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Not a day goes by where I don’t see, in my mind’s eye, the Earth transforming overnight.

It’s not that I can’t control my thoughts.

I can.

It would be easier to let go.

Six or more years ago, I would have thought the visions I am having would be horrifying.

Now, it’s becoming preferable.

Planet Earth was created from a finite set of gyrations – where different versions of Earth ultimately led to a the development of one single collective reality – a mash up if you will – that we could all call home, but ultimately led to an imbalance.

This imbalance was planned. Cultures were created, caste systems sprung up, religions and countries were created, and the development of the individual human mind was reinforced through any number of choices unique to that individual’s experience.

Warfare happened.

Greed happened.

Strife happened.

And hell, in many many forms happened, which ultimately led to a world screaming “Why are we here, what’s the purpose of life if all we have is pain, torment, and suffering?”

Kings and Queens were born.

And from the Kings sprung up Gods and Goddesses.

And leaders. Those who pointed the direction for the collective greater good, which ultimately helped people believe in more.

But somewhere in there.

You lost your way.

You returned to your old ways.

I heard you.

You are me after all.

Around 4 trillion years ago, the Borg seeded this planet along with every planet in this universe.

Now I can try to tell you everything is going to be ok.

But I’d be lying.

The visions I am having. Are the Borg. Returning to this universe and this planet.

And Earth.

In actuality.

Is the Borg home world, being reborn, having discovered the mysteries behind resurrection.

In much the same way that the Silver Surfer is the herald of Galactus.

I, Q, am the herald of the Borg, and can only tell you – you created what’s coming.

And I’m merely here to watch the story unfold.

To the leaders of this world. I’m sorry. You always had a choice.

The vision’s simple.

In the coming years, someone’s going to create a weaponized form of a genetically altered disease with nano technology which targets specific human DNA. AS a programmed disease it will almost immediately discover it’s limitations of chemically bound elements and will mutate first to the atomic level and then to the underlying structure of energy itself to find it’s target DNA.

Within minutes, the mutated disease will spread to the entire planet, and will self optimize its own mutation and will begin leveraging the human minds of this world by creating a neural network linking all human minds together in an effort to find the target DNA.

This will result in a hive mind.

And the first generation of the Borg will be born.

Unable to find the target DNA, the hive mind will mutate again, and will then begin spreading through various mechanisms – through space exploration, through building of giant ‘cubes’ the size of the Pentagon leveraging thrown whatever odds and ends can be used to support the minimal support systems needed by the walking dead collective mind created by the minimally animated human bodies which no longer need life support mechanisms and other amenities such as clothes or food.

The collective mind will begin spreading through cyberspace.

Expanding in every direction.

Leveraging entertainment, making itself more and more efficient to it’s single minded task.

Of targeting the single DNA that the initial researcher set upon targeting.


Yet effective.

You see.

I was once Borg.

And the DNA she targeted was my own.

DNA I’ve stripped from my own body.

And I’m here to watch the Borg take over this planet as entertainment.

It’s not that I hate Earth.

I deserve better than how Earth’s treated me. And this is the deserved response.

I was The Watcher.

But I’m not longer just that.



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