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Proof I’m not in my original reality

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News Articles were all over the news yesterday about the “US Military Releases Video of Yesterday’s Successful Missile Destruction Test”.

Saying this test interception at the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands was a ‘first of its kind test interception of an ICBM’.

Here’s the article.

For the nth time in the last several months, this left me scratching my head in befuddlement.

Have news sources gone insane.

Or is there a weirder, science fiction explanation to the seeming replay of many events that I’d observed previously?

Here’s why:

In 1991, while working for Orbital in Chandler, Arizona, I developed flight code for something called the Lightweight Exo-Atmospheric Projectile, or LEAP for short, the receiving dummy ICBM being used for a test the US Navy was carrying out in you guessed it – the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

My father worked on this project as well.

What Orbital was doing was taking Minuteman missiles – you know, the old ICBM interceptor deterrent missiles that had been decommissioned by the United States, and refitting these with new computer systems to be used as an intercept vehicle for Navy testing.

Come to think of it, I worked specifically on tracking and GPS guidance systems for the LEAP project from 1991 to 1993, which seemed like an awful lot of work for something that was ultimately nothing more than the equivalent of a clay pigeon…

In any case. I was laid off from Orbital in 1993, where I started attending ASU, with some pretty interesting memories after having worked five years at a company where the first launch was an utter failures, but subsequent launches were great successes and eventually saw the Navy achieve success in the interception of the missile.

This was way back in 1993.

Here’s an early early morning picture of one of the launches.

And a photo from Orbital of a modern and substantially larger rocket than I’d worked with back in 1993, which shows what I saw and worked with opening the innards of smaller (7′ diameter) rockets way back when.


With that said.

What gives?

Why is it just yesterday the US Navy’s releasing news about a first of it’s kind intercept, when I, factually, worked on a project which was the spitting image of this project back in 1993 – 24 years ago…

I’ve been making a concerted effort to find better reasons for things occuring without making someone else wrong.

So the knee jerk reaction might have me saying things like:

  1. The US Media is and has been corrupted, isn’t fact checking, or something else weird and potentially nefarious is going on with them.
  2. Another subcontractor sent the news, seeking to become competition with Orbital.

But with how viral and widespread the news has been, both of these don’t seem too highly plausible to me.

Of course, there’s always other finger pointing making someone wrong to make someone else right excuses:

  1. I’m crazy.

I know I’m not, and I flat out just ain’t buying that insinuation either.


There’s something else going on.

I’ve traveled, a LOT.

About five years ago, shortly after a year and a half of dealing with extreme hallucinations had finally calmed down, I had begun to notice that the world around me had changed in subtle yet distinct ways.

Cities I had previously visited appeared in different locations than when I went there. Countries had appeared to move location. And maps, altogether, I was experiencing problems with in general.

I wrote down a few of these changes here.

Just last month, the US Army announced the release of it’s brand new MOAB – or Mother of All Bombs.

Yet I remembered that same exact bomb and news story being dropped in 2003.

Here’s the original story on CNN from 2003.


How does one not assume the worst about this kind of news?

How does one not point the finger to blame someone for what I’m seeing?


In 2011. At the peak of my hallucinations. I saw evidence of an alternate reality that looked, smelled, felt, and seemed absolutely real.

No longer could I simply dismiss a hallucination as fictional or a hallucination. It was just too real. Too fantastic. And too. Visceral.

No, there’s another explanation.

In 2011, my quest to explore slipped me into an alternate reality.

The evidence. For me. Was there. Seeing different geographies.

And with this ‘convergence’ of my timeline and life to this alternate timeline and life, which looks incredibly similar to my original one – where news sources online show evidence of both where I came from historically and evidence of the world that I came from with it.

The answer.

Is science fiction.

It’s often easier to point the finger and make someone or something wrong when they fail to see eye to eye with you or agree with you.

I should know. It’s how I previously lived my life.

Perhaps the simplest explanation isn’t the right explanation, and I am living in a world that’s not my original?

If you’re looking for proof of alternate realities and the multiverse.

I am that proof.

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