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The Camouflaged Planet

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While exploring space, you’re going to discover that many planets are poor in resources and exhibit no obvious signs of life.

Other times, you might steer wildly clear of black holes to avoid their gravitational pull.

And other times, you might avoid coming to close to a fiery red giant star.

All things in space are NOT created equal, which is why it’s important to take a lesson from recent history to understand the true nature of what’s seen and why it may not be as it appears.

MANY times – there are planetary level concealment systems at work, which – in many cases works in much the same fashion that stealth technology works on advanced aircraft such as the Stealth Fighter.

Put specifically, these devices and systems in place – largely through a diverse network of satellites – are well aware how remote scanning systems work, and effectively diminish and or completely conceal the underlying structure.

For instance, in my travels, I’ve come across what looked like a star.

But it most definitively wasn’t. Sure, it emanated a LITTLE heat, which was my first clue, the heat output was highly disproportionate to it’s size and color – but underlying the outer core of what turned out to be a planet was an interlinking set of high altitude permanently fixed objects which manipulated the magnetic field surrounding it to throw sensors off leading someone scanning it with sensors to believe it was a cool star and the magnetism was proportionate with it’s size.

Had they looked with eyes or felt the heat – these beings who scanned this planetoid – would have easily seen and/or felt there was more to this so called star than met the eye, and would have realized that the ‘star’ appearance actually masked an ancient planet which contained a humanoid farm created by a sentient robotic species which had been experimenting on a massive scale holographic simulation leveraging human minds.

If you’ve seen “The Matrix” – the farm depicted in that movie and the concepts behind it is much like what I saw.

Undetectable through scanning traditional scanning mechanisms which tend to leverage electromagnetism for it’s readings, and had they scanned leveraging any older technology – say for instance – anything radio wave based, they may have obtained readings that would have defied their electromagnetic scans…

Similarly. There’s a species ‘out there’ that finds it particularly funny to place holograms around perfectly good black holes.

So if you see a beautiful world and don’t take the time to scan it…

Gravity’s a bitch. And then you die.

Well, not really, but I won’t get into black hole mechanics because what I’ve seen online you’re clearly not ready for this intellectually.

Holographic planets, while good fun for your mischief making aliens or others like myself who love throwing off explorers, also occur naturally, and make for a wonderful place to explore – provided you’ve done your proper homework to ensure it’s a natural occurrence.

Why? Naturally occuring holographic planets in the analog universe form out of stability within the holographic universe itself. There’s any number of reasons these naturally occur, and for whatever reason, there tends to be some interesting discoveries and resources available on these planets which may not be available elsewhere.

It’s a win/win for these planets – they distribute their ‘seed’ – resources through the galaxy and universe which provides more options for the planet to ‘get to know’ the universe it’s residing within, and at the same time provides the resource benefit to those thorough enough to understand the planet and what it can provide.

Bananas, for instance, are not indigenous to Earth and are the direct product of interplanetary seed.

The hint was – bananas do not have seeds 😉

So the two primary methods of cloaking planets that I’m aware of are satellite based systems, typically involving low earth orbit devices which alter and manipulate incoming signals which typically require a ‘bounce’ type method and/or reading of electromagnetism to produce the desired results.

These can alter the scanned appearance of a planet to make it look like a star, a black hole, or some other undesirable object to get close to, and the more sophisticated versions can alter the appearance. Keep in mind that maintaining a visual appearance typically requires a great deal of energy, so another method to detect this is to patiently wait to see if the appearance changes or falter over time.

MANY of these devices providing the clock are temporally based, so no amount of correction on equipment will produce better results, and while a keen awareness of temporal mechanics MAY produce nominally better results, cross checking instrument readings when scanning is the best method of discovery.

Which means – at ALL TIMES – for all space exploration vessels, there should ALWAYS be at least two responsible for scanning leveraging different methods, and when differences arise with the results, it becomes easier to detect manipulation.

The second method of cloaking is accomplished from another planet, and is way tougher to explain.

In energy, it’s easily possible to redirect the electromagnetic and photonic emissions of a uniformly sized object.

Forming planets tend to do this naturally in it’s embryonic infancy stage, as do stars. But as a planet matures, it breaks through this embryo where all of analog space becomes aware of its existence.

Some planets are hidden leveraging these natural methods, which can only be accomplished on planets harboring life, and can only be accomplished through the extensive manipulation of the collective consciousness.

I’ve seen this happen to both the detriment of that population and to the benefit.

It’s hard to say if ‘lying’ to a population is good or bad, particularly when you’re all too aware of just how nasty the universe can get.

These types of cloaking are much more thorough, much harder to detect, and if detected, there stands a chance that the population may become aware of you which isn’t always a good thing.

Or… conversely… works as designed.

These populations can be detected by searching for micro singularities – or regions where space and time appears distorted. I’d advise only exploring and actively searching for these once you think you’ve mapped out your entire galaxy and your explorers are a bit bored, because of the risks associated with uncovering overprotective societies who flat out may not want to be found.

Conversely. Some of these societies may need help. So it’s a tough call, really.

Good luck with your exploration!






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