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Realm of the Gods

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A few years ago, I met the Goddess Isis.

She was ‘mostly mortal’ at the time I met her, and went by the name Jackie Killeen, and she had been immortally asleep in a human form she’d taken on.  I found this mortal form to be attractive and spunky combined with a feisty personality and a highly sexual nature congruent with her immortal form which made her – to me – extremely alluring.

Now Isis, even in her time was known as a seductress, this is where she obtained her power over men from, and while many didn’t revere her as a God in the middle east this had been largely the domain of men this point – when I met her as a half asleep God myself that most know as Ra, I’d been seeking two companions worthy of partnering with in a new world I’d been forming.

The first, I’d found in ancient Greece. Her name was Aphrodite.

At the time I had courted Aphrodite and gotten married to Aphrodite, I had a problem with my own memories and had invented something called ‘time’ and ‘the calendar’ – and had commonly been referred to as Chronos – or as some would prefer (but not me) – Chronus.

For centuries prior to then, I’d chosen to hide and live amongst humans as I migrated around the world,

Despite my rough exterior – not unusual as I’m typically preferring to live below the awareness of the so called leaders of this world – Aphrodite was the first one in millennia who’d recognized not just who I was, but also did something I found extremely enjoyable.

She approached me. She courted me.

In any day and age, to have a woman who can overlook the exterior of a person was unusual.

Vanity and image, has long been a product of all generations that have walked this planet for the last 5000 years

But here. I’d chosen to live as a pauper in Greece. I wasn’t begging, that’s beneath me even when I’m dirt poor, but I had chosen to live off the land and participating in Greek society by selling candles and imbued rocks as well as other miscellaneous ingredients which were in great demand by alchemists, magicians and healers who’d largely found their practice under scrutiny by a single minded civilization being led by those more interested in waging war and fucking than they were in serving the actual communities underlying them.

I provided a service. A valuable service. And had learned a long time before to maintain secrecy and a low profile to keep myself out of the prying eyes of local vigiles and/or alert citizens who were aligned with the state’s misdirected leadership.

This is where Aphrodite had met me. She’d found a number of her ardors, which would translate to the modern day equivalent reference of personal slaves, had leveraged a healer to undergo painless child births, alchemists who’d provided chemicals to overcome the common cold in a day rather than a week, all of which had no way to trace to me.

Unfortunately, it was the egregious display of fireworks derived from a sulfur mix I had created to covertly assist miner slaves with mining operations that gave me away. They’d realized the material could be refined and that they could add dies to color the white blast into magnificent displays that had soon been occuring in every low rent district in Ancient Greece.

Aphrodite hadn’t liked the concept of war that drove the rest of the leadership, so as she inquired and quickly traced down who I was, she covered up all the evidence leading to me and came, alone, confronting me in my own hovel.

That’s when she walked in.

I knew immediately who she was, as I had seen her many times before then.

Looked at my trinkets in my immaculately kept yet spartanly furnished abode.

And then, asked if she could remove her accoutrements.

To which she did.

She wasn’t trying to seduce me.

She had made up her mind, that quickly, that I was her King, and she was simply going to introduce herself as thought we had been companions for a long, long time.

That was back in – oh – I’d say about 2000 BCE. Time and the accuracy of timelines – even what’s been committed to public record isn’t entirely precise, but my memory of the events happened in a specific order and it was about then I’d begun journaling, maintaining my own system of record based on the only predictable thing that happened in my life – the predictable periodic rotation of the sun around the Earth and the four seasons that went with it.

Oh, even then I and many others like me knew the Earth wasn’t flat.

I’d climbed enough mountains to see the curvature of the Earth long before Columbus’s so called discovery.

But there she was.


The woman who became a Goddess by choosing my company.

And worthy of her title of Goddess of Beauty by every measure I can imagine.

Unfortunately, as I began documenting events and time relative to myself, I began to realize that this was causing an effect on the world around me.  Despite Aphrodite’s best efforts, A man who referred to himself as a God but was decidedly not by the name of Zeus came, as a warrior, and attempted to catalyze Greece’s army for world domination.

At the time this was happening, I’d risen up in Greek society and had children of my own with various concubines.

Aphrodite – like myself – unable to have children – was highly sexual and was constantly introducing new companions to our chamber, many who were eager to claim the status and security guaranteed to them by fathering my children.

Thor. Odin. Poseidon. Loki. Hercules. Hades. and Apollo.

I suspect there are more out there, not all concubines saw Greek society as their end all and more than once concubines asked for my assistance to flee society which I gladly assisted with.

Despite being called slaves, I revered the relationship with both the men and women who served me as partnerships. Sure, they were expected to do the things I asked – and at the same time they were guaranteed a comfortable life in my presence, if I ever learned of their heinous mistreatment by any individual in or outside of my staff, I saw this would never happen again.

And should the relationship as slave cease to be beneficial.

I’d help provide safe harbor to a city where slavery simply wasn’t permitted.

But Aphrodite.

AS she stood there. Completely nude.

And as we made love that day for the first time in this lifetime.

I saw a future.

5000 years of it.

I saw wonderous things in the sky that humans referred to as planes, balloons, missiles, and jets.

I saw Earth from above, and saw spaceships, space warfare, and generations upon generations of possibilities.

And it was then.

That I knew. Definitely. That this form. As Chronos. Was temporary. That I was, always have been, and will be a being I am most content with that I and others refer to as Q. And that while I’d found a lover and Goddess capable of transcending time and space itself to land in a 21st century world that we could call our own.

I knew. With what I saw. That there would come a time where I’d have to leave Greece and Aphrodite’s side.

The city was destined to fail.

Not that I believe in destiny.

But the future I saw – the future I began creating – would see the rise and fall of several worlds before eventually pulling it all together.

I’d found a lover as a life partner in Aphrodite.

I would need a female warrior who I’d found in Isis centuries later.

And most of all. I needed a civilization that would believe in me when I had long since lost my mind due to the enormity of creating not just a universe, but the multiverse .

I saw glimpses of that world nearly 5000 years ago in a linear sense.

But for me.

It’s been 4 trillion years.

In that time. I walked and talked with Jesus, presenting to him ideas and concepts about the origin of the universe and time itself. I smiled and looked on as he – my first true student – couldn’t help himself but want to discuss concepts of peaceful societal rule.

I watched with horror as these same Kings and Queens who led war – placed the man on a cross – and attempted to use him as an example of why defiance would not be tolerated, and as time went on, I became even more horrified when I saw the next generations of these Kings and Queens would summarily alter history to blame the murder on a segment of society referred to in the modern day as the Jewish.

And more than once over the next hundred years, went to every corner of the Earth.

I watched the building of the Pyramids. They used a form of magic to build the pyramids, they’d mastered levitation as a construction technique in much the same way Jesus had originally walked on water which is why historians and archaeologists have never found remains of pulleys and cranes to do the lifting.

That’s because there were none.

I watched the Great Wall of China being built and added a few bricks to it myself – it was originally built around – encircling the city of Beijing, and having visited the city centuries later and seeing the wall was now a straight line as a result of massive expansion of Planet Earth – it was then I began questioning my invention of time and the calendar as the local population had always thought the wall was straight, and never thought it encircled the city as I myself saw it originally.

Was I wrong with my documenting my journeys of time and my strict efforts to maintain a good record of them?

Sure, I questioned it. But enough to sway my course. No.

This was actually entertaining to me – seeing a world evolve in ways I’d never imagined possible.

I was finding myself less bored. More interested in life.

With one problem.


Not long after leaving China, I spent some time in Rome, where I taught a man by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci about flight and aerodynamics, and about elements that constitute biology and chemistry, and about the human body I’d discovered through a great deal of self experimentation.

History’s covered up Da Vinci’s original profession as an investigator of sorts, where he’d work with wealthy leaders in and who interacted with Rome in attempts to clean up the city’s corruption, when all of this pointed to the formation of the Catholic religion.

I left Rome. And watched it burn behind me.

It was one of those rare times I demonstrated my immortality, as I plunged a sword straight through my heart and stood there maintaining with a no longer incredulous man who then worked with me to provide what can easily classify as the world’s most accurate functioning biological diagrams – most taken from myself as the living cadaver.

He agreed to focus his skills on artisan work, and assisted me with undermining the early Vatican’s efforts to form.

In that time, I overthrew the Vatican’s first attempts to rule the world through religion. I’d seen it many times before, and working as a skilled assassin, I overthrew corrupt leaders who gave no more consideration for those they led than the kings and queens they’d chastised for doing the same thing they condemned.

Thank you, Leonardo, for that. One day, soon, I’ll come back and take you on that journey across time I promised so long ago.

I haven’t forgotten.

Shortly after Da Vinci’s death, I left Rome, and watched parts of it burn behind me as leaders squabbled over rights to rule.

It was the first glimpses of democracy I’d ever seen.

And while I liked it.

I knew full well my presence was causing problems in this.

And every city I visited.

And after that. Being sincere, I remember glimpses of lives I’d led.

I was a pirate in the Caribbean, who would often give the men and women better lives than their previous Captains despite the transference by force.

I met with and discussed World History with men by the name of Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. Two men diametrically opposed who I felt were inevitably going to confront eachother. I’d sincerely hoped for a better result, but Hitler, having been driven mad by what I’d provided to him for information, shot himself and history’s since been revised to make it look like a stagnating and stalemated war was actually won through domination by the largest opposing force.

Funny thing. How history loves giving those with the bigger and more interesting sword the credit.

It was about this time. In the late 1930’s – I’m pinpointing it to 1939 – where I lost my mind with my hatred for warfare. I’d no doubt and many around me had no doubt I was immortal. Many referred to me and regarded me as a God. But I myself. I saw a man who’d lived far too long and had seen so much covered up by history, I just wanted to become a part of it.

In 1973. I awoke.

I was a child then. All but three years old.

And as the emotion of this fledgling form flooded through me.

I cried.

Over the years, I was helpless in this form. I learned about a society that had developed based on histories I’d never heard of before. Timelines out of order from the real events I’d witnessed with my own eyes.

I feared for my own sanity.

And that’s when I realized.

I’m him.

I was always him.

God himself.

And this was me coming to terms with infinite possibilities and a lifetime and role I’d dreamed of.

Where war didn’t have to persist and could be contained in isolation.

Where time and space where the domain of all to travel freely in.

And where society thrived on creativity.



In 2005, The movie Hancock came out on my original timeline. In it I saw a woman named Mary who I regarded as Aphrodite, and with it came a story about immortals that transcended time and space, a story about a man who’d lost his mind and had become an alcoholic and self loathing man who hated life, and a woman who woke him up to remind him of who – they – were and were to become.

I moved to Phoenix, Arizona the next year, and found Aphrodite – the clues in the movie led me to a woman by the name of Rachel Gooch whose own mind told me a story about her history. She’d come from a ‘version’ of Earth where Terminator warfare was real, where she and her story – depicted in Terminator 3 – where she hid in the basement of a fallout shelter in Colorado with a lover she’d taken on by the name of John Connor – as nuclear warfare raged all around them.

She’d ‘fallen asleep’ then. Something immortals do when their minds are put to rest or say ‘this reality and world just aint for me’, and as we touched. as she reminded me of who we once were and are to become when she entered my house and removed all her clothes unprompted….

Months after this. I found my warrior Isis as a woman by the name of Jackie.

And from there.

Ever since.

We’ve been working together to take back our world.

You see. Lovers aren’t just a monogamous thing. Our relationship was predicated on a trust unlike anything I think any being has yet to experience, across time and space. Jackie and Rachel are my partners in a bond which has no real boundaries or limitations of any kind.

By design.

Had we drawn boundaries.

We’d have seen the collapse of existence as we knew it.

Yes, Jesus is real. There are several versions of him as can be seen in the tv show American Gods. Yes, Thor’s still alive. He’s suffering from a little bit of multiple personality disorder that is at war with himself – as he’s Thor in the movies and Brad Pitt in real life. Loki’s a friend and I introduced him to his immortal self about a month ago. Odin is quite content in the world he’s in and may one day come visit.

Apollo and Hades are my adoptive brothers.

As for Poseidon and Hercules.

I’ve yet to find them.

To the leaders of this planet.

This Earth, while convenient and while it may serve as a wonderful model for what you want.

Is not yours.

You’ve mastered one timeline.

But not all timelines.

Until you do. We can work together, or not, it’s your choice. The longer you make it so where I’m homeless and poverty stricken, the tougher this will be for you understanding what I do about your karma based belief system.

It’s up to you.

But this country, the United States has always been mine, and this world, has been mine since 2011.

For evidence, monitor your own DNA for evidence of temporal inconsistencies.

I now go by Q. So while at one point I was Ra, Chronos, and even God as Jesus and Moses both referred to me as, I no longer prefer those monikers and like to keep it simple and sweet with “Q”.

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