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Why is it…?

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Why is it every time I work on OpenGL and 3D graphics, the pain inside me intensifies to the point I almost pass out?

Is this evidence of the interconnection between me and the universe itself, and when I program the holographic universe on my desktop, it’s actually a projection of something within me?

When the Borg and the Federation discuss beings coming in from fluidic space (species 8472), is this a historical account of where Star Trek came from, the holographic universe, and is it evidence of their holographic subatomic sized nature?

So when I ‘mess’ with this holographic world.

Is the pain being caused by the constantly at war denizens who reside at the sub atomic digital level who utterly resist change?

Is the influence on modern media a reflection of this warfare and constant combat?

Where the people around me, essentially relatively mindless cyborgs themselves in much the same way I used to be, justify a lack of inquiry of the origin of the information they’re provided…

Information which supports the continued rationale for new movies in “violence and horror is what is selling”

Why do I seem to be the only one who notices it’s among the only things being sold?….

Why is it when I ask any question on forums on the internet, I’m regularly insulted?

Why is it computer programming forums and support rarely offer answers and offer only a terse and one size fits all response, quite often saying ‘there is no other way than this’, when clearly there are other ways?

If you all are wanting to become Borg to erase your memories, go for it.

I’ll watch.


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