a show you want, it’s a show you’ll get,” she said.

She lifted up the hair in the back of her head, to which some sort of plug could be seen.

“Dale, can you zoom in on this, please?,” she said.

Zoomed in, the cameras showed what was clearly some sort of plug which was embedded in the base of her skull towards her spine.

“Is that real,” several people could be heard saying in the audience.

She held a finger up.

“About two years ago, after a great deal of work in mind control and associated drugs, biologically I had come to one and the same problem plaguing designs with processor design and miniaturization. The problem was – subatomic. Or as some of you scientists in the crowd would prefer to put it – quantum.”

She walked across the stage, still nude.

“I had come across my problem when trying to understand biochemical reactions and their effect on the brain,” she said

An image of the brain came on the screen with two key areas highlighted.

“There’s two key areas that had supposedly been mapped that I wanted to understand. The cerebellum, the part of the brain which organized light and sound, and the amygdyla, in a way the central processor and router of motor functions.” she said.

“There was another thing that intrigued me.  This thing called the temporal lobe. I’d never really been satisfied with what had been written about it, it seemed – obtuse – oddly evasive and even condescending.”

“Now as everyone here is quite aware of, I’m quite the fan of self experimentation. So to answer Senator John McCain’s question from before, a question he’s well aware of the answer to – the first procedures I did on my own brain – through a chemical therapy – was to disable most of my frontal lobe. It’s not totally destroyed, I just found a way to chemically disable it,” she said.

“Now what does that mean? The frontal lobe is well documented as being the place which predicts actions that you and I take. I was finding it also had a tendency to govern what was called ‘socially unpredictable’ behavior rather than simply suppress it, and more than that, I was also finding it was in many cases overriding this thing called free will and choice. So, quite simply, I turned it off,” she said.

She walked across the stage.

“Oh, I know, Bill Gates positioned my nudity and overt sexuality as being an ongoing experiment based on the original interaction with Q. No, that’s not the truth, I was battling with the desire to want to be naked the whole time which is what led me down the path of experimentation I did until I found a way to suppress it and – damn do I feel liberated. And the great thing is – I don’t give a rats ass about what you think about me walking around like this,” she said, “And in part, I have Q to thank”

A few people groaned.

“Oh don’t get me wrong, the novelty will absolutely wear off when I start seeing all of you naked, no offense intended to you Senator McCain, but three years ago, shortly after I’d disabled a portion of my frontal lobe, I’d started thinking in altogether different ways. Without confusion of societal pressures, I couldn’t help but notice the abusive consumerism which made people feel bad and wrong for not fitting in. If you don’t look a certain way or act a certain way or dress a certain way, the influences we get from the lack of conformity I quickly learned led to stress related ailments, depression, and worse – a censoring of free will,” she said.

“Let me be clear about this: As I dove into the brain/chemistry link and the bio-mechanical influences – I saw patterns suggesting entire industries were leveraging what can easily classify as morally corrupt forms of marketing to influence, subliminally and subversively, to undermine free will in such powerful ways to sustain their revenue. Clothing and apparel being one, and pharmaceuticals being the second,” Amy said, as she sat on the bed.

A slide came on the screen which showed the statistical correlation and information.

“At first, my first reaction was incense – rage even. But then, as I developed the compounds to temporarily disable my frontal lobe, I began to realize – wait a moment. I haven’t exactly been unhappy with clothes and drugs prior to now. And I’m now being presented with options to take my life and career in a different and slightly unanticipated direction, “ she said.

“That’s when I disabled my frontal lobe,” she said.

“Now if any of you care to make this chemical at compound at home, it’s based on mind control drugs used by the CIA in the 1960s and 1970s, the chemical compound is C16H21N03, and before you decide to have it synthesized, I have to give you a warning: Your world will absolutely change once you take it, so prepare yourself with either a strong amphetamine or hallucinogenic so you don’t drive yourself insane with this,” she said.

Senator John McCain’s light came on.

“Sorry, Senator, back on track here,” she said.

“Q. Why is he here? There’s a million potential reasons for it, some good, some evil, and various reasons in between. What is he? I have my theories. But once I’d lost my inhibitions and realized what he responded to. I decided to involve him, directly, in my mind control experiments, with one major caveat. I refused to do anything to him I myself wouldn’t want done to me,” she said, ” I wanted – yearned – to understand what this man was capable of. And without relative inhibitions, it was easy to do what I did next.

“Jackie was already in and he was even trying to convince her to marry him. Wouldn’t that have been a gas, the world’s first human – if that’s what he was qualifying as – android marriage. Finding concerns that her rebuffs might lose me my contact with him, I had her begin slipping him a mind control concoction.,” she said.

“Let me be clear about this. Had this been your regular every day human, I may not have done what I did. but Q’s different. I know that. You know that. So I proceeded accordingly,” she said.

A few lights came on.

“Q, can you please come out and lay on the bed please?,” she said.

Brian Scott Gregory, otherwise known as Q, walked out across the stage, completely nude.

Imperfect body, carrying a little extra weight. Hairy chest. Flaccid penis no longer than 3 inches.  Shaved head.

The audience broke out into a huge commotion, some people even stood as he walked out.

Q walked out, and laid obediently on the bed.

“I created what I think is the perfect mind control concoction. If administered under the right conditions, the subject becomes 100% controllable. What I suspect makes Q different is this. And please. Hold your concerns until after this, then feel free to ask your questions,” she said.

“Q. Please take the center of the stage,” she said.

He got up off the bed and walked to the center of the stage.

Numerous people were standing up, they were clearly offended.

“Now listen carefully. When I give you the command to start, In thirty seconds, I need you to travel back in time twenty seconds, and step two feet away to the right from where you started, wait precisely twenty seconds in total, and then travel back in time twenty seconds, and repeat this thirty times,” she said.

She looked to the audience, “START!” she yelled.

10 seconds passed by and where there was one Q seemingly stepping out of eachother there was now suddenly thirty of him standing all in a row, looking out at the audience, all nude, until at precisely 30 seconds after she said it every one disappeared with the exception of the one on the far right. leaving only one Q there.

The audience, collectively gasped.

“I’m trying to understand this man, she said, I mean him no harm and feel like it’s my responsibility to both me and to my world to both show him what my world is about, and to understand what he’s capable of because – let’s face it – had I tried explaining what I just showed you to anyone, you would have had me committed,” she said.

“Q, ” she said, “levitate 2 feet off the ground please”

Q proceeded to effortlessly rise about 2 feet off the ground, as some people drew the sign of the cross across their chest.

“Q. Please levitate slowly to the ground and then stop levitating,” she said.

Q obeyed.

Numerous lights came on,

“One moment, Q, keeping everything else proportionate, can you scale yourself two times your current size,” she said.

With that, Q grew from six feet two inches in height to a little over 12 feet tall.

Some people started yelling in the audience and loudly protesting.

The reaction was so profound, this ruptured space time, causing two separate branches to be created where both General Shinseki and General Eberhart – separately, seized control of the entire assemblage, calling in for military support and terminating the proceedings. These two separate branches of reality continue, separately, at war to this day, and are primarily at war against each other.

Numerous fractures in space and time were created at this point as well.

This established the basis for many of this world’s religions.

Tony Stark spoke the loudest, and was noticeably scared of what he saw “Amy! I should be terrified by what I’m seeing. And I am. A part of me wants to run from this room, screaming, in ten minutes you have just utterly redefined everything I’ve stood for, but I have one question. What is the purpose in shaming him by making him appear here, potentially against his will, completely nude?,” he said.

Amy smiled.

“Brian, Q, please scale back to normal size,” she said.

Q scaled back down to six foot two inches tall.

“Tony, Have you ever watched the news after your appearance?,” she said.

“Of course I have, hundreds of time,” he responded.

“Now is that you?,” she said.

“What do you mean? Of course it’s me,” he said.

“But to be clear. You’re watching yourself on tv,” she said, “So are you the one on tv, or are you the one watching?”

“Well technically, I’m both,” he responded.

“Ok. But as you live through something. You’re in that moment. And later. When you watch that recording. While hundreds if not thousands if not millions could be watching. You’re not in the moment you were in when someone watched you. You’re in a new moment. And what you’re watching is no longer you – it’s an echo of you,” she said.

“I’m not tracking,” he said, candidly.

“When you’re interviewed, a copy of the image of you is placed into a digital stream and then transmitted around the world. This digital information is then translated from and reconstituted into an image. So what you’re seeing, what everyone’s seeing – even if it’s live, is still a copy of a past version of you,” She responded.

“Ok. What does this have to do with you and Q and your lack of concern for his … exposure?,” he responded.

“Simple, Tony. Q – in much the same way that you might see yourself on tv. As see him here is a 3d projection in time and space,” Amy said, “An avatar if you will. And as such it’s my responsibility to myself and to him to show him my world and what I enjoy to prepare him for when he truly arrives.”

Tony smirked.

“If that’s the case, and if your so unconcerned with telling him what to do, then why not just have sex with him right now and right here, in front of a thousand people ,” Tony responded, poking her from her prior assertion.

She smiled, a little unsure how to proceed.

“Go ahead. if you’re so unconcerned about the potential threats he brings to this world. Then I insist. Have unprotected sex with him right here, right now, we’ll all watch,” he said.

She looked at Q and the bed.

“Isnt’ that why the bed was there,” Tony added.

“It was a prop, Tony, so eventually I could tell you all how it all started. But since you insist,” she said.

“Q. Lay down on your back in the middle of the bed, place your right hand on the right bed post, your left hand on the left bed post, and place your left foot towards the bottom left bed post and your right foot towards the bottom right bed post,” she said.

He obeyed.

“Q. Make your penis erect please,” she said.

In seconds, it went from flaccid to fully erect.

She went to the bed, and put her hand lightly under his erect penis, elevating it so it created a 90 degree angle to his body, making it clearly visible to everyone.

“Go ahead,” Tony said.

Amy climbed on top of him, straddling him with her right leg on the left side of him and her left leg on the right side of him, with ten screens all showing everything, close up, including the entire back stage rear monitor, and the two large side monitors showing absolutely everything. She then could be seen taking his erect penis in her left hand as she elevated herself on his left leg with her right hand, as she proceeded to rub his hardened penis against her pussy lips, as she then licked her left hand , placing saliva all around his penis to lubricate it more, and from every angle, she could be seen taking his penis and sticking it through her pussy lips as they widened ever so slowly and the tip of his penis head disappeared inside of her.

Her eyes closed. Her head tipped back. She was in ecstacy, plain and simple. She slid and let him all the way inside her, six inches erect in total. And then she slid back up, where from the rear could be seen his entire shaft and the penis head remained in.

1000 eyes watching. Intently.


As if they’d never seen this before.

Feeling a little disconnected from her audience, or potentially influenced from their collective desire.

She turned around.

Her body fully exposed to them.

She slid up and down.

Faster and faster.

Her breasts bounding as her pussy lips slid up and down on his shaft.

She began to sweat.

She placed both of her hands on his abdomen, leaned back, her full nude body facing the audience, as she proceeded to gyrate faster and faster.

She was sweating. Panting.

Her body felt flush.

And that’s when it happened.

Her first real orgasm.

As she yelled “Oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god”

She collapsed.

In utter delight.

She looked down as she pulled herself off Q.

He had ejaculated inside her.

Everyone could clearly see semen dripping out of her open pussy lips.

“Amy,” someone said.

She was laying next to Q on the bed.

“Amy?” someone repeated.

Amy slowly lifted herself up into a sitting position.

“Well. That. Was unexpected,” she said, looking at the clock on the wall which read 16:33:45.030.

She looked over, Q’s penis was still rock hard.

“Q, please let yourself go flaccid now,” she said

“How about this, let’s continue this tomorrow, I’m actually spent,” she said.

“MS NEWTON,” said Senator McCain, “ONE last thing,” he said.

“What’s that?,” she said, exhausted.

“Will Q remember any of this?,” he said.

“Not now or in the near future. I’ll be sure that anything done to him comes to him when the time’s right for him,” she said.

“And when will that be,” he said.

“I honestly have no idea,” she said,“mental triggers, something I’ll get into tomorrow, aren’t always predictable, Please. can we save that for tomorrow, I need a nap.”

“Have a good night, Ms Newton,” he said.

And with that, the proceedings for that day went down as history.

Falling out of Alignment

“Everyone, please, take your seats. AS you’re getting seated, I would like to apologize for not explaining this before, but no, the nudity of the android serving you for lunch wasn’t out of perverseness. As many of you caught on relatively quick, I was interested in demonstrating the anatomical correctness of the models. I regard these T100s as – art, beauty in science and technology and I take my art seriously. As such, I did not mean to offend by placing my art on display as I did. I admit, I let ego get a hold of me and I was putting my ego on display. So the males and females you saw today were all – androids I’ve built,” said Bill Gates.

A light came on.

“Mr Hawkings, we haven’t heard from you yet,” said Bill Gates.

The digitally synthesized voice of Stephen Hawking could be heard “Perhaps one day you’ll uncover the technology to one day place my consciousness inside one of these perfect specimens.”

Bill Gates smiled somewhat in jest “If you’re serious, then let’s talk.”

The digital voice responded “I am”

Bill gates responded with “That’s an interesting line of research I never considered. Providing paraplegics, quadriplegics and severely disabled the use of a functional body. Thank you for that thought, Mr Hawkings. “

A smattering of applause echoed in the auditorium.

Amy, still nude, took her place at the table, which now was long enough to accommodate 10 seats and chairs, each with a Star Trek style communicator on the desk in front of it. Amy took the one placed in front of her seat, and placed it on her nude bare chest, just below the collarbone and three inches above her right exposed nipple.

“AS you can see, the table here’s been extended. I’d like to finish the first part of this presentation, and follow that up with Q&A where I’m going to invite a few of you down from the audience to participate, as there’s quite a few guests who have questions for you which I’m suspecting is on everyone’s mind,” Bill Gates said.

“But first, let me get to Sandra. I should have concluded this before, But I am trying to get better about these things called schedules. I admit, I’ve infamously not been great about respecting them which is why I let you go for lunch on time,” he said, “Sandra, can you join us again.”

A completely nude and absolutely gorgeous female human looking Sandra walked from behind the curtain to the stage, and stood next to Bill, obediently.

“Sandra, can you do the runway walk until I ask you to stop?,” said Bill.

Sandra proceeded to walk to the back of the stage, and then, in her best model pose, tip toed towards the center of the stage.

“Here we have Sandra, obeying the commands of her designer, because that’s what she was told to do. She operates not that much different than a human does, in fact, the similarities between your average human who comes to work, every day, does the same thing, day in, day out, is not that much different,”

Sandra had completed one loop, and continued.

“Amy?,” Bill said.

She shot him a glare as if saying ‘dont even’…

“You know what I am going to ask,” he said, “You can always say no, he added.”

Amy could be seen visibly protesting.

She then got up, and said “Fine. But this better not take long.”

AS the android Sandra walked to the front of the stage, completely nude, a completely nude Amy had left her seat and was now walking to the back of the auditorium.

“So with Sandra’s assistance, while she wasn’t making any headway with Brian, who since I don’t have any doubt he’s one and the same I’m going to refer to as Q from this point forward, I was learning about this being who I found myself questioning the origin of life and intelligence itself,” he said.

“Take Amy and Sandra here. Two beings. composed of remarkably different internalized routines. But are they so different?,” he said.

Amy was now at the front of the stage, twirling around like a model showing her nude body to the large crowd, albeit a little clumsily as she almost tripped in her pirouette..

“While Amy’s clearly a bit more clumsy, Amy was and is being educated and is pursuing her PHd right here at Arizona State University. For most of her educational career, she and many of you in the audience received a standardized education some I once referred to as an indoctrination. This education shapes and molds her mind to think in specific ways. With Sandra, I input a program direct into her artificial brain, and from there, this program receives information, interprets that information, and then acts on the activities,” he said.

Sandra was now at the front of the stage, and Amy was at the back.

“Both can say no. But I have to program that into Sandra. Amy’s life experiences led her to resist, but right now, she’s leveraged logic and reason to override her own resistance and perform as I have requested,” he said.

“Not for much longer,” she yelled, “This is hurting my feet!”

“Ok, Amy, go ahead and sit down,” Bill said.

Amy breathed an obvious sigh of relief as she walked back over to the desk, leaning back and sprawling out with her arms on either side of the chairs. She’s clearly become very comfortable being nude.

“Now Sandra here will continue as long as her power source holds out. We can leave tonight and come in tomorrow, and she’ll be performing exactly the same pirouette, walking the same exact path,” he said, “and she’ll continue this until I tell her to stop.”

“Sandra would you stop for a moment,” Bill said, looking at Sandra. who was in the middle of the stage walking towards the audience, still completely nude.

Bill looked back at the audience.

“Q wasn’t responding to Sandra’s obvious flirtations. So I stepped it up a bit. Knowing a bit about the man, I dug into his past psychology and learned he had been horribly insecure with women and had only been with two in his life, both whom had cheated on him. He just didn’t trust women, which made it obvious why he threw himself into his work,” he said.

“I have no doubt that sounds familiar to half this audience,” he continued.

“The difference was. This man’s Q. And when I saw how he was acting, socially, and drawing mental lines to what was once a man I saw in the sphere. The eerie parallels of this man and what he was to become – quite frankly – scared the bajeesus out of me,” he said.

“So… I took it upon myself to become an angel of sorts for him,” he said, ” and act indelicately.”

“Sandra, please continue your walk,” Bill said as Sandra continued strutting.

“So I was interested in developing this man socially. IF he is Q. And his ideas of sexuality and femininity come from two females who psychologically abused him, maybe it’s my job to act as an angel to the man who has no idea I’m watching and show him some of what humanity has to offer,” he said. “And I am glad I did.”

“I learned Lisa, his wife, was going away with a male friend for a weekend to Paris. Lisa’s a flight attendant, she gets free flights, and since husband and wife book through the same services, she couldn’t exactly hide her indiscretion, but by then she had demanded an open relationship which had her feeling like honesty concerning her activities was just fine,” Bill Gates said.

“I was, for lack of better words, offended for him, ” Bill said.

“It was at about this point, that I had been looking at human behavior and studying my own employees, and unusual people like Amy and comparing her to Sandra – and thinking, is everyone’s routine so predictable?,” Bill Gates said.

“So on the weekend of Q’s wife’s not so secret tryst, Q did something unusual and decided to take off to ‘relax by his pool’. I knew by then he’d planned on getting as drunk as possible hanging out at his house. So I sent Sandra to sneak into his backyard while he’d taken a trip to the store during the day to buy some alcohol, when I planned on her being ‘caught’ by Q as she was lounging by the poolside without her clothes with her at all.  Put specifically, she drove from her faux apartment to Brian – err – Q’s place completely nude. By then Q and his house were already under intensive 3d video and audio surveillance so timing it and determining his schedule was easy,” Bill said.

“Too easy,  in fact, as I watched the entire event work out exactly as I had imagined it would,” Bill said.

“For six hours, they had sex. By the poolside. Inside the house. I’d never seen anything like it, and to be completely honest, I was a bit envious of his stamina,” Bill said.

Several lights when on simultaneously.

“Mr Branson, you go first, what’s up?,” Bill said.

“Don’t you feel in the sleightest way that you were invading this man’s privacy?,” said Sir Richard Branson, “Had I done this, I would have felt some shame for what I was doing.”

Bill looked at the other lights “Same question from the rest of you?”

Affirmative nods as the lights went off.

“At the time, no. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Even thought I hadn’t rationalized it, if pressed at the time I would have rationalized it by explaining that I am watching a man who represents an unknown quantity in this nation, and with that, he quite likely will be perceived by most others as a threat, so it behooved me to learn as much as I could about who he is and how he operates without him knowing I was there. I have no doubt that had the circumstances been reversed, he would have done the same thing,” he said.

Senator McCain spoke “Don’t you think that’s naive? How could you know what this being thinks let alone is truly motivated by?”

“Senator, I’m not going to remind you about waiting to be called on, do I?,” Bill said chidingly.

The Senator’s gaze remained fixed on Bill without saying a word.

“I don’t, Senator. You make assumptions when doing your job. I’m making assumptions as I do mine. The more I dehumanize the study of this being and regard him as a lab rat, the more he’ll act like one. So I figured I’d make the experiments. Fun. Hopefully for both of us. It really is that simple,” Bill responded, “Amy inspired that when she decided to do what she did and I applaud her for that.”

A look of incredulity came across many people’s faces.

“When this man known as Mr Brian Scott Gregory who I believe is Q learns about this all, and I’m going to make sure they do, this audience is my witness that should he take offense to it, I’ll hand over 99% of my wealth to him. That’s how confident what I was doing was morally and ethically right,” he said.

The Senator responded “We’re going to hold you to this, Mister Gates. You have 350 witnesses that just heard you say that”

Another light blinked on.

“Mr Ostreim,” Bill responded.

“How much of his life have you bee recording?,” he said.

“All of it, in 3d. When he grows up to become Q. He’s going to have the equivalent of baby photos to remember his childhood and when he began emerging as a mortal to become something more,” Bill responded, proudly.

“He’s a US citizen, for chrissake, you can’t just do that to a US citizen,” someone said.

“Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Shortly after Sandra and his relationship began, he admitted he was unhappy with the progress of his company, and the two executives he’d hired had actually turned on him, manipulating the others to lead them to believe they were partners. His IPO was delayed, as they shoved him out of the company, he threatened legal action, then his wife became involved legally with him as she began pursuing a divorce. His world was caving in, and he openly discussed suicide to Sandra,” Bill Gates said.

The audience gasped.

“I didn’t understand what was going on and why. And my belief this being was like a child couldn’t have been more accurate as he was really poorly handling everything emotionally. Struggling for options, I contacted General Shinseki hoping the military might help strengthen him emotionally,” he said, “So we worked with President Bush, and made him a deal he couldn’t refuse.”

“You conscripted him?,” someone in the audience said.

“Lights, people,” Bill Gates said, “No, we made him a financial offer to buy out his shares and sell his technological assets to the US Army, at a premium, to integrate with intelligence, with one caveat, he wouldn’t receive a penny until after he’d enlisted for six to eight years in one of two chosen areas, both intelligence related where his software would be put in use, and after his service he’d receive a single lump sum payment of $10 million per year for every year in service and full honorable discharge. A guaranteed $60 million, up to $80 million, tax free, with no liens, no ties to ex wives or partners, no nothing. It would be his free and clear. “

Senator McCain’s light came on as he simultaneously said “Were you trying to screw this man up?”

“I have to ask the same, Senator, ”  Bill Gates said, “Would you care to explain what happened next and how you helped this man unbecome being a citizen of the United States?”

The Senator was a little incensed.

“Eric?,” The Senator said.

General Shinseki nodded affirmatively.

“I got wind of the General’s deal with Bill Gates and Mr Gregory, while Mr Gregory was in boot camp, and while the General and I are now on speaking terms again, I was furious at him. His anger problems were escalating, he’d gotten into a fight in basic training leaving a black man who was a brother of a professional boxer in the hospital. He wasn’t a fighter, had never been trained in fighting, so when I learned this guy who stood nearly 6 inches taller and weight 60 pounds more than the guy was thrown around like a pillow, I knew this wasn’t good,” The Senator said.

“I’d lost track of him, he was originally supposed to be sent to a much easier male and female basic training at Fort Jackson, which was advancing my social causes, but the antiquated military computer systems sent him to Fort Knox,” Bill added.

“He’d broken his ankle in the scuffle, “ continued Senator McCain, “but was still running on it despite the pain. A man who’d worked out and had never gotten in any sort of altercations is suddenly becoming a super soldier. This wasn’t good. So I put in a few calls, where his career area was changed to public affairs from intelligence. At the time, I wasn’t aware of his deal with the US Army and Bill Gates, which prompted Mister Gregory to hack the US Army and begin systematically throwing the Army under the bus until they were forced to release him with a full honorable discharge. He’d lost his assets. He’d gotten a divorce, and due to the urgent and unplanned nature of his early release, we…,”  the Senator said…

“Tell them,” Bill Gates added.

“We neglected his retaking the constitutional oath. A simple failure in process,” the Senator said.

“A simple failure,” Bill Gates said, “Which led to his transition to becoming a citizen from the military mere months after he’d joined without obligation to any laws. What the Senator did was effectively give the man a license to kill and get away with it.”

Ron’s light came on.

“Ron, go ahead,” Bill Gates said.

“I’ve known Brian for nearly 10 years now. I can assure you he would never kill anyone,” he said.

“Thanks Ron,” Bill said, “In any case, Q had an unusual sexual relationship with a woman known as Jennifer Bryant while in training at Fort Meade, Maryland, something I flat out didn’t understand, and simultaneously another woman was expressing interest in him that he’d befriended and taken a liking to – a young woman by the name of Jocelyn Hilliard. which we leveraged his relationship with her to introduce him to….”

“Jackie, can you come out please?,” Bill said.

Another completely nude and very attractive woman came out, thin black hair flowing just to below her shoulders, her breasts a little smaller, a perfect size C, and her pubic hairs manicured in a landing strip similar to the rest of the female androids.

“Meet Jackie, or as Brian would come to know her as – Jackie Killeen” Bill Gates said.

“Her AI is a little more sophisticated than the others, she was customized as a party girl to compliment Q’s drinking preferences, and her AI was a little more crass and abrasive than the rest of the models,” Bill Gates said.

The completely nude Jackie Killeen joined Bill at the left of the stage, standing in front of 350 people.

Sandra was still doing her nude runway walk.

“Sandra, I’m sorry, I completely forgot about you, can you stand next to the table on the far side of Amy there, and Jackie, can you join her side?,” he said.

Jackie and Sandra walked, obediently, completely nude, and stood besides the long table, side by side looking at the audience.

“Seeing his weird handling of his relationships and sexuality, I was curious to explore it,” Bill said, ” I’d never considered the military route would be so disastrous, and in hindsight, I realize my obvious mistake, so the safest way to explore why this being responded to emotion was something that wasn’t foreign to me and what I’d enjoyed experiencing. Sexuality,”  Bill Gates said.

A light came on.

“Mr Stark,” Bil said.

“The way I see it is. You’re creating an army of beautiful people. As a world leader, I’d see you as a potential threat, especially if, as you stated before, your army looks and acts exactly like the humans they are designed to mimic,” he said.

“That’s one way to look at it, Mr Stark, and leading a company whose primary revenue stream comes from warfare, I understand. But if you took one look at my personality and history, you’d be able to put two and two together and consider that in a sense I’m researching what it takes to be human in the long term efforts to create an artificial version of my deceased wife,” Bill responded.

The audience sat in stunned silence.

“Um. Thank you for that.. unexpected candor.,” said Tony Stark.

“I’d like to take a short break, but before I do, Jackie brought with her a couple ‘firsts’. She was the first long term model I’d created designed intentionally for what little information I had to gather on what Brian liked. She was also the first model I created with an imprinting function, in a sense she was bound to him once the two had intercourse the first time. I introduced Jackie to him shortly after his release in the military in October of 2002, and even learning everything I had from Sandra, it still took a little more than two years after the introduction of Q to Jackie in Florida. In early 2005, she received a job offer in Phoenix, where he was living, where she’d be working for me, of course – which prompted her relocation and the continuation of their relationship,” Bill said.

Tony’s light went on again and a commotion in the audience began.

“Tony?,” Bill said.

“So let me get this straight. You’re trying to figure out what it takes to hook up with him?,” is what Bill heard Tony say.

“So let me get this straight. He was released from the Army only last month, this is still 2002 the last I checked, so how can you have had Jackie knowing him for a little more than two years, if they just met. Your timelines aren’t jiving, man!,” Tony actually said.

Bill responded to what he heard “Ironic isn’t it? We spend most of our lives trying to prove our sexuality and manliness when it actually becomes fun helping others and understanding their sexuality and maybe pushing them in ways they’d never considered. My T100s became the perfect instrument to investigate and have fun experimenting,” he said, “and I was sincerely hoping he was enjoying it too”

“But Bill!,” Tony said as Tony’s light and several other lights blinked on again as the audience grew restless.

Bill held up a finger. “Hold on everyone, I’ll get to you. So in 2005, it was when Q first has intercourse with Jackie that I encountered something entirely unexpected that made me realize I was onto something,” he said, “I’m going to show you an image for you to noodle on as we go for a break, and when we get back we can discuss this further. After that I am going to let Amy take over for the afternoon to discuss her work on Nootropics and well – for lack of better explanation – mind control. “

Lights continued lighting up.

Someone pointed at the clock on the wall which read, clearly, the date and time which said: “11:01:2002 02:58:00”

Feedback came on over the microphone as Bill, serendipitously, was turning to the screen, completely missing people pointing at the clock.

“DALE, Can you get that?,” he said as he looked at the screen behind him to make sure it was on.

The feedback subsided.

Bill clicked a button on the screen.

Amy continued looking forward, seemingly ignoring the audience.

“So here we have a view from Jackie’s eyes as they are having sex,” an image in shades of green came on the screen from a woman’s perspective, with his erect penis about four inches above her vagina as she laid on her back, his penis extending outside of her and two inches inside of her, as they had intercourse, missionary style, the face and smile of Q, looking down with her, was somewhat identifiable, her trademark landing strip pubic hairs clearly visible for comparison to the woman standing nude on the stage.

The time stamp on the image clearly saying “07:04:2005 23:55:43

“And here’s a perspective from inside the apartment looking down at the couch they were on,” he said.

In this image, the room is somewhat dim, but Brian can be seen staring at a television with his arm on the side of the couch, with a clear glass containing a yellowish liquid in ice, presumably rum or whiskey, and Jackie can be seen, clearly, having fallen asleep under Brian’s left arm. She appears strangely blissful.

Both are completely clothed.

The time stamp on the image says, precisely the same time “07:04:2005 23:55:43”

The audience was stunned again.

As placard lights came on.

Bill ignored them.

“With that, let’s break,” Bill said, and quickly walked off the stage behind the curtains.

Saying no to Ganges

Ocotillo Research Facility Tempe, Arizona – November 1st, 2002 – Planet Earth

A crowd of roughly 350 people are in attendance.

“Well so much for secrecy, “ Bill Gates silencing the audience, “Thank you all for coming.”

“To those who were in attendance last year, what do you think of the new auditorium space?, “ Bill said.

A light commotion around the audience, as Bil Gates covered his eyes to get a better look at the small crowd “Senator McCain, are you out there, how do you like the new place?”

Senator McCain smiled, not enjoying the attention called to himself, and gave a thumbs up.

“Ok. Let’s get this party started,” Bill Gates said.

“I’m trying something new with this presentation today, and I haven’t prepared a speech, only talking points, so if I fumble or don’t come across perfect or intelligible, well then, now you know,” he said, smiling with a goofy smile.

A few chuckles in the audience.

“Now you all know why you’re here. You’ve all been briefed in advance so hopefully what I’ll present today won’t be as startling as what we had before. With that said, Amy, do you mind joining me on stage?,”Bill Gates said.

Amy walks from the left of the massive stage from behind the curtains, and once again is completely nude.

Amy smiled to the audience and waved.

The audience grew a little raucous.

“Amy’s choice to work at this facility was initiated due to – as you all should be aware of – the discovery of a device which she triggered by – how do I say this – heck, I’ll just put it out there – by appearing completely naked like she is now and then proceeding to masturbate in front of our previous audience on a bed much like this one here on the stage,” Bill said.

“Encore, encore,” someone in the audience yelled.

A few laughs.

“We’ll get there,” Bill said, “You’re our captive audience for three days and that I do promise is on the agenda.”

A few claps in the audience.

“But before I begin. Ever since the events that happened a year ago, pretty much to the day, I have been having regular dreams. For me this has been remarkable because, well, it’s been since I was a child that I had dreams, and more often than not, they were nightmares,” he said.

He looked around the room, “To those who were in attendance last time, have any of you experienced a notable increase in dreams since our last visit? Let’s see a show of hands”

Nearly 50 sets of hands when up, excluding Senator McCain.

Bill Gates thought to himself without saying, “Figures, McCain’s the only unimaginative one who didn’t.”

“Wow, that’s more than I predicted,” Bill Gates said, “So just last night, I had a dream where I was visiting the past and had ‘jumped’ to a date in my own history, with someone who I regarded as a friend but have no waking recollection of who this person was. I – oddly enough – was in my underwear – quite literally wearing only my briefs, and whoever I was with – he didn’t seem to care – as we went to a local mall. I protested in the dream, pointing at my lack of attire, when he said ‘It’s Arizona, no one will even notice’.”

A few laughs in the audience.

Well, to my surprise, no one did, as we walked through the upscale mall in North Scottsdale, and no one seemed to notice. Not long after this occurred, my friend said to me ‘its too late, the timing is all wrong’, as we got in a convertible car – I think it was a Sebring – and started driving down Scottsdale Road. In the dream, Scottsdale Road seemed much different than it is now, lots of trees, and substantially more apartments and housing. But it was definitely Scottsdale Road.”

He continued.

“About then I come to understand he’s looking for something I have, and that this trip to the past where he expected a past version of me to be at the mall turned up goose eggs. And for some reason, in the dream, I’m oddly obligative to him, and tell him, ‘Well I know where I was living in 2005, how about I take us to that date and we go to where I was living at that time?,” as he agrees”

The noise in the crowd grew.

“I know, I know. It’s 2002, and here I am dreaming about 2005,” Bill Gates said, “What’s that Steven? The microphone each of you has in front of you on your desk is a press to talk”

“*tap tap tap* Yep. It’s working. I said, Bill, You’re already light years ahead of most of us technologically, so dreaming in the future isn’t exactly hard for us to imagine as something you’d do,” Steven Spielberg said.

A few courtesy chuckles came from the audience.

“Thanks, Steven for the validation. So back to the story – I was driving the car, and my passenger agree on moving ‘back in time, where something inside me knew I was in the year 2009, so when I thought about the year 2005, in the dream, Scottsdale Road transformed, ever so subtly subtly, but oddly enough, so did the lighting and feel of the place. As it transformed, in the dream I realized I was mentally fighting with whether or not the year was 2007 or 2005 I needed to go to, and the outside world was literally shifting between a 2005 and 2007 version – rapidly accelerating between both years in a smooth fashion,” he said.

He continued

“So as I settled mentally on 2007, and drove us to an apartment complex on Greenway Road, I looked at my passenger who seemed dazed by the experience of my indecision. We walked into the apartment complex management office, when I went to the office manager and said ‘I’m so and so’, I am literally unsure what that name was, and asked for my apartment keys.”

He continued

“It was about then I noticed that my passenger was with me inside the management officer, and he had slid against the office door and looked extremely confused, as he said ‘My head. It’s not feeling right. I’m just so confused I can’t think straight. That’s when I remember thinking, in the dream, ‘I don’t like any of this'” and that’s immediately when I woke up.

The audience leapt to life.

Each of the guests had their name on a placard in front of them, with a light signifying they had something to contribute.

A few lights on the respective desks lit up

“Well it seems some of you have already discovered the ‘I have something to say’ button. If we start this now, we’re never going to get anything done. ”

The lights blinked off.

“Thank you. My only point about the dream is one of seeming coincidence. James Cameron, are you in the audience?,” Bill said.

A light came on with James Cameron on the placard.

“Yes, Bill, and thank you for the invite,” he said.

“Honored, Mr Cameron. It’s a well known fact that the inspiration for Terminator came to you in a dream. Have you ever considered that this was a transmission, a blueprint of sorts, sent to you by someone or something with the ability to influence the mind directly?,” Bill said.

A commotion in the audience.

“Interesting. I’ve had pretty involved conversations with Mr Spielberg among others on the nature of creativity and am of the opinion that it could also be a transmission from a future where these wars were real, and they’re merely documentaries where they come from,” James Cameron responded.

“So my thinking clearly isn’t original,” responded Bill.

“No, Bill you don’t have the market cornered on creativity,” said James.

A few in the audience laughed.

“Confluence, “ Bill said, “That’s the term that comes to mind, our minds may be receiving information which might be creating a path to a a single future, which begs the question I and quite a few others in this room have been researching over the last year which had us questioning –  Just where is this future going and do we want to be a part of it?”

The entire rear of the stage lit up, in what was revealed to be a projection screen, where a single world, appearing and disappearing, repeating itself, could be seen across the screen, with the same single word front and center in large letters.


“What I’d like to do is name these meetings, that way when we discuss them, the word is our mnemonic reminding us of which meeting we’re referring to. This meeting – our first formal gathering of the minds on a planetary basis, will be titled confluence, with the solitary goal of sharing just where we’re at, why, and the key figures involved.”

The screen changed as the slide progressed.

On the upper right hand side was an image of a partial man, part machine, in a body suit exposing only his penis and ass.

The Cyborg known as Q.

“Everyone’s been briefed on who we’ve come to regard as Q, and everyone should have had the opportunity to review the recordings of the events that transpired last year. A few days after that meeting, Separately I and Senator McCain, working in complete isolation from eachother, began the investigation of this man,” he said, presenting an image of the nude holographic man who appeared in response to Amy’s unreserved sexuality.

“Rather quickly, we came to discover a man who either is him or looks remarkably like him was living right here in Gilbert, Arizona, and had created a company named Touchscape, which at first was thought to be involved specifically in an artificially intelligent learning system and was later discovered to be considerably more,” Bill Gates said, “Senator McCain, do you mind explaining your findings”

Senator McCain came on “Sure. AS Bill’s well aware, our technology at the NSA’s pretty sophisticated and can slice through what we thought was any secured system with ease. Well, when we tried getting on to his company’s network, not only did he immediately disconnect us, he surprised our agents and was working at around 10pm when our agents tried – but he also physically traced our local agents down, who were working out of a local residence, without their knowledge, he rerouted their monitoring to a contained environment – something called a honeypot, a dummy server with old versions of his code leading our agents to think we’d struck gold, and from there he collaborated with the local police, the local service provider and the FBI and had our agents behind bars in a matter of hours. It took literally two days to get our agents out of jail, they were not too happy about that.”

“Damn. I mean. Damn. But I have to ask, with the NSA’s resources, why did it take so long to get them out,” said John McAfee, owner and CEO of McAfee’s security line of products.

“Mr Mcafee, please use the I have something to say button marked clearly in front of you if you have something to say,” said Bill Gates.

“Apologies, “ John McAfee responded, looking at Senator McCain.

“Let’s just say Murphy was present,” replied the Senator.

“I don’t understand,” said John McAfee.

The Senator wasn’t wanting to dig into it, clearly, but in front of the audience he relented, “Well first, the agents were processed as immigrants and sent to a south phoenix processing facility used for holding naturalization offenders. This is a lengthy process, where it took 24 hours to process them to discover they were citizens. From there, they were processed as DUI violators and accused of trying to jump the line exiting custody and found themselves in the wrong line, which took an additional 24 hours to exit.”

John McAfee said, hiding his laughter “I don’t understand, Senator, surely the NSA must have had access to the databases to track their name or the cameras to locate their position and get them released.”

Bill Gates cut in, “Senator, I think I can answer this one. Senator McCain called me when this happened, accusing me of interrupting his investigation, which I wasn’t. I hadn’t even started yet, and was dealing with more pressing concerns such as who wanted a Rachel android and why. Not only could I not trace down his agents, but I couldn’t find evidence of there being any arrest, and I dont have access to police systems like the Senator does”

The Senator chimed in “Facial recognition was turning up nothing, as were name matches – because even their names were entered with completely incorrect names. So naturally, I assumed Mr Gates might be responding to my breach of his security only days prior “

John McAfee responded “well how did you figure out the agents were in jail?”

“Four hours after their arrest, relief agents – rotating in every four hours, talked to police who’d still been doing their investigation. They immediately came under suspicion and played it off as if they were a nosy gay couple who saw the police activity. Fortunately, they were dressed in civilian clothes, so the police bought their story. Then they checked the remote logs – all the agents had their activity remotely logged, where they learned what happened. They contacted their management, and that’s when Senator McCain received the call,” Bill Gates said, “Does that about sum it up Senator?”

“You did better than I could have explaining it,” said the Senator.

The room was stunned, silent.

“Look, to any of us, this was an impressive display of technology and if you’ve all done your homework, is highly indicative of something a technologically sophisticated prankster such as Q might do, so after talking with Senator McCain, I became concerned about his findings influencing mine which is when we came up with the idea to reconvene in a year but silencing all communication between us until then,” said Bill Gates.

A light came on a placard which read Ron Ostreim, owner, Desert Software Solutions.

“Ron, glad you made it, go ahead,” said Bil Gates.

Ron smiled and said, simply “And we thank you for that”

A few nods and agreements.

Bill Gates smiled and nodded in his direction as well, as a photo of the man they’d focused on.

“So with this, Mister Gregory became priority number one, and the Senator and I both agreed that extreme and creative measures would be taken to mitigate risk of his discovery of us. Without new technology, this severely hampered both of our efforts, so we were both forced to proceed with more conventional measures to understand pretty much everything possible about the man.”

The next slide came up.

The slide contained images of the man and a woman yelling at eachother in front of a Mexican food restaurant.

“The woman, is Lisa Milot aka Lisa Gregory, his wife since 1995. The two had been having marital issues, both having had infidelity issues they were fairly public about with their friends, throughout their marriage, something Mr Ostreim can personally attest to, he’s one of a very select few friends of Brian’s that we decided to include here as I already had a history with the man as well. With this, I decided to stir the pot a little with my new Sandra T100 model, which gave us all a magnificent chance to understand his personality.”

“How did you get her in to his company?,” someone said.

“Buzz in please!,” responded Bill, “he’d been actively recruiting for a PhD to provide credibility to his staff, we provided him with one who came with an assistant. It really was that easy.”

A placard lit up.

“Mr Buffet. So glad you could make it to my little shindig,” he said.

Warren smirked, “Glad I could be here. first, Bill, do you mind having Mister Ron introduce himself?”

Bill Gates bowed, “Ron, do you mind?”

“Not at all,” Ron said, “I’m Ron Ostreim, owner of a software consulting firm named Desert Software. I worked with Mr Gates long before I met Mister Gregory, doing kernel and device driver development on Windows since it’s infancy. I successfully resisted Mr Gates golden handcuffs when shortly after I met Mister Gregory while in a role as Vice President of UHaul. Mister Gregory wasn’t a great programmer, but had a wicked sense of humor and had played an ingenious practical joke on a fellow employee’s computer system which brought him to my attention, so I promoted him and we quickly became friends and remain that to this day. “

Warren leaned in “Don’t you think your relationship with Mister Gregory will be compromised by what happens here?”

“Mr Buffet, I genuinely enjoy Mr Gregory as he’s one of the few people I’ve met who you can’t help but respect on his terms. He readily admits his shortcomings, he’s who he is and is genuine about it, which is a rarity in today’s day and age. But more than that, he deserves representation, especially with a crowd like this,” Ron responded.

“Fair enough, “ said Warren, “Second, I’d like to direct this question to Mr Gates, and in part to Senator McCain – I’d like to understand why both of you didn’t consider more subtle measures, a more pragmatic approach to all of this.”

Senator McCain was the first to speak up, “Now don’t you go pinning this one on me, I’m simply maintaining pace with the man setting a sprinter’s pace up front and center.”

Bill said, “Ladies and gentle creatures, I was hoping these kinds of questions wouldn’t come until after I’ve had a chance to bring you all up to date on the events of the last year. But Warren, since you asked, there’s no one single factor, to be honest. All my life I feel like I’ve been at the right place at the right time, so much so that I’ve had to question serendipity and chance coincidence. So to before I say what comes next – I remind you this in a closed session, With Melinda’s untimely passing in a car accident in 1997, I’ll openly admit I felt somewhat defeated, it’s taken a while for me to feel like me again, but I have become a bit bored and restless. So at a time I have been grasping at straws looking for definition and meaning, this landed in my lap. It’s not a sense of urgency that motivates me, it’s meaning. Discovering Q – a being who I and I suspect the rest of us had previously considered fictional – makes me feel like a child again. Suddenly I am not the biggest kid on the playground, I’m chump change compared to this being. So don’t mistake a lack of obvious pragmatism for a lack of concern over safety and security. I’m just excited about the possibilities this opens up.”

“Should it pan out to be true,” said Warren.

“Should it pan out to be true, Mr Buffet. This is where I remain pragmatic and fight paranoia constantly,” said Bill Gates.

“Bill, please don’t waste any more of your time, please continue, “ Warren said.

Bill smiled.

“Sandra, do you mind joining us on stage,” Bill said.

About then, a beautiful woman who was the spitting image of a young Audrey Hepburn walked, completely nude, on from the left side of the stage. At five foot, seven inches tall, size d breasts, and a landing strip well manicured pubic hairs in full view, she walked to the center of the stage where Bill stood speaking into his lapel microphone.

“Shortly after our meeting in 2001, I created Sandra, with her personality and looks modeled after a young Audrey Hepburn. I wanted this to be my most sensual and realistic model yet. Kevin, the PHd I’d worked with as he was pursuing his doctorate in Information Systems Management – had direct experience enhancing a major version of my enterprise database software – SQL Server had agreed, with full disclosure of Sandra’s real nature and the compartmentalized experiment only, to work with Sandra and let me know where our goals of pairing these two fell short and why,” Bill said.

A few placard name lights flicked on.

“I’m going to disable questions for now, I’ll open it up later. Dale, can you disable questions, and have someone get 350 pens and notepads and distribute them for anyone who has questions and a bad short term memory?,” he said, tersely.

The lights flicked off.

“Sandra, you’re on a model’s runway which extends from the back of the stage to the front. Please model your latest fashions,” Bill Gates said.

Sandra, still completely nude, walked to the back of the stage, where she started walking on the tips of her toes, strutting down the stage with a sultry look in much the same way a model would, all the way to the front. She twirled, once, posed for the invisible camera, then walked back to the back of the stage.

“Beauty in motion, in my opinion,” Bill Gates said, “Sandra, can you return to the front of the stage and take a seat next to Amy please?”

Sandra acted obediently.

The slides flipped as Bill clicked something on the projection.

An image of Sandra, clothed, appeared on the screen in a meeting room. Brian was clearly seen interviewing her, along with three other males.

“Kevin’s condition on hiring was to include Sandra. But Sandra was interviewed just like everyone else,” Bill Gates said, “Mr Gregory if anything is a stickler for protocol.”

“Sandra left. We didn’t have a good feeling about the interview, we’d had her bugged and we could only program her with rudimentary skills so the questions that were asked in the interview were for very experienced database programmers. We didn’t try to pass her off as such, she came in as a student still pursuing her degree, but Kevin’s assistant nonetheless.,” he said.

“Fortunately, Sandra had been given a little time to install some monitoring equipment, so here’s what came next,” he said.

A video came on the screen. It was the same conference room Sandra had been interviewed in moments before.

Brian: I don't like her. Not one bit. She doesn't know jack shit about database optimization, let alone how to create a 
       table, I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole. I'm a big no on this one. 
Darin: It's a package deal, dude. Kevin's a perfect fit. And look at her. She's fucking hot. 
Neil: Not my type, But then again she has one of those vagina things. Brian: Neil, back me on this one. 
Neil: I'm User interface. I like her personality. That's about all I can say. 
Brian: Well that's worthless. 
Bill: Bri, I'm with D on this one. She's trainable and eager and cheap and easy on the eyes. 
      But Kevin's the real deal. We hire them together, or not at all, and I'd say if we mitigate her as a risk...
Brian: Especially after David's fuckup... Deleting an entire damn live database day one 'on accident'. We
      can't afford to hire someone that bad at what they do day one at this stage in the game.
Bill: Agreed. And all I'm saying is. We mitigate the risk. We have a little eye candy. 
Brian looks around the room, feeling outnumbered. Brian: Can't we discuss this?
Darin: It's your company, man, but I think you're outvoted if you're agreeing to a democratic process. 
      That and she's cheap. Who else you gonna get to run maintenance batch work none of us like to do
      for twenty six thousand a year?
Brian: Fine then. I personally think you're all letting your dicks be your guide. But I'll treat this 
       like a democracy. I don't have to like it. 

“And with that, Sandra And Kevin were hired,” Bill Gates said. “The placement of those two proved invaluable, and Kevin quickly and privately began idolizing Brian and his work. He’d never seen anything like it before. Sandra, meanwhile, was hit on by every straight guy in the place. She went out with Bill a couple times, in an effort to try to make Brian jealous, but Brian’s attention was diverted between his work and his ‘open marriage’ as his wife referred to it as but he himself just threw himself into his work.”

A few photos of the offices of Touchscape came up.

“Here’s an excerpt of what Kevin said to me in a phone call.”

Kevin: He's genius. On a level I have never seen before. What he's done is created an object oriented
      learning system that scours a target, it - in a literal sense - learns everything it can about 
      how an entity functions, what the entity finds important, weighed and measured, and then - here's 
      the part I am still trying to wrap my mind around - it adapts. A new business owner takes control 
      of the business,  the company reorgs, it abandons products or services, all of it - his system 
      dynamically takes it all into consideration. So whether you have a web site, or you're just looking
      to understand your own information stores better, as an administrator you have total control over 
      your information and how it's presented to the public. 
Bill: I'm more interested in Sandra here. Has she made any progress?
Kevin: Bill, did you hear anything I just said? There's nothing like this on this planet. I mean, 
      if I didn't know any better, I'd say this guy isn't from Earth with the way he thinks. 
Bill: You're obsessing, Kevin. You're there for a reason. You've reported his efforts. 
      Now do you mind sharing a little feedback on why you think Sandra's not achieving success. 
Kevin: Do you know his design also mimics the look and feel of a company and can provide a presentation
       which looks and feels exactly like the original company?
Bill: Impressive. But back to Sandra. What happened?
Kevin: Fine. He's not taking to her at all. He hates attention. And treats the people around here, 
       his friends, in part like his shield. He respects them, and even hired someone to act as a 
       leader of the company and another man to act as chief of technology so he could focus on 
       development and not have to "deal with people issues". He's an introvert, and thick when 
       it comes to being flirted with, so he just isn't receptive at all 

“Kevin wasn’t proving as reliable in information gathering as I had hoped, but he later suggested some improvements I could make. I’d also learned that Brian had placed himself on an online dating service shortly after Sandra started working there, so I had to consider the possibility that Sandra was too close. Maybe he had personal rules against dating in the office?,” Bill said.

He looked at the audience, who was clearly growing agitated.

“Dale, go ahead and let them ask questions,” he said.

Numerous lights flicked on.

“Come on people. Ok. Larry. You’re new here. Everyone, meet Larry Hryb. Earlier this year I started Microsoft Games division, and Larry is our corporate spokesman and highly skilled and educated in public affairs. Brian’s a gamer, and while presently the gaming industry is dominated by the Japanese, America needs representation and the timing seemed right for an American competitor, and who else has a couple billion floating around to invest in a gaming startup?,” Bill said, “Yes, Larry?”

“Thanks for the intro, boss,” Larry said, knowing full well Bill hated being called that, “Did you involve anyone in public affairs, psychology, relationships, or marketing before your experiments with Brian?”

“Thanks, Larry. And no, I didn’t. At the time, I had to consider and weigh the risk involved of introducing others to what was already getting out of control, so I made a command decision to maintain as much secrecy and isolation in the last year as I could.”

Bill then added “INCIDENTALLY, It’s the realization that I needed someone skilled in public affairs which led to the decision to hire you”

Larry nodded and said “Thank you for that, chief”

Bill winced. “Mister Stark, your floor”

“Tony Stark, Owner and CEO of Stark Industries,” he said as he stood up and waved his hand.

“We all know who you are, Tony, “ said Bill, “What’s your question?”

“The implications of what you’re already presenting to defense is enormous and surpasses anything I have that remotely resembles it, literally and of course figuratively,” he said as he draws an hourglass figure with his hands in the air. “Am I to assume my presence here suggests a relationship you might want to form with me and my company and the defense industry?”

Bill Gates’s smile lost it’s luster.

“Tony Stark. The Wizard of War. Tony, how much fiction do you engage in?,” Bill said.

“I try not to watch too much of it, I find it… detaches me too much from the real world,” Tony said.

“That being the case. Let me help you and the rest of the audience out. Dale, take me to the fear findings section of the presentation.” Bill responded, with a dire face.

“Over the last year, I’ve expanded a team which has cross referenced fiction to the real world and discovered some startling and eye opening possibilities which reinforces a single need for us as a society. Climate change. Corporate Espionage. The drama associated with the childish he said she said games of who’s sleeping with who or who ran naked through the streets are going to seem silly that they ever concerned any of us. Here’s the picture of what we know so far.”

The photo on the next page showed images of a Borg.

“We had what appeared to be a real Borg. The Borg, at least as depicted on Star Trek, had leveraged nanotechnology and converged their biological bodies with their technology and – at least in fiction – their minds had become a collective. Now I don’t know about you, but I enjoy my individuality, and hope we – at least in this room – can come to both understand and agree on the benefits and risks of a collective mind, and how to preserve our individuality,” he said, “So I think we should all consider the Borg as depicted in Star Trek as a very real metaphor for what’s possible for our future given our current technological trajectory.”

The image flipped to a a gorgeous and very naked Tricia Helfer standing in the middle of a remake of “The Last Supper” scene, complete with landing strip pubic hairs, everyone else clothed.

Bill gestured towards Amy and Sandra “Does this image remind you of anything? Has anyone watched this – the adults only remake of the tv series Battlestar Galactica which appeared on HBO in 1999?”

A few hands went up.

“Oh come now. If you’re anything like me. You were delighted to watch the first classy and high budget science fiction production which on occasion featured uncensored sex. Now I ask you. Is it that much of a stretch to consider we were watching actual androids tell a story and we were watching androids have sex?,” Bill said.

The hands went down.

“So morally, we’re absolutely going to have to have a hard look at ourselves, sexually, and what that means for our world, society, and culture moving forward,” he said, as he added, “Lest we end up like this.”

The first image was a dirty street corner of a busy intersection in India, and a dirty man was seen with his erect penis masturbating in plain view of everyone. Another was an image of people shitting in the river of the Ganges, and corpses being thrown into it. Another image was of festering corpses alongside a road in Africa. And yet another was a series of images of slums in cities around the world.

“In a nutshell, I’m concerned about our future on this planet. As robotics, artificial intelligence, and lifespans increase, and as we learn the cold hard truths about the reality of science fiction, what I am concerned about is the very future of this planet. ”

“Q being real presents fascinating possibilities. But what he also presents is a reality check. Who are we as a society. Where are we going. What do we want and why are we here? And with here, I’m not just referring to the human race as a potential disease infesting a beautiful planet. I’m referring to our reason, both as individuals and as a collective society – what’s our purpose,” he said.

“I’d like to break for lunch. But to conclude this first segment. And I do hope Q’s listening to this.  I’m going to get around to asking each and every one of you, individually, why. Tony. You enjoy your weapons of war. Does it end there? Warren. You enjoy competition. What happens when I walk away and refuse further competition? Meg, you enjoy making women look like more than an object. Do any of you take the time to dig, internally, and really – honestly ask – why?”

“Q. He. You. Present to me proof I’m not alone. And I myself am anxiously unsure what our future holds for us. And that excites – pardon my profanity, it excites the fuck outta me. And I sincerely hope you have good intentions with my … our world,” he said.

“Let’s break for lunch,” Bill Gates concluded, “I hope all of this sinks in to everyone here.”

“Oh and one last thing,” Bill Gates said as people began getting up out of their seats.

“It IS about TIME we all agreed on future directions together rather than letting it be dictated by seemingly random chance. I’m finding random chance to be too.. calculated for my tastes,” he said.


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