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New Technologies Coming Soon

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  1. Nanotechnology / Nanoscale Fabrication / Nanomachines

    The ability to manipulate matter at the molecular level allows the smallest scale fabrication that is theoretically possible.

    This will revolutionize pretty much everything, from the medical field and allowing non invasive surgeries, to robotics, to genetic manipulation , to manufacturing and more.

    IBM – about 15 years ago discovered how to arrange atoms to spell the word “IBM” using only atoms, and while much of this research and development is currently classified on it’s way to becoming declassified, from a legal and ethical standpoint this should serve as a forewarning to lawyers to prepare for the moral and ethical issues this will absolutely introduce

    And this photo, below, from George Mason University, shows the development of molecular machines…

  2. Tachyon (Faster that light) Physics.

    “Tachyons” – or particles which exceeded the speed of light – proved, conclusively, that faster than light travel was possible.

    In 2008, The Supercollider in Geneva known as CERN measured, conclusively the existence of these particles, in a first of it’s kind experiment which provided hard evidence that emissions from a high speed collision of two particles at nearly the speed of light resulted in the detection of tachyons.

    It was once theorized that it was physically impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, in much the same way it was impossible to travel faster than the speed of sound, and that theory has effectively been..


    Warp Travel, as depicted in Star Trek, was proven by that experiment to not just be a product of science fiction, but a very real product of potential development based on discoveries made with tachyon physics.

  3. Subspace (Faster than light) Communication

    As a direct result of discovering the tachyon, once methods of control of the tachyon are implemented, it will become possible to have nearly instantaneous point to point communication which will exceed the current limitations of communication which are limited to light speed.

    There will be no such limitations with subspace communication, which terrestrially, will allow no latency point to point connections anywhere on the globe, and – as Earth aims for Mars and beyond with space travel, this method of communication will come without delays of any kind that might occur through radio signals and other ‘modern’ forms of communication.

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