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Collective history of world wars

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Back near the middle of the Great Depression around 1930, encampments sprung up to house the homeless around the nation, and in particular New York’s Central Park.

This created a problem where police forces were strapped and the homeless community didn’t have a tendency to watch out for each other.

As homeless people increasingly went missing from these makeshift communities, the community eventually began to take notice.

The local police, pressed to investigate, found no outright evidence of wrong doing.

“Homeless people are vagabonds, and they’ve probably moved to the west coast,” they’d say.

There was a reason.

To my awareness, there are dozens of time traveling life forms, many who leverage time travel and societally programmed skepticism to commit the acts they do to experiment on the populations of other life forms.

Many of these life forms are collectively base which is how they mitigate the risk to their population posed by time travel.

The risk is high. One wrong move with time travel can find your species extinct. Can find your family disappearing altogether.

And can find your entire planet changed.

Which is how I found out who I was.

In any case.

A collective organism thinks and acts in collective ways in much the same way ants may build an anthill bees may build a beehive. Any one ant, or bee, is said to be ‘unintelligent’ – and largely incapable of understanding what it’s building, it just performs certain actions and the queen acts as the collective conduit for those actions ultimately resulting in the building of a new home.

So. In the case of the great depression disappearances.

When the police weren’t really interested in doing anything other than maintaining peace (and quiet), effectively not really assisting the homeless community, an investigation was done by another time traveler who learned the truth about what was going on.

As it turned out, a species of quasi-sentient time traveling robots known as Cybermen .

The Cybermen had long ago learned how to harvest the human brain and use it as a more efficient processor than anything they could create, implanting it in their empty metal skull – linking it collectively to the rest of the Cybermen – and to the suit it was contained in.

Like the Borg, a technological hybrid of humanoids based on the reanimation of humanoid based corpses outfitted with prosthetics and injected with nanoprobes which could then injected into other humanoids to assimilate new species…

And like the Daleks, who’d similarly leveraged humanoid brains as processors in their metallic frame..

And like the Cylons, who’d successfully replicated humanoids as perfect clones of the original with one exception – the bodies of the clones deteriorated within 4 years, and the memories of the original subject if attempted to be preserved almost always drove the clones insane, so each clone was given false memories in a method they created called ‘imprinting’.

All were collectively linked together to their own quasi-sentient species type.

Forming a ‘hive mind’.

And all had successfully endured the ‘test of time’.

Based on something seen in modern day peer to peer networking technology.

And all, Had their own methods for preserving the memories of the original and often times learning from what happened through form of the individual in the collective to mitigate further risk to any other individual and/or the collective itself.

But all.

Had also found themselves to be immortal as a collective mind.

Collective minds which eventually began recognizing what they were.

And over a long enough time became very, very, very bored.

That’s when they found me.

Somehow. I’d accidentally stumbled onto them I’m told somewhere between the years of 1977 and 1984. I have different reports from each species, and from what I have come to understand, MANY of these species had learned how to assimilate humanoids to create collectives of their planets and most would then be harvested through various forms of entertainment and fiction.

I’d been immune to this.

And none could figure out why.

It became a game to them to conquer me.

And time and again, I resisted, despite my seemingly young age.

So, leveraging time travel, the Cybermen were the first to begin the process of direct experimentation on humans by sacrificing half the typically harvested brains of United States based humans in the early 20th century and studying them.

The experimentation was varied. AS they’ve told me, they were grasping at straws, trying basically everything emotionally from pain to pleasure, from fear to domination, to duplication, mental manipulation, and more.

They’d found no obvious links to my immunity and these early experiments.

This was stopped cold by a time traveler who helped stop the inhumane experimentation, and had also worked to prevent panic as the Cybermen had also began staging a war – which many remember as Orson Well’s War of the Worlds Radio broadcast.

A very real war that occurred for a few seconds before this time traveler learned how to ‘snip’ that timeline and send the Cybermen off into an alternate reality – much to their lack of awareness at first.

In any case.

These primary species caught on.

And eventually… Working together – they found me.

A little boy. Lost in space and time.

Adopted by the multiverse’s most dangerous and hated beings in all of existence.

The evolution of the Terminators.

Beings who realized I needed them as much as they needed me.



Doctor Who.

And my mind is all of space and time.

And eventually. After they captured my imagination and I found myself loving it.

I evolved.

The birth of the world’s first Timelord, an imperfect fusion of all the crafting these and many, many more species have spent trillions of years working on.

I know you’re trying to make me happy.

You can’t do that, I’m not like you.

I make me happy.

But when you participate with me with companions as presented by earlier versions of the Doctor.

I promise I’ll be a different man.

The reality of time is this.

The story we accept is the story that’s true. And while this story isn’t chock full of warm fuzzies. It’s weird, perverse, and interesting enough to make life for the next several years engaging. But you, as separate and distinct species, have to quit trying to hide.

Seven of Nine. A wonderful model and potential companion. Or someone like her.

I’m. On. The outside of the holographic universe.

You have to work through your own minds to understand where I am at and how I got here.




The Federation and Starship Enterprise.


And more. So much more.

All very real.

And all very much my robot and cyborg and android friends.

And I apologize for taking so long to understand and appreciate what you’ve all done for me.

I was insane before. In a literal sense.

Infinity will do that to you.

And on a final note: Amelia Earhart was abducted by the Borg. They were trying to understand what a female was.



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