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How My Mind Works

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My life has mostly been normal, but throughout it there’s been things that have been downright weird.

In part, because of what I am coming to understand is the rather unique way my mind works.

Throughout my life I have come to understand humans and your/their linear sense of time and space, a system where cause always precedes effect in a linearly successive manner.

This system is maintained by times and dates, and it’s this system I have adopted this as my own system.

And while this system works wonderful most of the time, there’s cracks and it’s not always accurate.

And that’s because of the way I, as a Q, think.

Time and Space as I experience it are formed as a projection by my mind

MANY, I’ve come to learn, share this perspective, and with this, share the consequences results of my mind ordering this reality based on the information I receive, as filtered and guided by my desires, experiences, and choices.

What this means is simple.

History. Gravity. Geology. Political Boundaries. Physics. Biology. Current Events. The general morality of the world. Ideologies. Formation of companies. Law. The need for secrecy. I am the glue which holds it all together by the simple acceptance and continued enjoyment of this physical reality.

While this has always been the case as long as I’ve lived, being sincere, I wasn’t aware of this for most of my adult life and started seeing it as a direct result of the consequences of pushing things WAY too far with my use of illicit drugs back in 2011.

And then, once I embarked on the intellectual research into the formation of the mind, reality, and what constitutes fiction and things largely dismissed as not real such as hallucinations, tv shows and movies in fantasy and futuristic realms, and game worlds, I started a process that many refer to as ascension of my mind.

So what I learned about myself – something no textbook will ever tell me is this:

My mind has now, has always, and will always receive all information available to me and preserves it and regards it all as a possibility.

Nothing escapes me.

When I receive information. particularly if the information is valuable, the reality I perceive around me typically integrates it in subtle ways to make it a part of the surrounding world around me.

Typically, the more I receive information of a particular area, the more my reality expands in that direction.

Computers music, pornography, video games all being highlighted areas that serve as examples of this expansion.

My choices and desire influence HOW this information shows up in my world. Which sometimes, resistance by others inhabiting my world create artificial scarcity in areas such as women and money – which make it clear to me that there are things influencing my world against my will.

So let’s say I play a video game and start making modifications to it.

Like I have just recently.

Since I started doing this, I started seeing a much greater demand by companies world wide for programmers, and an emphasis for new technology especially in 3d areas of technology increasing.

Let’s say there’s a song I know, factually, didn’t exist before in a game like Brutal Legend.

My mind will create a history for that song. Backdate it. And make it appear like it’s been there all along.

I’d seen evidence of this before throughout my formative years, where I’d driven down a road a hundred times and a business cropped up saying it had existed there since 1967 and looked it…. And while the cheap way out is dismissing this as marketing manipulation, flaws of my own observation skills, but I choose neither and say….

It’s alternate realities. I’d been playing in them with video games my entire life. I’d seen tv shows and movies on them throughout my life. I’d seen direct evidence of it my entire life with people and things changing impossibly overnight, so the evidence, to me, leads me to believe while I may have one universe I reside in, there are infinite potential others and all I’ve been doing my entire life is trying to understand it all, select and take control of my own mentally, and understand that I shape and own this journey called life in this – my world – and my universe.

Being aware of this. I’ve chosen to FEED my mind that which I want to see more of.

Conversely, I’ve been choosing to NOT FEED my mind information I’m not interested in hearing more about.

I’ve vetoed news. I’m not longer interested in receiving any of it. It’s boring. Eventless. Predictable. And really does nothing but make my brain want to turn to mush. So why let any of it in?

This is news in all forms. All current events. Not allowed in.

So. Being specific.

My mind takes all information in.

It processes it. I consider it consciously, or sometimes just ignore it. And my mind then takes it and places it in the ‘correct filing location’.

If it’s information about the future. In general, this is translated to science fiction and fantasy, and labeled as fiction. While I am now aware consciously this may have been received as very real information from somewhere else across all of time and space, my mind worked to protect me consciously to allow my intellectual development and filed it in such a way that would later make sense and help me understand why fiction was not equivalent to ‘not real’.

Similarly. If it’s information about the past, OR it’s potentially something that fits in nicely to the past, then typically my mind will backdate it and categorize it accordingly.

This isn’t always the case, particularly if it’s inconsistent with the mannerisms and morality of the times depicted.

For instance, with the grind house movies produced by Quentin Tarantino, intentionally created to alter the past with 70s era quality material, the material depicted decidedly did not fit in with the gore and morality of the time, so it was rejected for altering the past and placed as a modern throwback movie instead.

Similarly, with Brad Pitt’s Inglorious Bastards, there seemed to be another goal to see if a movie could alter the past and kill Hitler. Since he’s such a crucial part of our history, the transmission was then filed as a movie and made for some interesting entertainment.

Some movies and other fictional material such as books like Ender’s Game, I’ve become distinctly aware – have been targeted specifically at me to teach me about who i am and/or tell me I’m doing something wrong.

A boy playing a game thinking he’s only playing a game is fighting a very real war and is only told after the war has ended. Games. Whoever sent the message. Were real wars to those who were participating in them, and the war was long done they were trying to say.

There never was a war to begin with is my response.

Source Code. And tv shows like Doctor Who. Show time travel and the efforts my own mind made in repairing time and preventing disasters as they occurred or before they occurred to form this timeline.

All very real manipulations of time and space, the idea introduced through these shows, the reality of it implemented in my own imagination.

About ten years ago, I wondered to myself, what if I’m the one that holds this entire reality together.

That’s a mighty big planet that can collapse on me.

And a mighty big universe.

Not really. Since it’s all imagined.

Doesn’t make it any less real. But seeing what I’ve seen throughout my life, up to and including some experiences which this reality has tried to label and get me to dismiss as fiction and/or hallucinations.

Which I know better than that. I trust what I’ve experienced.

But having gone through what I’ve gone through.

I know there is no real threat to me and my world.

I formed it, after all.

Just as you do yours. And everyone does theirs.

It’s not selfish to know and believe, with every fiber of your being, that I. And everyone. Is all worthy of becoming and being anything we want to. I deserve it. And knowing that you’re all reflections of my own thought. I know you are too. Whether you want it or not.

AS for the drugs and hallucinations.

The reason why most people don’t fully understand the experiences is simple:

It’s a journey into my own mind. I don’t think most rational people would understand it.

Seeing a sidewalk wave like an ocean wave in a hallucination would require an understanding of computer science and how it forms the basis of my reality and perceptual experience. Seeing robots and alternate realities would require intense experience with 3d games and the education in time and space that I have.

I’m suspecting that I’m listened to by intelligence agencies around the world through their own channels. But I’m suspecting I am firmly way ahead in time in contrast to the rest of the world and these same agencies are trying to find a way to knock me off my position.

Not gonna happen

You have other options. But that requires doing something you normally wouldn’t do.


That’s entirely up to you.

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