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Multi-Hypothesis Thinking

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This document is used to introduce the thinking processes involved when considering the concepts of time and alternate reality and their influences in everyday life.

By no means are any events outlined here to be taken as fact. I am hoping to present alternative ways of looking at an event, and introduce the ‘creative processing’ necessary to consider alternative realities as they apply to everyday life.

At least two hypothesis for every issue are required, one for this reality and one introducing an alternate reality

Question: Why require at least two hypothesis?
Reality has a well known phenomenon of consistently validating our beliefs. By introducing the requirement of two hypothesis, you introduce to your mind the concept that anything can be true, and you’re looking to explore creativity with no constraints and no expectations of outcome.

My contention is that modern science is leading politics and world leadership through fear, and this is causing an overly ordered and policed system that fails to let us lead our lives by creating too many secrets.

Technical Notes:
This leverages Einstein’s theory of relativity and it’s premise that all is energy, and puts the energy out there that anything is possible, so it’s our way of asking for a reality that includes us all in it without asserting anything you’ve come to ir/rationally believe.

The list (Please introduce your concepts and ideas via Facebook or as a comment here!)

  • Received an email from aaron@techoneit.com today. It includes his email as the sender and recipient and also includes an image with his email in it. It gets bounced immediately, unknown recipient.
    Hypothesis one: Could be a linear problem with the server or route.
    Hypothesis two: Could be bouncing due to a misalignment of realities and transference of energies between realities.
  • Al Gore ‘mistakenly said’ he invented the ‘internetS’.
    Hypothesis one: He’s a moron, and simply lacked the ability to comprehend the technology
    Hypothesis two: He brilliantly introduced the concept of alternate realities, and could have been historically accurate (if you understand time theory) introducing the concept that reality is as per your design, and there is a specific version of information made just for you and your journey of life, and that a singular ‘internet’ is yours at all times.
  • Bush frequently made weird English faux paus statements such as ‘Is our children learning’
    Hypothesis one: He’s a moron, and simply lacked the intellect to speak properly
    Hypothesis two: Alternate realities were spliced mid sentence, like a movie is, and this was overlooked or intentionally left in to demonstrate differences between realities. Think of it this way: Is our child learning, or ARE our children learning… Perhaps the reality transitioned mid sentence from only one child to multiple children?
  • Richard Nixon’s famous quote ‘I am not a crook’ was oddly accompanied by hand gesture air quotes
    Hypothesis one: He was nervous and that was simply a gesture he used not to be overanalyzed
    Hypothesis two: He was an actor depicting the real Richard Nixon in a comical way and his air quotes were used to mock the president who was claiming innocence.
  • Ronald Reagan was an actor
    Hypothesis one: Who became president
    Hypothesis two: Who was an actor portraying the president when the real president was someone else or somewhere else.
  • A black hole is
    Hypothesis one: Is precisely what scientists have theorized it is, condenses matter to infinite density and pressure and time stops. If you were to enter one, you’d get ripped apart into an infinite number of pieces.
    Hypothesis two: Analog reality is converted into digital reality and potentially to pure energy. ‘Frame Dragging’, Stephen Hawking’s predictions, are actually real life digital artifacts real life examples of the digital nature of the universe. If you were to enter one, you would not know a thing, and an outside observer may not necessarily experience the same thing you did. See Shrodinger’s Cat for reasons why.
  • Hallucinogenics:
    Hypothesis one: Alter the chemicals in your body to experience things that simply don’t exist.
    Hypothesis two: Open temporary windows (and doorways) to allow you to perceive alternate realities
  • The brain:
    Hypothesis one: Is our source of intelligence.
    Hypothesis two: Is a single linear reality’s physical representation of our mind, our mind having so much more potential than existence limited to one single reality.  (Supportive evidence: Body functions can be recovered despite loss of function in specific areas of the brain that supposedly contained those functions, suggesting current comprehension of the brain are in the neanderthal stages of comprehension)

I’ll add more to this later, I’ve got a million of ’em but would love your feedback and ideas….

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