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The Rules of Magic

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No, this isn’t rules of the card game.

This is rules for real magic.

Real Magic can be defined as follows:

The ability for a human to manipulate matter and energy via the mind alone, without the need for physical contact.

There are numerous subcategories within the realm of magic, areas of expertise which many devote their lives to but all users of magic innately have access to at the very least in it’s rudimentary form.

A few of these categories include, but are not limited to:

Illusion: The ability to be able to create sustained illusions of material things. Whether this is a lifelike illusionary image of a man or woman, a stack of crates a house or a UFO flying overhead, the only limits to the illusions a magic user can create is limited by their own imagination.

Enchantment: The ability to be able to magically imbue physical objects with magical properties. A few of the more interesting historical artifacts include (but are not limited to):

  • Abraham Lincoln’s Top Hat: The wearer of this hat has the overwhelming urge to free nearby African-American people, believing them to be slaves
  • Caligula’s Sandals: The wearer of these sandals is regarded as sexually irresistible by members of the opposites sex, making anyone of the opposite sex in the direct proximity of the wearer have an immediate and overwhelming desire to engage in intercourse with the wearer. Has been known to cause many riots.
  • Studio 54 Disco Ball: When used, causes the irrepressible urge by anyone in range to dance.

Now it’s important to note that MANY items become naturally enchanted. For instance, the Studio 54 Disco Ball through it’s repeated exposure and environment was discovered to have the same unusual effects on people within the proximity LONG after the club shut down.

I won’t get into all schools of magic, but a few others include

  • Abjuration.
  • Conjuration.
  • Divination.
  • Evocation.
  • Illusion.
  • Necromancy.
  • Transmutation.

As users of magic living in a muggle world which we all seem to enjoy, we need rules for magic. Don’t take these rules as being law, there more intended to be guidelines to suggest behavior patterns to avoid a repeat of the necessity for most engaging in magic to have to go into hiding as a direct result of the incidences at Salem nearly four centuries ago.

As for the term muggle, I have to give credit to Harry Potter for this term, it’s a term for NON magic using humans. There’s you, the magic user, if you’re reading this you know who you are, and there’s those who you choose to call your neighbors, your friends, and very often – your family.

To be a muggle is NOT an offensive term. I was once a muggle myself, and while most magic users tend to be elitist and think, wrongly, that a muggle will always only be a muggle and incapable of learning about magic unless it’s in a pill or material object, let me insist – you’re not trying hard enough.

So be kind to your muggles.

With that said, I have some basic rules about interacting in a society and world full of these muggles that serve your best interest as well as the world around you.

Here’s Some Rules I advise ANY AND ALL MAGIC Users to respect, alongside instances I’ve observed of why these rules are in place:

  • When engaging in magic publicly, do so in a way that does NOT directly refute or undermine science.

    For instance, years ago, I saw Lance Burton in Las Vegas. At the time, I had believed, wrongly of course, that magic was smoke and mirrors, but on a solid stage he made a Delorean disappear as he flashed a curtain in front of it – and seconds later – the entire car was gone as he removed the curtain.

    This didn’t directly question my scientific beliefs, as I looked for ‘the trick’ afterwards, to discover a solid stage, but being fully aware of technology, there’s no devices or systems which can move something of that size that fast without making a sound.

    Lance Burton was a real magic user. And his delicate presentation didn’t offend my scientific foundation directly, he inspired me by this presentation to discover for myself that magic was indeed real.

    So with this. Don’t assume muggles are stupid. They aren’t. They just think differently than you. So should you perform magic – whether it’s staged, or for your own fun, it behooves you and I to understand their beliefs and GIVE THEM REASONABLE DOUBT.
  • Do NOT directly manipulate the mind of others.

    Here’s why: Do you want someone doing this to you?

    You can do it, I know you can. I’ve done it accidentally myself as I began discovering who I am. The consequences can often be dire, as you’ll see collective machinations move in ways to defy you.

    Now again, this is a guideline, not a steadfast rule, and I am NOT saying do not manipulate their minds. Sometimes, you have to in order to move the world along,

    Here’s an example:

    Rosetta (not her real name) is a young 16 year old witch who is just discovering her powers. She immediately uses her powers to command a boy she likes at school to love her, unconditionally. He does. So they go out that night on their first date, as he orders her to get her a drink and then on the date proves to be an asshole. Fast. So she walks away. Meanwhile, this young boy is still under her spell. So he reacts poorly, with a great deal of anger.

    Can you see the problem here? Not only does she manipulate the mind and not have the opportunity to discover who this boy is for herself, but she also punishes him for who he is when she discovers – very quickly – who he is. Now if she’d only taken a more casual approach, she could have gotten to know the guy and avoided the entire confrontation.

    I personally find indirect manipulation – and understanding and respecting muggle methods – for instance Marketing – to be far superior and easier in the long run. This allows the muggles to make conscious decisions to align themselves with your methods, and while it does not work 100% of the time, it’s far more effective and lets you and I walk away – guilt free – from the interaction.

    If guilt is not your concern, then I defer back to the question. Do you want someone directly commanding you?

    If so. Knock yourself out and ignore this rule. But if not, then my advice is to heed this advice and find indirect methods.

    LET them choose. Try not to command them. (Lawyers, that’s a hint ;-))
  • Do Unto Others

    Piggybacking on the aforementioned rule is the concept do unto others as you would do to yourself.

    For me, I’ve been through a lot in my life, so I do consider the state I perceive someone to be in as I take action, but I also apply it to my own belief system (in the multiverse) – but all the time I ask myself “Would I want this done to me?” If the answer’s no, then usually I won’t do it.

    To expand on the previous example:

    Rosetta doesn’t react to his anger well, so as the young boy drives away, she manipulates his car as he’s driving away in anger as he violently crashes it.

    So here we have as situation where a young and very mean spirited witch manipulates a boy, doesn’t like what she find, and when things don’t work out, she punishes him for reacting poorly because of something SHE DID to him to begin with.

    Do you see the problem? Girl manipulates guy, doesn’t like him and then tries to kill him.

    Whether you’re a muggle or a magic user, this behavior is simply unacceptable, and why the multiverse exists – so people like this Rosetta can learn to control their emotions and also in the process learn this thing called respect.

    If you don’t want your car crashed. Don’t do it to others.

    Do unto others as you would want OR don’t mind being done to you, taking into account context, state, perceived and observed state of mind and more.
  • When experimenting and practicing magic, do so behind closed doors and/or where you’re convinced muggles can’t observe you.

    This one should be self evident.

    But just in case it’s not, here’s an example:

    Rosetta, who incidentally provides consistent examples of what not to do with magic, enchants a pair of shoes to make her faster on the track to win against her perceived enemy. These shoes, in a literal way, wobble and vibrate wildly when not worn.

    So Rosetta takes them off, and leaves them on her gym bag, in the locker room next to her, as they vibrate, wildly as she gets dressed. Her perceived enemy comes into the locker room, not wholly unexpected – it is after all a highly trafficked by muggles area – and needless to say – she sees Rosetta’s shoes and afterwards confronts her and accuses her, rightfully, of magic.

    Don’t be a Rosetta. Being alone in a room isn’t enough of a safety margin to have something which is clearly beyond out of the ordinary when you know full well from past experience that people walk into and out of that room on a regular basis.

    All I am saying is – just be situationally aware of what you’re doing, your environment, and while I am not saying “be paranoid”, that does you and no one else any good, what I am saying is – “Just be reasonably certain that if you engage in or are leveraging objects that would clearly defy a muggle’s comprehension, practice prudence.

    For me, if I ran a country or society or a SCHOOL of magic users, this would be the first and most important requirement to ant fledgling magic user receiving an education.

    Here’s why:

    While you may try your best to fit in, to act normal, and to portray the part of a normal everyday muggle, there’s gonna be times where you didn’t anticipate or predict the effects of your magic, or you’re caught, red handed.

    Now most muggles are equipped to accept a story dismissing the magic, and often times, they see the magic performed enough, this can often lead to the development of technology based on ‘caught’ magic that all muggles can use, which, let’s be clear – whether it’s the computer or the cell phone, can make EVERYONE’s lives that much more engaging, entertaining, and just plain fun.

    Which is why I list these all as discretionary rules and not law.

    But. It’s up to you, the magic user of any age and experience level to be good at story telling. Not only this, but to be good with this skill at a moment’s notice without preparation.

    Because, let’s face it, when you’re caught. And you will be caught. You’re probably going to be surprised if you did indeed make your best efforts to hide what you were doing.

    The skill of improvisation can be observed, first, by going to small venue stand up comedian shows which encourage audience participation. It can be observed, wonderfully i might add, by watching comedy shows such as “Whose line is it anyways”.

    I point to comedy as examples for a reason – you’re going to be confronted with a serious but highly skeptical muggle nine times out of ten when caught, so if this happens, it’s best not to be defensive, and when it’s delivered with a state of levity, it releases the tension and makes it easier for the muggle to accept the story.

    As for acting. As magic users, by now you should be fully aware that just because it’s referred to as fiction does not make it untrue. That’s our label, used to collectively establish an average and range expectation for acceptable public and private behavior, attitude and mentality for both muggles and you magic types.

    With sex and nudity as an exception. The internet is delivering a wider range to make this range of behavior a little more well known.

    So with that said, acting is critical. When you understand the world around you, and someone catches you in the act of performing your magic skills, the ACT if you will is coming up IMPROVISATIONALLY a local and rational reason for what they experienced.

    However you do this is entirely up to you, everyone’s acting style is different.

    To some, you might be a keen study of emotional intelligence and other’s perspective, so you might tell a gripping emotionally oriented story delivered just for them.

    To others, you might appeal to the mystery a bit and say “I will bet you can’t figure out how i just did that” and then improvisationally look for environmental or physical cues to mislead them.

    Spend time STUDYING Acting. Movies, TV SHOWS, while many are piped in from alternate realities and versions of Earth, and others do indeed leverage real actors who might hold jobs in movie studios – paying attention to character – and – most importantly – when that character stops being that character – breaking the illusion.

    Learn from their mistakes.
  • Dabble to understand the Opposites

    If you’re a practitioner of the light arts as they’re referred to, then dabble in the dark arts, and similarly, if you’re a practitioner in the dark arts, dabble in the light arts.

    This one is extremely important for this reason – to understand what can and will often become your opposition.

    Here’s a muggle based example:

    For years, I worked as a programmer and what was referred to as a white hat hacker. I did, what I considered to be – good for people and tried my damndest to do the right thing.

    Then one day, I met and helped out John McAfee – the creator of McAfee’s anti virus who had fled the United States – while I was spending some extended time in Granada, Nicaragua – and we chatted for a few days over beer at an Irish Pub there

    Ironically enough – a pretty nasty virus had been developed by the FBI that had been sent that infected his machine in an attempt to geolocate him, so I helped him remove this virus.

    In the course of the conversation, he explained that the reason he bailed out of his company so fast was – he’d learned that the viruses he thought he was protecting the population against with his software were largely being created within his own company by his own people. When attempting to put a stop to this, the feds became involved demanding he butt out.

    Of his own company.

    So he said fuck it, and left the country.

    There’s a lesson to be learned for the magic user here. Muggles and the businesses they own are created by their belief in the system we’ve mutually constructed together. Reality, as you magic users should be keenly aware of by now, is a product of a collective agreement with our minds.

    Naturally, John’s business was predicated on the protection of something he thought was absolutely real, but what he wasn’t aware of was that his little neurons were firing which hired people who weren’t just aligned with his beliefs – but they acted in concordance with those beliefs – which cascaded to develop a company with pockets that specialized in the analysis and dissemination of real computer viruses.

    Now to be clear, this isn’t a slam against John. John, I was honored that you’d ask me to help you out and that you trusted me with your secret if you’re reading this.

    But without clear rules, processes, and guidelines, John’s company inadvertently became the world’s number one distributor of viruses in the world, which accidentally created an entire industry.

    John was naive, he fully admitted that to me. But he didn’t understand the environment. He thought from one solitary angle: Protection. But what he hadn’t considered was why he – himself – might create a computer virus and what would make him – with his personality – feel perfectly ok with doing so without guilt or shame.

    Is this making sense yet?

    When you practice a magic, particularly if it’s magic intended for offensive or defensive purposes – if you do NOT understand the motivations of your opposition, you are acting like a wall. This isn’t always a bad thing, but if you assume the opposite of you is always the bad thing, you may never come to understand how you’re perceived, let alone the inadvertent harm you may be causing that should you discover it – like John you may not be proud of at all.

    Now what I am not saying is – if you’re a healer, you should balance that with harming just as many people.

    Eastern concepts of Yin and Yang are FUCKED up with this notion of balance. Sorry, that’s just stupid.

    No, I’ll use myself as an analogy. I don’t like addiction. But with SO many people being addicted – especially to cocaine – I finally relented one year and tried it and had a great time. Eventually, the addiction caused harm, but not before – do you want to guess? Not before I learned important personal truths about the existence of magic and the multiverse and why I’m safe.

    All I am saying is – UNDERSTAND the opposition, not from their perspective, but from your own. On occasion, when life’s dull and you’re seriously finding yourself in need of change, try something you might not normally do, and if that doesn’t work, then try something you previously labeled as ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘dark’ but do it in a way that supports your own moral and ethical lens.

    You may find yourself accepting things, under special circumstances, that you’d never even imagined possible before that not only add to the flavor and texture of your life, but may also improve the way of life for countless people besides yourself.
  • Regularly GIVE things to others that you may want for yourself WITHOUT trying it first or getting one for yourself.

    I like to treat the world as an extension of myself.

    With that – the world is just as alive as I am, and whether I am interacting with another human, a car, a house, or a place of business – they’re all a part of me.

    Now there’s a point where you can take this to the point of ridiculousness. My father, for instance, a long time alcoholic and smoker, I’ve come to believe through his actions and my long term exposure to him – that he just wants off this planet and he feels that when he destroys himself, he’s destroying the world.

    BEEN there, done that. Got that card.

    As an extension of me and my desire to be spontaneous at times – my world’s gonna reflect that and present what I consider to be bad elements or things that happen outside of my control. So, I steer clear when he becomes too toxic, and like I do in the real world, I know the ‘bad thoughts and ideas and fears and insecurities are there’s – I just don’t choose to feed them anymore than I have to.

    Which brings me to this point. I just got done making a dinner with a brand new spice I wanted to try myself. However, in an effort to gain more self control and obtain a better figure, I’m fasting.

    So one simplistic example of this in action is this: I made a dinner featuring this spice for my father, providing him something I wanted for myself, but the sacrifice of this momentary pleasure was worth providing exclusivity to him for this meal and the benefit was twofold for me, one, I maintain my diet and health trajectory, and two, I’m giving something to him which I absolutely want for myself but am denying myself that.

    The message should be heard loud and clear by the universe. I care about my father, and despite his consistent toxic behavior to himself and his family, I’m going to provide for him something I hope he enjoys. Secondarily, the message I am sending is MY IMAGE and physical body and how it looks is important enough to make this sacrifice.

    That is, I could always have saved this dish for when I was ready for it to, but I did not.

    Give, even if you can’t or don’t want to give to yourself.

    And there’s nothing wrong with making it an attachment free win/win.

    Now let me be clear about something though.

    I am NOT referring to giving to charities. Far too many times I’ve seen people who drop off a load of goods at goodwill and they think that’s the extent of their (what they refer to) “Civic Duty”. Largely, they do not want the items they’re giving and they’d go to trash, THEY know it and accordingly so does the universe.

    What I am referring to is taking out friends for dinner to an expensive restaurant you love when you know damn well they can afford it, but you’re interested in sharing an experience with them that you know they may not treat themselves to otherwise.

    What I am referring to is sticking by your chivalrous values and paying for dinner for a woman you’re dating even though she makes just as much money as you.

    What I am referring to is volunteering for an agency after a court demanded community service term is met – and continuing it long beyond the obligation – because you like the people.

    All of which are little things of many little things I myself for some reason started doing when i was young.

    You see, charity does not have to be constrained to legal institutions called CHARITIES and there’s nothing wrong if in return you’re receiving an intangible benefit in the process.
  • Finally, Act like you’re never alone…

    As a practitioner of magic, one thing to be absolutely, positively aware of is that there are unseen forces always watching you. This isn’t paranoia, it’s simply how it works.

    Now for me, I had a very difficult time believing and accepting this throughout my life, so when my grandparents made me thank god for my meal, I bit my tongue and did so even though I at a very young age thought this was stupid and superstition.

    But let’s be clear. With magic being reality opens the door to elements across time and space. Do you know, factually, what humans will evolve to in a million years? Do you know, factually what the universe looked like a couple trillion years ago?

    I’ll answer for you. You might have accumulated some evidence which you perceive and interpret based on the limited senses that you currently have, but your senses are not static, no matter who and what you are, and whether that’s exemplified by humans height change of a full foot in a little more than a century, or a universe abundant with tremendous variation in artificial life that’s evolved through internal and external stimuli – EVERYTHING changes.

    So NO, you don’t know all those variations.

    You never will.

    And with that, the ability to observe you without your awareness is ALWAYS there.

    So my advice is – to focus on personal development, and create a character called you in your mind – and when you’re practicing your art, do so in ways that reflect your character.

    For example, Deadpool became fully aware that he was being watched when he acquired his powers. Now, he plays to that – and will frequently make comments and narrate his own activities. It’s funny, it’s playful, and more importantly, the atomic cameras I use to peer into these alternate realities can position themselves to be directly at the location he’s looking at – making it appear as if he is talking directly to the camera he imagined was there – and that I made true by this method.

    Hollywood has an alternative method of delivery and distribution, in providing jobs for the collective citizens for creating these productions and characters with likeness of those on the screen are hired to play the roles seen in alternate realities.

    No matter the method, knowing there’s someone or something watching is one thing – but can you own it?

    Rosetta’s incantations – magic spells – always come with it the dialog of a poem or phrase. Now it’s important to understand that magic does not need that phrase or poem to work, it just makes it – and her – more interesting to watch.

    Do you want to be watched by unseen forces?

    Do you want to add more power to your abilities and spells?

    Then by all means, MAKE IT INTERESTING and you might very well be the subject of a tv show or movie made for entertainment in my reality, and many others for that matter.

    This doesn’t just mean that you should accompany spells with a poem about what you’re doing, or a blog entry explaining why you’re doing what you’re doing. Magic derives its power from belief, and the actions you take including the words you say reinforce this belief.

    Just ask any Christian 😉

    What I am saying is – do something original. Something you haven’t seen for yourself anywhere. Distinguish yourself somehow. Playing to the camera or speaking a relevant poem when you cast a spell is only a start and hint at what can make you as a magic user appreciate your own skills more as well as anyone you don’t know who is watching….

    Spell books are old school.

    What new school things can you come up with?

    I look forward to seeing that creativity.

I’ll surely revisit this topic later as I rekindle these innate skills.

I bought a Harry Potter wand while I was at Universal Studios, so I am going to work on focusing the mental energies with as I struggle to create my first illusion.

It starts with an irrefutable belief, right?

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