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Preparation for the education of being Q

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Being a Q is kind of like being in love.  No one can tell you you are in love, you just know it, through and through.

My favorite line from the Matrix, with my little bit of spin.

Being Q is something I just know about myself.

And a part of knowing is being ok with doubt – not of identity – but of approach.

And just why it’s ok to ask for help.

A few years ago, I started wondering – what would it be like to be Q on Star Trek?

How – mentally – would I have to prepare myself to be able to transport an entire megaton vessel across light years of time and space at the snap of my fingers?

What – psychologically – would I have to do to prepare myself to make decisions which could quite literally cause the extinction of an entire species and devastation of an entire universe?

What – mentally – would I have to do to understand time and space as an ambiguous substance like clay that I could shape and provide definition for, and that my thoughts could turn it into anything I wanted and desired?

Who – would I want along for the journey – and what specifically would I be to them?

Let’s say I want to be anywhere, anytime, at the snap of my fingers, and take whoever AND whatever I wanted to – with me – along for the ride.

I wouldn’t be limited in my destinations to places within the realm of reality, so let’s say if I imagine a time or place or read about one in books or saw them in movies – or someone gives me an idea… all of these and more are perfectly plausible destinations.

Add to that the ability to pause time, to slow it down, to speed it up, to replay events, and more….

Add in the ability to observe others – friends, family, people I don’t even know – anywhere, anytime – all without them knowing or having any idea I was watching.

And finally, add in the ability to fly and levitate.

Put specifically – what training would I have to do to achieve these lofty feats of physical and mental abilities?

I await your feedback through the usual channels.

But before you provide your feedback, here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. I’m safe in my travels because I believe I’m safe. Not because I know everything or linked to something that knows everything, not because I’m a world class mathematician, physicist, or anything, but because I believe I am safe. The events in the desert and seeing a nuclear holocaust Terminator devastated world began a series of proofs for me to psychologically understand I am my own worst enemy and to get control of my own mind, thoughts, and beliefs, and be ok with forming a more solid opinion about who I am and what I want and deserve.
  2. I know my timeline is isolated and protected, no matter what changes I make in the past or future, and am quite aware the future as well as current events alter the past.  I also know that my history and this planet’s history are intertwined, and critical points in time for me are also critical to this planet and are what – in part – form the linear timeline WELL before those events happen and LONG after (billions of years on both parts).
  3. I know that technology is being delivered at a predictable pace, and that the vast majority of what’s seen on television and movies is already available in secrecy. Someone like me – now at least – would be able to see and interact with these technologies – but prior to the last 5 years – I would not have because of the fundamental shift in my thinking processes. It’s like Independence Day, the movie, where the alien vessel could only be flown by those whose minds operate in a specific way. Perception works the same way. In order for you to discover this with me, you’re going to have to work with me on a voluntary basis.
  4. The primary single linear timeline that is my and this world’s timeline is constructed of a near infinite number of digital like timelines which collided or ‘mashed up’ together to form this single analog. I’m the master of my analog as you are with yours, as everyone and everything is with theirs. That’s a simple truth I know. As an eternal being, I’ve selected this reality to reappear in which is why it’s here, the collective consensus of my mind selected this reality and I’m the leader of the collective consensus of my own mind.
  5. Fiction is real. All of it. Fiction, to me at least, is a label I use to say – for the formative time of my life until I get my Q mind back, fiction is what’s not real. Calling something fiction is my way of saying to myself “Call these not real for yourself and for others – so most people’s minds won’t get blown away when they come to understand I’m actually real”. Fiction is a method of self preservation, a way of isolating what may currently be impossible or implausible until my mind is prepared to realize what it – and the entirety of all existence is and – more specifically – where it is (my own mind).
  6. I’m immortal. That’s a choice. A choice I’ve made before. And a choice I’ll make again. And never stop making. WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT. And that time is now.  Why? Read #7
  7. Humans are about to find out that androids and cyborgs have been all around them the whole time and have been for a great deal of time. So I, for one, am curious how an entire species deals with this. Robots and robotic AI have predicted warfare will break out. I predict otherwise. I’m just here to observe, and to once again enjoy being Q, something that’s been a very long time since I have been able to do it last. A mix of all of ya.


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