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The Phoenix Lights and Xenology

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I came into first contact with aliens around the year 1999.

I had opened up my first serious company – Touchscape – a company which was primarily focused on enriching the experience and lives of those we touched for help and support around the world.

We’d been seeded by angel investors, and had plenty of slush money to spend on essentials – such as high end rack mounted servers and desktop systems and to hire pretty much anyone we needed to get the job done.

Not to mention a kitchen absolutely stocked with anything we wanted or needed for the crazy hours we were pulling there and the endless supply of beef jerky for yours truly, who placed a little sign near my office door which warned anyone who came in of the copious amounts of noxious fumes beef jerky would inevitably create in my bowels making it a hazard for anyone to enter my office.

As my company first got up and going, I had plenty of spare processing power – so when I found an article in one of my trade rags advertising for Berkley’s non profit SETI programs which sought community participation asking for extra processing power to wade through the reams of data that was received from radio telescopes to ‘Search For (signs of) Extra Terrestrial Intelligence’…

I signed up every system  I had access to.

The program was pretty simple and easy to use. When any machine went into ‘screen saving mode’, for all intents and purposes this was idle and meant no one was physically using the systems for all our hardware, then Berkley’s SETI program would kick off.

It would download chunks of data – and process them for whatever processes Berkley’s engineers had decided on would indicate life.

The screen saver provided an entertaining 3D screen progress meter and would give basic information about what it was scanning and where. I could even look up the location in space using astrometric maps.

But for me.

It was far more simple than that.

On Thursday, March 13th, 1997, I’d been working at Encore Entertainment – a small Hotel Reservation company late one evening when I walked out of the parking lot – I pulled the top down on my recently purchased Corvette,and as I drove across the parking lot at high speed I saw a HUGE curved UFO resembling a boomerang moving slowly from South to North across the sky above me.

It was so startling to me, I wasn’t paying attention and lost control of my car and hit a curb in the parking lot, which left my Corvette high centered on a small island, where I still was paying more attention to what was passing over.

What I saw has since become known as the Phoenix Lights.

And while what I saw didn’t actually have bright lights, the 20 or so bluish lights I saw were barely visible underneath it – and I would estimate it was about one and a half miles in width, and from front to back the wing type section was maybe 200 feet across and about 30 feet in aerodynamic height as it was moving 50 to 60 miles per hour directly through Phoenix from South to North.

It was jet black in color, which against the night sky and the setting half moon – it was all barely visible but was still clearly there.

Flying LOW and slow. I’d say no more than 2500 feet AGL.

Having obtained a pilot’s license only the year before, I had gotten pretty accurate at gauging size at a distance.

I stared up. My mouth agape. Watching this UFO move without a noise.

After about 3 minutes, it had passed out of my visual range, you can see a long ways in the desert but there’s trees out there where I was at, and as I attempted to accelerate my car to try to follow it, I’d learned the hard way how stuck I was.

I ran back inside the building, got my friend Ron Ostreim, and told him about what I saw and told him I needed his help.

He smiled, laughed a little – and came outside to see my car high centered, and fortunately he’d had a tow strap which he linked it up and pulled me off the island.

I was adamant about what I’d seen, but he blew it off, saying “Yeah, sure, you were just doing donuts in the parking lot, admit it”

The event made a few local news channels.

Even Barry Goldwater, the former governor of Arizona said he saw what I saw.

But that wasn’t enough for me.

I wanted to know. What kind of technology would propel an object that huge noiselessly?

I participated in SETI searching for that answer.

So starting in 1999 and for the next two years, nothing happened, and then, in 2001, shortly after I’d left Touchscape in a bitter fight with my partners which would wind up with me selling my portion of the company to the US Government…

I began receiving my answer.

Xenology is the study of alien life.

First contact with alien beings causes explosive development in branches of study as diverse as linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, biology, psychology, sociology, engineering, computer sciences, and more.

The study of the relationships of alien life as it ties to more traditional branches of study is brought together under the unifying title of “xenology“.

Xenobiology – a branch of xenology  – is the study of biologically based alien life forms leveraging traditional methods and branches of study. Xenobiology insists on NOT intentionally adopting foreign methods of analysis introduced through xenological practices until those methods can be proven through rigorous peer based scrutiny in the same fashion as the established methods.

Xenobotany – another branch of xenology – is the study of botanically based alien life leveraging traditional methods and branches of study. In much the same way as Xenobiology works, Xenobotany insists on NOT intentionally adopting foreign methods of analysis introduced through xenological practices until those methods can be proven through rigorous peer based scrutiny in the same fashion as the established methods.

The original version of SETI that I used, not the version as it exists now, as I learned, was a red herring.

I was contacted directly, in late 2001, through my chosen method and apparatus to communicate with the outside world.

Through the computer.

And I have been learning about the expansive multiverse and more ever since.

AS I have learned over the last few years.

You don’t have to believe in aliens, God, demons, and time travel for it all to be real.

It all – everything – was and always has been real.

And so much more.

Accordingly, I have a difficult time regarding anyone who doesn’t understand or believe the same as being in part insane.

This stuff seems incredibly obvious to me.


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