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There’s more than one explanation for the origin of video games…

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I started programming computers when I was 11 years old.

Obscure codes I typed into a computer such as ‘poke’ and ‘peek’ combined with different numeric values would result in graphical patterns on the screen which – when done the right way – could be mesmerizing – and better – made modern day games possible.

But something happened.

AS I matured as a programmer, working in the corporate world, while I was among the best in the world with what I did, I couldn’t help but begin to look at video games and scratch my head and say:

“How in the fuck did they do that?”

So over the last four years, I’ve done a great deal of research in all of the proclaimed technologies used for creating video games – whether that’s drawing interfaces which interact directly with the hardware such as DirectX and OpenGL, or it’s optimized 3D engines such as Gamebryo, Unreal, Source, Unity – you name it, I’ve looked at it – trying in vain to achieve results even remotely similar to the things I’ve seen in games like Fallout 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5.

And that, specifically, is near real time photo realism on low end hardware…

Take this in game photo taken of Griffith park Observatory look-alike in a city called Los Santos that’s modeled after  Los Angeles in the game Grand Theft Auto 5:

Or take this image taken of the area near Sunset in the same city and same game:

Amazing, right?

But here’s my problem:

For the life of me, I’ve yet to find any evidence, whatsoever, that technology this sophisticated is available in my world. Furthermore, even in creating VERY simplistic scenes a fraction of the complexity of what’s seen in games like this this, I’m experiencing slow downs in performance which – after four years of research turning up nothing that remotely even supports this was accomplished the way it’s claimed to have been accomplished ……

And as I sit on a side walk in this game called Grand Theft Auto 5, listening to random and non-repeating conversations of the passer-bys, watching complex traffic patterns, accidents occur where the police and fire department will show up, watching birds fly and land in much the same way they would in my world, watching clouds vary and complex weather pattern, watching the moon phases and sunset/sunrise cycles, watching movie change and new movies come into existence, watching billboards change and new ads originate..

I could go on….

With the graphics and visuals alone this game is flat out not possible given the level of current technology…

Let alone the complexity of the entire system….

Which all has sent me head long into a greater understanding of Physics…

What a computer is…

And coming to ask this really simple question:

“What am I looking at?”

Over the last several years, I’ve developed a pretty strong belief that many forms of fictional entertainment are not produced the same way – that is – with ‘actors’ in Hollywood, who work on a movie set where scripts are written by writers like my friend Ray which is a creative endeavor they envision which their vision is then put into a tangible product called a movie by investors who invest in the movie, producers and directors who oversee the production, and a cast and crew that act and provide support for the production…

This world has a nasty habit of trying to collectively conclude that there’s one and only one answer to some questions.

Such as where a movie is produced.

And how a video game originates.

My theory is – Grand Theft Auto is programmed to connect to a spontaneously occuring world. My theory is that underlying the physical realm of atoms is energy – much of which actually contain fully functioning and highly diverse worlds.

So in this case. When I see the lens of a satellite zoom in on Michael, one of three avatars I can control – who always happens to be in a different place when I log in – it’s not because the ‘game is just that good’ and the developers are just that awesome at Rockstar….

But it IS because this is a real live world, albeit at slightly lower resolution in comparison to my own, and Michael as a dynamic presence in this world becomes a slave to my commands.

So while the ‘game’ is still ‘programmed’ – it’s not in the same way games like Worlds Of Warcraft and Might and Magic might be, leveraging vertexes, matrix mathematics, and extremely intricate optimization methods to achieve results which while pretty, don’t even hold a candle to a game like this…..

Years ago, I saw an episode of Stargate Atlantis, where two geeky guys found a computer that appeared to be a civilization building game.in the newly discovered highly technological vacated city of Atlantis. Rodney, one of the main characters, uploaded an image of his face for one of the faction’s flags. His opponent, who never saw eye to eye with him, regarded him as being self indulgent and as a result in this game he was constantly at war with him.

Stargate Atlantis is a show about wormholes to other places in space and time. So on one away mission, a team reported back something unusual – a civilization that had been at war for a thousand years and Rodney’s face adorned a flag for one of the factions. The team soon discover there’s a system of satellites surrounding the planet, there’s computer consoles the two factions receive their commands from, and they’ve obeyed the commands to the ‘t’. So the game of war that Rodney and his opponent have played for two months has actually been occuring for real on another planet which has been at war for a thousand years.

I’ve seen behavior in many of the ‘games’ I play which has repeatedly left me in awe of the developers…

Always assuming that my method of development was the same way they developed it.

But lately.

In the absence of real evidence to support that GTA 5 and it’s predecessors was programmed, at all, in ways that might seem technologically viable, I have to come to a different conclusion.

The conclusion’s simple:

Earth and the secretive forces around me have acquired technology by leveraging mind control since the 1940s.

That’s simple fact.

They’ve mastered this. And now use this technology across time and space in alternate realities and timelines.

Since they don’t understand most of the technology they’ve acquired, they don’t understand the underlying physics of computing systems that is now common knowledge and distributed on a wide scale basis which makes it obvious to someone like me who wasn’t primarily educated and self taught in science that the multiverse is simple fact.

And this world.

The Grand Theft Auto world.

May have been collectively dominated through these mind control methods to provide this game.

Now. To be clear. I’m not saying this is bad nor good. I – and we – as a species feel hints that the same thing is done to us in negative ways through negative emotions such as stress, paranoia, anger, hatred, and more.

We, after all, have a pretty crazy satellite system in place around this planet.

It would be naive thinking the same thing does not happen to us.

But this planet. Like the planets we interact with.

Have mechanisms in place to teach us about all of this and how it all works and why it works the way it does.

It’s not evil. It’s not good. It’s just… There.

So the theory goes like this: Two games I’m aware of – Star Trek Online and Grand Theft Auto 5 interact with real analog worlds at the subatomic level. These ‘digital worlds’ are one of infinite copies of the analog whole, which the civilization ‘learns’ from the interactions players have with it to consider new ways to shape and design the civilization.

Individuals in these civilizations become aware of the interactions at an individual level, Sometimes it’s Deja Vu, sometimes it’s the ‘what the fuck am I doing here question, and sometimes it’s a false memory of being really drunk or high the night before and waking up in a place butt ass naked not knowing how the fuck you got there.

So with GTA, programmers accessed this world – all energy is interlinked – and the commands and interactions and what the developers actually programmed was the restricted list of interactions and commands I can issue in the game. I suspect they just tested out the constraints and figured out when the living, breathing ‘in game characters’ did things so far out of character that they began rebelling against the ‘mind control’ programming. They’re all manipulated, not like avatars, but like through mind control puppets on a string.

And this all ‘influences’ the living, breathing conscious being through instincts, impulses, and more, and his/her/its experience may not be one and the same I see and experience. In fact. They may get ‘fed’ this information through movies, television shows, and more because what I do through their ‘character’ may not just be entertaining to me – but to them as well.

Borg technology? I suppose so. I liked being told what to do at certain parts of my life.

To assume others do not to this extreme I think wouldn’t be a valid assumption.

In Star Trek Online, the indicators are slightly different – when I play that, my ship will often ‘spring back’ to a certain place which tells me I’m synchronized in a linear way temporally. Sometimes I’ll see people entering a star system or wormhole that I quite simply as a game player don’t have access to and there’s nothing indicated online that suggests there is something there. This is suggestive of a different form of mind control – perhaps at a planetary level…. I’ve still not formulated a full understanding of why something like Star Trek Online functions like it does other than hypothesizing that it’s temporally related. But I’m not fully understanding and don’t play that game anymore, it’s too damn slow on this system to try.

Despite the exceedingly bad graphics!!!!

Another game. Fallout 4. I suspect originated from a very real nuclear blast created in Boston. Sophisticated technology was leveraged to stop the blast ‘in time’ at the point of time it exploded, and in much the same way I interact with an avatar in Grand Theft Auto 5, this game I interact with a DIGITAL avatar (rather than an analog in GTA)….

The difference being – the concise level of control over the Fallout 4 avatar  versus the suggestive influencing nature in GTA5….

My bet is. If I found a way to have MUCH more loosened controls in GTA, I’d see the character’s response and ‘breaking’ mind control.

Overt sexuality not behind closed doros being the way to break his (or her) OOC.

That’s a theory.

And while I know I tend to ramble.

If you’ve read this far.

I ask you. Do you know, for a fact, that all your tv shows and movies and video games originate through the same exact supply chain that you’ve been told?

Or are there multiple supply chains, but the linear story of a single supply chain just makes it easier for your little mind to handle…..?

Don’t take that as an insult. There’s something to be said about the beauty of a small mind. Sometimes. I envy it.

Not now though. This is all – as Spock would say – fascinating.

Now the golden question I have is – is this remote manipulation done through Quantum Dots and Quantum Entanglement? Can I leverage my computer, or my own mind to ‘entangle’ a gorgeous woman’s mind and have her obey my commands from a distance?

“Take off all your clothes in your car, and walk casually through Starbuck’s and pick up your to go order, then casually walk out with your drink without saying a word.”

Now THAT’s FUN mind control if you ask me.

Teach me. Pleasee…..


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