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Creating a divergent world and talking to my selves

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One of the things I have given a great number of mental cycles to has been – how can I create an interactive world of choices with divergent events and alternate realities?

For example. Let’s say I create a character named Edward. Clearly I’m bursting a creative brain cell with that name.

I have a firm idea of Edward’s personality: He’s a pacifist, but at the same time he’s an adventurer. He hates warfare and combat, but at the same time doesn’t mind these activities in ways that don’t feel like it’s real. Put specifically, if he had on his conscience the burden of having to kill a million people with a nuclear bomb, in my ‘game’ world he MIGHT do it, because you and I both know he’s disassociated from it, but should he be faced with the same choice in the real world, he might not make the same choice.

So I figure – why not build a world not just for the Edwards of this world – but for MANY different play styles.

For instance, there’s Doug. Doug. Loves. Killing things. if it was legal in the real world, he might even do it there. He’s been in trouble when he was young for killing small animals, and while he’s managed to socially reform himself to ‘fit in’ with structure, it’s tenuous, at best at times, but he manages.

Now Doug, in a virtual world – might enjoy the action of missions that require taking out big monsters and beasts. He may relish the idea of being the bad ass on the block. He might even love the idea of playing a villain and beating the good guys. So combat is this guy’s shtick.

And then. You have Margaret. She’s new to games altogether. In real life, she’s a prostitute – she markets herself differently and calls herself a companion because her clients shell out $5000 an hour for her time, and this income affords her a great deal of leisure time albeit at a cost to her social life, which she leverages a world I am creating to indulge herself.

Now Margaret in real life – secretly wants to rule the world. She uses sex to conquer her males, but there are certain limitations and struggles to the time and energy she has to commit to achieving world domination in ‘the real world’, where the virtual world offers her the ability to satiate these desires.

So herein we have a conflict of interest. Margaret and Doug both want world domination. In a world I ultimately built and control. And they aren’t the only ones who want this.

And then you have Edward. Who’s just as happy doing exploration and resource gathering runs for well heeled differently motivated people such as Margaret and Doug.

Traditional world constructs and these things called video games create leader boards.

Sometimes there are numerous leader boards which track things such as ‘in game wealth’, or ‘experience’ or ‘pvp kills’, and typically once you’re ranking on one of these leaderboards it becomes a long term struggle to both maintain that position.

Which all has me thinking….

What if I approach the construct of building a world – differently?

What if I do some research to find out the primary play styles of this thing called ‘life’ in the real world.

Off the top of my head I can think of Doctors. Engineers & Scientists. Lawyers. Politicians. Military and Warfare Types. Intelligence. Entrepreneurs & Business People. Information Management (ie: Programmers), Explorers and Experimenters, and finally there’s Support.

Let’s say everyone ‘gets into’ this world the same way. You start with selecting your character gender, your primary role, and you shape that character’s basic features – body type, breast size, hand size, height, hair and eye color, etc.

And from there – you pursue opportunities in the form of quests which not only provide your character experience….

But here’s where I am deviating from the norm of development….

Which in turn literally shapes the world you live in and what’s available to you based on the decisions you make.

For instance.

Let’s say you are Edward.

You’re attracted to the Explorers and Experimenters chain. Which – as he begins making more and more choices down this line of inquiry, the world expands and unfolds, dynamically, based on this line. You don’t kill, you choose to gather and make runs and explorer new territory narrowly avoiding the perils you’re confronted with.

And over time, Edward’s world has developed into a subtle reflection of him and his choices. There might be dynamic ‘news’ created which applauds someone else a world away for their achievements in his chosen line of inquiry. There might be dynamic events which unfold in this world which invite Edward to continue participating in the community and expand it’s possibilities further.

And there are ALWAYS hints of the other lines of inquiry – that are available to Edward at any time.

So for instance, let’s say Edward gets to level 42 in this world and gets tired of the Exploration and Experimenters line he’d been so entertained with for most of his time. But he still thoroughly loves the world he helped created through his interests and participation. But now – he wants to investigate another line of inquiry – Information Management. While he may be starting at ‘ground zero’ for this line of inquiry – it too begins expanding and influence the world around him as he pursues investigating it and taking ‘quest’s in it –  so by the time Edward’s 50th anniversary in this world occurs – he’s created a very unique blend of a largely peaceful world and quite likely has come to realize he’s the one – in part – combined with the programmer (yours truly) – responsible for unfolding it.

Now put this in contrast to Doug. He pursues military lines of inquiry.

He loves war. Digs it in fact. And the more he gets of it. The more he wants. So the ‘program’ I envision’ invites Doug to do this. Does Doug want to wage world war and seek conquest of this world through domination and war? The program I create absolutely encourages Doug to do this. Challenges are presented to Doug to continue this path. Psychologically speaking, I might introduce elements to create paranoia which might convince Doug to strike first lest he get struck down. I’ll present and create threats which if left unchecked, may destabilize him. And when they destabilize him, they may create countries, they may factionalize and team up, they may even learn from his strategies and leverage those same strategies against him.

So Doug’s world. Struggles to maintain peace as long as Doug continues to fight war. In much the same way Edward’s world of exploration and experimentation is a reflection of him, so is Doug’s world.

But let’s say like Edward, Doug tires of this warfare. He exclaims “It’s always the same. Bigger enemies. Bigger badder countries, and while I always win and take what I want, I am beginning to lack fulfillment from this.”

So like Edward, he chooses something new – something I hadn’t thought of….

Something that evolved between three worlds.


You see, Margaret got involved with her world, but kept in close contact with her friend Doug in real life, and realized that with her chosen profession – entrepreneurship and business – the real money wasn’t to be made inside the system even though she played the role and quest line’s she’d been tasked with.

She realized the real money – and entertainment – was acting as a liaison between different worlds.

You see – like the game – in real life she was an entrepreneur.

And she wasn’t just interested in making money in a closed system.

So she learned how to capitalize on the game ‘from the outside’.

She knew people like Doug and Edward wouldn’t understand there were many different worlds outside the one they saw and interacted with. So she created real world education programs to teach people about it. And while she was a pauper online, offline, she became the second wealthiest woman in the world.

And her world online.

While modest.

Tiny even by comparison to Edward’s and Doug’s.

The next version of my program will include the ability to see and interact in other people’s worlds.

Thanks to Margaret’s keen observation skills.

In Phoenix in 2002/2003, I made the decision to NOT be agreeable with my business partners, and soon saw myself booted out of my own company.

This ‘diverged’ reality.

Created a completely separate version of Earth.

Where that version of me became fabulously wealthy. But I was unhappy. In a loveless marriage. And the only time people came to me was when they wanted money.

So I became paranoid.


And died alone.

And in this world. You know that man and his life as Bill Gates.

Shortly after this, I was offered a job with the NSA in 2002/2003.

I was offered a hefty sum of money and was refused the offer because the price was too high – I would be required to completely disconnect from my family and friends, entirely, and any known associates for the entirety of my employment.

A deal which I said no.

My family and friends have always been too important to me.

In an alternate reality, another version of me said yes.

And while I loved what I did – I became intensely lonely, which led to the development and discovery of an alternate reality version of myself who had what I thought to be ‘the perfect’ life.

To be fair, this man believed I was intent on destroying my friendships and relationships by my drug use.

And while these friendships and relationships were still intact, on his exiting employment with the NSA, he decided to trade places with me in this world, leaving his behind, and winding up forceably making me homeless.

AS this man came to this world, I came to understand energy and the influences across realities and with it – also obtained many of his memories from his world timeline. Which also included the memories of once being Bill Gates.

And the education for both of us is this:

His choices to choose an isolated life was his own.

His choices to supplant me from my life because he deserved it only happened because I needed to understand the MUCH bigger picture of what formed these alternate realities, how many gyrations – past lives – I’ve been through in developing this world – but the drug addiction…

Was never a choice I made.

It was influenced by a man in an alternate reality who did something he regretted.

And that regret was so powerful.

It caused the drug addiction.

Because ultimately, I didn’t just want to – but I needed to understand time as it related to alternate realities and why all this and the funky education that came with it all was necessary for me to become what I wanted to the most.

A being like Q.

Without the loneliness and feelings that I didn’t have any friends.

I’d like to meet you. I know you’re not evil. But I’m starting to understand and am not interested in ‘changing’ what is to resume that old life. You’re right. I was done with it, but not because I was done with the friends and family.

It is because I wanted to move forward and found a reason to believe for the first time in my life.

I know you’re reading this.

I can see it.

And no, I can’t take your place – yet – in your old reality. Yet. In fact. It may no longer exist (even though I know you believe differently)




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