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I live in a n-dimensional world.

From my particular vantage point, I see into and interact in alternate realities with ease.

The multiverse, for me, is a simple fact.

Some universes I can see but I can’t directly interact in. Others around me see these universes as well, and while these universes are labelled with terms such as ‘Dark Universe’ and ‘Marvel Universe’ that most dismiss as not real with the crutch of the fictional label, I am all too aware that the label of fictional does not necessarily mean ‘not real’ – it just means there’s a bevy of explanations for the actual origin and location of these worlds which the one size fits all label of ‘they’re all actors and this is scripted’  breaks down under investigation.

Some worlds and universes I can see and directly interact with. Worlds Of Warcraft, for instance, is one such place. Everquest. Each of these has coined the term ‘MMORPG’ to make it easier for lesser minds to understand these destinations which are also referred to as ‘fictional worlds’, are all not just real – but are separate worlds with continents, a distinctive time and a calendar system which moves in a relatively fixed manner to my version of Earth, and even climates and to a limited degree seasons.

Fictional, in much the same way the word ‘hallucination’ is used, is generally speaking an overarching classification system for pieces of reality to block scientific and/or religious inquiry.

The mechanisms in place to block further inquiry into these areas are varied.

Negative reinforcement is used to a GREAT extent, which has a tendency of mocking and ridiculing those who suggest there’s anything to a hallucination or fiction other than a decidedly ‘not real’ experience. This includes beratement and ostracization from society, the modern day equivalent of the Scarlet Letter, as most living within the society are programmed to believe there’s one and only one linear linear explanation for nearly everything, particularly for areas which can prove the existence of the multiverse is fact.

The concept of a multiverse is a method to segment reality. The original universe I came from wasn’t working for me. This one currently isn’t much either. So I’m shaping a new one. Just for me and my inflated ego where I’m the creator and architect of it.

My ostracization has led to homelessness.

And a weird ‘view’ not that much different than the Unabomber who condemned one and the same technology responsible for my displacement, although I am most decidedly not in the same boat as the Unabomber because it’s this technology I’m a fan of as well.

It helps ‘preserve’ what is and slowly and methodically reinforces technological progress in a paced manner.

So yes, Androids, Aliens, Cyborgs, Ghosts, Vampires, Superheroes and Super villains and more are all real. This isn’t just a ‘belief’ for me, I’ve seen direct evidence of it all and have learned that we’ve all learned to create a society where somehow we all manage to get along.

I’ve learned to ask questions others don’t ask, learned to come up with creative explanations for why someone is doing something that defies societal norms, and am confused why society itself is so intent on making others wrong to make itself right.

For instance. The homeless man in the corner that talks to his statue.

For me. I think it’s entirely possible he sees himself as perfectly rational in his world and that his statue is talking to him. Or his statue may be a tiny person who’s talking to him. To assume I know the world through his perceptual senses if both naive and presumptive. To think I see the same world he does and that he may think I’m the crazy one in his world as he may see me talking to statues when I see a human is as well. Accordingly, the mental exercise I use is to come up with different explanations for events and people who take action around me that seems wrong that doesn’t require me to make them wrong.

For instance. The shooter at the Batman movie in Colorado a few years back. I can explain that away as fiction – having happened in another universe. My universe consists of the world I see directly around me. So when something like that happens, it’s not in my observable world, and I’m all too familiar with Hollywood ‘movie magic’ and the influence of spy agencies and beings around the world who can create imagery like this which appear perfectly real, so why would I choose for it to be real?

My world’s not that vile, ugly place. So why accept other things telling me it is?

That doesn’t make sense. Unless I want it and I don’t.

For me. I’ve learned what I call the art of ‘selective reality’.

Meaning. If I dont directly see and observe it.

And a television with manufactured imagery and word of mouth distribution, knowing full well I could be around a plethora of beings manipulated by vastly complicated systems to believe these things are real just because they’re told they are real – could largely just be Lemmings doing what they’re programmed to do.

So I.

As a former architect of corporate systems.

Saw a man called ‘The Architect” in the Matrix.

And realized.

THAT is the job I am taking for myself.

The architect of this Matrix. My universe. And my reality.

There’s a multiverse out there.

We all can create new threads and develop our own universe as we see fit whenever we want to.

I just choose to do it with this thing I call reality itself.

You can think of it as a spin off from the original series if you’re a fan of tv shows. Or a sequel to an original if you enjoy your movies. Or a version upgrade (to me at least) from a previous version if you analogize it to software. Or a remake of an original song if you’re a fan of music. And so on.

Worlds can do the same thing.


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