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The minimalist nihilism of religion

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Yesterday, when contrarian views were ample patterns of final subservience, it was possible to skin a pimple and never experience any recourse from it.

But nowadays, in turpitude on a longitudinal nature, there’s ample reason to be concerned about the net return on the ample handling of minimalist nihilism.

From a magnetic perspective, if one were to be one with oneness, one might find wholly surrealistic vigilance surrounding by kibitz and caper, but levied against such idle constructs stands the unique chance to remain stalwart while at the same time mentally vilified for such altruism.

Indeed, should one take an idle hand approach to matters of the heart, one might find a violin concerto more amenable than the wayward noise of a wombat in the heated moment of ecstasy. The analogy is both comical and indicative of an obsession that most have, and that is the pointed nature of love.

Sadly, there’s nothing germane about this seeming conundrum. Either you simplify the endeavor to make it fruitlessly bearing, or you coalesce it into a moral stance that seems indicative of further insurmountable nightmares. Either way presents a dichotomous approach to the time altering ways of linguists. On one hand, you have diligence, tried and true and full of life and earnest, and yet, in stark conflagration,  you are presented with echos of choice.

When do you pull the plug on such a vestibule?

And do you?

One cannot say, for one if sullen with fury befit of a harpy of yore.

But on a receptiveness of a scorned harpy pulling a harpsichord as she typically may, breathing may become laborious, fractious, and erstwhile a chore for all to obfuscate.

What’s the solvent? One cannot say.

For surely, there’s divergence of lesser minds to consider, which may not cajole anyone in the right demeanor.

Personally, it’s of my opinion that religion should be begotten if nigh had a hand.

And permissible.


If for nothing, else, its vigilance of inebriate deviates is insurmountable.

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