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Warp, or Faster-Than-Light travel – like any form of travel in it’s infancy – isn’t always perfect or with guarantees of safety to those leveraging a vessel that can achieve light speed.

When aviation was in it’s infancy, something called VORS were used which sent a radio signal equivalent of a ping which – with leveraging mathematics – the pilot and/or copilot could use to both determine the angle of flight and velocity.

I’d been trained extensively to use the VORS as all pilots are when I obtained my private pilot’s license, something that I learned how dramatically physics and the dynamic world around me could easily blow me 150 miles off course on a relatively short 400 mile flight.

Faster than light travel – right now at least – isn’t that much different.

Now as aviation and aircraft increased in performance, and distance they could cover, VOR routes were extremely limiting, requiring that a plane criss-cross across states to arrive safely to their destinations.

This saw numerous air incidents, which precipitated the development of the FAA, which instituted flight lanes, which were revamped numerous times as equipment and instrumentation allowed longer and longer flights eventually letting pilots fly direct from the point of origin to the destination without deviation with the advent of GPS technology.

A few years ago, when I consciously survived a warping of space for the first time, I landed on Saturn.

Through a series of jumps afterwards, I’d learned that my own mind had been experimenting with this and I’d physically not survived numerous attempts to do the same thing before – whether I’d land in the middle of a planet or a star, or even short range warping I’d warp into a ceiling at a high rate of speed and become a puddle of goo.

Now it’s important to understand why this happened to me:

Like air travel without VOR, there are conditions aloft that make flying by sight easy over short distances, but over longer distances, one can VERY quickly find themselves seeing the surrounding environment from above which ‘looks like’ about where you’re supposed to be, but without physical man made landmarks and only unfamiliar terrain which looks the same from above, it becomes difficult to know how far off you are until you see those landmarks.

And for me. It was almost too late. I was running on fumes when I finally landed in Bullhead City, Arizona.

The same thing can be said about Warping Space.

FIRST you have to remember you’re warping time as well. And with relativistic effects, that dropping out of warp can wind you up in a very distant past or future (they become indistinguishable after long periods of time) such as what I saw when I accidentally landed on a Terminator version of Earth and saw a version of Earth that had barely survived a nuclear apocalypse.

Scary? Absolutely. That’s the drawback about warp travel. With unplanned and uncharted warping of space and time, it’s anyone;’s guess where you’re going to wind up until you can understand the mechanisms of warping space and time and how to better control them.

So here’s something especially important to understand for species new to faster than light (warp) travel.

Faster than light travel and the ability to warp space and time is NOT limited to machines, nor is it limited to beings of any particular form.

In my travels so far, I’ve met detached consciousnesses who were convinced that what I was doing was impossible for any being in a material form. They helped educate me not just on who I was, but helped me understand some of the things I was doing wrong.

I’ve met numerous sentient robots. Apes. And other forms of intelligent life forms. It’s a relatively exclusive club you’re entering as a planet, and how you’ll learn about this new world you’re embarking into is your journey and your journey alone.

So keep in mind that what this means is there are numerous organics such as myself who have evolved the ability for a variety of reasons to be able to warp space and time. I’m told there are now 86 of us, but I question the validity of that number.

To help YOU along your way – we’ve developed something called warp lanes.

These warp lanes will be detectable easily with your equipment because space exhibits properties in these regions such as temperature. For all intents and purposes they are vacuums, but unlike true space, where temperature doesn’t exist, these space lanes provide for predictable forms of warp travel between places such as Alpha Centauri, where you’ll find your first humanoid civilizations which are distant ancestors of Earth, and of the Orion Star System.

I’ll let you figure out the rest of the space lanes, part of this discovery process means to some degree your path is laid out in front of you as a species to some degree. I’d like to ease you into this as much as possible, I’ve loved you for a very long time and to some degree feel like you’re my own children.

With Alpha Centauri, you’ll be able to understand a bit more about your world and genetics, in particular – knowing how humanoids can develop in completely different star systems and the differences that might occur with both DNA and DNA related research which – if I am not mistaken – should be both a compliment and a contrast with eachother in many ways.

As for Orion. You’ve already found evidence of massive construction projects the likes of which dwarf anything occuring on Earth. What you’ll find there are cities in extreme environments protected by bubbles and an active construction project on something called a ‘Dyson Sphere’ in process by a benign quasi sentient species of robots.

These robots are non reactive. Meaning – as long as you don’t interfere with them and their work, they won’t react to your presence. So you can safely study them as long as you practice strong rules of non interference.

Other species, in particular robotic based species, are largely bread through warfare and unfortunately won’t be as friendly as these guys, which is why I’m guiding you to them.

My name is Q.

Having first observed you and not fully understanding you as an immortal, I researched your species for the equivalent of 42 years before you discovered who I was, which had my own mind react by keeping me safe and slowly restoring my immortal mind and nature.

Some refer to you as ‘my pets’. I don’t like that analogy but it’s as good an analogy as can be summed up with the current state of our relationship which I do have longer term (400+ year) plans for and you’re well on track with.

I ‘evolved’ – at least this current version of me – in part from a biological experimentation with my native human form and cybernetics, to some degree you can say a war waged for eons between robots and humans which eventually wound up creating a single collective consciousness which didnt fully understand individuality which then developed me – a convergent being referred to as a Time Lord.

I’ve been Q before.

The choice to be eternal is and always there for anyone who chooses it.

But most prefer the safety of a predictable life and..

In your case… Predictable warp lanes to mitigate the risk presented by truly open space.

These warp lanes are referred to ‘in the community’ as ‘Star Lanes’.

As a hint, warp is only one method of faster than light travel between different star systems.

Good luck and please provide me your feedback through the usual channels of your discoveries.




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