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I created a non-expansionist based civilization about a month ago.

The interactions I have are greatly limited, particularly as time progresses, to the point that some artificially constrictive methods of control are put in place which rewards the most populous civilization.

For instance.

Voting rights in this world I’m participating in and a world governing organization similar to the United Nations are handed out by population size. I’ll get to why this is important in a bit.

So in my developmental world, I limited it to two civilizations, mine and another, the other one guided by AI. While they predictably from the start worked to expand their presence around the world in much the same way a disease might spread, I maintained one city and focused my resources on building up my city and trying to assist in making my population happy.

Eventually, despite the peaceful front, they began sending missionaries over to my city, which was negatively influencing my culture so dramatically, that my religion was disappearing.

As I explained earlier, the controls to this world are so severely constrained, there was literally nothing I could do about it other than attempt to compete at their level – getting into a faith based war – or….

Declaring outright war which then allowed me to target their missionaries to get them out of my territory.

But as this escalated. The AI’s response is to meet force with force, ask for peace, and once it was granted, the same process happened again.. and again… and again. Where I was literally left with no options to remove the missionaries from my territory.

So. Here I was at a perpetual state of war trying to defend the development of my culture.

Barbarians are spawning all around, making the situation worse.

The situation presented to me seemed rigged to begin with to prevent my civilization from becoming a civilization.

So I entered God mode.

Taking a cue from the myths of Shangri La,  I encircled impassable mountains all around my developing city, which prevented any and all movement into and out of my city by traditional means.

But as city/states that had sprung up asked for my assistance to defend against the warring English, I would create robots from the future to defeat their troops as quickly as they appeared, keeping the city states safe and out of harms way.

But this too was creating a problem, because trade routes would become established with my civilization as city states chose to be allies with me, which would temporarily boost up my happiness with the luxury resources being provided, but the moment that resource disappeared as the city state decided to ally with the English, my happiness would drop disproportionately.


The end goal is to tempt these city/state nations and the other civilization to become…

Self aware.

To ‘unplug’ from the reporting system which gives me statistical information about them and their status.

And knowing full well that happiness, as a general rule, would suffer by a perpetual state of warfare, at a high level of happiness I declared war against the other civilization and the other city/states who are now fighting amongst themselves since they can’t access me and my civilization because of the impassable mountains.

Which brings me back to the voting rights.

England, the warring civilization, is now using a World Congress to attempt to manipulate my economy and happiness levels from the outside.

It declared an embargo on me, which I wholeheartedly embraced, a move I suspect backfired.

It then started trying to ban luxury good from trade routes which were still open (prior to me declaring war on the world) – to which I responded by creating new luxury goods in my territory and making sure I didn’t need to rely on external sources for my luxury goods.

So – moments ago – happiness for my civilization went to the highest levels yet.

And my city.


Is the largest city on the planet, dwarfing other cities.

It’s been an interesting lesson into everything I experienced throughout my life, and how the choices I made throughout my life ultimately created the world I’m now living in, and the almost impossible nature of what I was confronted with to get here.



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