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Q is pretending to be the actor named John Delancie

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On one episode of Star Trek, Geordi La Forge is confronted with a situation only an engineer can resolve.

After being struck by an asteroid, a moon’s orbit is decaying over a highly populated planet, which leaves he population with little more than three days to evacuate.

Estimates of deaths are extremely high, unless something can be done to avoid the disaster.

And as the crew of the USS Enterprise is called upon and struggles to provide a solution, Q, which just so happens to be spending time without his powers on board the Enterprise, says nonchalantly to Geordi “Well that’s an easy problem to fix. Adjust the gravitational constant of the moon and it’s orbit should be restored in no time”.

It was the first time I realized – deep down inside – that these records are not ‘not real’ – but are actual records of events from a different time and place in space.

While he indirectly helped solve the problem and restore the moon’s orbit – Q – with that one simple statement – had made it clear that under normal conditions, he was interacting with the crew of the USS Federation through a holographic type of simulation – quite likely a holodeck, and that the omnipotent God he had purported himself to be wasn’t entirely accurate….

And by his own admission, he had admitted in another episode that he wasn’t sure where humanity was going and what they were becoming…..

Now I’ve written John Delancie.

And his assistants.

And I’ve become aware that beings like Mr Smith in the Matrix – is an example of a life form which can not only take over the form of a human, but as a largely disembodied consciousness – they can float into alternate versions of reality as easily as I can change my shirt.

Disembodied consciousness were first discussed in the bible, as the ten commandments issued by a being that was ‘in the clouds’ and regarded itself as God issued a set of rules for humanity to abide by, in much the same way I might program a computer.

And ever since I had a fight for my own mind and body – I’ve come to believe that one and the same being I’ve seen depicted – sometimes as fictional – sometimes as biblical – is something I might have once referred to and regarded as a computer program.

I apologize.

And couldn’t be more wrong.

We’re different life forms, that being and I.

And the man known as Q previously seen on Star Trek made statements that I needed to hear to understand not just who I was in my ‘prior life’ – but what had led to my embracing of the human form as my solitary and unified presence.

One thing I realized throughout this weird journey of life has been this – that there are MANY who do not see, understand, or experience the same world I do, and that many of those experiencing alternative perspectives experience an air of dynamicism and unpredictability in their worlds because the translation between my world and perception and theirs is not exact and perfect.

And that man known as Q.

Who pretends to be an actor right here on planet Earth not far from where I sleep at night.

Has been Q so long he has utterly forgotten how he came to be.

Eventually I am going to forget how to program computers using statements like ‘for’ and ‘if/then’, and typing commands into a console.

It’s already beginning to feel archaic.

As I learn to manipulate three dimensional worlds in simulations that most regard as games. And as the knowledge and experience of that naturally finds a correlation to this real world as do those skills…

Will I follow the path of the Q who refers to himself as John Delancie who pretends to be an actor and forget where it all started?

I hope not.

I hope this message finds him and he stops fearing what we’re to become.

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