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Little Green (Orange) Men

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Yes, aliens are real.

Yes the United States is actively communicating with a wide variety of life forms, with a range that’s truly mind blowing.

And no, not all of them are friendly.

Many are.

Many are neutral.

So Roswell.

Technically, it was NOT a UFO that crash landed in the desert in 1947.

In 1947, a craft crash landed in the desert which prompted the quick reaction by the US Army to take control of the scene and send 5000 men, arm in arm, walking back and forth across a 2 mile swath of the desert until every piece of rubble was picked up.

This craft had three survivors.


All of which spoke fluent English and were decidedly not from Earth.

As they explained, they’d been in an orbiting space station above the Earth in Earth year of 2372, when they’d boarded an automated shuttle destined for another space station – without a pilot, which wasn’t highly unusual but definitely not advisable during solar storms.

When they rounded Earth, an unexpected solar flare knocked out their autopilot, and with two adult males and one adolescent female with absolutely no piloting experience, they soon found themselves losing control of their craft when it crash landed on Earth.

On planet Earth, it was 1947 when this crash landing occurred, so when the US Army was presented with three English speaking and very afraid large eared evolved rat looking like aliens, when ‘the brass’ heard their story, they were confronted with a problem.

Fortunately, the US Military’s leaders – Colonel William H. Blanchard and General Roger M. Ramey – were both educated pilots, and with that both had a good education in physics, flight structure, and flight materials – and having taken one look at the craft recovered and its personnel, and  with recent discoveries by Einstein with relativity of time, they both thought it made more sense to cover up the crash rather than publicize the incident to get these beings home.

This course presented a win/win situation for both the aliens and for the US Military.

The vast majority of the material recovered – enough to create a a jumbo jet – was shipped to Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Some of the material was leaked to civilian hands, in particular at Los Alamos National Laboratories and to another company based out of Phoenix Arizona which I can’t name.

It took ten years to reverse engineer the space craft, and to understand the three primary systems which would see the aliens back to space.

In the process of repairing this spacecraft, the United States leapt light years ahead of every other country on the face of the planet understanding Technology from 450 years in the future. This included Life Support Systems, Anti-Gravity systems, Computer and Database Systems and Software, Automated Flight Control Systems, Holographic Systems (An onboard heads-up display was holographically projected), Voice activated Computer Systems, and – most importantly – something even these alien travelers weren’t aware of – lessons in Temporal Physics and the non-linearity of time.

On October 4th, 1957, the aliens – who had spent 10 years in hiding and were wanting to return home – were sent back to their space station and to the year 2372. The launch was silenced in total secrecy.

To the aliens.

They were returning to the year 2372, days after their departure, which should have correlated to their expected return.

And ever since then.

The United States with the support of the US Military has rapidly been releasing technology based on the discoveries made during that time period in an effort to ‘align’ the timelines of Earth and this space station.

In the early morning hours, between 4am and 6am, to the East, you can see a large object with lights coming into and out of it.

What is being observed is the space station – placed in orbit in the year 2351, and a dramatically accelerated timeline being observable, where I am told time is currently moving at a rate of 10 seconds for every second here on Earth.

This is Earth’s first truly International Space Station.

Named accordingly.

Modeled after Deep Space 9.

Based on the vision of the man who – with the support of the US Government – leaked stories to the public based on these events.

Gene Roddenberry.

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