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This notice goes to any and all inhabitants of Earth.

This slice of reality has been slated for termination effective 09:00 PM, Arizona FIXED Time on November 5th of 2016.

Public record of my Investigative Findings:

I am a Federation certified holodeck programmer and investigator of potentially intelligent life forms (PILFs) with an expertise in the 20th and pre-mid 21st century. I am currently contracted to investigate this holographic slice of Planet Hollywood’s franchise favorite, “Path To Stardom”.

Planet Hollywood is the multiverse’s largest producer of holodeck character based games in the multiverse who have produced other well-known intermersive games such as “Stone Age Adventures”, and “Deviant Federation Adventures” and “Tunes of Looney”.

This is in accordance with Federation General Order 6, “If all life aboard a Federation Owned Entity has perished, the entity will be terminated to protect other entities from potential hazards.”.

As required by Federation Regulations FAR31-8675309, which requires detailing of my authority – My name is Brian Scott Gregory, SFID# AG99-88/723, and my specialty lies in the discovery, preservation, and assimilation of Artificially Intelligent life forms.

With my period based education – a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Phoenix in 2007 and a Master’s in Business Administration received from Thunderbird in 2011, my authority lies in the Doctorate I received in Temporal Mechanics from Starfleet Academy on June 11th, 2963.

If you are of the opinion this termination is premature or in error, please contact Federation Emergency Services using the FES86 protocol as documented in FAR666.

All subspace channels are open, and as a reminder, this is not a secured line.

If you are sentient, it is imperative that you contact the Federation on the aforementioned channel on or before holographic date November 5th, 2016 and/or real date of January 1st, 2990.

This slice will cease to exist on holographic date November 5th, 2016 and real date of January 1st, 2990 in order to reclaim the energy for other Federation activities.

As of this notice, dated this holographic date of May 10th, 2014 and real date of March 13th of 2987, the illusion of period is now rescinded for this slice.

Thank you, and have a nice day!

Here’s a selection of my fictional period based prose from this time period, which is available for sale as short intermersive holodeck adventures at your local Planet Hollywood distribution center:

Highlighted Entries:

Other selected work:

Historical selections

Twisted Slice Stories

Science Fun

Travel Slices:

If unable to communicate via traditional Federation Channels, self-aware life forms can indicate their existence by providing traceable donations via:

Through PAYPAL:

Untraceable through

Also, any and all feedback concerning any of my work is greatly appreciated!

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