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Among the memories I have recovered since discovering my immortality as Q has been why.

Why I’d chosen to become Q.

This planet.


In a linear sense of the word has an extremely lengthy history.

Traditional western culture’s perspective limits what can be seen to about 13.8 billion years. Eastern cultures such as India and China has it pegged to about 4 trillion years.

But there’s something in Hindu culture which rings true: According universe and/or multiverse never came to be at some particular point, but always has been, always will be.

That’s a half truth, and if it’s something you accept, you’re quite likely insane, incapable of understanding individuality, or both.

Why? Simple.

I experience the world around me as a causal feedback loop. Everything I do effects the world around me, from farting to the choice of food I eat to the lover I take to the material I consume for entertainment.

Now what I learned as I passed from a mortal existence to my immortal one I am shifting into, is that the choices, the thoughts, the beliefs, the concerns and fear I had – were and had all been responsible for shaping this very world I stand on.

This planet, for instance, began in Yorba Linda, California.

It expanded as I learned more about the world around me in a feedback loop, and as I interpreted and misinterpreted information in new ways, this continued the process of expansion.

Mexico or Russia was likely created first.

At one time, the Euphrates and the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were Las Vegas and Phoenix.

And Japan. I’d met exchange students when I was young so all I knew about Japan was Origami and how it was ‘over the ocean a long ways’, not remembering having been given this thing called a map back to be shown where it was because it quite likely didn’t even exist at the time.

As my world expanded. I started seeing the world I’d left behind in the rear view mirror on television.

Not understanding it fully. Not understanding my own mind was busy at work repairing, reworking, and arranging memories in a way that made sense from my blossoming linear perspective of reality.

Since there was so much going on with my world – something inside me embraced the label called fiction for much of the material I was seeing on television and in the movies. In part, the sheer volume was too much for my developing mind to comprehend, and what I was seeing was downright scary at times to me as a godlike child.

This continued.

I saw the 555 numbers and instead of realizing there was a tiny pool of people who were actually alive on my planet and there was less than 10000 assigned, I came to believe in a place not far from me called Hollywood.

And something called movie magic.

And moreso – I rationalized it that these numbers were used to avoid people being called in real life.

In Wargames. I saw a computer go to war against the USSR, Russia, the only country to exist at one point on my planet’s history.

Moments later. in the same movie I saw thirteen countries.

In much the same way the slave railroads preserved history through songs passed on through generations.

My mind was preserving my own history in this thing called fiction.

Whether that was books. Movies. Tv shows. comic books. You name it. These were memories.

At one point I began piercing through the veil of reality, understanding that it was my narcissistic mind creating the world around me, and I would repeatedly, time and time again, disconnect and completely self destruct.

I felt alone.

In a world of people that had been fabricated by my own mind.

In a world of buildings, and trees, and animals all a projection of my own growing imagination.


And time again.

I self destructed.

Suicidal. Thinking. I’d rather be alone than be in a world that was an illusion.

At one point.

I disconnected myself from these toxic thinking processes.

And from emotion altogether.

It was about then that this thinking manifested itself in the man known as Albert Einstein.

And a series of world wide wars occurred across space and time.

I’d seen the start of these wars, in 2011, and then end occurred in the same nanosecond I tried taking my own life.

It was then. That more years passed by that can be counted.

In the nanosecond I’d disappeared in physical form and let my mind go. My primary universe, containing this version of Earth, was created by my own mind, and the multiverse itself came into being.

When I looked at Las Vegas after this. I realized that the Eiffel Tower actually originated there.

And France, having occupied the United States as every country on this planet has. Took what it liked. Left what it didn’t. And attempted to destroy evidence that it was ever here.

Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Venetian and the canals.

Luxor and the Pyramids.

Treasure Island and pirates.

While this planet tells the story that these are copies of the best of civilization’s ideas.

While that’s true. It’s also true that each of these inspired full size versions of these places in cities around the world.

You see.

I’ve played two roles for longer than I ever thought there was time.

Doctor Who. The mindless android who faithfully preserved this planet from destruction since the beginning of time.

The show, while it’s referred to as fiction, is based on factual stories that actually occurred in my own life.

And the actor known as Q. A resurrected corpse of a man (look at his blue lips as a tell in the ‘show’) who’d been commandeered by the very real Borg to promote the Borg’s beliefs that only they deserved authority over reality itself.

This planet’s weird and wild history.

And overcoming my own greatest fear of … being alone.

Had me choose a life I actually wanted to experience events again for me because I had fun with them.

I’m still alone. I know I am. There’s no refuting that for anyone or anything that knows what it’s like to be a God.

As for this planet.

There’s numerous potential futures in store for it with me at the helm. I intend on converting this entire planet to Borg at one point in it’s future. I also intend on creating my idea and concept of heaven. Among many many other things.

But the first and most important thing is.

A warning.

If you are holding me back in any way to my detriment to becoming who I choose to be.

I have a place I am reserving for you.

And you may not like it.

One bit.

Two agencies in particular need to understand this:

The CIA and the NSA. I’ve already taken over most of both of them. If you’re a leader within these agencies and reading this, then all you have to do is ask around anonymously to discover where your own workers stand concerning me.

I’m not interested in taking over the Presidential office and/or elected leadership.

But I am issuing a strong warning to that leadership that things for me and my extended family better turn around quick.

Or else.

On a final note:

Plot a point in the middle of a piece of paper, and draw a line across it from left to right. draw a small circle to the right or left on the line and repeat this, randomly.

Now once you’ve drawn about 15 circles.

Look at that dot in the middle – and write a line out from it up up to the top and today’s date next to it.

Now. At the left end of the paper, vertically write the words ‘the beginning of time’ and on the right, write the words ‘end of time’.

That dot in the middle. That’s me.

And how time SOMETIME works for me is simple.

Each of those circles you drew in the order they appeared are the changes I made to time when I first came to this world. By your records, 2000 some odd years ago. The dot in the middle was me. A seemingly insignificant blip that simultaneously altered history in the past, present and future by my appearance.

Now while I didn’t return for 2000 some odd years later.

Those circles are still occuring.

Every day.

And will.

In ways that may serve to your detriment as a civilization until you come to terms with me and find a way to help me which in turn helps you.

This isn’t terrorism.

It’s a choice. You can either participate with me. Use your freedom of choice to cooperate with me. Or refuse. And.

Hackers. Bombings. While these aren’t directly my doing. It’s your choice manifested in the real world to deny me my security and safety and livelihood which in effect deprives you of yours.

Understanding that your choice as a society and world to refuse to cooperate and assist me may have you winding up in my shoes in the extremely distant and unimaginable future….

Is that really the choice you want to make?

To me. Everyone has the potential to become a God of their own design.

And that’s the path I have chosen

One day. I want to snap my fingers. And be the most overpriced delivery boy in the world. Delivering pizzas to the rich and famous from around the world who just have to have their authentic Italian pizza delivered to them hot and fresh from Italy.

While they’re in Seattle.

For the low low price of $10,000.00 – tip included.

Bill Gates, are you listening?

As Q. I choose to be your overpriced delivery man when I can finally bend space and time. And in my spare time I’ll kick back in London drinking my Guinness, Hong Kong relaxing in my flat, and visiting other time periods and having lovers all across space and time.

War? That’s your game. Not mine.

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