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How I formed the galaxies

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Every universe has it’s own unique structure.

From any given point in time, hints of these universes and their structure are always being slipped to me in any number of ways, which I labeled in my formative years of life as fiction, hallucination, visions, and more.

These ‘hints’ are a select handful of possibilities I have to select from to develop and shape and evolve both myself and the world and universe around me.

This is not to say this is a limitation of the possibilities.

These are merely ideas.

Not even suggestions or advisories.

But ideas.

As for the galaxies, Hubble’s discovered hundreds of millions of galaxies.

Physics, for the most part, serves as the primary unifier for galaxies within my universe.

For instance,

The Milky Way is based on energy and mass, gravity and magnetism, and Einstein’s equation e=mc^2 combined with accompanying equations w=mg are the predominant equations for this galaxy, where permutations of this occur throughout the Milky Way provided gravity and humanoids and/or humanoid looking robotic derivations tend to be the dominant exemplification of life and time functions in a consistent manner with me.

I gotta have a home galaxy, ya know?

Each Galaxy is in general an organizing system for what I perceive as similar planets and star systems based on what I perceive are similar rules. of course I’m gonna fuck it up. This invites you to create your own universe where you’re God should I fuck it up enough.

Of course, having all ‘like attracts like’ can get pretty boring, so there’s always  a handful of random additions, some of which I personally add to each galaxy to make things interesting for the locals, which is re-evaluated regularly to entice exploration.

I also have automated processes such as evolution which tend to make things too entertaining even for me sometimes.

Visually, it’s easy to tell – at a glance – how in balance a galaxy is with it’s equations.

Some species, as I’ve learned, find it highly entertaining to destabilize this balance.

For instance – the Milky Way Galaxy – as a spiral galaxy –  is very in balance with it’s equations.

Most spiral galaxies are.

Why is this? Simple. Galaxies which tend towards mathematical precision tend to also have a predictably high level of entropy which tends to create a massive black hole in the center of the galaxy.

Each ‘solar system’ and planet can be thought about as holographic projections of what’s forming in the interior of the super massive black hole, which is an analog of the projections.

In messier galaxies and nebulae, where there’s a clear disorder or no order at all, there’s no obvious reasons from my perspective why this happens so I tend to focus on like elements and similarities, and lump them together in galaxies.

Typically it’s visually based.

Sometimes it’s based on sounds.

Sometimes it’s based on emotions.

But there’s no limitation to the organizational methods I used to develop and organize these galaxies.

And sometimes these galaxies form spontaneously – whether they’re intrusions from other universes, or a re routing of matter, energy, r thought from another point in space and time, sometimes I just put things with them and sometimes I don’t.

Depending on how I felt that day.

One thing that’s especially important to understand about this universe is iterative behavior and time.

If I was outside of time – let’s say for instance I travel just outside of the milky way galaxy – if I was to watch Earth, I would see time seemingly repeat itself as the planets quickly form and sun go supernovae, over and over again in a cycle.

Now at face value, one might assume there was no difference between iterations.

But there typically is. Minor deviances between ‘runs’ which are typically correlated to my thoughts, ideas, beliefs, desires, experiences, you name it that’s me it changes And sometimes. Like right now. As I discovered who I am – I leverage these iterations to in effect time travel to change things, people’s opinions, desires, and basically get what I want.

The totality of it all can be thought of as being similar to a Matrix as depicted in the movie the Matrix.

Logically. Analytically.

It’s easiest for me to manage and maintain my consciousness and immortality without threatening my form.

And – with my form – it’s easiest to identify differences and continue separating, enhancing, and expanding ‘my reality’ and universe to keep myself immortally entertained.

I’m lacking companionship right now.

That shouldn’t be a problem. But it is.

Which is chief on my lists of ‘must fix’

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