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What is Zero Point Energy?

Are math and science, especially physics, confusing to you?

I know they were to me as well when I first tried understanding them.

Assuming you may come from where I once stood, I will keep this explanation in terms even I could have understood.

There’s a movie that came out July 27, 1997 named “Stargate”.

I’d often wondered, prior to this movie, why the interior of the pyramids had extraordinarily different hieroglyphics – ancient Phoenician writing – than what was uncovered outside of them, almost as if they were different dialects separated by hundreds of years.

In the movie “Stargate”, which like the alien species depicted in the movie “Galaxy Quest” I regard these works as historical documents – it’s discovered that the ancient Phoenicians had carefully documented the arrival of a space faring civilization which helped with the engineering of the pyramids, and they’d left behind a “Stargate”.

This Stargate, the team soon discovers, is a portal which quickly whisks those who cross through it to instantly travel to a number of different locations throughout the Milky Way galaxy, where the team soon discovers – not everyone they’re going to meet is friendly.

Now let’s rewind a number of years.

Back at the turn of the century, Einstein discovered that time was relative to the observer. While he wasn’t particularly gifted with mathematics of physics himself, he did work in earnest to become good at this when he was able to translate this concept to a form that could be understood by mathematicians and physicists.

This resulted in Einstein’s eponymous equation “E=MC^2”.

What that equation meant was this – that every point in space and time was accessible via every other point in space and time, but in order for that to be true, a fundamental concept which separated those points out had to be collectively agreed upon.

The equation of relativity.

So what was presented by Einstein and the subsequent acceptance by pretty much everyone in the scientific community is what made not just the atomic bomb possible, but just about everything else as well.

So let’s fast forward.


How does it work, scientifically?

Everything that’s observable is comprised of energy. When an object has mass AND is visible, that visible mass is convertible to energy.

AND then, back again.

This moved away from theory in World War 2 when an atomic mass was split open over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, unleashing a raw tidal wave of energy which devastated these cities.

Left unchecked and unmanaged, the net result of cracking open an atom unleashes raw energy which only nature itself is capable of stopping the effect from continuing.

But in the right hands.

This energy can be accessed without cracking open that atom.

And ANY point in space and time can be accessed via this energy in something that later came to be known as an “Einstein Rosen Bridge”.

Or, if you prefer, A Stargate.

Now you and I, we access products and services within this energy all the time with something that sits on our desktop called a computer.

It’s only through Einstein’s physics that we can peer into constructed worlds created by programmers, but what some people aren’t fully aware of is – it’s also possible to explore worlds and life itself that formed naturally within the subatomic realm that didn’t originate via the processes of programming, and many of these worlds are hidden in plain sight as video games.

With all that aside.

What Einstein said was simple.

The representation in this world and thing I refer to as reality is governed guided, visually – by the equation E=MC^2. MC^2, in this example, is what is referred to as matter, and for all illustrative purposes, matter is freely convertible to energy and then back again.

So in order for the Stargate to work, it literally disassembles every atom in a body traveling through it in a highly controlled nuclear process made possible by Einstein Physics, and then reconstructs it on the receiving end.

Is this all making sense so far?

This brings me to the concept of the Zero Point Energy module depicted in Stargate Atlantis, the tv series which is based on the movie of the same name.

In Stargate Atlantis, A team in the Antarctic discovers a Stargate which can teleport a traveler MUCH further to OTHER galaxies. If it ever feels like tv shows and movies are working in a chronological order of successive scientific advancements, you’re not imagining things.

So the team soon finds themselves stranded in a completely different galaxy, as they soon discover they’ve found the lost city of Atlantis.

Atlantis, they find, is a technological marvel, and lives up to every fable every imagined for it (and so much more).

However, there’s a problem…

One problem is – there’s something called “The Wraiths”, a space faring and highly aggressive vampire like race which in a literal sense sucks the energy out of the human hosts, leaving a dried husk of a corpse behind. They’ve invented technology to ‘cull’ herds of humans on planets which instantly vaporizes the humans and converts them into energy which they then use to satiate their biological need for energy.

But that’s not the problem I’m addressing.

The primary problem the team who discovered Atlantis has is one of energy as well. Are you understanding the correlation between their needs and the needs of their enemy?

Atlantis uses something called a ZED-PM, or in expanded terms, a Zero Point Energy Device Module (Whoever created the anagram clearly had dyslexia).

Unfortunately, the ZED-PMs are all almost completely tapped of energy, leaving the team with only one realistic option – to find more. They don’t try nor seem to want to try to understand the technology, so they just look for a new power source.

Weird, huh?

Accordingly, it’s never explained how any device could originate energy from nothing. But if you take a look at Einstein’s equation to understand the implications – and what it means to galactic formation – you can quickly come to understand what it is.

If you look at ALL Movies AND TV Shows as historical documents. You don’t need to look any further than the intro credits to Superman, with a voice over by Marlon Brando speaking to Superman as he flies to Earth.

“The early history of our universe was a bloody mosaic of interplanetary war.”

And more importantly

Each of the six galaxies which you will pass through contain their own individual laws (for) space and time.

So let’s translate this to something that makes sense:

The Milky Way galaxy is governed, in a relative sense, by the equations E=MC^2.

So by these words – one can assume that OTHER observable galaxies may be governed by other equations.

Now what we receive in the Milky Way Galaxy when we observe ANYTHING outside our own galaxy is an interpretation based on our sensory perception which was ‘built on’ (for lack of better words) the equations credited to Einstein.

And – as pointed out in Stargate – some of these galaxies seem to function in ways that are similar to our own which makes them accessible via a Stargate leveraging Einstein’s equation.


So what’s a Zed PM?

Let’s say you discover – through exploring the universe visually through Einstein’s equation leveraging highly sophisticated technology like a computer – what you perceive as a galaxy that has no life, has no visible light spectrum, but an abundance of energy.

Link this to a Zero Point Energy Device.

And. Whammo.

A massive amount of energy can be derived from collapsing galactic formations that you don’t think matter (pardon the pun) because you can’t see them….. But the theory is – these galaxies are not living in some way?

Now here’s the kicker.

In Star Trek, there’s a concept known as a Pocket Universe.

What if, by accident, this device was linked to an entirely separate universe?

There’d be a great deal more energy provided to the ZED PM than a single galaxy………

In any case, the Zero Point Energy Device is a device which leverages Einstein notions of space and time and relativity, and depletes another galaxy and/or universe of it’s energy to power whatever it is that’s being powered. A seemingly endless supply of power….

Macroeconomics and Targeting Specific Development

I received my MBA in 2009 from a world renowned University – Thunderbird – and while I traveled the world for that education, and I had traveled prior to then – I found the experience so profoundly impacted me that I looked at the world with a fresh set of eyes.

Paying attention to things that I’d never paid attention to before.

One of the things I paid attention to was cell phone prices.

A friend of mine lived in Guatemala City, and as we were chatting one day, he commented on his cell phone bill – which I soon discovered was quite literally a fifth of what mine was.

Now to be clear here – the phones we had were the exact same. Literally, same model, we both had to have cutting edge, same smart phone, SAME exact contracts – we were both locked into two years, but – here’s what blew me away – I paid $150 down to obtain my model and he paid nothing.

Furthermore, he was paying $35 a month while I was paying $150.

I was dumbfounded.

Now I’d discovered regional pricing prior to this with oil and fuel prices.

That is, when I travel to Mexico, London, or Hong Kong, the price for a gallon (or liter) of fuel would vary based on the location, and this was based on what I’d been led to believe was logistical distribution of the supply chain and the geographical costs associated with it.

But not long after this, with fuel costs rising dramatically in the United States, I came across an article somewhere discussing OPEC’s accumulated supply and how they were maintaining artificially high levels of accumulated reserves to maintain a target figure for the per barrel cost of oil..

Something I was well aware that almost any supplier did..

That made sense.

But what I wasn’t aware of came next…

The article also went on to list the cost of a barrel around the world.

And with this, the cost in third world nations was substantially lower than in more industrialized nations.

So when I came across the cell phone thing, I thought about those numbers, and realized…

Cost for oil and fuel isn’t set on a per barrel basis. It’s set by the level of industrialization of a nation, and those nations appearing to be less industrialized have lower costs for oil than those nations appearing to have higher levels of industrialization.

And similarly, so is the cost for cell phones.

If you add it all up, it’s an amazingly straightforward method of wealth redistribution .

But who? And why?

As I dug into it, and ran through my conspiracy theory checklist, I came across an idea of something that I thought was kind of cool.

I play a lot of games – simulations and the like. Two of my favorite games – Worlds of Warcraft and Sim City, both with economic systems that are remarkably similar to each other from very different perspectives.

In Worlds of Warcraft, my avatar accumulates wealth from ‘in world’ drops, and I can spend that wealth on gear, or with other players in exchange for services and products they might have, and finally – there’s a player based exchange where ‘the house’ takes a portion of the auction.

I have what’s known as a Vanilla Server for Worlds of Warcraft – a world I can run on my computer and I can tweak to my heart’s content.

In Sim City, a city simulation game I’ve never been that good at but have played a LOT – I can zone land for consumer districts, residential districts, and industrial districts. The game focuses on maintaining a ‘balance’ between the districts, a balance like i said I suck at – because inevitably a fire will start that will kill half the city, a flood will happen, or something will invariably happen that makes it impossible for me to grow my city.

This city simulator focuses on accumulation of wealth through taxation, and while I can hack the game to have an infinite pool of wealth to which I will lower taxes to nothing which I hoped would lure people into my city – I can never seem to grow the city in the same way I’ve seen others do.

To different perspectives on a similar economic approach.

It’s this cross section where I came across my idea.

WHAT if there was an organization or individual who was so wealthy, he or she or it could experiment with the effects of technological, cultural, and biological development by respecting the barriers between countries?

WHAT IF countries without strong perceived culture could have artificial pressure placed on them taking into account the lessons learned in the necessity for subtlety with the long term embargo on Cuba?

What if, instead of wealth and technological redistribution for oil and cell phones and other products and services involved in this trend, the state of accumulation was preserved and respected, and countries without perceived culture could have people like me contributing by saying

“I’ve never seen ‘X’ in a country culture before, how would we go about psychologically achieving that in this country.”


“What would happen if we drove up the price of salt for this country to be a luxury item affordable only to the wealthy?”

There’s plenty of evidence this is already occurring. Cars in Singapore cost three to four times more than they do anywhere else. Accordingly, the city is built straight up, public transportation is awesome, and because of the population density, there’s a great deal of security making Singapore one of the safest places on the planet.

But what would happen if Denmark’s curriculum required students to become experts in one country’s history – the country assigned randomly?

What would happen if Chinese cities were required to build Christian churches in every population center of a million or more people?

What would happen if the price of salt in Guatemala and Saudi Arabia was 10x the average market cost of every other nation in the world?

And what would happen if Russian women were required – by local law – to spend two years, married, to a foreigner in another nation, travel costs covered by the Russian Government?

What if ‘Sister Cities” had all basic commodity prices fixed in synchronization with each other?

And what would happen if the United States removed ALL MENTION of OPEC from the internet?

You see, what I realized was – with informational control, there are literally no limits to the possibilities for altering the world and localized economies from a macro perspective.

Creating those differences.

I think.

Would be fun.

So many countries have the same exact tv shows the United States does, copied. I, for one, would love to see more movies, tv shows, technology and ideas from other countries where the values develop differently than my own.

In any case, there’s two primary operations in taking a macro scale approach to ‘toying with world economics’

The first approach – is the what if scenario. What if the price of a commodity, good, or service was altered in a specific region?

The stories told to the public can be regionally preserved because of the reliance on the internet, where information can be localized, information that refutes the stories being told to the public can simply be censored.

The first approach requires timelines for execution. That is – how long do you intend on maintaining this (as indefinitely is a mighty long time).

The second approach – is the ‘How do I achieve ‘x”? Where X could be behavioral and/or cultural – for instance – how and what information can I put out there to relax social moires and encourage nudity in public? OR (IN Bill Gates’s case) Can I diminish the population of mosquitoes through specifically targeted PR campaigns?

The key to the second approach is – there’s a specific target goal in mind from a macro perspective where informational isolation of the population is mandatory – where it’s absolutely critical to define success parameters.

The Folding Nature of Space/Time

A few years ago, I began studying cyclic patterns in both the natural and man made world.

As a programmer, dabbling in programming three dimensional worlds, I couldn’t help but begin to notice that throughout the natural world – leaves, the sky, and facial features, or even the man made world which often mirrored these concepts and ideas – I began to notice symmetry and repeating patterns.

And I couldn’t help but notice that these repeating patterns were everywhere.

But one repeating pattern troubled me.

Every four years, a new terrorist organization would form in the Arab nations. A new name would be assigned to this organization. Never the same as the old one. And while the players seemed to change, the agenda and modus-operandi was copied, as if from a text book.

It didn’t make sense.

Now I’d long noticed a similar pattern with Hollywood movies.

For instance, I noticed that one out of three movies would feature a firearm. That’s a rough estimate. I also noticed that certain titles – Godzilla, Twilight Zone, Superman, etc were repeated like clockwork for each generation.

I also noticed the same thing for music. Songs were copied, in their entirety from a previous work.

Now this may not sound like much, but the lyrics of the Billy Joel song called “We Didn’t Start The Fire” (it was always burning since the world’s been turning haunted me.

And then there’s the lyrics of the song “Hotel California” (We are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave)…

I couldn’t help but feel like someone. OR something.

Was trying to tell me something..

Then there’s the movie the Matrix when Morpheus states “We don’t know who built it (the Matrix – a simulated reality) – all we do know is it’s sometime after the year 2365″….

So what I noticed wasn’t just symmetry.

It was mathematics, fractal mathematics to be specific, and that the patterns I’d been discovering in computer programming appeared to be guiding the development of what I had once referred to as the natural world.

But why?

Think about it. It’s one thing to notice that many leaves have a very obvious repeating pattern, but it’s entirely another to inquire why.

Throughout my life, I’ve both indulged in and experimented with substance – whether it’s legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco, or it’s illegal substances such as cocaine, bath salts, marijuana, and mushrooms.

Now what I can tell you is – subconsciously – I logged freaking everything throughout my life that didn’t make sense. I didn’t just write it off or dismiss it. I remembered it. To some degree the things that happened around me that didn’t make sense inspired the experimentation with mind altering experiences in order to answer these previously unanswerable questions.

So one day, after three days of no sleep, I’m in Yosemite, but it’s a young Yosemite, where the trees are 5000 years younger and the interior is much more closed off – as the experimentation is altering my perception of time.

I was, in a literal sense, seeing the world as it existed 5000 years ago.

So as I yelled into what is effectively a canyon, an echo forms – as expected.

And that’s when I see – in my minds eye – these little versions of me yelling back across time.

I know that sounds bizarre, and – well – like a drug induced experience, but it’s highly important to be objective in situations like this to understand… This isn’t insanity. It’s demonstrative of the underlying nature of time.

I was here. Many, many times before, doing the same exact thing, and the echo is an effect which exemplifies the underlying nature of time.

Now how can I prove that?

The mind has something we humans refer to as the temporal lobe. It maintains the linear record of events relative to the individual experiencing it, something that’s already been discovered by modern science, and why it’s referred to as the ‘temporal lobe’.

Now on occasion, damage happens to the brain – and mind altering drugs also effect this temporal lobe – which has a tendency to alter the perception and flow of time relative to the individual experiencing it.

This is where the hallucination comes in.

I needed an answer on what, precisely I was seeing when I experienced a hallucination, and what I came to discover was nothing short of revolutionary.

I discovered direct evidence of something referred to as the multiverse.

Here’s what I learned.

The mind. My mind at least, is eternal in nature. The Matrix provided a few hints to me for how my reality is formed – and that my body is a projection of my mind, and with this, I took it a step further – discovering the brain is an interpretation of the thinking processes that occur within the mind.

I, in accepting my eternal nature, came to discover that this world as I experience it is mine. The Matrix, as a concept, is a projection of time and space relative to me and my senses.

Which brings me to the concept of mental disorders, up to and including disorders such as epilepsy, multiple personality disorder, bipolar, etc.

Where do these fit?

To answer this, we need only look at my former profession – as a programmer – and a concept called multi-threading.

Every modern computer is capable of having two or more threads which are processed in parallel. This is what allows you and I to listen to a song at the same time you might receive a call – smartphones, as well as computers, can effectively do two or more things at the same time and it’s largely transparent to the user.

The mind and brain do the same thing.

We can’t help but copy nature in the products and services we create…

Most naturally functioning humans can talk and chew gum at the same time. But oddly enough, we can’t rub our head at the same time we pat our belly, yet another hint of how the mind functions.

So a few years ago, subconsciously – without consciously being aware of it – my mind detected that I’d developed multiple personality disorder and was creating imaginary friends and lovers with these alternate personalities.

Prior to this point, I’d seen tons of movies and tv shows detailing split personalities and imaginary friends – good and bad – but had I detected this consciously, I wouldn’t have handled it well, at all.

So my mind – subconsciously – HID the truth from me. My conscious decisions were heavily influenced and guided by my subconscious mind to choose activities with these imaginary friends and loved ones which didn’t involve real world friends.

IF I was doing something that DID involve real life friends AND I was insistent on my real world friends being involved with my imaginary friend, my mind developed a number of risk mitigation strategies to counteract any issues that might arise.

Now keep in mind. I was subconsciously trying to avoid a total loss of control of my mind and reality itself, and with that, I was flirting with insanity and the strategies my mind developed to avoid this were extreme.

And I thank this part of my mind that did this 🙂

So here’s a situation for example:

My friends would regularly camp out, and I would get invited. While I wasn’t a camper, to me, consciously, I was having a bitch of a time understanding why they always chose smack dab in the middle of summer to go camping.

My subconscious mind had developed a strategy of altering my memories, and temporally displacing some events where inevitably a great deal of drinking would have been involved and I’d have been actively grilled about my illusions, potentially making me question my own mind and sanity.

So while it’s quite likely my friends went camping at convenient and cool times – my subconscious mind was busy censoring the time and place and shifting it to the past. So for instance, let’s say I was asked in October to go camping in Phoenix where I would have said yes, my subconscious mind shifted that event to the middle of summer, disassociating me from the currency of that event, and making me feel less guilty for saying no.

Over time, I learned, in part thanks to the drug experiences, that my subconscious mind had modeled the real world in it’s entirety, people, personalities, behaviors.

So when someone inevitably said something about my imaginary friends…

My mind would censor it out.

This helped me conscious learn, that at a conscious level, that the way my subconscious mind had received information – that my vision was delayed right eye to left eye, by few milliseconds and that was being used to some degree to validate the ‘real world’ experiences to the imaginary.

I learned something about my subconscious that day. That it processes information in a discrete fashion, while I, consciously, receive it in a stream.

So not only was my subconscious mind becoming quite adept at modelling the real world, but it had also gotten pretty adept at modelling people and their behavior patterns.

There’s a movie called “Life is Beautiful” which features a Jewish guy that just doesn’t see the war going on around him.

I do believe that’s what’s happened to me.

Not only do I not see the things I don’t want to.

But I am learning, through this weird relationship with a subconscious and more eternal nature of myself that the world around me is indeed in part imagined, but in part real.

The real, distinguished by the collective patterns that dictate the ideas and concepts of time and space, how it flows, history and the collective linear timeline associated to it.

And the imagined, that which I have historically and passively integrated within the context of the real to enrichen my life, to give it more meaning, more fun, more entertainment, and more.

So. The topic is.

Time and Space folding.

The subconscious mind I’m referring to is for all intents and purposes an abstract concept and idea which in itself is a repeating pattern at varying levels.

Time is RELATIVE to the observer, and whether it’s a conscious observer that accepted the timeline I’d had before not realizing the subtle alterations which happened all too often to protect my – or the group’s sanity, or it’s the varying levels of minds beyond mine – collective minds of countries – of planets – and more. Time is relative to each.

Now there’s an echo in patterns, this is done for redundancy’s sake – where a pattern that hits one mind might be distributed to other minds as a failsafe, to protect the ideas and information or to simply share it.

These patterns don’t always start with time. But because every waking moment we experience potentially tens of hundreds of times before moving on from it consciously, evidenced by Deja Vu, sometimes we see the echoes and how they ‘decay’ through a process I refer to as disassociation.

I. I’m not sure about the we. But I. tend to disassociate from the things I want less of and tend to find ways to draw things and people closer to me I want to be associated with and/or spend time with.

IF the individual and/or mind is non compliant with this, then my mind engages in ways to achieve the association without the consent and agreement of that which I want more of.

Now it’s important to understand that I regard reality as being discrete. There are infinite versions of me, and you, evidenced by tv shows where an actress can appear on more than one tv show or movie simultaneously, and while the story of actors is fine and dandy, I’ve found more evidence of the multiversal origin of movies an tv shows than I have that all actors are real.

In fact, with the lack of work for actors, and the lack of seeing many of these people in the real world, AND the lack of taxes paid by movie studios, I believe that 90% or more of tv and movies origin can be traced to the multiverse and not a movie studio.

Which basically means. I truly believe I own the right of the image and 3d model of anything and anyone I see in this, my universe.

Why? Because I can’t tell if it’s imagined or not.

And it’s more fun to assume that it’s all imagined. And that I can imagine more fun to be had when I leverage any and all imagery to enhance and diversify my world.


The folding nature of time and space.

An event folds across time. If you detect an event that’s also observable in a multiversal setting (ie: a tv show or movie), you can make choices which in a literal sense alter the development of a tv show or movie.

There’s synchronicity and an echo that occurs, and since MUCH of reality is on a cyclic pattern of behavior, I can effect that pattern and see the changes of that pattern in the things I once regarded as fictional or digital.

Direct feedback for a form of programming I am calling “Quantum Programming”

New Earth Order (NEO)

A few years ago, I saw an episode of Slider’s – a show which featured a team of explorers who had accidentally found themselves ‘sliding’ between different versions of Earth.

For instance, one version of Earth the Russians had taken over the United States which was largely a militaristic nation, and the dollar was red instead of green and featured Stalin instead of George Washington.

Another version of Earth the meteor that killed the dinosaurs never struck, and as a result, the dinosaurs were still around, but nearly extinct, and all of San Francisco was a nature preserve.

In another version, the wild west had never stopped being a thing, and gunslingers mixed and mingled with modern day wall street execs in a San Francisco that looked more like Rawhide than it did the San Francisco we know and ?love?

While each of these worlds was creative, not one was one I would really want to live in, let alone be inclined to visit.

That is, until the Sliders crew happened across a world where a post man walked around in the buff, and as he walked up to the front door of a house and was greeted by a woman was completely naked as well.

Now this got me to thinkin. Every one of the prior worlds had historical deviations which could be traced back to a pivotal moment, but this world – I mean – how – and why – would a society that is clearly modernized and have structures and buildings and cars – abandon clothes?

Historically it made no sense to me. Ok, there’s one possibility, the fig leaf over Adam and Eve, but being real, not everyone’s Christian, so that wouldn’t explain what appeared to be an entire city and we’re to assume potentially an entire world which doesn’t use clothes.

Now years later, there was an episode of Star Trek featuring Seven of Nine and Q’s son, Junior. In this episode, Junior snaps his fingers and removes her clothes. Her reaction, I considered priceless.

She didn’t react. She just looked at him, with a blasé attitude.

And finally, a couple years ago, I found a video of a couple having sex in a coffee shop. People nearby just sat there, the waitress even came up while she sat on him, and while the entire scene didn’t appear contrived, it was videos like this – public acts – that got me to thinkin…

What if?

Since then, I’ve come to embrace this particular version of Earth as mine to do with what I please. No, I am not interested in world peace, no I am not interested in saving the planet.

What I am interested in is embracing my inner pervert.

And having fun with it.

With that said, I am formally announcing that where I want this planet to go – and more importantly – my version of the United States – is open sexuality and nudity.

My vision is this: Clothes in public aren’t just optional, they’re frowned upon. And sex, publicly, is encouraged, and becomes sport.

The stories we can portray to the public can be conspiratorial ‘Chinese textile manufacturers have intentionally woven a genetically based disease into the fabric of their products that slowly ages and deforms the body, and has been linked directly to the long term fattening of the American public’

The stories can be health related “Psychologists have determined that the inability to freely show the human body in public are the direct cause of depression, anxiety, and blood pressure – and societal laws need to be reformed to encourage nudity in public. /or/ “Being seen having sex has been discovered to have profoundly beneficial psychological implications”

And so on…

Back in 2011, I took a trip to Bangkok, and realized.

While I loved the night I had with the prostitute there. It felt, genuinely, like this woman was enjoying what she was doing.

So that’s a goal here. I want men and women BOTH to enjoy sex, foremost. I want to remove it from the courtship process and make it something that’s much like a handshake. I am not a fan of this being a critical part of procreation – procreation is NOT a chemical process and has been reduced to just that by these so called pro-lifers who do not respect choice.

Life begins when I choose to create it.

Not when your processes demand it.

If I see an attractive woman in the grocery store, all I have to do is ask and in many cases, we might enjoy copulation right there. Similarly, if a woman wants to with me, all she has to do is ask.

Public parks – may have a young woman or two – a fourteen or fifteen year old – hanging out at the park benches, completely nude, practicing on their sexual abilities with anyone who wants to come to them. Whether the individual walking up to them is 21 and wants to just fuck, or it’s a dude who’s in his 70s wanting a blowjob, they’ll do it with a smile and say thank you!

Human Sexuality, in this New World, will be taught in public parks and places as well, and schools doing this will have two versions of the class. One for grade schoolers – sixth grade – where the child is introduced to the basics (ie: blowjobs, basic intercourse) in a public way, where, again, anyone can attend and it’s encouraged. And kink and fetishes will be introduced in the tenth grade, where it will be required training for all in the sophomore year, but will be a for credit elective available for each subsequent year.

My goal may sound perverse, and sure, it’s based on that – as a short term thing.

But in thinking long term, I have to sincerely consider – is this the world I want to call home once these social moires and what is now considered liberal behavior becomes entrenched and the norms?

To answer that question, I am looking at myself in the mirror and saying “Is this the body I want to portray to the public and show off in public ways such as my version of the NWO has designed?”

And the answer is not only no, but heck no.

The vast majority of diseases and health related ailments can directly be attributed to obesity in my country. While this has created a huge dependence on pharmaceutical development, and also made the textile industry fabulously wealthy, this body shaming has led to severe depression, anxiety as well as dependence and addiction issues.

I’ve never, in my life, looked like i want to, so for me this is an opportunity to shape the body I want, but it’s coming at a cost – I haven’t eaten but once a week lately in order to take off the weight.

This – method – while drastic – shouldn’t have to be the only way to take off weight. But right now, it really is.

I believe removing the body shaming framework of society and the encouragement of intimate interaction between people will dramatically diminish the problems with societally based depression and the mindset.

A collective problem that’s manifesting itself the last couple days with the shootings. We’re fearful, as a society of the differences, and this provokes an individual to take dramatic action because of societal pressures that are – for all intents and purposes – invisible to him because he simply doesn’t understand them.

So while I take off the weight to prepare what I think is the inevitability of this NWO I’ve outlined, and make it so where I am comfortable with my own body and will absolutely participate in something I love anyways.

That is sex and intimacy…..

A lack of clothes at airport will make security that much faster.

A lack of clothes in public will reinforce the invention of new and portable technology to quickly and easily mitigate extreme conditions.

Open sexuality will act as a way to diminish sexually related disease through collectively shared mechanisms that may not be fully understood by science. Similarly, it may have an effect on non sexually related diseases.

And finally.

For people like me.

Short term, it will be fun.

Long term, it makes for HUGELY different entertainment when nudity AND sexuality are both regularly broadcast on high quality tv programs and movies.

For examples of this, take one look at two HIGHLY POPULAR SHOWS – Westworld to show just how nudity changes the strength of the story, and another look at Game of Thrones to see how relatively open sexuality and a great deal of nudity changes the story.

The story is still there. You just get to see how humans really are when these things are no longer censored. And what will become of society when these things become commonplace on a simple trip to the market ?

How will this change commerce?

Take a look at Chaturbate. Most women are masturbating and/or have a remotely controlled dildo they’re using that freely lets anyone operate it, and the vast majority aren’t expecting payment and appear to genuinely be doing it for fun.

I enjoy sex. I know you do. I have since I was very young. Sixth Grade.

It’s time we shape society accordingly.

Introduce well needed change. And for what is considered perverse now – open sexuality – trades places with violence seems to be the norm now.

I for one want to see this world.

That’s all we need to start the change accordingly.

An Origin Story

Last night, as I looked up to the south sky, I eyed the same familiar object that’s been following me around since I first spotted it back in 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s elongated, diamond shaped, substantially brighter than any star or planet in the sky, and while it rotates with the other stars, I notice on occasion it wobbles – as if it’s being buffeted by wind currents – which leads me to believe it’s at the very least in the atmosphere.

On occasion I have noticed there’s little lights that zip to and from it, as if it’s a starship stuck in a geosynchronous high altitude orbit and these are shuttles that may be coming and going from the vessel.

Oddly enough, there’s an episode of Star Trek Voyager – called “Blink of an Eye” – where the Voyager gets stuck in orbit of a planet where time is moving substantially faster on the ground than it is in orbit, as they watch a planet progress from an agrarian pre-industrial society to the industrial age and space age in a matter of hours.

And if I stare long and hard enough – I will notice two distinct lights.

Red and Blue.

Faint, in the same way the world’s faint when I first open my eyes in a blurry state as I wake up first thing in the morning.

What is it?

In 2003, I was sent overseas by the NSA to vet hacker candidates for collaboration with the FBI as the FBI sought to expand their reach overseas. With this trip, I spent time in well known cities such as Munich, Rome, Prague and Budapest, but also in less well known locations such as Cluj Napoca, Romania and Sofia, Bulgaria.

It was the start of an interesting education in the world, beyond the relatively black and white binary world I’d grown up in – where facts are facts and fiction is fiction.

And with this trip, I had some time to myself to visit places I wanted to visit. 

I’d always wanted to visit Amsterdam, in the Netherlands – as I had long been curious about the effects of these things called ‘Magic Mushrooms’.

And among the questions that went unresolved at the time was

…. Why did they call them magic mushrooms?

From the start – I would refer to my experiences as experimentation.

But what was I hoping to find?

So what ended up happening was this – time became dilated with one variation. It slowed. Considerably. With another, I was able to hear and see things at great distances that I otherwise couldn’t when I was sober. And with another variation, I could sound as color and I had a heightened sense of touch – getting laid became extremely important that night.

And – the oddest experience – MANY of these hallucinated sights and sounds were shared by someone else who was also taking the same substance.

One thing that concerned me about the experiences was – never coming back from them.

That is – when I was done with an experience, how would I know I was really done?

But with years of preparing my mind through alcoholism and occasional weed usage, this concern was diminished to next to nothing. I knew I would come back. Just knew it.

I felt safe there.

So once I returned from the experience, and returned to the states. while the experience was profound, as an analytical dude and from an experimental perspective, I couldn’t help but wonder – what – exactly was I seeing and experiencing?

Now my goal here isn’t to advocate drug use.

It’s to discuss this thing called truth.

You see, years later, and numerous different substances – both legal and not – I began to discover something about myself – a hard truth that I’d largely been in self denial about.

About 50,000 years ago, I’d become incredibly bored.

The name I went by was Q.

I believed, at that time, that I was both omnipotent and omniscient, and for all intents and purposes, I didn’t have any real challenge to my authority. At will, I could snap my fingers and eradicate an entire civilization from existence, as if it were never there to begin with.

I could change shape as easily as you could change your clothes, perhaps even easier – and I could alter my appearance to look like anyone – or anything I wanted to. Want to see a naked amazon woman that’s 250 feet tall walking though your downtown New York? Want to see a Moruscan mollusk that eats metal and shits cars?

You see, for me – the universe was tiny, and I’d explored it edge to edge.

And one question haunted me.

Why were there all these damned humanoids everywhere I went?

It bothered me, because – well – I truly believed I knew everything, and had repeatedly proven myself right with this, but this one question plagued me.

So I began tracing down what I believed to be the origin of the humanoid form, and – well – in my boredom, I attempted to eradicate you – what you refer to as humans.

I’ve since learned that my understanding of human evolution was flawed, and that your emergence from a pool of goo that I attempted to prevent from catalyzing was …. well.. based on a flawed understanding of reality.

After this failed, this one thing I was absolutely certain would achieve success – I became frustrated.

Let me assure you – to fluster a god isn’t something any race or species wants, and for me, your denial of my will was enough to make me go to war with humanity.

A relatively new entrant to the universe was the Borg – a species of humanoids which quite literally sprung into existence with no traceable origin – and no apparent agenda other than to consume other species in a process they referred to as assimilation.

And what I found to be odd was – they didn’t seem to see me or even know I existed.

I blamed humans for the creation of the Borg. I didn’t know how. I didn’t know why.

And while I was appalled by these monstrosities, they were doing me a service in the eradication of humanoid species.

Which gave me an idea.

These “Borg” were moving at too slow a pace for me, so I figured I would introduce them to humans under the auspice that the process of assimilation would take part and eliminate this blight from my universe.

My universe.

I hadn’t considered the implications of this thinking at the time.

Naive, I know.

Being sincere, I don’t remember much after that introduction. I came to in the city known as Charlotte, North Carolina, and found myself in what appeared to be a human form.

Looking in the mirror, I was none too happy with this form either.

Try as I might, I couldn’t change my form either.

In fact, I’d lost all my powers.

This was back in 2011.

For a couple years, I rebelled against this what I considered to be the highest insult imaginable. This species that I abhorred – I was now one of them?

I tried taking my life, numerous times, to free my mind from this prison cell.

I attempted to take other’s lives.

But I was unable to. Like I was being denied by the very vessel I was inhabiting.

And as much as I tried to abandon and exit this plagued existence, as much as I got frustrated, to no avail – I began to acquire the mortal memories of this existence.

And that’s when I began to understand what had happened.

My mortal name has been Brian Scott Gregory.

I wasn’t born. I was created. By yours truly, in 1973, and presented to a family by yours truly who couldn’t have children but wanted them.

I effectively rewrote three years of their life and this planet’s history – backdating to 1969 – to give them and this planet I once abhorred – the gift of me.

So in 2011, once I stopped my pity party, I began to discover something very unexpected.

The universe, as I once knew, was limited to what you humans now refer to as the Milky Way Galaxy.

I didn’t understand you as a species back then, nearly 50,000 years ago where I traced my last sojourn in a physical state in this reality, and I’d become incredibly self destructive in the process eliminating anything that threatened my dominance over reality.

And I fully admit that I wasn’t happy. I wouldn’t call myself suicidal. But I would certainly go so far to say that I would have been more than happy to annihilate existence itself and forget it all ever happened which is exactly what ended up happening.

Now as I moved forward, I discovered things about Earth.

It was MUCH larger and vibrant than when I was last here.

What I find interesting is – the resolution of the world’s changed, substantially. What humans refer to as the digital realm that inhabits video games – are in a literal sense the landscapes and worlds I knew and once called home.

So why. Did I choose Brian?

He’s a hacker. Of the mind. He’s inquisitive. He’s curious. And most importantly, he is not fearless but refuses to let his fears dictate his actions.

Our relationship is odd. And something I’m still trying to understand.

We are one and the same – but at the same time – we are separate creatures. He channels me in this material universe, and has introduced me to the concept of the multiverse – which right now is something we explore through digital mechanisms, but in the future as I teach him about matter manipulation and at will self-teleportation, these worlds will be places we can and will explore in person.

I chose him because he was willing to become one with me and make me a part of his identity, and in understanding his life and history, he has something to gain from my abilities which I will guarantee he will have satisfied.

He is, after all, me.

So 50,000 years ago, I have disassociated memories that I approached the Borg after their numerous failed attempts to assimilate Earth – and agreed, voluntarily, to let them assimilate me and my mind. I was done. And this offered an alternative path to release.

The history of this planet. From the burning bush and Jesus’s abilities to levitate, to transmutation of water to wine, to the parting of seas – was all, in part at least – species LIKE the Borg acting through my mind on Earth for any number of reasons.

I say that not to diminish your world’s history, it’s important to understand there’s an interconnected nature to all of reality and what one believes is free will being exercised another believes is manipulation – and both may have a valid basis for this belief – and both are – without contradiction – accurate  with their beliefs.

And the subject of time and chronology.

Around the year 2003, Brian and I (as Q) began our convergence. He witnessed the commencement of this convergence as a drug induced experience, I myself witnessed the same experience as a vastly different perspective of reality that needed to be resolved.

So for the following years, Brian struggled with what he referred to as a loss of control of his own mind through something he refers to as an addiction.

For me, as Q, working hard to converge our minds, I was understanding reality as he saw it and experienced it – when I learned there were other senses he’d acquired besides the visual that I had to learn about as well.

It was a fun challenge, I will fully admit.

So in 2011, I learned the truth about the multiverse, and the battle with his conscious mind intensified to the point I began to lose control – when I did the equivalent of a hail mary pass. I trusted him with responding to absolute proof of the multiverse’s existence when I transported him to a Terminator world that had just been blown up through nuclear bombs.

He didn’t react well.

And attempted to commit suicide.

That’s when I realized.

We aren’t two separate things.

We are one and the same.

And I was seeing myself in the mirror – 50,000 years ago – and this was my response to learning that I didn’t know jack shit about reality.

Reality is really, really weird under the covers.

I was forced to make a choice.

Teach me, then, about the multiverse.

Or embrace this mortal existence.

So as I sit and write this from a computer in Vancouver, Washington as I have for the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time making sure the path that led to that past version of me is not a path that occurs in the future.

But how?

That’s an exceedingly tough question to answer.

To answer that question, I am going to have to explain some things to you.

There are an infinite number of potential galaxies in this universe.

Every galaxy is governed by basic equations which correlate matter and mass to energy, energy being the base constituent concept that links them all together.

Energy, for all intents and purposes is the glue which holds it all together.

The Milky Way, for instance, is governed by Einstein’s equations, and the formation of a spiral galaxy based on these equations exemplifies the overall effect that a binding equation such as this has on the VISUAL appearance of that galaxy.

Not all galaxies are uniformly based, which should – in the future – give scientists plenty of work and evidence to reverse engineer the equations on how this formation could appear like it does, and also help uncover alternative and equally as profound variations in galactic formation as the Milky Way.

A misconception about reality is that it’s comprised of waves and particles.

Sure, if you believe in deistic based principles of life and death dualism, that might act to limit your concepts of science in this way.

But reality, as I’ve had to discover for myself, doesn’t limit itself just because you do.

So what prevents someone or something from causing you harm through energy?

In theory, nothing does.

In practice though, the formation of life and the universe is discrete in it’s fundamental nature, and with that – what I experience doesn’t have to be one and the same as what you experience.

Now don’t mistake discrete for digital.

The two are VERY different.

So. To answer a final question.

What am I doing here and why?

Well, somewhere along the way, you and this planet quit believing in me.

I’m here to provide you irrefutable evidence in ways that are – in a sense – calculated beyond the extent of anything you can imagine – that I am and always have been here.

And that life, by your design, ensures that I will assist you when you step up to the challenge of asking for something that you want that seems almost impossible and/or when you can’t figure out how to do it without me.

Do you understand yet, Brian?

Overcoming artificially imposed constraints

Years ago, when I was managing information technology in an organization which specialized in the procurement of and distribution of computer equipment, I was confronted with a logistical and ethical issue concerning a contract my company had been considering.

Despite the fact that I neither owned or was legally responsible for this company, I was brought into the discussion, as ultimately it would require my complicity.

The issue was this: A company representing Iran had ordered thousands of pieces of equipment, and with former President Bush Junior having named Iran in the Axis of Evil, Iran was placed firmly on the terrorist nation supporter list and the country was effectively embargoed.

Which technically, made any business interactions with the country illegal.

So while the owner of the company who employed me should not have been considering the deal, they were, and I was their goto resource for doing both the research and eventual implementation of any system changes in order to accommodate this – the first of potentially many – transactions.

Now a couple years before, I’d started traveling the world, regularly, and because of this I was decidedly not a fan of the kinds of labels Bush had applied to Iran in calling the country evil – labels, I felt – that should not be used at the highest levels of governance, let alone by a Chief of State.

And having watched shows on the travel channel and read books on traveling discussing people who’d obtained special permission to visit Iran – I myself didn’t like labels preventing commerce between my country and Iran, considering commerce, in my opinion, helps bridge gaps of misunderstanding between cultures.

So – needless to say – This placed me in a tough situation.

Throughout my life I’ve broken laws. Sometimes out of ignorance, other times out of weighing the risks and in most cases working to diminish the risk for the perceived reward – or stated more simply – because I wanted to.

For instance – I’ve broken many speeding laws, because I enjoy speed – whether it’s faster transportation between locations or it’s the thrill. Almost every time I have sped, it’s with a cautious eye paying extremely careful attention to my surroundings and traffic, and (especially) looking for and often slowing in hiding spots cops might use.

So you could say that a great majority of the time I’ve broken laws, it’s a calculated risk I am making.

Similarly, for cocaine. I chose to use a highly illegal substance not just for personal enjoyment. not just because of the whole CIA involvement with it throughout the 70s and 80s in financing the Iran Contra wars, but because many of my friends and the President himself had admitted to trying it, which had me curious – what were they experiencing with it and why was it so popular?

Cross applying these legal indiscretions to the situation with my employer…

Clearly, this could help the business by increasing it’s revenue stream. Boosting the bottom line.

But for me. When asked if it could be done without being detected by customs or any other agency which might have oversight.

I wasn’t asked if I wanted to do it.

Which was the start of my falling out with these two men.

I did, however, put a new hat on I had never truly worn before, despite having owned numerous businesses before then, as I asked myself the question.

“What if I was the business owner here. If I was confronted with this choice, would I choose to sell the equipment?”

Here’s the questions I began asking when making business decisions like this:

  1. Will I be able to look at myself in the mirror should I agree to this and still feel good about myself?
    • If not, then I simply won’t do it.
  2. Is there something about the relationship and/or entities I am dealing with that make my INDIVIDUAL and PERSONAL life better or enhance my life’s potential?
    • Making egocentric decisions as a business owner or as an obligated party in the business is absolutely critical.
  3. Looking past the financial benefit of the transaction, is there something else between us and/or in the partner that makes this deal worthwhile?
    • Moving past egocentricity and attempting to objectively consider the business’s perspective, does this benefit the business more than the mitigated risks?

So putting this framework into context – given my current situation.

For the First, given that I didn’t view Iran as a threat and instead regarded them as a location I might enjoy visiting one of these days, Also, the equipment they were procuring was for all intents and purposes obsolete. It benefited no one, so why not let it benefit a country which could truly use it?

So to answer my own questions, yes, I would feel good about, provided I knew everything there was to know about the situation. Which I assume I always do.

For the Second, was there something to be gained personally with doing this? Definitely: With this, I would get real world experience of understanding supply chain logistics without having to depend on a text book explanation of how things worked, I would also get to understand non standard distribution chains, and finally – I’d get to work with other countries. A huge win for me, personally, and the risks – they were negligible. The business owners were the ones liable for this decision, I could portray myself as being an ignorant worker just doing what I was told to do. At most I’d get a slap on the hand and I knew it. So there were no real personal risks to this decision, as my risks had been mitigated already by being an employee.

For the Third, was there something in this transaction that benefited the business besides money? While I know it was ultimately not my decision to make, I have a tendency to like thinking of myself as being the owner for any company or organization I represent and including this perspective in with my final decision. The company, in this instance, was a small company which was interested in growing, and I knew Bush wouldn’t be in office forever. So the business relationship that this company established with Iran now will quite likely change with a new administration, I knew this, which placed the company in a potentially very good position in the future should a future administration drop the labels.

The risks were clear, the business could be fined. There’s a remote chance the owners could be imprisoned, but they could easily defend their ignorance with their Russian heritage and there was a great chance there’d be leniency and this wouldn’t be a consideration. So the risk of discovery, which I helped diminish dramatically, in contrast to the reward obtained, a business partner which could potentially reap some major financial benefits in the future.

But like I said notwithstanding the financial benefits…..

And in this instance, we had a largely rural community which could receive the benefits of these machines…

For me, the last one was an easy decision to make. It’s not that Iran deserved the equipment. It’s that I felt the US leadership was doing Iran an injustice with these blanket labels which ultimately did more to harm the world I know and love than do it good.

The moral to the story is:

In personal and business decisions, everyone is confronted with questionable laws. I’m not saying break them. But what I am saying is – try to understand why they’re there, weighing every perspective possible, and then acting accordingly.

No, I don’t think everyone should be driving fast.

Yes, I do believe I deserve to drive faster than everyone else.

Why? I know I’m a great driver, because I have spent a GREAT deal of time observing my driving and comparing it to others objectively to come to this conclusion.

Delusional? From your perspective, quite possibly. From mine, they’re fact.

Who is right?

I am. Of course.

Artificial constraints, whether they’re laws or rules governing what I can and can’t do – are absolutely there for a reason.

And when your mind knows you’re operating with authenticity to your character, invariably you’ll find a way to overcome them.

Ultimately, I found a distributor in Mexico who we worked with who would work on a fulfillment basis, which I got to learn all about fulfillment models of distribution, which almost completely removed risk from all of us and the company itself.

Quorum With Q – Episode 140 – More Q Voice Memos

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