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The Relativity Of Gravity And Artificial Gravity

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How can Ants, Cockroaches, Lizards, mice, and a whole bevvy of other insects and animals walk and even run on walls and in some cases even upside down?

Common Accepted Explanation: There’s tiny claws or suction cups or sticky chemicals on these insect and animal’s feet.

Where this falls short: Have you ever actually played with suction cups or observed a human scaling a building with suction cups that form a tight sea or scale a cliff with bare hands and/or claws?  It’s slow. It’s calculated. And the path isn’t a straight line. Unlike these animals, which in a literal sense RUN a straight line and move at full speed even upside down.

Suction cups require pressure to apply, a smooth surface, and pressure to release, which takes time. Chemicals require a supply to replenish the chemicals and leave a residue, and in much the same way suction cups work – is going to impede speed of the climb, Similarly, while I’ve seen some very fast climbers, never have I seen one that can climb a straight line if dependent on a rocky surface and claws. While I don’t doubt this system could have been made more efficient by nature, to the point there’s no speed impairment is just

Makes the Commonly Accepted Explanation simply Not possible.

Alternative explanation: Gravity is relative to the observer.

So if an observer believes in gravity, the observer will feel it’s effects. When evidence contradicting that belief of gravity is presented, the observer’s mind naturally will do things such as tell alternative stories to support the belief and counteract the observation by creating tools, technologies, and instruments to support the belief rather than refute it.

In this case.

All the conclusions presented are not observable without instrumentation or technology.

Not only does this suggest the instrumentation itself is susceptible to the influence of the observer if it supports the belief of the observer.

But without directly observable evidence, it also suggests the easiest to understand explanation becomes the generally accepted explanation without additional consideration of alternative explanations.

So let’s say Gravity is relative to the observer.

If ants, cockroaches, and lizards don’t know about gravity, as they interact with the world, this is a cue of the true nature of gravity.

As the internet is presented with further explanations of something called the graviton, an enigmatic particle that’s only recently been discovered that creates gravity as a force, there’s actual evidence for this particle with the insects and animals that litter this planet.

Let’s say ants, cockroaches, and lizard’s minds don’t know about this particle and/or don’t know how to interact with it.

Would they experience gravity in the same way as humans who – experientially – actually experienced it, and furthermore, have long been pressed to find a reason it exists outside of what physicists have called ‘the weak force’ for centuries?

Chemicals and hooks and physical attachments still impair speed.

The real reason these insects and animals don’t experience gravity in the same way we as humans do is simple:

They don’t believe in it.

Therefore the evidence of it existing isn’t there (have you ever seen a bug or roach fall off a wall?)

And for humans.

Who have experienced it.

The graviton – manipulable by human minds and technological innovations….

Seems far more plausible than….

Suction cups and hooks.

Artificial Gravity based flooring for space ships.

Here we come.

Here’s an article on the graviton


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