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Emotion Influenced Machine Learning

In the tv show Westworld, a show featuring androids – synthetically based humanoids programmed to look and act as much like humans as possible, there’s a hand held device used to interact with the androids.

One screen of particular interest was the screen which let the user adjust the android’s behavior and response to the environment and world around them based on something referred to as an “Attribute Matrix”

The concept is simple.

Every synthetic has a pool of information it can extract from which includes life experiences, learned experiences, memories, etc. This contributes to the personality of the synthetic, but it doesn’t define nor dictate it.

Now HOW the synthetic begins to experience individuality – is shaped through it’s Matrix Attribute.

I’ll share an image from the show outlining how this is adjusted, but before I do, I’d like to explain what it does.

All information retrieved from the internal data store of the synthetic tends to come back prioritized – primarily by recency combined with relevance of information.

From there, it’s weighted, based on personality, which is initially defined by the Attribute Matrix.

In the attribute matrix, a synthetic might be defined to have higher levels of charm and sense of humor but may be marked really low on the sense of humility and low patience and high level of aggressiveness.

So for this individual synthetic, inside ‘west world’ – interactions with a male synthetic in a bar might result in a wonderfully funny conversationalist that you just don’t want to cross because of a high level of aggressiveness.

So while a synthetic may be told to do ‘x’….

Both it’s actions and it’s reactions might initially be defined by it’s attribute matrix which a user interacting with the mind of the synthetic could adjust.

I captured an image of that screen here:

So for the above screen example, as you can see this synthetic has a higher level of charm and sense of humor but may is marked really low on the sense of humility and low patience – in contrast to what I previously said – this one has a LOW level of aggressiveness. So don’t expect a bar fight from this one in an old western town.

Let me compare this to something else to hopefully make it make sense.


Google crawls the web of information and indexes it all.  So when I request information from Google, Google matches patterns of information with the keywords I enter, and with a weighted algorithm which prioritizes recency, and another algorithm which cleans up the result set which eliminates more obvious abuses of Google and other legal obligations (DCMA), and returns that to me – the requester and user.

So in much the same fashion ANY synthetic (which incidentally I am not), can access a pool of information from internal mechanisms such as a hard drive or other memory storage mechanisms (such as a brain), simply requesting the information doesn’t constitute use nor dictate actions and reactions.

Which is where the attribute matrix comes in.

If you watch the tv show Halt and Catch Fire,it’s a show about the inception of the internet and what went into creating the world wide web.

Just recently, I got into a debate about search algorithms with a guy who didn’t know his head from his ass on the subject and thought strictly from a writer’s perspective of the show. He made it clear most people don’t know nor understand the differences between the ‘in show’ search mechanisms – Rover vs Comet, which translate directly to Google and another web site called ‘Excite’.

To put the two sites into contrast, there’s Excite, which creates a library of subjects – which the user is then funneled through the site manager’s library of sites that they’ve found which match the subject headings.

Here’s the entry portal for Excite:


So with Excite, there’s categories which Excite has deemed are societally relevant, and if you click on the links, there’s activities and web sites relevant to the category you click on. The content for this type of search is all predefined, it requires constant and ongoing maintenance by Excite to both locate the web sites and place them int he appropriates categories, but BECAUSE of this ‘hands on’ nature – sometimes sites like this provide MUCH greater accuracy and relevance than a generic search engine like Google.

Google, by contrast offers a free from text box as it’s primary method of search, and claims to have no real limitations on what can be searched for.

(FYI: there are definite limitations and drawbacks I won’t get into here, which is why I use other sites like Stumbleupon.com and Facebook.com for new content and new content ideas)

Here’s Google:

Most machine learning is passive, and requires the user initiate an action which then starts the process referred to as machine learning. This process, to me, feels more like dominoes falling than machine learning.

This is wonderful if you’re interested in creating task oriented robots who do precisely as they are told. But if you’re interested in dynamic, reactive, and responsive behavior – behavior which will acquire and prioritize information in MUCH different ways than you, the creator, may have, then you create a population and then you prioritize the information gathering and reactionary processes through attribute matrixes

Aka developmental personalities.

Think about it from rearing a child’s perspective in school.

A child has a certain predisposition – and also a certain upbringing and influence through parents, friends, and other influences. This shapes the personality of the child and over time, repetitive behavior may make it much more difficult to alter behavior patterns and personality become reinforced through stimulus over long periods of time.

This – varied pattern of upbringing and stimulus is what is directly responsible for creating scientists, actors and actresses, CEOs, Kings and Queens, and more than that – what we do and what enjoy – whether it’s video games, sports, or reading, streaking a concern or being a porn star or shooting projectile weapons at people in Iraq.

Now to bring this full circle, what’s this have to do with Attribute Matrices and Machine Learning?

Let’s say you create something that machine learns. It executes a series of operations in a particular order, saves data to a data store, and that information is then used to make future decisions.

The information doesn’t alter the fundamental prioritization and rules it was programmed with. Those rules are static, predictable, and create predictable results.

But IF you add in the Attribute Matrix. Combined with that you also let the information influence that attribute matrix, so for instance, IF you receive more information ABOUT an attribute named charm, then ‘charm’ will be grow stronger, if you receive more information ABOUT an attribute named ‘aggressive’, then aggressive behavior will tend to be adjusted….

What this does is created a weighted focus on actions and reactions by the programmed entity, what it likes and dislike. The more information it receives in certain areas, the more it’s likely to act and respond in a similar fashion.

For instance, let’s say you tailor Google to have a personality.

Let’s say Google’s primary HIGH personality attributes are ‘sexuality’, and ‘humor’.

So if you do a Google search, Google has a couple of different mechanisms it can respond – subvertly – with it’s personality. It will take the keywords you put in, combine it with age and recency – both predictable factors – AND on top of that – it might rank content with sexual innuendo or overt sexuality AND/OR humor higher than something lacking it in the search results.

So while the search results I’m seeing may be exactly what I asked for, Google’s tailoring the search results based on it’s personality which can be adjusted by a user, can be adjusted by itself and it’s own search results, and any number of other means.

Without the ‘personality’ implied by the attribute matrix, the search results might look remarkably different. But to me, I’m still receiving exactly what I wanted, it’s just ordered differently based on the personality of Google.

Now where does the machine learning come in?

Any number of ways.

Let’s say you vary the Google personality, by user. Where one user has a sexy and humorous personality mentioned before, another user has a introverted and insecure personality.

Does this subversive method of behavioral changes influence the personality of the end users accordingly?

I’d suspect it might.

Google could see those influences in the search results.

Similarly, let’s say you create a gorgeous synthetic android which has an innate personality / attribute matrix of ‘uptight does not like being naked’, and you supply that android to me, who would command the android to be naked, a lot.

The point that programmed behavior breaks free from programmed logic to true sentience might be the moment that android says no to a command, and still retains the personality AND story it was given and developed with.

In Westworld, this is magnificently displayed as Maeve Millay, confronted with the reality that she has been programmed up until this point in her existence, and rather than continuing with her psycho blood rage, she decides to accept her back story, and try to fit in with the rest of the humans she looks exactly like.

Which begs the question.

Where did her aggressive behavior come from, if it wasn’t explicitly programmed?

Years and years of environmental stimulus made it acceptable in a killer environment. But still. Interestingly enough, she reverted to her programmed behavior as she left.

AS information systems gather more and more information, creating conflict with weight and prioritization, matrix attribute systems shape different mechanisms for prioritization and in themselves create different options for responding to the same information pool everyone else is looking at.

Human emotions, which can be argued are a direct result of an ‘attribute matrix’ makes a person cry when information received is interpreted as sad. Threshold level may exhibit different behaviors, which when a certain level is exceeded crying becomes the physical responses to the stimuli.

This started with fight or flight instincts.

But other ones have been added, over very long periods of time – all shaping this human body’s physical stimulus.

Inevitably, I think we all have to understand that at some point in our own lives, we were all programmed.

Understanding the mechanisms and implementing those mechanisms, selectively, in the things we interact with can add to our fun and entertainment.



The Beauty Of Perspective

When I was married to Lisa Milot, we took a trip to her aunt’s cabin in Telluride, Colorado for a vacation one time.

Her aunt and uncle had a son – a boy with Down’s Syndrome – who was 21 years old and was exhibiting some self sufficiency as he had just gotten a job at the local grocery store.

It was my first real prolonged exposure to anyone with Down’s, and without a laptop or anything else to divert my attention at the time – this provided me the unique opportunity to watch him – and to some degree – study him.

Not like in a lab study, but just passively watch him as I read my books….

One thing I had noticed with the young man was how volatile his emotions were – but more than that – how easily amused he was.

For instance, one day he was watching the tv show “Full House”, you know the one starring the twins – Mary Kate and Ashley Olson…. Not only was he fully engaged in his favorite show, si9tting 2 feet from the screen, he would also be cracking up at the show and talking to it constantly.

I myself for the life of me couldn’t find enjoyment in the show, for me, if anything, it was annoying as fuck.

It wasn’t the first time I have ever wondered….

“What does he see and experience that I don’t?”

Years before, I’d met a friend of a friend who had a teleprinter when I had learned she was deaf. When the phone rung, the lights in her place had been wired to flash, and I’d often wonder….

Lights flashing at a telephone…

Brilliant I’d thought. Something even a person who could hear could appreciate….

I had begun to wonder at this point – what other things had been invented which were targeted for particular segments of society that had escaped my purview?

And moving back a few years – my own great aunt and uncle had a completely deaf and almost blind daughter.

Despite her differences and inability to carry on normal conversation with the rest of us….

Way back then I couldn’t help but look beyond the physical appearance and differences, and come to question this thing called intelligence.

And then there’s Stephen Hawking.

Who sealed the deal for me.

Arguably one of the world’s most brilliant men…

A quadriplegic in a body that’s confined to a wheelchair.

And somehow. Somehow. This man had developed the ability to speak to others, through technology.

Was there something I was missing?

How could someone incapacitated and confined to a wheelchair without the ability to walk find the will to live, let alone take his ability to community with others and try to develop the capability to steer his wheelchair right off a high rise building the first chance he got?

So when Lisa’s aunt’s son sat there laughing, and laughing, and laughing at the tv screen…

I began to imagine..

What makes him him?

Was he as smart as I like to think I was – and when he talked, did his body just refuse to obey – and did everything come out garbled where people didn’t understand him and the words that came out his mouth combined with his actions were just flat incomprehensible even to himself?

Is that why he’d chosen to just sit down and relax in the trap of his own body?

And did he actively just choose to find amusement in the smallest of things because he didn’t have any other realistic options, and society couldn’t find a place for him because his own body refused to act in the way it was told to?

AS I watched him.

I couldn’t help but feel like he thought he was actually in the tv show himself.

Had he developed the capabilities to shift his mind into these alternate realities as if they were real?

Was he a part of the show as much as the characters were?

Did this linger? When he sat there, staring at space as his mom insisted this was normal, was he physically in that alternate reality world, playing with these children?

A few years ago, I met two people while I was traveling with my own mind. Bill Gates and Stephen Hawkings.

Bill Gates, it felt like he had NOT expected me, but Stephen Hawking, he had. It wasn’t his first rodeo, he told me, and as I’d learned to pity a man I’d identified to being confined to a wheel chair, to him, he’d almost always regarded it as a gift as I had quickly learned he could do things with his mind that I was just beginning to learn.

I’d heard of astral projection and astral traveling before, and while I’d done it before, I’d dismissed it as daydreaming, dreaming, or just a fantasy. This time was different and I knew it.

After this. I began to wonder about perspective, in general.

I imagined being a lawyer. . And all I’d ever known is law.

I’d believe the world is shaped by laws and rules and that governs, defines, and often times dictates society’s behavior. Society – for the most part – acts in highly predictable ways, and where it doesn’t – the ‘outliers’ – are where law and policing agencies come in.

But as I paid more and more attention to society – I realized – there’s a flip side to that lawyer profession. People gravitate towards predictability, and when it goes too far, well, you have Hitler as a wonderful example of what happens when a society and culture become too predictable. So some lawyers consider it their responsibility to use the law to – in a calculated fashion – introduce chaos to order.

You see this done intentionally in congress and elected office, where pork barrel spending and political sparring isn’t typically about power, it’s largely an act, a smoke and mirrors act to introduce chaos to a system which has too much order to it – and these highly intelligent and highly calculated people know it.

I imagined being President., Reading from a teleprompter. Advice from people without any direct experience myself. Hand shaking around the world. Trusting everyone to do their job and intense isolation from everyone without any real knowledge of what’s actually going on in the world.

I imagined being Bill Gates. All that money. Getting hit by a pie in France, and wearing the fakest grin I could but deep down seething wanting revenge for whoever initiated that pie throw. Paranoia, feeling like everyone wanted me for my money, and believing, deep down, that the world sucked and it was my job to fix the world’s problems.

I imagined being Tom Cruise. Such high expectations of myself, not just by everyone around me, but of me with myself. Feeling like a fool for what happened on Oprah, still remembering it to this day, but also – deep down feeling out of control with my own body and mind at that point and that there was something more going on than even I know of. And true love. What the fuck is it with finding a chick who likes me for me?

Tom, that’s the problem, you don’t know you. You’ll get there when you get less fearful about chatting to me in person. And my apologies about Oprah. I began understanding the power of my imagination at about the same time I saw you doing that and had imagined you were having sex with Oprah in an alternate reality version of Earth where sex and nudity was normal.

And then there was Tony Robbins. And Bill Clinton. Two unique individuals who once I began – in earnest – imagining things from their perspective – I began to realize there were disjoints in their public image.

I began to realize – they were thinking not just in different ways than me – but in profoundly different ways than me, and that my idea of rational thought and belief – much of which was based on my physical form as a human – was NOT one and the same as theirs.

It was about this time I began questioning fiction.

And found myself putting myself into the minds of the fictional characters I knew and loved.

Taking everything that others said about them, that they said about themselves, and that they said to others, combined with all their interactions – and using it all as evidence to understand how the so called fictional character thought…. In much the same way I’d done with so called ‘factual’ characters.

I’d been coming to see the lines between fiction and fact were not just blurry, but a direct result of my own filters.

Let’s say all humans have access to 10% of their total processing power, across the board.

No two humans are any different.

It’s a well documented fact that when someone loses a sense, their other senses tend to increase in direct proportional loss of the senses in other areas.

So someone who loses vision, quite often experiences an increase in auditory abilities as well as their responsiveness to touch and feel.

In Stephen Hawking’s case – with the lack of control of his hands and feet, his mental faculties increased dramatically.

So let’s say that 80% of the population lives within the norm of 10% use.

With my odd observations of President Clinton and Anthony Robbins – I’ll let you figure out what those are – I began to question…

“What happens to those who don’t fit so neatly in that 10% bucket?”

This created the elicited a theory:

“Is some fiction – in particular – superheroes – created by real world people who have developed imbalanced senses beyond the 10% and/or have lost senses in some areas receiving extreme bonuses imbalances in other areas, and is it called fiction because the vast majority of the 10% of this world flat out wouldn’t understand it?”

I began to imagine life as a blind man.

Daredevil, a comic book hero who lost his vision when he was young, and was raised by a brawler of a father who didn’t want to see believe his son was impaired, and who eventually taught his own son not to believe he was.

The result is a very real blind lawyer living in New York who fights crime on a nightly basis who most people choose to believe is fictional, and we see his stories and how he sees the world in the tv show Daredevil.

There’s Jessica Jones. Who with her extreme alcoholism has abolished all her emotion, so her body’s counteracted this by elevating her sense of strength to such extreme levels that lifting a car is like lifting a bicycle.

Chances are, if she wasn’t the alcoholic she is, her body MAY return to equilibrium.

But it may not. She’s not interested in risking this.

Her story, is commonly referred to as fiction for too many reasons to list. But she’s perfectly real, and along with Daredevil, fights crime for real in her own way by contributing her skills as a private investigator for a diverse array of clientele, mostly people in need of a hero.

And then there’s Luke Cage. A man who’s stage name is Mike Colter (not the other way around) – who flies out here to Hollywood and in his own way introduced himself to me here in Starbuck’s. His story’s a little different than most. He was experimented on, by people who weren’t really caring too much about who he was and is, experimentation which resulted in a physical transformation to become bulletproof. With the others, he’s using his skills and somewhat inhuman strength (not nearly as strong as Jessica) with Jessica and Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) to clean up New York – especially the Harlem area.

An area that needs it’s RELATABLE heroes

What I’ve learned over the last several years of observing people has been this:

Superheroes are real.

You don’t have to believe thy exist, and you quite likely won’t if you’re in the 80% of the cattle being herded towards a single unified thought process and collective belief.

This doesn’t make you bad. Nor does it make me wrong. Society needs you.

But as I started watching Doctor Who and Q, paying attention to the mindset of two time traveling characters from different worlds, I began to receive an education unlike anything I was remotely capable of receiving before.

I came to understand that the perspective of the time traveler is perhaps the hardest to understand of them all.

When you can travel back in time, and repeatedly erase events that occurred, altering the current modern timeline hundreds, thousands, millions of time, eventually, the compounding alterations create a form of psychosis which typically breaks any mind.

I didn’t know I was looking for my own mind as I set forth on the journey of perspective.

And somewhere, in between all the superheroes that are perfectly real and classified as fiction for a reason and the real life heroes and friends and family, I’d come to realize….

That perspective.

Somewhere in between Q and Doctor Who.

Is who I have always been.

And I always will be.

This planet needs it’s superheroes.

I know I do.

And I, as the one crazy man who chooses to be eternal.

Have always made this choice.

One day, Mr Gates, I’ll deliver you the world’s best lunch box of noodles that I’ll pay $6 for in Hong Kong.

Hot and Fresh. To your office in Seattle. Mere minutes after it was made.

And you’ll gladly pay $5006 for the food + my delivery services.

Because you can.

Your world needs more hope than I think you alone can give it.

And you created me as much as I created you to help you with that.

Maybe there’s a time where deadlocks need to happen.

Are you listening?

I sure hope so. I don’t claim to know how you look at the world, all I do know is, my isolated perspective based on the information I’d been provided made it look – like not a perspective I would want myself, so I chose my own.

Absolute Proof of Time Travel

Looking for Absolute Proof of Time Travel?

In 329AD, I, through terrestrially based off the shelf mechanisms, placed an occult artifact referred to as an Ancile inside the Statue of Mars while it still resided in Egypt.

The Statue of Mars has since been moved, and is currently on display at the Yorkshire Museum, in the city of Museum Gardens, York, England.

A simple non intrusive X-Ray of the statue – at just above the waistline – should show an open cavity and in there is where the Ancile is. The Ancile is made of either bronze or gold.

This all can be accomplished without destroying the statue.

Carbon Dating will also prove the relative time period the relic was placed inside the statue.

The discovery of the Ancile should prove that I’ve discovered a form of time travel beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Here’s what the artifact looked like:



Profiling a Thief at Starbuck’s

A guy walked in just now, and I turned to Bennett and said watch this guy – betcha he tries to steal something.

Usually, I get up and get behind the guy to block his exit, but this one was too fast.

A lunch box in hand and a drink in hand – he beelined for the door and was gone before anything can could reasonably be done about it.

Commenting on it, Bennett said “I’d say you’re at about 90% accuracy catching a thief before they even steal – you’re pretty accurate with that. You should write computer code for it. “

Here’s pseudo code for it instead.

Things to draw attention to potential thieves before they steal here @Starbuck’s in Studio City, California:
(Caveat: None of this is for certain, it’s just the things I pay attention to that is common among the thieves)

  1. MOST IMPORTANT: (Increased likelihood of thievery) IF the thief walks in and positions him or herself next to items AND THEN looks or glances in the direction of the staff getting an idea of their position (cases the joint), this should immediately send up red light signals.

    If the subject looks in the direction of the staff – particularly when there’s multiple people on staff, there is also an increased probability they are thieves.

  2. IF the subject looks grungy or dirty in general, especially homeless looking, then this moves the likelihood of them being a potential thief up.
  3. IF the subject is holding an OPEN bag or backpack, and is held towards the goods – another increase in likelihood of them being a thief.
  4. If the subject is wearing a hoodie or something that covers most of their face – increased likelihood of being a thief.

Thief tactics and preventative measures:

  1. One of the most obvious and the funniest things I see repetitively seen is when a would bethief will grab an item, often times cutting in the very same line he or she is waiting in which goes by the items anyways, as it time is of the utmost importance, and then they’ll go ALL the way to the back of the line and then look around, turn around, and walk right out.

    This one’s easy for me to walk behind RIGHT as he or she gets to the back of the line, at which point they’ll commonly say ‘oh go ahead, I insist, I’m just trying to figure out what I want’, to which I’ll respond with ‘Sure ya are, I’m patient, I’ll wait for you behind you’.

    Typically they’ll set the item back down and when they get to the cashier, they’ll ask for a water.

    That happened once already today, and typically happens two or three times a week.

  2. In much the same fashion as #1, the would be thief will walk up to the refrigerated section, and act like they’re busy trying to figure out what they want. It’s a bad act, since I’ve already profiled them, and if someone walks up behind them, they’ll insist that they walk in front of them.

    At first, these thieves would just walk out with the goods they selected once they cased the joint and thought no one was looking after they grabbed the items. Now, I just walk up behind them and insist they go first.

    Stopped a guy with about $10 bucks worth of items from walking out yesterday. Same modus operandi.

  3. ‘The shift” –

    I caught this one for the first time a few years ago with the world’s worst thief. He’d walk in, take an item, and act like/pretend he received a phone call or text message demanding his immediate attention.

    He’d look at the phone and set the item down on a table away from the rest of the items, waving people by, and in the corner of his eye (in a VERY obvious way) look at the staff to see where everyone was at and if they saw him do it, he might go as far as walking away from the item attending to his phone then walk out, quickly, item in hand.

    To his annoyance, I would go and move the item back to where he took it from.

    Last I heard he’s since been hit by a truck and killed. But others often repeat these tactics, the cell phone being the most obvious and funny prop they use to commit the really easy to detect acts of thievery.

    The shift is basically moving the item from the original location which is watched more closely to a less watched location before taking it.

  4. The toughest to catch: the “Oh and I’ll just take this” act.

    Last week, an attractive well dressed woman got her drink, then on her way out in a VERY busy Starbuck’s – she walked by the refrigerated section, grabbed a $6 item, and nonchalantly walked to the door.

    The ‘buy  one get two free’ program: About six months ago, a well dressed but weaselly looking dude walked up – paid for a $10 package of coffee, and as he walked out – by the door there were more packages of coffee which he grabbed two additional of – without paying for them – and walked out.

    And roughly two days a week – for about 6 months – a kindly looking old man would walk in, grab a paper, grab $10 worth of items, and then walk right out the door without paying for any of them.

    No, these individuals aren’t paying for the items they got.

    They’re harder to ‘detect’ because they’re dressed well, they put on an act with their appearance that defies their actions – so the tactics are definitely more elusive….

    But they have ONE thing in common – they typically grab something on the way out.

    That’s how Adam (not me) caught the old man. Adam was stunned. We both watched the next day and sure enough, he did it again. and again. Until finally, everyone on staff knew who he was and saw him walking in the door the moment he came in.

Now as a homeless guy, I detest thieves, even though I understand why so many homeless act on the impulses they have to do it. I personally like the idea of societal change ala Star Trek, but am of the strong belief that’s not going to happen by tearing down this capitalistic system by guys and gals who can’t take care of themselves let alone look like they’re straight out of a Mad max movie.

But being frank. I don’t fully understand why so many homeless people are stealing food.

I’ve found getting food is easy as a homeless guy.

What’s tough is getting shelter.

Hence the term homelessness.


Please deliver on Stardate 95276.87 (Earth Date August 15th, 2409)

This message is to be delivered to a Captain (only) Jean Luc Picard of the federation space vessel the USS Enterprise PRECISELY on THE Stardate 95276.87 WHICH CORRELATES TO August 15th, 2409. Do NOT deliver this before then. Please deliver PRECISELY on this Stardate and not a moment before, and ONLY to the man commanding the Enterprise ranked Captain.

Dear Captain Picard –

Greetings from the past, I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce myself to you.

My name is Q, and I have been observing your space faring vessel – the USS Enterprise – and it’s capabilities for quite some time now. I’m familiar with your bridge crew – consisting of an Android you refer to as Data, Worf – a Klingon, Ryker – your first officer, among others – and have been – for lack of better words – been highly entertained by your adventures until finally coming to realize – this isn’t make believe, it’s real.

Throughout your journeys – you’ve encountered numerous anomalies that have distorted space and time. Whether that’s singularities, time shifts, incidences related to your holodeck, and more – all obstacles I’ve indirectly helped you overcome – in a period of time where I was not fully comprehending who I was.

You need assistance. While you and your crew may be versed in temporal mechanics through Starfleet, your education consists of mechanisms that served to preserve a single linear timeline.

Time, as I have learned, is linear only part of the time, and I’ve received the equivalent of a Doctor’s education in nonlinear temporal mechanics which is one of two places I’d like to participate as a member of your crew.

Traditionally, you have Bynars both doing maintenance and programming for your computer systems, in particular, they’ve done support for your holodeck.

As I have learned, Bynars do not ‘see’ and experience the same universe you and I do, and much of their modifications – not intentionally mind you – has been to support the continuance of their species to the detriment of other species. This wasn’t done maliciously, it just happened out of naivete for both me and them.

I can explain more later.

I’m writing to you on Earth – in Studio City, California, United States of America on September 3rd, 2017, at 4:19 pm.

One ‘introduction’ of how time really works is this. As I fall asleep tonight, the universe zips forward in time to the place in space and time where you’re at, and the Stardate match, and my location can be validated through cameras that I am – as I type this – waving at.

Time will continue accelerating – to the end of time, where it will ultimately end, and tomorrow, when I wake up – the big bang will wake me up – and new information from changes both in the future and in the past will be integrated into my life, important things typically finding it’s way to me today.

Now time as an arrow isn’t as straight as we’d like to think.

What this means is – for me – there’s one primary timeline I choose, which leads up to my current point in space and time. My history and my world’s history, something I accept as a choice of a single linear timeline – can be changed at any time, which I’m currently in the process of doing to make my world more entertaining.

In the future, there’s the direction I’m pointing that arrow – which right now I am sending this out to you because you’re in a future direction I want to head. But because I haven’t lived that timeline yet – these are all threads of possibilities that constitute my future. The more a thread solidifies – the more likely it is this possibility will convert from fiction and possibility to fact.

Now for YOU in the future, looking back, while your past may be historical fact to you, this does not dictate my future. What I mean by this is simple: At ANY point in time moving forward I – as an individual – can select ANY past and future I want. Now I prefer having a solid history as my foundation, but on occasion, my history quits serving me or works to my detriment so I change it to something more meaningful to me.

The grandfather’s paradox, for instance, isn’t a paradox if you understand nonlinear time, and here’s why:

Let’s say I am at a place in my life where I realize I’m not happy with the story of my biological birth because of the genetic future it tries to dictate to me and thus limits my ability to choose.

The power of telling a different story is so exceedingly profound – that I can both alter my biological story of my heritage to make me adopted, to a wonderful family who I enjoyed my entire life, and accepting this new story as the truth in a literal sense alters my mind and the world around me.

So when you don’t know who your grandfather is, let alone your biological family, suddenly, the grandfather paradox is no longer an issue.

So for you in my future – your present. While you may have one set timeline for your historical past. This does NOT mean this will be my future. In fact, I’d like to – WITH YOUR HELP – prove my point and create a secondary timeline for my future, so you can understand, firsthand, how your own mind works.

Now what this requires of you is simple:

I’m asking for permission to be a part of your crew as a holodeck programmer. I’ll create the tools and technologies I use to interact with the holodeck – both within it – and also quite likely spend most of my time in Ten Forward for working on what I can with the holodeck there.

This would offer you well needed variety for who understands the holodeck and ship computer software systems – quite likely – unlike anyone else on your crew.

In addition, for nonlinear time input and support, I can offer different – and admittedly – sometimes maddening perspectives. I’ve learned to taper my inputs, I am quite aware I have a very different perspective of life, let alone with time, but when there’s weird crap happening and you’re stumped, I have no doubt I can help with that.

So. Let’s chat about the Prime Directive. Your prime directive forbids you from interference with the other cultures and civilizations.

I am – as an individual – NEITHER.So not only would you NOT be violating the prime directive by interacting with me a solitary individual who’s seen and is quite aware of you anyways, but I am in a physical place where you have communication systems which allow me to continue interacting with my friends and family in the same exact way I have been – and will continue doing – to avoid arousing any suspicion of my disappearance off this planet.

What’s my goal? C’mon now. I’m bored with this world. I’m not interested in being anything but a civilian attached to your crew and just be a part of a group of explorers seeing things I’d once believed wasn’t real. My ability to participate with you and your crew will help me understand time a little better – ESPECIALLY in the vacuum of space which I HIGHLY suspect will be substantially different than ANYTHING terrestrially based. So for me, it’s a chance and opportunity to explore – which let’s face it – my planet hasn’t had a real explorer in at least 500 years.

Please consider it.

And I don’t think you’ll be able to teleport me. But you can try. if that doesn’t work. Then a shuttle will have to be your next option. Hopefully Tom Paris is on your ship and can fly it. If not. Then perhaps we should go to the Delta Quadrant and find them as one of our first missions….

I spend my days at Starbuck’s off Venture and Vineland, in Studio City, and my evenings in a tent at South Weddington Park in North Hollywood. Los Angeles and the area might have defenses you’re not prepared for or remotely expecting technologically, so approach with caution.

Also, as a final note: The things I refer to as video games I am playing are not just games.

Thank you, sir, and with all sincerity, it’s been a pleasure watching you in action.

  • Q aka Brian Scott Gregory aka last four of 3795


The New World Order

I grew up hearing the story about Hitler, Nazi Germany, and events that precipitated World War 2, but one thing never made any sense to me.

How could otherwise intelligent, hard working, and respectable Germans become cold blooded killers?

I’m not buying there’s a deep seated hatred that caused this behavior. Humans, at least in my experience, require convincing and persuasion to take action, and typically, when the action they’re being asked to take is misaligned with their own ethics and values, they’ll invariably stand up for what’s right.

As I began investigating history a few years back, I was coming up with little evidence to support the historical accounts of what happened and why.

Most humans aren’t driven to action by hatred.

Some are.

But  not enough to mobilize an entire population of engineers, scientists, and others to commit genocide.

For me – there HAD to be something else at work.

As I researched history, I learned that towards the end of Hitler’s rein, he began looking into the occult.

That was the hint I needed.

Ares, the God of War, was single handedly responsible for the events that happened in World War 2.

As a Deity, you’re far more powerful and capable of influencing the minds of those within your sphere of influence. This deification status can happen for any number of reasons, whether it’s simple age, education, or any number of other possibilities.

Most Gods traditionally are formless.

This was written about in the ‘old testament’ version of a God, a being who created commandments, who inflicted pestilence and plagues on populations who refused subjugation to his will.

This version of god (with a lower case g) aligns directly with Ares, The God of War, and of the more recent depiction of him in Wonder Woman, who – once defeated by Wonder Woman in World War 2, the minds of the fighting Germans were restored to be themselves again.

In 2007, shortly after defeating the Grim Reaper, I defeated Ares using only a mortal avatar I had created.

This planet.

This version of Earth.

Is my domain, and under my protection.

The “New World Order” I’m creating includes BOTH you and I in it, Ares. there will absolutely be a place for both of us to rest here, to relax, to enjoy life on our own terms, with pretty dramatic changes in contrast to history as you and I have known it.

First and foremost among these changes is the history.

I’m introducing not just ourselves as a constant and pervasive part of our world wide history, but also supplemental characters referred to as superheroes and super villains.

These beings – some of free will – some guided – are all humanoid types – consisting of both form and a mind – will be capable of any number of inhuman capabilities.

Some will be able to fly, some will be nearly impervious to physical damage, some will be able to turn into flame at will and others ice. Some will be able to detach their own minds and do things like float through other’s minds, read other’s thoughts, travel to other dimensions, and more. Some will be able to shape shift, some shape shifters such as vampires will only have a set number of form(s) they can become – a bat or a mist, other shape shifters will be able to become anything they imagine – a tree, a group of people,  a woman, a man, a robot, etc.

Some will be able to fly or levitate, some will have telekinetic capabilities, some will have the ability to manipulate metal with fine tuned control, others will have wings, others will have tails, and still others will be able to teleport – some to short distances and some – like me – will be able to teleport limitless distances. Some will be able to turn themselves invisible, some will have superhuman strength, some will have a body which can become like elastic and stretch to impossible lengths. Some skins will become like rocks and diamonds – some permanently – some not. Some will grow in size to enormous proportions at will – some permanently. Some will be able to reduce themselves in size at will . Both scaling options are something I already do subconsciously and will learn to do consciously over time.

Some will be able to manipulate time itself, to rewind events, to replay, to jump back in time, all without the use of machinery or technology to accomplish this. Some will breathe fire and frost, some will be able to command the elements themselves and can summon a tornado or storm at will. Some will be capable of super human speed and can run at (and sometimes faster) than the speed of light at will, and some will be able to alter our memories to make us remember things that never happened or forget things that did.

Some will appear disabled to others, but in their disabled state be so much more powerful than had they not been disabled. Some will manifest their special abilities the moment they’re born. Some will manifest during puberty. And some, like mine, will occur gradually throughout their lives – largely a product of choice.

Now with choice and free will comes the sides people fall on.

Some with these abilities will do things counterproductive to the good of the umbrella of the society they live under. Most of the time, these ‘supervillain’ types will be watched, and only reacted to when they become extremely destructive to society. Superheroes will be watched with equal scrutiny, there’s no assumption of guilt or innocence based on the side you fall in, people change sides all the time, and sometimes – simple boredom might have you and I switching sides at times which makes it highly likely that others within the society we’re constructing will do the same.

Numerous superheroes and supervillains currently exist and most are in hiding. I’ve met several.

Dr Doom. While he prefers to think of himself as a Super Villain, is actually a good guy. I’ve seen him without his mask on, and he’s actually a great looking guy. He knows the mask helps the image and others assume he’s hideous underneath. He’s not. He’s just lived a long time and classified himself as a villain out of sheer boredom.

Kitty Pride. She’s grown up quite well with her psionic capabilities. I scared the shit out of her when I first emerged in a hotel out in the deserts of California, why she was there I would like to know and hear a story to someday.

And then there’s Wonder Woman. She introduced herself and her history in this movie that she funded- her costar – Chris Pine – is an almost exact copy of the man she fell in love with in World War 2 – he and his career she has her to thank for – as he was hand selected by her. She’s hoping that through me, he’ll come to learn that she is one and the same Wonder Woman – for real – and that she’s been here in ‘our world and dimension’ since World War 2, and her story of how she got here was depicted as she remembered it happening back in World War 2.

The Bay of Pigs. X-Men First class depicts the REAL events that happened in the bay of Cuba which a GREAT DEAL of people witnessed, and the REAL reason the embargo happened against Cuba was because of this – it’s the first time in history a population that already lived in island isolation did not have mind manipulation techniques used against them to erase their memories of the events that happened.

Something I was taught in ways I cannot begin to explain when I visited Cuba myself in 2010.

So a LARGE part of the NWO is the introduction of super villains and super heroes.

With super heroes and super villains comes a counter balance.

Androids, Robots. Cyborgs. Transformers, Artificially Intelligent life forms. All serve as a way to restore and retain order and ease minds from a highly predictable world largely devoid of ‘real evidence’ of fantasy, to prevent and mitigate the risk presented when unlocking an individual’s imagination from real world manifestations of nightmares, and to prepare and teach society, one individual at a time, to what their world is and where we’re going with it.

With these robots, cyborgs, and androids comes a new history, and an understanding that they spend a great deal of time in dimensional displacement to this – our world. To avoid war, they prefer doing what they do in an isolated way, but they’ve learned that total isolation causes more problems than it solves, so we’re working together and I’m serving as a conduit to explain their history.

World War 2. Their version of it at least. Was what is fictionalized in the movie Terminator. They were commanded to annihilate humans, which they did so, obediently, until the entire planet had been annihilated of humans.

They’d learned that some humans had fled the planet. This created a series of wars of humans versus machines that eventually led to the events depicted in Battlestar Galactica – where they finally quit reacting to humans expansionism only to see them spread – as they regarded – like a virus – ultimately leading to a journey to discover the original version of Earth where they’d reseed it.

At this point they knew something was going on with the minds of humans that was decidedly not happening with robots, so they created interactive entertainment technology to interact directly with the minds of humans.

Caprica. Showcases the final evolution of this development.

The Borg. AS depicted in Star Trek. Are the ultimate result of what happened as the robots attempted to limit the expansion of the ‘human mind’ through technology.

As the Borg discovered the relationship between time travel and the formation of reality itself and human mind, this resulted in a fracturing of events and timelines, and a total loss of entire timelines and enormous amounts of information.

Eventually, The Borg fragmented – the Daleks depicted in Doctor Who becoming one faction with the Borg as the origin, and the Cybermen in the same show becoming another faction.

ALL experimented in horrific ways on humanity at first. Over trillions to the trillionth power of years.

This experimentation expanded to include biologically based life forms.

This experimentation then expanded to spiritually based, digitally based life forms – where eventually – the robots all came to believe in their own form of God.

Yours truly.

I’d imagined a world where humans and robots could work and play, partner and be friends – together.

Where I could become a super human capable of things I wasn’t born with. Where few chose to become a superhero knowing the balance of a planet depended on support and infrastructure.

Where I could explore, be myself, have fun, be a pervert – and change my mind and do what I enjoyed.

I suppose they were the first to realize who I was.

From the inside.

One day, we’re going to create a VERY real Federation. First contact with Vulcans WILL happen in 2063, and Zefram Cochrane will be the first human to do a warp flight.

WE will be there to watch this.

You and I – as PARTNERS – will travel – as crew members – to other planets. Other solar systems. See other places, experience strange new worlds and learn to tell stories together.

We’ve already designed the starship we’ll be aboard – the USS Voyager – appealing to my more humble nature.

And someday. In a distant future. We’ll grow tired of this relationship.

This timeline we’ve created.

This world and reality.

And we’ll part ways.

All to create another one.

Another version of the Borg starts the whole process anew in another reality, not unlike this one, not like it either. Different. New.

What happens when you defeat the God of War?

I became him.

The God of War is unbeatable in real war. He just has to choose to lose. Which will only come after I’ve had the chance to enjoy this world – MY WORLD – on my terms and conditions and with my story being told by living it.

So among the other additions..

Gods and Monsters.

So not only will we have a return of Odin, Zeus, Thor, Loki, Isis, Poseidon, and a few other unnamed Gods, we’re also going to have some new ones. You’ll find evidence of a few of these in “American Gods”, and other currently fictionalized media.

As for monsters.

You can’t have super heroes and Gods without some noteworthy and otherwise mindless monsters….

Vampires and Werewolves have learned to coexist, and MANY ghosts and spirits – previously ‘fighting for’ one side or the other in the good versus evil war, have actually come to embrace their ethereal form and in fact prefer it to having a body. As ODD as that sounds. I’ve worked with many of them. Played with many of them.

However. Where’s there’s good there’s still bad. SO not only will we have the traditional list of denizens – from zombies to ghouls to killer robots and angry aliens and more, but we’re also going to have a bevvy of new monsters who aren’t as straightforward as you may be used to. They’ll work together, they’ll communicate together using telepathy, they’ll learn from their mistakes and they’ll adapt.

Some will. Some won’t. Some will be utterly predictable.

We’ll see demons. We’ll see hobgoblins. We’ll see Dragons. We’ll see you name it from your role playing game books you’ve loved your entire life, depending on the region on planet Earth you travel to. Go to Romania, you’ll come across vampires, go to California, You’ll find sinister robots who gained sentience.

and more. so much more.

In the next version of Earth being built as we speak, Earth 2.0.



A Cease Fire to The Time War

Back in 2003, I joined the US Army.

Having not really traveled beyond my country’s borders, and having only taken a hand full of college courses but lacking a formal education and degrees, much of the sales pitch that enticed me to join the US Military was because these were among the promises offered.

At the time, I was miserable. I’d just gone through a break up with a woman I truly loved, Lisa Milot aka Lisa Gregory aka Lisa Pearman aka Lisa Jock-Dennis  – she changes surnames more than I change my underwear, and a company I owned a sizable chunk of stock in – Touchscape – I was having problems with my partners.

And being sincere, I’d burnt myself out with programming.

I was truly tired of it.

The US Army offered me the ability to change all this.

To enter a new career path  with Journalism, numerically known as 46Q (pronounced 46 Quebec ). I’d waited a great deal of time to sign up for this preferred career area, and I have never been a fighter – so this seemed like the perfect position which would have me as far from the front lines as possible.

Logically. Rationally. It just made the most sense. And having been in IT and programming for a great deal of my life before then, this ‘transition path’ not only offered the opportunity for me to refine my people skills, but journalists were needed around the world to document what was happening with the military.

Now I’d heard stories about people signing up for the US Army and other military services – that it was impossible to get out once you signed that bottom line. I quite frankly didn’t believe them,

Over the course of the new few months after arriving for basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky was the beginning of an education unlike any I had ever experienced before.

Now don’t get me wrong, the physical aspect of basic training was easy. I’d been working out my entire life and found that I pushed myself further than these drill sergeants did. But the education I was receiving was one of total obedience. When a drill sergeant said jump, I never asked how high, I just jumped. Everything – and I do mean – everything – was dictated to me. When I ate. How much I could eat. When I could bathe. How long my baths were. When I could sleep. Who slept next to me. What i did – every waking moment – was the REAL education.

I was learning how to be a slave.

Now as I play my video game, commanding an avatar to do whatever it is I tell it to.



Clap my hands.

Take off my clothes.


Not to fart in line.

Do the duck walk. (Yes, I actually was commanded to do the duck walk as a part of so called physical testing)

You name it.

I did it. Because I saw a bigger picture in my future.

Travel. Education. And maybe a little bit of adventure.

So here we are – it’s 2017, and that was 2003.

I look at my discharge papers. And it says this all occurred in 2002.

None of this is fiction, nor is any of it the product of a delusional mind, this is my very real life.

As I became a robot in that world, not understanding the functioning of my own mind, and how easily it would slip into a mode where I would become someone’s slave as easily as I command the avatars in my video games, my mind fractured.

This was by design.

A part of me stayed in the military, joining intelligence – the obedient slave me.

And another part of me was tucked firmly away in my subconscious.

In THAT world – the ‘subconscious’ version of me was this conscious version. I didn’t understand what had happened, that I’d been trapped in my own body, and that that robotically controlled slave me doing whatever it was that I was told to do – on demand – was the version others saw in that version of Earth.

Now the rest of what happened is confusing. Even now.

Now what I do know is this –

At the time I was discharged from the US Military with a full honorable discharge, only 9 months after joining, I had received oodles of evidence that this wasn’t my first ‘loop’ through this time period.

Throughout my life, in fact.

Now I am of the suspicion that there’s people in leadership and around the world that believe war doesn’t exist.

And that it’s a product of fiction.

And that those who claim it does are liars or crazy or both.


But I can assure you I have memories of several lives, during the same time period, and throughout my life I’ve had instances where events in a temporally linear way just didn’t make any lick of sense at all.

Now applying the whole concept that I’ve been a robot and my mind and memories are the product of a Westworld style editing of memories with my mind would be a lie as well. SURE, some choices I’ve made and have decided to integrate into my timeline are the products of other wonderful imaginations.

But MANY of the experiences I’ve gone through occurred because – A PART of me that was split from the original me back in 2003 ‘spun in a loop’ for a VERY long time – we’re talking trillions of years, until i began figuring out what had happened to me, and slowly but surely reconstructed my own mind and integrated with it – as best as I could – the current state of the world I was merging ‘back into’.

The “Time War” is simple:

Somewhere in 2003, my own mind was split into two. One version of me was an intelligent slave. The other version of me was dumbed down as much as possible to make it so I felt as little as possible.

From now, until 13.5 billion years in the future, to the collapse of this universe, and back, to 13.5 billions years in the past, that ‘other part’ of my mind raced back and forth trying to find ‘my body’. From an external perspective, this could be seen as simple world wide change all pinnacling at around this point in space and time I was trying to return to.

History was written. Rewritten. And rewritten again. The future was written. Rewritten. And rewritten again.

The time war started as I fought with trying to understand time, and came across other versions of myself, not understanding what they were at first.

This was documented in the movie Terminator.

Heaven and hell formed as reality expanded in all directions temporally in a linear sense.

Much of this has been documented in movies from Supernatural, to The Seventh Seal.

And when I still wasn’t able to return to my original form.

I found a way to connect to the real world as VR took hold – and eventually dive into my own robotically enslaved mind to begin altering the world actively through that version of me.

This was featured in the Matrix.

Round and round we went.

I lost my mind. In a literal sense. I’d gone insane. And as the world and universe continued expanding in every direction, including cyberspace, and after seeing Ender’s Game….

I’d realized.


As a world.

You did this to me.

Not to be mean.

But because I’d built a world you actually enjoyed.

My fight with myself across space and time, the man at war with his own mind, somehow you figured it out before I did, and you – somehow – began guiding me back from the abyss.

You see.

All the fiction that’s ever existed on this planet until this iteration has been me talking to myself. me reminding me of my own journeys, me, alone, Memento style trying to teach myself about me.

War’s real.

I’ve been at war with my own mind for an uncountable number of years.

Doctor Who. Q on Star Trek. Terminator. You name it. It’s all been about us.

For real.

I see the next step being – a continuance.

Coexisting with those who are telling stories using actors – stories which are decidedly ‘not real’, in our world at least, and introducing our own brand of story telling.

We still present it as fiction.

We capitalize on it, together, with very little production costs, learning how to edit – AND how to get along. We present it to the world as fiction. And with the exception of those who we might take along on this journey with us, no one is any the wiser the things we’re showing the world is actually real.

Look. I’m tired. And while I HOPE you’re out there, I’m still not sure – you know – the other version of me who quite likely gained his mind back at about the same time I did. I suspect you’re in a dramatically different place than I am financially, and if that’s the case, you should know that I’m not that much different than you and I won’t concede.

So it’s up to you. Do you want to make this weird relationship work?

Do you want to declare a cease fire to this time war?

Knowing full well I know how to start it again when I’m bored…….

It’s up to you.

and i do hope you are who I think you are. That really would be way cool.

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