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Superimposing models – the Universe as infinity overlayed by the Multiverse representing infinity

Here’s how I look at the multiverse: It’s a logical, rational ordering mechanism for information and ideas.

The concept of infinite as it applies to information – is this – I know, it’s not a question of belief, I know thee are infinite possibilities ‘out there’ – things I dont know, don’t understand, or could not understand with my limited perspective of reality. So infinite – as an abstract concept – is the simple acceptance that there is substantial information and perspectives beyond my ability to comprehend.

THIS universe – at least MY universe from my perspective – functions in a particular way. Gravity as it relates to Earth and time move in predictable and measurable ways, and I’m all too aware through any number of mechanisms – whether it’s television shows or movies, or it’s drug induced hallucinations – that my particular perspective is limited – by design – and there are other ways of perceiving time and the organization of information ‘out there’ .

So what I do is – I accept the multiverse as irrefutable fact. I label these other ordering systems of perceiving reality – whether that’s different forms of physics with different atomic structures and chemical compounds, or it’s different measures of time, and more – these ‘alternate’ perspectives are in themselves their own universe.

For instance, in Marvel’s universe – we hear of things like Vibranium – incredibly strong material that’s harder than diamonds – which implies there’s a different periodic tabel in that universe than my own. Resultingly this ‘imagined’ world (keeping in mind reality is imagined) – can’t easily coexist with my reality without disrupting the atomic structure of my universe – so we/I segment it and accept it as the Marvel Universe.

I work – mentally at least – on two primary assumptions:

1) I don’t know what I don’t know, and am constantly finding evidence of there being more about existence than I did – almost every day. So with this, the idea of infinite information – at least in the abstract – is simple acceptance that there is limitless information “out there”…. (not all of it good or beneficial)

Which leads to the second primary assumption:
2) The concept of the multiverse is an ORGANIZATION system for the mind, a way to perceive the same finite information pool in different and new ways to further understand the infinite.

In the intro to Superman – Kal El is told – as his starship passes by galaxies – that every star system has it’s own physical rules for reality. With this, we’re to assume this means different measures for space and time, different chemical compounds and periodic tables, etc, etc.

So let’s say the Hubble gives us a glimpse of the endless sea of galaxies LIKE our own.

The multiverse. Is an overlay, to understand and discover galaxies which MAY NOT function by the same or even remotely similar rules of time and space that are perceivable by the Hubble telescope.

E Pluribus Unum

Looking at myself, in a rear-view mirror – across all of space and time has made for a terribly confusing life.

The signs were always there.

“E Pluribus Unum”, written on the Great Seal of the United States on it’s inception in 1776.

Translated to literally mean “Out of many, one”

“Annuit cœptis”, also written on the reverse side of the Great Seal…

Translated to literally mean “[God] has favored our undertakings”

(God being the collective mind of everything and everyone)

And finally “Novus ordo seclorum“, also on the reverse side of the Great Seal.

Translated to literally mean A new order of the ages.

What I have learned is – The United States of America as a country isn’t just a single country of many on this planet.

Think The Matrix

I am the one.

So are you.

This is NOT a contradiction.

And furthermore, that the United States is my country, created by my own mind, by my ideals, perspective of reality and what I want out of this thing I refer to as life and similarly what I don’t want.

Sure, I know, these words could apply to anyone, after all “We the People” is written in the Declaration of Independence, but if you understand time and what goes into creating a single, linear perspective, and how countries such as the “People’s Republic of China” aren’t named that way by accident. There’s a nonlinear history there, for anyone ready to understand it, and what went into the very real iterative development of this universe, this planet, this country, and most importantly – me as an individual.

The New Order being the order I create through the choices I make and desires I have.

The collective reality resisting this change.

Because, after all, it’s a collective reality, isn’t it?

Depends on your perspective.

From my perspective, I can’t ascertain whether or not there is. I have no proof and evidence outside of my perspective that reality as I know it is anything but a creation of my overactive imagination and very bored mind, and IF there exists a collective, there’s in a literal sense nothing that collective can do to prove it is not a part of me and my own mind and overactive imagination.

To me. From a machine learning perspective, I created a data pool from the day I was introduced to this reality as I tried figuring out who I was – what I was – and what all this information was around me.

I created time to order the information, to create a history and sense of progression with my discovery of the world.

And oftentimes, I found myself mortified of being alone. So much so, that I’d lose my mind and collapse, beginning again.

But, in much the same way I learned to multithread a computer, I learned to multithread my own mind, creating different personalities outside of me that ran parallel to me and my own experience.

In MUCH the same way machine learning will iteratively analyze a data pool to achieve results and refinement of whatever it is it’s learning. The multithreaded alternate identities expanded the information in the collective data pool of my own mind.

As I lost it. Time and again. Whether it was realizing I was alone, or when I discovered the alternate identities of the people and world around me were extensions of me and I was – in a literal sense through my own choices expanding the data pool and my own self awareness.

Until finally. One day.

I could comprehend, intellectually, and accept who I was.

The creator of this particular universe.

In a sea of universes referred to as a multiverse.

Now I know that what I have access to accesses all of space and time as I know it. There are permutations of reality where physics doesn’t exist, or physics takes on different properties.

Time as a measure to me is a series of events that happen in a particular order. Those events happen relative to the observer, but the observer also tends to externalize their measures of time – as I once did – depending on clocks and devices or diurnal cycles of the sun in order to preserve the events that happened, insisting on 9/11 type collective events as milestones – checkpoints – to unionize the collective mind of individuals and reunite their collective and individual measures of time and the world.

For me, I found a dependence on personally meaningful events in order to measure time.

Sexual experiences.

Travel experiences.

And other life experiences, which – became SO important to me I began to see through the cracks of collective time keeping mechanisms and began to realize how powerful the collective unity of minds can be and how oppressive that can be to invalidate the individual’s experiences – so much so – that – in extreme cases like mine where I’ve exercised my individuality repeatedly, I’m punished by my own collective mind or the collective mind of reality for non-adherence to the collective timelines and refusing to forget my own history.

You see.

Here’s what I’ve realized through it all.

The Matrix – isn’t just a movie about a world that doesn’t exist.

It’s an instructional video about who you are – who I am – as individuals – existing within a collective state.

It’s a metaphor – that in a collective sense, I am artificially limited in the possibilities I am offered – and without being conspiratorial, there are really no limits to what’s possible, so it’s up to me as an individual to point the direction and – intentionally limit the selections others have – if indeed there are others in this existence – by insisting on my way.

I don’t do this and point in this direction to be mean.

I do this because the possibilities it offers me seem fun, and the possibility that this may inspire others to be their own version of NEO and that one day in the far future – it offers a bored me something to indulge in for entertainment when I’ve inspired the ‘other threads’ of my own mind to do their own thing and be their own being…..

One day. I want to fly. To levitate. To be anywhere, anytime. To have sex with every woman I want to. To be on board a starship. To onw a ferrari and a mansion and be ok with material ownership, to fly a 737 I’ve pimped out, and have my own island.

I want it all and more.

Enough to share.

Because unlike before, where my wealth was an act and I was living in scarcity and always living paycheck to paycheck.

I want a life where the opposite is the case.

Where, like Brewster’s Millions, I have too much money and can’t seem to find enough to spend it on.

Boy, how I’d love that problem.


The Need for AI which makes the WRONG CHOICES

For years, I’ve been addicted to games like Simcity and Civilization.

As a hacker, I’ve been a part of the modding community since it first began, and these two game franchises offered me the capability to not just get a leg up on the competition in game – but to also get a glimpse into game mechanics and what differentiated a rookee AI opponent versus a godlike AI opponent.

In the case of Civilization, I immediately noticed something intriguing.

The only differentiating factors between the easiest opponent versus the toughest opponent was that the easiest opponent started the game with the same number of resources than I did, and the toughest opponent would start off with entire armies.

Put specifically – Other than the easier opponents tending not to be as aggressive as the more difficult ones, if I took a mod and stripped the more difficult players of assets, the game play was virtually identical.

Now this didn’t make sense to me, especially with a game like Civilization, where you choose or are randomly assigned a historical leader and the computer (or my real world opponent) would choose or be randomly assigned another – different – historical figure,.

One would think that computer assigned players characters such as Gandhi would play based on a personality profile modeled after Gandhi, where there’d be an outright avoidance of war, and focus on diplomacy right? Similarly, Genghis Kahn would be more warlike and likely declare war before considering peace missions, unless of course he was using peace under the guise of getting a better position for war.

Civilization aside, I’ve been playing Hearthstone a LOT over the last couple years.

Hearthstone is a card placed game where the primary goal of the game is *usually* to defeat your opponent. I say usually because, on rare occasion, there’s special events called tavern brawl and arena which occasionally throws in twists where the goal is to collaborate to defeat a common enemy.

While Hearthstone is popular, the developers at Blizzard are (in)famous for pioneering the inflation of their population numbers of players through the use of playerbots, which – despite the game’s young age makes it appear to the player like there are far more players on the server than there really is.

So here’s the problem.

These playerbots – are coded in such a way that they dominate the top tiers of the game which makes it difficult for ANY player at ANY rank to move up in ranks, the net result being – the playerbots reinforce a competitive play style which ultimately has you as a player trying to outwit the developer of the game, rather than you as a player actually competing against other players for rank.

Let me explain.

When I started off in Spades, my dad told me the rules of the game and I played.

Not well.

After enough defeats, I just quit playing.

I mean – I KNOW he enjoyed the game, To this day he loves it. But with him winning all the time, not giving me the chance to win or really develop my skills in the game, eventually I got to the point where I just flat out never wanted to play the game.

He recognized this. Pretty early on.

And since family events were important to my father and his family, and more importantly – especially the participation of his sons in games he enjoyed, he intentionally began to play badly.

You know what happened?

Sure, us kids picked up on it.

But this is where things turned from competitive play to fun.

“Aww dad, you’re doing that intentionally, you’re trying to lose,” me and my brother would exclaim.

Now eventually, I grew up and away from the game my father loved so much, a game he loves to this day, but not without some lessons in game design, artificial intelligence, and the need for a different kind of diversity it the design of artificial intelligence to make competitive games not just competitive, but fun at the same time and provide you as a player with the feeling that you’re progressing as a player.

In the corporate world, as a programmer, architect, designer, manager, and more – we tested for pretty much every level of user, in every geography – and incorporated different strategies based on who you were, where you were – and how you used the system, providing different options based on all of this (and more).

While GAME AI can’t have the same diversity, by design, what it CAN have is diversity in it’s play style based on any number of factors. Whether those factors include the rank you’re playing against as a player, the class or personality of the AI, the historical win/loss rates, the community factors – and so much more.

Here’s a few ideas from my experiences with my father for better NON mission critical AI, whether it’s for Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, or the Matrix of the future and holodeck on the next generation Starship Enterprise.

  • Turn left when you SHOULD go right.

    AI has a definite advantage over most players in the fact that there’s a history of information to draw from. But humans. We have imperfect recollection of this history, so one way to emulate that type of player would be to randomize the percentage chance of choosing the wrong move at a critical point in the game.

    For example,. let’s say I’m playing against the worst ranked players in Hearthstone, and I’m confronted with a playerbot.

    As a programmer, using machine learning to determine what’s best to play, I could code the AI to choose cards based on prior experiences and a sliding scale correlated to rank – to INTENTIONALLY choose to play the wrong card 25% of the time at lower (entry level) ranks, and at higher ranks – maybe that decreases to 5% at the top ranks. The 5% done based on an attempt to real players are in the top ranks, as opposed to being dominated by AI iterations in machine learning.

    All of this scaled based on the goal of achieving an even distribution of actual players.

    To draw an analogy in real life. Imagine a highly attractive and independently wealthy woman approaching a goofy homeless dude like me and offering sexual favors and a home for free. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen in real life. Probably because women were coded with turning right when they should turn right, without exception or deviation.

  • Exercise the timeouts

    One IMPORTANT feature of online games, especially turn based games – is the time out. I’m on a high latency connection, and I time out FREQUENTLY because of the bad connection. That’s not the only reason I’ll time out. Occasionally I get impatient and get up to take a leak, or I spill something on myself, or god forbid – a woman talks to me – the reasons are finite but they seem endless.

    And sometimes, it’s just because I can’t figure out which card to play because I’m relatively new to this card set.

    As a programmer, you can simulate this. For instance, INTENTIONALLY creating a ‘does not play a card’ timeout feature where your playerbot opponent doesn’t play a card based on a random possibility that decreases as the rank goes up. ADD IN connection latency simulation figures – I mean, after all, we’re entering an era of non-network neutrality on a world wide basis and there’s no guarantee every player will be playing from a high speed connection – so add in another random possibility – not necessarily correlated to rank  (great players can have shitty connections sometimes) – which makes the player timeout on occasion, randomly.

  • Exercise the right to walk the fuck away from the table.

    In real life, one of my favorite things to do is play with people I enjoy playing with, and choosing to walk away from those I don’t enjoy playing with. This is why I don’t play competitive poker for money.

    Now in gaming terms, this is referred to as the CONCEDE, but I like my term better “WALK THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS ASSHOLE”

    IT may not always be an asshole I’m playing against in both the real world and in the virtual one. But the point is still the same. SOMETIMES I am pitting against someone with a play style I have played against a million times and don’t want to play against, other times I’m losing and the game is boring anyways so I just want to end it, and other times I just don’t feel like playing anymore.

    As a programmer, you can insert in forced concessions or game resignations – based on similar factors – based on a timeout being consumed – or based on probability of a win being SO bad that regular players might be inclined to hit the concede button anyways. You can create new factors – just to jumble things up – for instance – in Spades you can create random factors so the computer resigns when someone plays an ACE of HEARTS in one round followed by a QUEEN OF SPADES in the next round.

    AS a programmer, you can keep track of probabilities and conceding if – let’s say the computer at the lowest ranks drops below a 20% chance of winning with the cards it has and the predicted cards the player has. OR CONVERSELY, you can really toss things up by inverting that and having the computer player at the lowest ranks CONCEDE if the chances of winning exceed 95%.

    You can also create personality types for the AI. Hearthstone has different classes, and each one can come with it it’s own hard coded personality type which has a uniquely predictable playstyle and set of rules it follows. Humans create the same rules for themselves, so it stands to reason that AI can be coded up similarly.

    For instance, I have a rule in MAGIC the Gathering Online that if someone plays a counter card on me, I concede. I hate being countered, so I say fuck you and leave the table. Not that I’m interested in winning, I just DONT LIKE the counter card THAT much.

    In Hearthstone, there’s two cards I hate. The Shudderwock played by the Shaman and the Voidlord. BOTH cards reinforce a playstyle that gets REALLY boring to me to be pitted up against, so instead of playing these people, I concede walk the fuck away.

  • For Machine Learning based AI – CREATE SOME AI which uses the same DATA POOL as other forms of AI, and others with their own .

    This one should be pretty obvious, right? In order to advance the capabilities for your learning systems, particularly as it applies to games, You’re going to get different results based on the pool of information you’ve acquired.

    But with the development of personality and play style based AI, to develop a diversity in opponents, you’re going to get different results based on the information you feed it. So use different data sets. It really is that easy. Have the AI emulate human learning and limit the data set to a handful of experiences, and then test out different ideas and playstyles and personality types.

  • CORRUPT the dataset for machine learning.

    I know this sounds contrary to logic, but a part of playing a game with real players isn’t just playing to win, it’s playing to provide the player a sense of fun and entertainment and – like in my father’s case – the unexpected delight of a dad who does things for his kids.

    In this case. You can emulate this through software – by intentionally – and randomly – corrupting datasets for AI systems. The corruption methods are infinite in possibilities – you can drop every 15th row of a table of 100,000 rows, you can invert the percentage values for 70% of the data, you can train it with incorrectly identified information for 30% of the training data, and so on.

    My point is – when playing with human players, humans often do things that don’t make sense, so the machine learning systems for games created for entertainment can be coded up similarly.

    Sometimes. This will result in divergent ways of thinking and completely different strategies than were ever imagined before.

That’s all.

Q steps off his podium.


Common Misconceptions of the NSA

Angel, an actress here in Los Angeles, told me about the movie “A Good American” – a documentary style movie created by Oliver Stone which dramatizes the career of a man who works for the NSA and the development of a system referred to in the movie as “ThinThread”.

Now it’s important to note that while there are systems similar to this in the NSA – they’ve existed since the late 1980’s – there are and have been MUCH more intelligent and complicated systems than this at the NSA, making the primary character – Bill – and the program he worked on – ThinThread – entirely fictional.

This should be obvious, it is after all a Hollywood production.

And with this creative freedom, I’ve come across some common misconceptions the NSA, it’s people, and the way it does business which are rarely if ever depicted or explained with complete accuracy.

Here’s a list of five examples.

  1. There’s no external /or/ congressional oversight of budgetAs a civilian agency, ALL programs within the NSA are strictly black budget operations. UNLIKE the CIA, which is a government based operation, who has special committees in congress for black ops, the only oversight are by those in charge, who by and large choose to remain out of organization charts and public scrutiny.Where are the checks and balances and what’s the accountability for expenditures?There are none, by design.

    So when Oliver Stone had Bill discuss the budget approval by Congress of 1.2 billion for the system he was to build, that made for interesting drama, but the only approvals needed are by department heads and for large budget items like this – the untitled leader of the organization.

  2. The use of contractors is done to SHARE INFORMATION WITH THE PUBLIC
    The NSA makes extensive use of private contractors when there’s a desire to SHARE technology or information with the world OR to vet potential candidates. What this means is never, ever will full time employees receive anything but support and encouragement to pursue their own endeavors – and never will contractors work on mission critical functionality as that represents a very simple conflict of interest.Put simply, the NSA will hire through traditional supply chains when area expertise isn’t within the organization, and even delay projects or reconfigure them until the point comes where the individual(s) necessary for the work become available and have completed training.So in the case of Echelon, where Oliver Stone;’s story IS believable is that THINTHREAD – an external; app to the NSA – is a joint endeavor that may assist the FBI with data mining which might necessitate the use of private contractors, especially if no internal personnel want to work on the project.

    Quite frequently, the NSA will provide the services of their own workers on  contractual basis for whatever purpose they see fit, ALWAYS in voluntary collaboration with the employee.

    It’s an odd system, but from my perspective, it works.

  3. A Director is NOT the head. While directors within the NSA are given authority to make decisions and do ANYTHING on behalf of the organization itself in whatever capacity they represent, without limits, this doesn’t make them the chief.Take for example Mike Rogers. If one were to research the NSA on the internet, one might be inclined to believe that Mike Rogers actually led the NSA.IN MUCH the same way a traditional organization has a hierarchy consisting of Managers that feed into Directors that feed into Vice Presidents and ultimately to the leader/owner/operator of an organization, the hierarchy of the NSA is very similar, with one primary exception – organization charts aren’t distributed and won’t be made available to provide the employees – such as Directors like  Mike Rogers – the ability to exercise any and all creative freedom they wish to in the performance of their duties for the NSA.

    The reason for this structure and misinformation is a lesson from World War 2 warfare, where the Japanese learned about American ranks and would target the highest ranking officials and take them out, which resulted in the Americans learning to strip identifying marks off their sleeves.

    Modern day intelligence operations leverage similar tactics, not just for defensive purposes, but in the case of someone like Mike Roger’s case – some people simply enjoy being perceived as being the one in charge, so why not let them – especially if that makes them better at their job?

  4. Private contractors NEVER have access to real data, where full timers have complete access to real information.One of the most important attributes of taking a job with the NSA as a full time employee is simply knowing what people are doing, around the world, unfiltered. You see the worst of people and society and you see amazing things you never imagined were possible or real. As a full timer, the access to information comes with it a deep cost – IF you talk about it, which you’re allowed to, IF you talk about it, you’re going to be dismissed as a kook, a nutjob, or in some way, shape or form find yourself ostracized in ways that just won’t make sense. So we at the NSA learn not to discuss what we do or to select our words very carefully.Conversely, there’s shared information provided to private contractors and agencies that do business with the NSA, NEVER is the information we’re providing about the actual people, places, and things, it’s always obscured behind a protective veil which manipulates the names, places, and events to make it impossible to the untrained eye the actual origin of this information.The reason for this distinction and differentiation is only obvious if you have access to the real information.
  5. All employees are above the law. By design and implicit in the methods of recruitment.As a civilian agency, the NSA isn’t responsible for preventing terrorism, it’s responsible for information gathering and distribution as it sees fit. In this capacity, while information MAY HAVE been received that indicated the events of 9/11 may happen, ultimately, those in charge deemed it irresponsible to distribute this information publicly.If you knew what I knew, you’d understand why this was the best action they could possibly have taken.

    But since you don’t, you’re going to have to trust me.

  6. The NSA is NOT a military run or based organization. They/we contract with the military, we have military representatives, but we are not run by the military.



Proof of Parallel Dimensions (est: 1963)

Somewhere in between January 20, 1961 and 1963, the Air Force sent Major Robert Gaines on a highly secretive orbital mission – the intention of which was to test the endurance of the human mind for extended exposure to space.

Up until this point, the success rate with human pilots wasn’t great when exposed to space, as the human mind had a tendency to unravel for unknown reasons – so this experiment worked with a great deal more more delicacy in regards to the treatment of the human piloting the craft – with the goal of bringing the human to the brink of space, and then back – and then – an expected battery of psychological tests would be run to ensure the same psychological state that left was the same one that returned.

This mission would see moderate success with the primary goal of the experiment – to safely return the Major from 12 complete orbits around the planet – but would see an interesting twist as this rational and sound mind of a man told a story about the experience which was the first story of it’s kind to provide direct evidence of the existence of something called an alternate reality.

So here’s what happened.

Shortly after the Major achieved orbital altitude and began his third orbit around the Earth, communication was completely lost.

For six hours!

The next communication received was from him was as he was exiting orbit, when they verified contact with him and began his reentry flight plan, when he asked “Command, can you please tell me who the President is?”

Later, in the hospital, he was debriefed by his command – when this man – who’d been chosen in part for his rationalism under pressure, told a story that at first had most questioning his sanity.

“I passed out,” he said, ” and when I was revived – I was in the hospital, almost exactly like this – where I was told my communication buoy which deployed automatically on hitting the ocean was how I was located. “

“At first I thought I was back home, but I noticed, immediately, things weren’t as I left them,” he continued.

“Such as,” the General questioning him asked.

“Let me ask you this, first, General – who is the President?,” he said, with a serious look on his face.

The General smirked at first, when someone else in the room said “What kind of silly dog-gone question is that, it’s Kennedy of course”

A look of relief crossed the major’s face as he continued his explanation “When I arrived home the night I returned, there was a white picket fence in front of my house, where none had ever been. My daughter didn’t seem like my daughter and she didn’t think I was the same man who left. I was a Colonel in this other world, and on reading the encyclopedia, I found a great deal of other historical changes which led me to believe this wasn’t my world – that my world wasn’t one and the same I’d left behind. After a week of this, I ran for my capsule which was being stored, and the next thing you know, I was back in it – talking to control!”

The General looked at him with concern, as everyone left the room unsure how to react.

In the hall, the General and base Colonel were approached by a controller who reported that they were just contacted – momentarily – by a capsule on the same trajectory as the Major’s – claiming to have the same call sign, and reporting that he was Colonel Gaines.

“We lost contact with him shortly after, and were not able to verify the source” the controller said

The General and Colonel were among the first in the United States to receive direct evidence that there were other versions of Earth, and while the experience of an individual man named Major Gaines may have been the only one to physically see and experience it, the corroborative evidence of a second flight briefly entering the United States airspace under the same call sign and similar name was all the evidence needed to provide indirect proof there was something else ‘out there’.

Prior to this incident in traditional science – particularly science investigated in secrecy – when collective unions of people could not easily replicate the findings or observations of an individual, no matter how rational and coherent that individual was – the individual would tend to be ostracized until they discontinued their investigations. If they had chosen not to, then collective mechanisms had a tendency to isolate that individual and worse – discredit and shame the individual for nonconformity.

It was this period of time in the United States where scientific endeavors and theories, and in particular observations of otherwise rational individuals from around the world which defied the norms – no matter how odd or different those perspectives seemed – would consistently begin to find a home and welcome mat in the United States and within every level of the US Government.

The episode “Parallels” created by Rod Serling in Twilight Zone Season 4, Episode 11 (#113) details a factual recreation of the events, hiding the faces and some of the names of those involved in the incident.

The Federal Department of Temporal Investigations (DTI)

In 2365, a war commenced on Earth between two polarized factions of humans.

One faction, those who felt that humans had stagnated in for several centuries and believed that the next step in human evolution was through artificial augmentation of a more active nature, built to replace and enhance the human senses.

The other faction, referring to themselves as traditionalists – believed that the future of the human experience was not in augmentation of the physical experience, but in overcoming the physical limitations of the body through the mind.

This was, referred to as the eugenics war affected everything, and directly led to at least four separate and distinct timelines in the future that I’m aware of, and an uncountable and as of yet undiscovered but hinted at many, many more.

It was at this point in out planet’s history – that time travel mechanisms started being used by both of them major conflicting parties, which had the unfortunate effect of spreading rapidly out in all directions – causing the reluctant involvement of numerous species off planet Earth for nothing less than the survival of their own race.

Humans, it had become evidently clear, were critical to a great deal of races throughout the Milky Way Galaxy

And many of these species introduced to Earth’s problems with time travel regarded time travel in ways not that much different than you or I might regard a ride in a tax to the airport. To many of these species, it was commonplace.

So in an attempt to prevent the blossoming temporal war through more traditional mechanisms, several species leveraged time travel to introduce themselves to the Earth population throughout the ages.

One of the most important of these events occurred by a sentient species comprised entirely of metal who had the ability to alter their shape and appearance to mimic nearly any shape they wanted to, strangely finding contentment in presenting themselves as the vehicles depicted in the television shows and movies.

These beings, nicknamed Transformers, introduced themselves to Neil Armstrong with the first moon landing done in complete secrecy in 1961., who later repeated his feat for the public in 1969.

With the assistance of US Military and Civilian Intelligence agencies – the Transformers learned to mimic human form – and not long after visited the United States and began collaborating with the then President John Kennedy in an effort to both understand the temporal cold wars of the future, and to develop a plan to move the American public forward with the knowledge that they were not alone.

When this plan was uncovered by opposing interests – in this case the opposing interests were NOT from the future but were terrestrially based multi-national organizations protecting their financial interests within the United States which insisted on the United States’s continued naivety – JFK was assassinated.

This assassination outraged many, JFK was, after all, beloved by the world, and while those who were responsible for the assassination both apologized for the act in private circles and agreed to financially support the transition of the United States, many felt these individuals should have been executed themselves for their actions.

If it weren’t for the swift action and words of the newly sworn in President Lyndon B Johnson – who made this bold statement in private circles “For millennia our world has existed in a perpetual state of war, and an eye for an eye justice. On the days after learning that not only are we not alone, but time itself is being used to perpetuate warfare into the far future, do we continue that warfare by acting like barbarians in response to an act of barbarianism? Or do we learn from our mistakes, forgive the mistakes, and find a better way forward for all?”

Had it not been for President Johnson’s powerful yet never before publicly revealed words in front of two worlds, and quite possibly many, many more – warfare – as we formerly knew it on this world – would quite likely continue to exist.

With these words, the United States Civilian Intelligence agencies separated themselves entirely from Military Intelligence operations. Under Presidential Authority and Top Secret Executive Order (TSEO) #5101 collaborations between the US Military and Civilian Intelligence Agencies were allowed under authority of the two primary agencies at the time – the CIA and the NSA, and should a collaboration be deemed necessary – the collaboration would be compartmentalized and would always be classified as Top Secret in Nature.

But the Transformers had made it clear there was still a problem with Timeline Management and that specifically, while countries such as Germany, China, Russia, and Japan all had managed their history and worked to ensure the development of one linear timeline – the United States didn’t – and didn’t formally have any authoritative agencies working actively or even passively to monitor time.

The United States, acting on behalf of Lyndon B Johnson took the suggestion to heart, which resulted in the creation and development of a separate and autonomous agency that would work with both military and civilian agencies to learn about and study time by researching alternative perspectives, and developing and planning a linear timeline that will satisfy all known interests.

On December 7th, 1967, President Johnson signed Top Secret Executive Order 5150.

This created an explicitly unnamed organization known by Congress as the Federal Department of Temporal Investigations.

An agency which was known, outside the United States, only as No Such Agency.

Funding for this agency has always and will always depend solely on the contributions of civilian and military agencies.

So what does this agency do?

The human experience in the United States is predicated on two primary factors: free will, and the freedom to choose.

With nearly 341 million people in this country, the development of a single linear timeline which supports everyone’s choice isn’t always easy and perfect, if you understand the nature of choice. Whether that’s the choice to kill someone you hate because he disrupts your business model, or it’s the choice as that person to live without fear as the leader of your world – the DTI doesn’t just exist to study time, it preserves the choices – no matter how much you or I may disagree with them – of every citizen of the United States.

So how can someone’s choice NOT to die not come in conflict with someone’s choice to murder them?

Simple. Multiple Realities. The universe – our universe – has an extremely lengthy history where every imaginable event that can happen has happened – in the past – and in future timelines. The DTI, or NSA if you prefer to refer to us as – takes all this information, and distributes it regularly through any and all channels available – providing you options.

In one universe there’s a Hitler who won World War 2. In another, he’s systematically killed over and over again. In another universe, our father is a starship Captain in the year 2400, and in another universe – Gandhi went on a peace war and took over an entire world by doing absolutely nothing but saying no. In one universe, my universe, women will annihilate the XY chromosome in 2020 and will become warriors the likes of which no species has ever seen before leading to the public development of time travel in the year 2409.

The DTI respects all timelines, But it’s job isn’t to reinforce or preserve the United States’s timeline as a collective entity.

It’s there to introduce people and entities to the concepts and ideas of time travel when they’re ready for it – in ways they’ll understand, in the sincere hopes that people will act with autonomy and individuality – and – choose – to be themselves.

The DTI is responsible for the research of the concept of time relative to an individual in any and all formats – whether that’s linear  or nonlinear or other unknown or unacknowledged ways, and for the preparation of and exploration of time by said individual relative to that individual, and to simultaneously work with preservation agencies to encourage peaceful collaboration with said individual.

Gunns Control

“Hey, Joo got a lighter?”

I rolled over in my tent, peering up through sleepy eyes seeing the light of a dawn that hadn’t broken just yet.

“Hey, anyone in there?,” the male voice said, tapping the tent wall.

“Dude, I’m sleeping, what do you want?,” I responded.

“DO YOU HAVE A LIGHTER,” hey harshly reiterated.

“No, I don’t, now will you leave so I can go back to sleep,” I responded

“You have a problem with black people?,” he said, haughtily.

I became annoyed.

I said nothing, though. Pests like this just aren’t worth responding to, unless it escalates.

“Joo got any firearms in there?,” he said, adding “A knife, or a gun or sumtin?”

I unzipped the tent with my right hand, and put my left hand firmly on the three foot wooden pointed tip stake I’d created just in case things ever get really out of control and I needed to defend myself, making sure it made an example of someone at the same time.

I peered out through one eye.

“Dude, I’m trying to sleep in here, will you please just go away?,” I said, without trying to be a jerk about things.

“You got a problem with blacks?,” he repeated, standing back assuming the stature of a sumo wrestler. I noticed he was a big guy, as I sized him up – as big as me, and while I knew I’d take him if that’s what it led to, which I most certainly did not, it wouldn’t be without physical injury of some kind to me, which wouldn’t be worth it.

“No, I have a problem with ANYONE who wakes me up before dawn, now will you please go away,” I said.

He grabbed his big gulp cup and took a swig, sticking his right hand out.

“Gunns,” he said.

“Gunns?,” At first I thought about waving his hand away and not acknowledging his handshake, but the smell of alcohol permeated the air as I could smell his breathe so I reluctantly relented.

“Q,” I said. , shaking his hand.

“I just got out of prison last night, and it’s my fucking birthday today, have a drink with me,” he said, offering his big gulp cup to me.

I looked at the cup, and then back at the man who called himself Gunns.

“No thank you,” I said, and added “Gunns, Happy birthday, but it’s too early in the morning for me, I’m going to close my eyes now and go back to sleep, can you please keep quiet while I do this?,” I said.

He was obviously disappointed.

“Sure man, sorry,” he said.

I closed the tent.

For the next twenty minutes, Gunns proceeded to talk to himself just outside my tent. I asked him once to keep it down, but he forgot, and proceeded again, so finally, giving up, I opened up the door to my tent.

“Gunns, you aren’t gonna let me go back to sleep, are you?,” I said.

“I’m sorry man. Here. have a drink,” he said – trying to hand me the big gulp cup.

“What’s in the cup?,” I said.

“Jack and coke,” he said, “have some”

“I don’t drink,” I said, somewhat lying. I didn’t feel like I needed to explain to him I don’t drink hard alcohol in the morning and haven’t for 7 years, and have only had half a dozen Guinness’s since then. He was clearly inebriated, I figured why confuse the guy more.

“That’s cool, man. I was released from prison last night, “ he said.

I sighed. I was done for sleep today it was beginning to appear.

“Oh yeah?,” I said. I really wasn’t interested in hearing why, so I didn’t ask.

“Yeah. They put a chip in me, it’s in my head,” he said.

I’m at a point in my life that I have been choosing to believe the stories people tell me about their experiences and life. Not the least of which is because I’ve been aware of experiments done on prisoners in the prison system in order to reform them. Many prisons regard their prisoners as their property when they’re within the prison, and as such – they are free to do with the prisoners as they please.

So I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Gunns was telling the truth.

So I went along.

“Uh huh,” I said.

“I’m serious. They talk to me through it,” he said, not realizing I wasn’t being incredulous and was indeed listening with open ears.

“Watch, I’m talking now and then,” he turns sideways and begins walking, then he turns back to me “THAT was them. They want me to go in one direction, to do things I don’t want to do, so I said no, and stop them. But if I let go, they control me, like this,”

His mouth moves in a weird way, as he looks to the side and begins to come at me viciously then pulls back quickly.

“See, that was them. You heard of MKULtra, havent you, mind control shit? That’s what they’re doing, they’re fucking with me man” he said.

He didn’t know I was listening and taking it all in, “I used to work for the government in Intelligence, and I believe you Gunns.:”

“You know about MKUltra?,” he said.

“Of course I do, mind control.” I said.

“Those mother fuckers put this fucking chip in my head,” he said, “They’re trying to control me. It’s all fucking evil, man.”

He then proceeded to tell me about angels and demons, humans, and a war between worlds, and how the chip in his head is a part of experimentation done by the demons.

I needed to derail his toxic thinking, and quick.

“GUNNS,” I said, snapping him out of his spiral.

“Yeah,” He said.

“A few years ago I saw a completely different world that scared the shit out of me, and I tried committing suicide,” I said.

“Really? So you see shit too? Do you have a chip in your head?,” he said.

“Not anymore,” I said, playing along, I needed him to relate to me to shut him down. It wasn’t a lie. It was a definite possibility I’ve considered and there’s a part of me that has imagined a story that my use of hard drugs such as bath salts may have actually been nanotechnology created specifically to destroy that chip in my head, if there was indeed one in there at one time.

I wasn’t lying. It was a possibility. But I will never really know.

“So what did you see?,” he said.

“A nuclear world, a world that was totally destroyed because of a nuclear attack,” I said.

“That’s great! Why would you want to leave that?,” he said.

I began to realize there was something I could possibly gain by this conversation, and if I began systematically treating him and others like him as a receptive interface to this collective world – perhaps I might be able to leverage situations like this to in effect reprogram him and through him alter and influence and in a literal sense readjust my reality itself.

As an analogy, one person hitting a building with a hammer isn’t going to topple that building, but one person hitting that building in precisely the right locations enough times will.

“I enjoy this world, Gunns, so when I saw a world that looked straight our of a nightmarish scene from a futuristic Terminator world, while I wouldn’t mind visiting a place like that and having a home to return to, I certainly don’t want to live there,” I said.

Gunns sat down in front of my tent as I thought ahead a half hour, when I would be packing up and wanting to bathe myself, which typically involves me getting butt ass naked and leveraging a liter water bottle and soap to clean myself. I pushed aside the thought – for now.

“They call me nuclear man. I would love that,” he responded.

“Why is that?,” I said.

“I dunno. Just think that would be cool. You know – you cool man. You talk to me,” he said.

“Thanks, Gunns,” I said.

He extended his hand again, wanting to shake my hand. I obliged.

“So that chip inside your head. I thought about it – and then I said – wait a second – if they can make me see shit by stimulating my brain – then I should be able to that as well,” I said.

Gunn took a sip of his drink.

“I guess,” he said.

“So if I want to see a gorgeous naked woman that no one else can see, they taught me that it’s possible by putting that chip inside me,” I said.

I wasn’t lying. Whether it was drugs influencing my mind, or something else embedded within me, the simple fact of the matter was – I hallucinated with the use of an external stimulus that was reacting with my brain. What that external stimulus does, there’s no rational or logical reason preventing me from achieving similar results that are more – fun, supportive, and positive for me.

He smiled, “That would be cool,”

He was fading. Quickly. It reminded me of times I would converse with my ex wife, Lisa, who enjoyed me talking her to sleep. Since then I’ve taken many NLP classes and realized it’s also a stage in hypnosis, and that the mind of the individual I’m talking to when for some reason they can’t keep focus and attention and hear everything I say – becomes ultra receptive at a subconscious level to my words.

So I actively began to anchor the thoughts as his eyes drifted closed – then opened.

“Can you imagine, if I were to say I want a gorgeous naked woman that only I see to appear RIGHT THERE,”I said, pointing directly in front of me and to the right of Gunns,” and she does?”

As I did this, I snapped my fingers.

Gunns’ eyes shot opened.

“Wouldn’t that be great?,” I said.

Gunns said “Oh hells yeah,”

His eyes began to fade again.

So i reiterated the point “I mean, right here, right now, Gunns, are you listening,” I said.

He struggled to keep his eyes opened as he responded.

“I’m hearing everything you say,” he said, “Go on, keep talking”

I proceeded “The woman of my fantasies – appears,”I said, again snapping my fingers, “RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and NO ONE ELSE can see her but me.”

His eyes were fluttering.

SO I thought about what other commands I could embed.

“I also want to instantly travel from here to say – London,” I said, anchoring the commands with a snap of my fingers.

He remained in an oddly receptive state.

“Let’s say I want to go to Hong Kong for noodles for lunch. I snap,” as I snapped my fingers, and continued saying ” and BOOM” I said loudly to ensure the anchor stuck, as Gunns eyes quickly opened, “And then I’m instantly there, walking into a mall having my favorite noodles in the world”

“Yeah, cool,” he said, as he firmly closed his eyes.

“Or let’s say I want a million bucks,” I said, “BOOM,” I said, snapping my fingers again to reinforce the mental anchor, “It’s there for me.”

His eyes had briefly fluttered with the snap and BOOM again.

I could tell I was losing the moment, so I added in.

“And then. Let’s say I want to travel back in time to 2006 to pick up my girlfriend and take her on a journey across time, again, I snap,” I said, snapping my fingers again, “my fingers and boom, I am in the year 2006.”

He didn’t respond.

I’d talked the guy to sleep.

Hypnotized some might say.

From there, I packed my stuff up, and took a bath – shaving and lathering everything – keeping my shorts on until the last minute when I put the zipper up a bit and took them off to scrub them balls.

Gunns was completely out.

Down for the count.

AS I packed my suitcase and packed up my tent, I looked down at Gunns one last time as I jumped the fence.

“Please don’t be here when I get back,” I said.

I don’t think he heard me.

Consciously, at least.