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Freelance Digital Art, Content Creation and Image Editing for consulting hire!

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Everyone has a story to tell.

And no one understands better than me that the story we tell may need embellishment.



And re-imagining to make the story that much more engaging.

I am a freelance digital artist and photo editor and offering my services.

Sure, I can absolutely make a photo of you look thinner.

But that’s boring. And I prefer challenges.

What’s a challenge?

Making convincingly real photos of you in locations that you have never really been.

Whether it’s taking stock images off the internet and making something weird and original:

Or it’s creating original material in 2d or 3d:

Or it’s creating convincingly real news stories and period news which looks absolutely real:

Or it’s making your company – fictional or not – look like it’s real or bigger than it really is (Aperture is a fictional company):


Or it’s making it look like you graduated from a small college or university which doesn’t exist:


Or it’s creating a custom resume or a custom header for your company and/or personal paperwork:

briansresume resumecoverimage2

Or it’s as simple as creating two second imagery helping users to understand a point you’re trying to get across.


All professional.

The level of the quality of work is directly related to the amount of time you want me to spend with what I am doing.

More time = better quality work = more money.

The three dimensional work requires considerably greater time than the two dimensional work, so keep this in mind.

Provide me the project. Please be precise with your details.

I will provide an estimate of the work.

If you’re happy with my estimate.

My bill rate is $250 an hour, work will commence when payment is received in full via a prepaid Visa or Mastercard.

Deliverables are ALL DIGITAL.

If I go over my preliminary estimate for time, I will eat the costs in time and effort and learn to estimate better in the future 🙂