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My NEW Bucket List

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  1. To purchase a 737 with my own money and have it customized to include a stripper’s pole.
  2. To have a custom house built with an open air king sized bed bedroom that has a retractable dome for inclement weather, and a underground game room, and a stream that runs through a part of the house with a waterfall. Also, to have a harem and a dungeon for that harem. Having A house in Scottsdale (Paradise Valley) AND Studio City, California would be perfect.
  3. To have a custom built party yacht built with a submarine, jetskis, seadoos, a helicopter, and a full time crew on board. If this party yacht could also fly into space would be pretty awesome too.
  4. To visit 5 countries I’m asked to go to that I’d never think about going to on my own.
  5. To have Jackie Killeen and Rachel Gooch as girlfriends simultaneously. And take them on a tour of time and space with me.
  6. To be able to snap my fingers, and instantly rearrange time and space to be at the location and destination I am thinking of. IF it was at the same time would be both a trip and fun too. That way I could have breakfast in Romania or Paris. Lunch at Starbuck’s in Studio City, and dinner at Nobu in Hong Kong before coming back to my custom built house. I’d alternate spending nights at each location to be fair to both cities.
  7. To create a real TARDIS which once complete could BE my actual house I sleep at whether it’s in Studio City or Scottsdale or the UK.
  8. To meet Doctor Who – the David Tennant and Matt Smith versions, and to meet Q as depicted in Star Trek. And perhaps sit down and have a conversation with both and maybe have an adventure together or simply go explore time and space together for a while.
  9. To smile more. And feel good about myself.
  10. To go see the dinosaurs. Firsthand.
  11. To own a Ferrrari. And relax in a hotel next to the location it’s getting built at and be a part of the building process for the car.
  12. To work with Lexus to develop my own customized SUV based on the RX model, only with bigger on the inside technology and some technology we imagine together including an artificially intelligent personality and system – BUT not publish that the car – should they produce it – is as smart as you the driver if not smarter.
  13. To meet. And Simply shake each President ‘s hand from Bush on. And thank them.  For whatever they’ve done and tell them I don’t want to know what they’ve done.
  14. To see the USS Starship Voyager go through Los Angeles airspace making passes overhead until it’s actually reported on the news. Please triangulate your position to fly over South Weddington Park to the north and west over Universal Studios so I can see it. I’ll keep an eye out for this nightly.
  15. To finish my book. Time Travel for Dummies.