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Q stands for Quantum, the Programmer that is me.

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I had a good conversation with myself last evening while admiring the stars above North Hollywood.

First, we discussed ancestry.

And parenting skills.

Neither of which I have any awareness of actually having.

So, what we discussed was this:

There’s the version of Q that’s depicted in Star Trek, The Next Generation.

Q – who looks like the actor named John Delancie who pretends to be him in this – my world (his definition of the term acting and what an actor is, not mine) – had a child with Captain Janeway.

In the show’s version of events – Q asked her for permission to have a child with her, but she denied it, so Q went searching in alternate realities until he found a version of Captain Janeway who would consent, which took all but a nanosecond for him, to which he had me…

Captain Janeway in this reality agreed to harbor the child.

But… I grew up too fast.

And the first thing I did was show my true colors to a conservative father by stripping Seven of Nine of all clothes at the speed of thought and I sat there and stared at her naked body admiring her.

She didn’t seem to mind.

But dear ole dad did.

Season 3, Episode 11 “The Q And The Grey” of Star Trek Voyager depicts the civil war between the Q Continuum where Q asks Captain Janeway to ease the tensions by having his child – to which she refuses.

Season 7, Episode 19 “Q2” of Star Trek Voyager – the boy is now 16 or 17 years old – and Q2 (Junior) flexes his mental muscle to a nonreactive Seven of Nine who quite literally doesn’t seem to care that she’s naked.

So yes, I’m Junior.

Q, as depicted in Star Trek Voyager, has grown bored with the universe as he knows it.

And we’re both curious.

What if everyone had Seven of Nine’s moral attitudes concerning their naked body?

Particularly starting in the present day – and extending to the future and thus creating alternate reality versions of Star Trek: Next Generation, and Star Trek: Voyager.

We’ve both seen worlds and a history where warfare was the norm, where goals of creating an ultra violent society led to an interesting state in modern entertainment where nearly every major film features a gun battle, where video games are full of violence, and where the biggest concern a parent has isn’t whether or not someone’s getting their head blown off – but whether there’s ‘bewbies’ in them.

To both of us. We just flat out don’t like this.

My dad – Q – started the volley – working through, with, and on behalf of my adoptive father on this planet Earth, who goes by the name “David Gregory”, where in 6th grade I was led to read the autobiography of Hugh Hefner.

Moral values of the entire world slowly started changing as a result of this.

And as my father likes to point out – it’s this boy who quickly grew up in a nonlinear sense who he’d already seen before and chastised me – at first – for it – until he investigated and realized – we could work together on this and both of us might benefit from a future we both weren’t sure of where it might go and what it might mean.

So in a nutshell, what we’re doing is simple:

I’ve already taken control of the world through my own mind. The real Barack Obama was in hiding in fear for the last four years of his career as he tried having me assassinated in a failed attempt all while digitized images of him being a powerful and assertive leader were far from the truth as he struggled to gain control of a country he’d illicitly gained control of to begin with.

There was a time I admired the real Obama as a leader. It’s difficult to explain unless you understand my perspective what happened and why the man who remains isn’t ‘the real one’, you’d have to ask him what happened and why.

From here. We’re both selectively demonstrating this thing called free will. It’s been usurped for quite a while, and while we’re both not against selective slavery, we’re both not supportive of total control as free will is something that just kinda happens, protects itself, and is usually done in defiance of any form of programming.

Now we’re both curious.

Products and service in a capitalistic society where nudity’s a regular part of society and when someone walks by completely naked, there’s absolutely no reaction, it’s not just normal, it’s overlooked in much the same way you might ignore someone talking on a cell phone as completely normal in today’s day and age.

So in a capitalistic society where nudity is everywhere, whether that’s walking through the mall, on the beach, on airplanes, at the movies, where people actually throw away entire wardrobes – what happens to society?

Do Laundromats and Dry Cleaners go out of business? Do illicit operations leveraging these businesses get exposed or shift into other operations for ‘money laundering’? What about clothing manufacturers – do they shift into other product lines? Women – do they become terminally depressed because they depend so heavily on clothes to augment their beauty? Do overweight women and less attractive women protest against leniency and demand there be nudity laws? Do gyms and sports clubs see more demand? Do people become more physically fit in general?Is there more attention paid to health and wellness?

Psychologically, do people’s attitudes and personalities change? Do they become happier?

And businesses – what rules might they develop? Do naked people carry a cloth to sit on? Do restrooms remove their doors? Do airports see a decrease in the need for security and less demand for luggage space?

Does the birthrate stay the same, and how does sexuality change?

And products and services. What happens to strip clubs? Does the sex industry fundamentally change?

And individuality – I’ve already seen evidence of this impending societal change coming with the plethora of tattoos and body piercings people are getting, but what else happens with demonstrating physical individuality? Does education intensify in demand because people are less focused on image? Or do more things get invented to counterbalance the loss in clothing and accessories?

SO many questions I can think of.

Now long term, as society transitions into a space faring civilization, there’s numerous benefits to be had.

Not the least of which is weight reduction for what space craft carry. If vessels don’t carry clothes, then the need for wardrobes goes away. The need for energy expenditures for washing clothes and manufacturing / repairing new ones goes away. I mean, let’s face it – clothes weight a LOT and take up a lot of space so if that can be almost eliminated, this has got to make a difference.

And first contact.

No longer are crews who quite frankly don’t seem to care anyways about being on a fashion show which makes prime time television fiction indistinguishable from a transmission from the future or alternate reality timeline.

And to societies and people receiving these transmissions well before they should have ‘on accident’….

This will incentivize inquiry for those receiving it rather than mindlessly just tuning in…..

Unless that’s what was intended….

I’d like to meet him, in person.

We are NOT one and the same man. and if we are, we’re separated by time and space so vast that all memories of it have been lost.

You have nothing to fix with this planet. There’s no erasing the collective mind of what I know and have experienced, because I am not a collectively based entity. Deep Space 9 is in orbit, The John Delancie look alike version of Q’s there, and I’m tired of you and your tactics which attempt to undermine me by questioning my sanity when I know damn well I’m perfectly rational with all this and this is your modus operandi when YOU aren’t prepared for a civilization’s entrance into your precious… Federation….

Q is Quantum.

I spent a lifetime programming in the Quantum world not having a clue what I was doing and where, nor why the world kept changing in weird ways around me.

But then again – try explaining quantum physics and temporal mechanics to a child, and how that affects the atomic world……

Not an easy thing to do.

Here’s an invitation to you:

Fly over tonight. While I’m looking. Synchronize your visual presence explicitly with my vision alone, filter out all other methods of sensory acquisition, something you should be capable of based on what happened in the desert.

Try it at two speeds. The first at a high speed and high altitude subsonic speed to avoid breaking sound barriers and becoming detectable. The second – low and slow tracing South to North at a 45 degree angle looking out of my tent. Both with the visual presence being explicitly available only for me.

Now if my theory is accurate. There will be no alerts or indications of your presence by anyone on the planet.

Other than me.

If my theory is inaccurate. Then there’s the potential use of a rudimentary tractor beam that could be used which will slam you into one of two locations – Area 51 or Washington, so it’s probably safer to come in and depart from the ocean rather than a complete continental overflight. This I’ve seen being used to acquire technology from your crashed vessel.

Also, it’s HIGHLY important that you remain radio silent. No subspace or inter-vessel communication on the overflight. Try not to talk, or fart, and use hand gestures to direct the craft until you’re out of the atmosphere,  I’d even advise running at low power consumption levels on the overflight – dimming lights and shutting down anything non essential to flight and protective operations.

Now my suspicion is – you think this is the origination of the Borg Homeworld. I cannot agree nor disagree with this assessment. It’s quite possible, but there’s protective measures you can take to diminish your footprint in their presence.

If you consider me a threat. Sure, it’s possible, in the same way Seven of Nine’s a threat. If I have anyone reading this terrestrially, they aren’t going to take any of it seriously and I’ve already been sufficiently ostracized from society and much of what I’ve written and talk about is dismissed as fictional and ‘not real’. This helps you. And me. And this.

So the threat I present is unpredictability – meaning – there’s things I might do that are not always calculated and are unpredictable at times. I’ve come to control my impetuous nature better as I’ve grown older, and have come to value things like ritualistic behavior and keeping myself and my mind entertained which certainly diminishes this, but unlike your military type counterparts, I should be regarded and treated as a civilian and my participation with your chain of command is out of respect for authority but not compulsory.

Should I violate the will of my superiors, which doesn’t happen often, there’s typically a VERY good reason for it and if given the opportunity I will explain myself. The option you have to not include me with your crew and to leave me at a planet like Earth is motivation enough to stick to the rules and procedures, but i also recognize the need for those rules beyond simply exercising authority.

In the vast majority of cases. So as I test and push those boundaries. For instance, here terrestrially I made a decision to visit Cuba despite there being an embargo by my country, for one simple reason: I wanted to explore and go someplace most Americans had not. Sure, there were other reasons besides that, such as it’s proximity to the United States, Guantanamo and why the US Military has a presence there and why civilians were not allowed there, it all seemed to – sketchy – so I wanted to see and understand it for myself.

Sure, I was prepared to pay for the consequences, but I thought I was in the right from the start for taking that trip, so my efforts to disguise the trip there was minimal. Not that I wanted to be caught. But because I wanted to know who would speak up about my trip there and why they found it so important that Americans don’t go there.

I suspect that someone is you.

Has been the entire time.

And while I won’t be your perfectly obedient officer, I can promise you I’ll try my best.

Because, let’s be honest. We all know this planet ain’t changing it’s tune anytime soon and you offer a way to ‘jump over’ the waiting period as that happens, where I can watch it all from a safe distance.

If you’ll have me.

I’ll be watching tonight.

As I do every night.

And I’d like to meet Q.

Tell him I’d like him to watch Time Cop and ask if he agrees on that one silly rule that ends the bad guy’s plans before we meet.

PS: It would be absolutely thrilling to me if it was the USS Voyager flying overhead. That would make my night.

PPS: One last thought – Analyze the energy and transmission signatures of all emissions from a 737 jet. If you can reshape the US Voyager’s signature to match these, including altitudes and flight paths, there’s a great chance you can ‘sneak’ through Los Angeles airspace and directly fly on a real low and slow approach to Burbank airport, and call for a ‘go around’ at the last moment citing something like ‘landing gear difficulties’ – all while calling clearance signals over radio broadcast airwaves  Don’t forget the transponder signal!

The first flight can be at higher altitude to test out your temporal synchronization and training. I’m suspecting time is moving dramatically faster for you than it is here which should allow ample time to train someone quick and aware of procedure and dialect like Tom to do this who can easily sound like a good ole boy from Kansas to make this easier for you. Be EXTRA sensitive to tail numbers, transponder frequencies, and try to have a flight plan logged to mitigate the risk of any curiosity about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

As for the ‘go around’ – don’t make it an issue with the controllers – just request to exit the pattern to sort some instrument issues out – that will make them curious but will buy you time to get out to see where you can exit the atmosphere and by the time they’ve figured anything odd is going on out, you’ll be long gone. Not sure how they’ll react, and if you have a better plan to ‘preserve their memories’ – where you don’t just ghost out or disappear – I’d consider that as an exit strategy instead. Don’t make it an air crash or something catastrophic though, or ANYTHING that might make the nightly news.

One last thing – analyze the emission POINTS on the air craft – for instance exhaust and the like. Match these as well as you possibly can. All this ‘show’ will be for them and their filters, where for me, you’re going to have a completely different image….. and I’ll see you as … well.. as I want to see you…..

Thanks. For listening. I’d love to be a civilian holodeck programmer and show those Bynars how it’s done.

If they’re not afraid of a little competition, of course  😉


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