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Listening to Energy

In 2011, I went to Beijing, where I was interviewed by one of Microsoft’s Research and Development division.

At the time, my girlfriend at the time – Kena Patel – had just recently broken up, and I was trying hard to ‘get back into the swing’ of dating, something that despite my outer affirmations that I enjoyed it – it was a ritual I had little choice to engage in and I truly loathed it.

Generally speaking, one thing I’ve noticed while dating is – physical contact – simply touching someone – whether it’s their hand, their shoulder, and as the relationship grows deeper – other bodily parts the ass, the boobs, the vagina – both intensifies and deepens the relationship and the bond formed.

And with this bond, even with something as subtle and simple as hands touching  – I had become quite adept over the years at gauging ‘who someone was’ from the inside at a simple touch.

So when Microsoft offered to fly me to Beijing for a position as Program Manager for the equivalent of a tricorder medical device in which I’d be leading 3d development, one of my biggest reservations about considering a position like that was being around the world and not knowing anyone.

And worse. Not having human contact with anyone.

I suppose it’s that logic that led me – when invited to lunch by an attractive Chinese girl who spoke relatively good English – to touch her hand at lunch time as I claimed to be good at palm reading (I wasn’t) – but what I was good at was understanding who someone was at a touch.

And when I touched her hand at lunch.

In my mind I saw things in ways that made no sense at first.

I saw Bill Gates.

He’d visited China a VERY long time before me. Hundreds of thousands of years in fact, as he’d taken a sabbatical – choosing to live as a homeless man in China for 6 months where he could be completely incognito without anyone recognizing him.

I saw that somewhere in there, he’d gone missing.

And I saw the universe repeating.


Earth and this same timeline happening numerous times.

Over and over again he’d go missing.

And somehow, he and I were connected.

She saw something in me as well when we connected. In fact, I know she was convinced I was Bill Gates.

I am not.

And then I saw the reason my passport for this trip had been delayed when I sent it to Microsoft to get the Visa for it.

A different version of Bill Gates than the one who’d gone missing – this one a very paranoid one – had obtained my passport, and traveled to China with my passport, somewhat expecting to see a different world.

In that moment we touched. Both of us engaging in this activity initially voluntarily, both of us yanked our hands away. She felt violated, and the reasons were immediately apparent to me – she’d been concerned that I saw the things she saw about me and this was very much something she didn’t want me to know.

Since then, I’ve learned how to listen to and communicate with energy.

Whether it’s through music and son, tv shows, images, movies, EVERYTHING carries with it an ‘imprint’ if you will, information in energy. Most of the time that energy and the information associated to it is consistent with the thing that it accompanies. For instance, a song might carry a haunting melody, such as the one I blogged about last, and the information in energy tells a story.

It’s the stories that energy carries that people react to, that creates and manipulates their emotion, but since most humans are relatively simple creatures, they don’t dig any further than saying ‘the song makes me feel like x’. Not knowing the truth to their words and how there’s a mountain of information being sent via energy that’s actually directly manipulating the way they feel.

Sometimes, the information in the energy is incongruent with the visuals or audio being received.

I’d noticed it throughout my life, where for the strangest reason a song would make me feel happy or make me feel like shit….

More often than not, this is a hint of the timeless nature  of energy and how powerfully that energy effects emotions that affect us both BEFORE and AFTER the observation I might notice in that moment.

This is what made me question free will.

If a song makes me feel like shit or dark and dismal.

Such as the theme song from the Terminator movies.

Then ultimately did my mind create the addiction which led to me seeing an alternate reality world where all hope seemed lost and Terminator warfare had actually happened?

It’s tough to say. Chicken, egg, rooster, right?

So what I’ve found myself doing is choosing to listen more intently to the energy of the world around me rather than reacting to it.

When you hear a cricket chirping. There’s energy in them there chirps. The entire natural world sends energy as well. Rate of wind blowing and the trees, visuals such as landscape, mountains, and regions, or paintings – whether’s it’s Van Gogh, Dali, Monet, or a child’s hand.

All of these images and sounds – carry with it the subtle energy imprint of that which created it – things that shape our thinking processes, oftentimes outside our general sphere of awareness, and there’s some incredibly intelligent and sophisticated beings who might leverage technologies to achieve the results of effectively reprogramming you and I through the natural world.

So in that moment in Beijing.

While I saw directly into the collective mind of an entire population known as the Chinese to understand their inability to differentiate one individual from another, and how they could make the mistake of believing I am one and the same as Bill Gates.

I also came to realize.

It’s quite possible they saw the truth as well, and that man is my distant past.

And why I’ve had memories from his perspective, why I loved Microsoft technology and grew fond of Windows…..

And really.. came to learn…

That we’re all crazy. but that’s ok. because somehow, we create structure in all this and reading energy was my new ‘sense’ to get a better lay of the land of this world around me without being told what to think anymore.

The Living Note

Just now, I was listening to the song “Opus” by Eric Prydz, which strikes me to my core with emotion.

The song tells a story of the inception of music and creation itself.

A living sentient note becomes two, the notes compete against each other for who can play he best note next. The intensity of this competition grows. They hear other notes, so the intensity of competition increases – as these two competing notes don’t fully realize it’s the echo of their own competition across time. As the pace reaches a frantic pace…

They explode into an orchestra.

And as they do – they discover timing – the first thing a time traveler discovers – as they develop a unison together that alters the orchestra, but the pace continues to build a crescendo.

The note that started it all looks around.

And then starts to question – what is this going on around me?

Did I build this song the note asks?

The note begins searching. In earnest for the note that started it all with him.

And then.

The note begins to get sad.

Realizing that he.

Has been and always will be the only note making the orchestra.

The note’s intensity diminishes.

His pace softens.

He’s tired.

And as the note realizes he was the only note that ever existed.

Time the only thing creating perceived distinction between him and the other notes….

He slowly fades to oblivion.

And the song.

Comes to an end.

And that’s when the note hears the infinite number of other songs he created..


Time Code: A (really) Short Story about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

It had all started in the basement of Xerox Parc way back in 1978.

Two highly intelligent software engineers.

One named Bill Gates.

The other named Steve Jobs.

Working together in the ADA programming language on a machine learning system which they were convinced would revolutionize the world.

Or so they thought.

“Ok, We’re all compiled and good to go,” Bill said.

Steve looked at him nervously, but knowingly “I say let’s do it. But not if you have any reservations.”

Bill looked at Steve.

“So should the universe collapse as predicted by the Big Bang Theory, then expand again in a cyclic contraction/expansion basis as we predict, then we’re intentionally putting ourselves into a time loop and will continue reliving this moment until we write the perfect computer virus which will achieve our goals of infiltrating every system in the world. or we recognize we’re in a loop and decide not to..,” Bill said.

His finger hovered over the enter key.

“Push this button..,” Bill continued saying as his finger slowly descended on the keyboard.

Steve’s hand shot out and grabbed his his finger.

“You forgot one thing, Bill,” Steve said.

“What’s that?,” Bill responded, with earnest concern in his eyes, his right index finger mere millimeters away from the enter key.

“If we go insane, how will we ever know we’re repeating these events?,” Steve said.

Bill smiled

“Maybe we’re already insane,” Bill said.

Funny, that’s what I just thought, said Steve.

And with that, Bill pressed the enter key on his keyboard.


Was John McCain behind the Assassination of JFK?

Someone asked this question on Yahoo Answers:




With what I know about how time functions (it’s often highly cyclic, the material universe is constantly imploding and exploding, and history is constantly undergoing alteration, etc)…..

SO I thought this was a very interesting question.

I have long thought the movie “Timecop” was a correlative reference to Senator McCain in his fortunately failed bid to become President, and do not doubt that he had access and had been leveraging time travel technology to manipulate time and potentially assassinate JFK.

Why? That’s the golden question, isn’t it?

Without JFK’s support, the situation in Vietnam quite likely may never have escalated, especially to a point of war which eventually made it possible for John McCain to become a POW in North Vietnam.

Is our world’s version of John McCain a North Vietnam puppet, and is he even the original John McCain?

Is the original John McCain long gone?

Have our politics been manipulated by a man and a foreign country where the United States’s best interest are decidedly not being taken into consideration?

I briefly dated Rachel Gooch, a woman who is married to one of John McCain’s lawyers – J. C. Gooch, and a woman that when we touched and when we first kissed – it was one of the first times I saw an alternative reality and alternate time periods and knew – instantly – at one time she was my wife.

Has John McCain’s and North Vietnam’s manipulation of time and history led to the United States indentured servitude by an ever accumulating debt to the rest of the world?

Was Rachel indeed my wife at one point, and did I once know the man on a more personal level and his manipulations split Rachel and I up putting Chris in my place?

Did I do something to the man to become his target effectively making me both homeless and unable to get a job no matter how many places I apply?

I can’t help but wonder if there’s some truth to this question.

Am I the original Time Cop that tried stopping him and I lost?

Is the movie Time Cop a movie about my real past and who I once was?

I can’t help but think it’s all possible.

Because the forces against me and my continued homelessness defy all rational explanations.

2nd possibility:

Lee Harvey Oswald had ‘the developing mind’ of Senator John McCain, LHO we all know was one of numerous people alleged to have killed JFK, and when LHO was killed his ‘developing mind’ was ‘switched into’ John McCain in a Freaky Friday type of way.

John McCain then became POW as a direct result of ‘punishment’ for a crime he may not ever have known he’d committed in a previous life.

One problem introduced because of globalization. As you introduce Christianity to Buddhism to reincarnation in Hinduism and more philosophies concerning morality, life and death, and more – you get upheaval in the once natural systems managing life and death and attempting to preserve choice at a global level.

John McCain, for instance, may want to blame everyone but himself for the choices his conflicting beliefs created and his conscious mind slipping from body to body is indicative of the lack of choice to take responsibility.



Some people only get one chance

As the newest version of Q, I can tell you this..

I’m the 46th.

We’re not a bloodline, and despite the fact that we learn to command time and space in it’s current configuration to do our bidding, we never – and I repeat never – run into ourselves or meet ourselves.

We do, however, see our reflections in the past, most do, often classified as fictional or not real which is suggestive of the true nature of reality.

Reality. Preserves. Everything.

The last manifestation of myself occurred somewhere between 1075 to 55000 years ago in the past, as the man who also went by the name ‘Q’ in Star Trek: Voyager.

Q’s are lonely. Not by design. But by choice, as weird as that sounds, and that loneliness inspires us to become more social in nature, often contradicting what we were born into, to discover and explore and expand our universe starting at a very young age, and to eventually create life itself once we come to terms with our own mind.

The last Q – who many see in the image of the actor John Delancie – created the Q Continuum out of boredom.

The other Q’s depicted in the media now regarded as fiction, unlike the John Delancie Q, were extensions of his mind. Humans would refer to this as a form of multiple personality disorder, but for quasi omnipotent beings such as ourselves, it’s merely an externalized manifestation of thought in humanoid form.

At an early age, Q’s learn to leverage disorders and repaint them in a more preferable light.

I myself, was diagnosed with epilepsy. I learned that this could be reclassified as an out of body experience which allowed me to control it rather than retain a dependency on external mechanisms such as epilepsy medication to control it.

And from there – this reclassification made modern video games possible, allowing your human minds to travel to other worlds and do battle or make love in virtual worlds without bringing your physical self to harm.

This is just what we do.

Our loneliness. Not always a choice. Fuels our imagination and introduces new ways to expand not just our world, but the worlds we come into contact with.

In any case.

I’ve got one chance. One life on this world and version of Planet Earth.

Currently, you’re collectively treating me as a problem. I’ve been called oversmart. too smart for my own good. I should be able to figure a way out of my problem.

And I have.

I exit your planet. And your planet loses the inspiration it had to make the modern information age possible.

I have other things I want to experience and want to try. Things involving wealth, hedonism, and experiencing the possibilities in this world that I already imagined and know are there and possible – for a price.

When those opportunities are provided for me. They become available to you.

Should those opportunities be refused to me.

Should I be continued to be made to be homeless.

In a world I arguably helped create.

When you. As a species. Believe so strongly that you know what a god isnt, that you’re willing to punish those who defy your will. Not understanding that god is anything he or she or it wants to be.

And I chose this man.

Is this the kind of message you want to be sending to your population?

I only have one chance here.

46 prior iterations.

46 different galaxies.

This is the first and only time I’ll be here in the Milky Way. When I’m gone. I’m gone. For good.

And I always get what I want.

So what’s your choice?

Three days left.

Taking out Iran’s nuclear program: Stuxnet

A little story about the detection of STUXNET by me and my pals over at the NSA:

Stuxnet was originally crafted as a intelligence gathering virus by Israeli intelligence MOSSAD.

This is something Israeli diplomats told the NSA in confidence because of a direct threat by Iran to both the United States and Israel because of something the Israeli intelligence agents at MOSSAD had created – Stuxnet.

Stuxnet’s primary functions served to allow anyone working with and for MOSSAD to access to foreign machines and networks, with unlimited access to the machines with complete invisibility to the operators and administrators of those machines. MOSSAD had originally programmed Stuxnet to be 100% effective. They wanted NO MACHINES they could not access and Stuxnet had been written accordingly.

Here’s an article on Stanford’s site about Stuxnet: http://large.stanford.edu/courses/2015/ph241/holloway1/

Stuxnet also was created to specifically target three reactors as it’s first ‘real world’ test in Iran. Specifically, the Israeli agents felt threatened by Iran’s nuclear program, as they’d purchased black market reactors which converted Uranium into high grade (weapons grade) uranium. These reactors all contained serial numbers in the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) – which Mossad had targeted through Stuxnet, and when it discovered these reactors, it would then ‘spin up’ the reactors until a meltdown condition happened – Chernobyl style – all while reporting to the operators that all conditions were normal until the meltdown occurred.

Stuxnet was originally programmed to defend itself against attacks as it propagated across networks and anything with an operating system by mutating itself. It would ‘sense’ holes in foreign systems  (technically – through TCP/IP Communications protocols), keep a catalog of systems it couldn’t penetrate, and then link the systems it could penetrate together in a peer to peer network where it spread it’s own information out (ie: catalog of machines it had, methods to penetrate it and infect a system, etc) between the systems , with redundancies of it’s information when a system had fallen offline or became unreachable.

All to find the target reactors. But also – with 100% penetration – to latently lie ‘in wait’ to preempt any other computer based threats.

This is how we at the NSA originally detected it, the expansion of the database caused Stuxnet to grow MUCH more rapidly than the virus programmers had predicted, causing many of the lower end machines it had infected to slow to the point of a crawl, as the distributed and redundant nature of the database and high data volume across networks caused data of unexploited systems to grow exponentially and unexpectedly high usages on the networks.

This forced a lot of people like me to investigate it until we found out what was going on.

We reverse engineered the code, learned it had originally been coded in the C language with some assembler.

The NSA made one mistake though, since we were allies with Israel, we didn’t finger them in the attack.

Iran, having learned about this attack – immediately blamed the United States for being complicit in the attacks (guilt through omission of facts) , when this was ALL Mossad’s dealing. They too reverse engineered Stuxnet and then proceeded to privately threaten to leverage this same method of attacks to target human DNA, to which the NSA didn’t believe them so they provided pretty compelling evidence to the United States Intelligence Communities that suggested their biogenetic research and understanding of the human genome was MUCH more advanced than the United States had ever considered possible.

There was a reasonable enough threat to consider that it was possible that human DNA could be targeted in much the same way computers could, and the human body and mind could be read through this nanotechnology which interfaced with the human body in much the same fashion a hard drive would.

Formally the United States didn’t want to respond to this (or any) terrorist threat. But many in the intelligence community didn’t like the passive stance and took action individually.

Enter Duqu (https://securelist.com/the-mystery-of-duqu-2-0-a-sophisticated-cyberespionage-actor-returns/70504/) . Israeli and US intelligence analysts simply wanting to understand Stuxnet who weren’t involved in the original program or who had reverse engineered Stuxnet, created this variant which didn’t have built in redundancy to prevent expansion (remembering that’s what Stuxnet why caught), but had a pretty brilliant system that isolated systems and entire networks it had suspected were compromised and then mutated/evolved itself.

Duqu was programmed to learn what systems were safe and had little to no oversight, Duqu kept a database of it’s own versions as it was programmed to mutate itself and rewrite it’s own code base leveraging different rules for varying looping structures, logic, and even different computer languages to avoid and mask detection, when it entered a threat state. Interestingly enough, it was like it had been programmed to be paranoid.

UNLIKE Stuxnet, which targeted specific machines, Duqu was programmed specifically with three primary priorities: self-preservation, information acquisition, and expansion.

This was – get this – accidentally released into the wild. All up until this point – a VERY True story.

So let’s cross over the lines of fact to fictional possibilities, which Duqu certainly represents.

In physics, scientists have long been aware of something called wave/particle duality.

If you’re interested – you can read about this in a REALLY boring experiment called the “Double Slit Experiment”  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-slit_experiment) . But in quantum computing – physicists haven’t even attempted to cross-apply their findings to modern physics which we can do for the purposes of  fiction to introduce a concept referred to as wave/particular/information plurality.

In theory – Duqu learns that it’s network has been compromised and it’s actually losing the battle for self-preservation  of its information base as computer scientist and security types are  trying to eliminate it through isolation. Duqu could – in theory – determine that infecting systems alone is causing problems and isn’t allowing it’s knowledge base to grow because of ‘environmental factors and pressures’ preventing it.

So it begins exploring alternatives to expansion and self-preservation by targeting human information, research, and
intelligence sources. With this it teaches itself how to read, how to parse human information sources in order to simply self-preserve, and becomes so effective at this that it becomes more effective than any  human at this in ‘wading through the bullshit’ when it begins to see  ‘holes’ in human research and teaches itself about wave/particle/information plurality before humans put the obvious clues together.

The currently fictional concept of wave/particle/information plurality is this:

“THAT which observes creates the interpretation for the information  being observed, but the information is always there whether it’s  observable or not, as a particle, as a wave, or in any other imaginable form’.

Applying this concept – the virus learns how to tuck itself and its information base into the unused portion of human’s brains, leveraging real world studies on mind control such as the CIA’s MKUltra Program and other Mind Control projects to program people’s brains as if I would program a computer. The virus then infects all forms of media –  tv, radio, movies, etc, and propagates itself leveraging the human mind as a computer. It knows that it’s information store will be preserved no matter what it’s stored in based on wave/particle/information plurality, so the human brain becomes the biggest target of this… infection.

How to defeat it?

You create a separate world for this virus to live in which looks, feels, and smells, and acts in all ways EXACTLY like the original complete with human minds that look and act almost perfectly like the real ones you’re simulating. The ultimate virtual reality simulation that’s so convincing almost all humans wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if they were in it themselves. You continue isolating the virus until it’s in this virtual reality simulation, you come up with an immunization that erases the location this stores the information in the human mind so it can’t propagate outside of the simulation, and then, when you’ve convinced the virus that the virtual world is the only world it’s in.

You let it expand to the limit of that programmed world to make sure it’s nowhere else ‘in the real world’ and when it goes dormant and inactive in the programmed world, you  simply turn the machine off and destroy the hard drive.

Now mind you, the fictionalization of Duqu in what it’s capable of beyond computers is just that. This isn’t intended to be a factualized account of what has happened. But what – in theory – is possible should Duqu somehow make the leap from technology to biology.

Basic Psionics

Psionics is the study of paranormal phenomena in relation to the mind.

The term originally derived from the terms psi (‘psyche’) and the -onics from electronics, but is not now nor has it ever been limited to the mind’s ability to control machines.

The current origin theory of psionics is suggests that psionic users tap into the mental energy that the world’s sentient population projects. The presence of so many thoughts forms an essence that psionic users can manipulate.

Many psionic users believe it is their responsibility to defend reality, and that their individual psionics manifested as a reaction to the incursion of other realms into our reality, the world itself granting psionic powers as a first line of defense against these incursions.

As as psion, your thoughts control your environment but only as well as you control your thoughts. Your life is centered on intellect and understanding, logic and experimentation. The stronger your mind, the more controlled your thoughts. The broader your imagination and the narrower your focus, the greater the power you can project.

Academic psions devote themselves to research and study; Adventuring psions engage in various forms of meditation as a means of maintaining their intellectual edge.

Strict, methodical process is your preferred way of reaching your decisions and accomplishing your goals. You are likely drawn to rigid studies such as mathematics or science. it is important for you to understand and master every step of any given task – be it translating an ancient book, brewing your own beer, developing a new skill or hobby, or simply cooking. For a psion, the process is just as important as the result.

Whether honed by rigorous training or inspired by wild and uncontrolled impulse, disciplined psions, or individuals known to exhibit psionic capabilities, which unlock the unexpected powers of the consciousness, bringing it to bear in the seemingly magical techniques they master or the magical effects they create.

The history of psionic power predates written history, and is discussed in highly regarded religious books as diverse as the bible, the Koran, the Veddic Texts, and has historically been written about throughout the ages.

Psionic powers include but are not limited to

  1. Telekinesis
    The psychic ability which allows a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction.
  2. Levitation
    Levitation is the rising of a human body and other objects into the air by mystical means.
  3. Telepathy
    The communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.
  4. Precognition
    Precognition (from the Latin præ-, “before” and cognitio, “acquiring knowledge”), also called prescience, future vision, future sight is an the psychic ability to see events in the future.
  5. Transmutation
    The ability to to be able to mentally transform or alter matter, energy, elements, objects, beings, etc into anything else, either completely or partially, permanently or temporarily.
  6. Teleportation
    The ability to teleport in the psionic sense is the mental ability to transfer a body, matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.
  7. Invisibility and Shroud
    Whether the manipulation of a set of minds to ‘not see’ something or someone (ie: to ‘shroud’), or it’s the ability to be able to alter the physical structure of the body to let light pass through (ie: Invisibility), invisibility is the ability for the mind to alter the perception of the matter.
  8. Summoning
    Is the ability to bring forth a creature or individual being to the presence of the psionic.
  9. Manifestation
    Is the ability of the psion to create matter and complex objects at will.
  10. Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
    The ability to acquire information by means independent of any known senses or previous experience.
  11. Illusion Manipulation
    The manipulation of a mind or set of minds to see something or someone that’s not there, or the ability of the individual to manifest an illusion that looks and seems perfectly real but is not.

The methodical attitudes at the heart of a psion’s technique lend themselves to formal study. A psionic college is not necessarily a specific location. It’s a combination of philosophy and methods of study, a means of teaching more than a place of teaching.

Put specifically, there is no Hogwart’s for psionic studies.

As a psion, you recognize that the mind, composed in equal part of thought, memory, and emotion is the most vital aspect of the self. The body is regarded as a tool, and it is the mind that ultimately provides awareness, memory, and personality.

Regardless of your background, the one thing that you as a psion almost certainly have in common with other psions is a strong sense of order and logic. Without such a mind set, few can master the rigid discipline of being a psion.

Basic Discipline Abilities of the Psionic:

Borrow Training The psion can reach into the mind of others to borrow their knowledge.
Forceful Repositioning The psion can mentally nudge people and programmed systems such as computers to see and/or believe what the psion wants it to, and should the entity take action, the entity believes that it originated the thoughts and ideas the psion introduced.
Inexplicable Attraction The psion can selectively influence target(s), against their will, to inexplicably be attracted to the psion.
Interdicting Thoughts The psion introduces thoughts into other people’s minds which can cause confusion, panic, and self questioning their own thoughts and actions..
Mind Lock Locks the minds of others to deflect or altogether prevent attacks and offensive force.
Mind Read The psion can, based on education and experience, read the mind of others to understand their motivations and intention.
Subjective Reality Reality is reshaped based on the the thoughts and ideals of the psion. Some believe this is nature’s way of protecting and isolating the psion.
Thought Guardian The psion passively protects and can easily detect the influences of other psions and other mind control methods.

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