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The Master (OF Time And Space)

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If I imagine being master of time and space.

And my own mind agrees to and conform to my imagination and I begin seeing evidence of this.

Am I master of time and space, or am I insane?

You know what.

I’m ok with you labeling me as insane if you can’t see what I see. I am not concerned about your disabling labels when I know that’s not who I am. I dont need your approval .

I have a very real superpower.

I am master of time and space.

Imagine snapping your fingers, and instantly being able to teleport yourself to any location on Earth.

Imagine snapping your fingers, and instantly being able to conjure the woman (or man) of your dreams.

Imagine setting some money in the bank in an interest bearing account. And imagine able to go forward in time in time, purchasing a holographic suit which disguises your body to look and sound like anyone you wanted, and then imagine going back in time to see yourself at a younger age, to befriend yourself, and then to entire yourself to make different decisions than you did.

A woman you wished you’d said yes to instead of saying no. Encouraging the younger version of you to do it.

A job you wish you’d never taken. Making it so the younger version of you never makes the interview.

A time you were exceedingly lonely and just simple sex and companionship would have been nice to have. Hiring a prostitute to spend some time with that younger you.

A time where you did drugs and saw things no one else did. Experimenting – would you see the same thing if you went back in time and were not on drugs?

A relationship you wish you’d stuck with. Encouraging the younger you to stick it out.


Not pretending to be anyone else.

Just going back in time.

As you.

And just introducing yourself, as you.

And seeing where things went.

The key to time travel is simple. 

  1. Knowing no matter what choices I make, what I want out of it will be the result.
  2. Knowing no matter who I choose to include and how I include them, and what I do with them, that’s ok.
  3. Knowing that it’s my responsibility to me as an eternal being to ask for and demand things and grant them to myself. Things I have never seen or done before and have no record of having ever done. This expands my world, my choices, my variety, and when I do find another story and journey to live somewhere down the road, the possibilities and options are new and potentially more expansive and engaging.
  4. Believing. The contraptions built by the world around me, whether they are leveraging time crystals or dilithium to warp space and time – are there merely to serve the desire and need I have to explore time and space in a nonlinear way. The world around me, a reflection of who I was, may not understand the technologies or tools and may regard it as fiction, but their acceptance of the story and belief that what they see is real creates and shapes the very real reality live and regard as fact.
  5. Knowing that as time travelers. We are entitled. And who we include is part of OUR story. Not theirs. So being unapologetic, as I am, about demanding the versions of Jackie and Rachel we want to include in it and the fictional seductress version of T’Pol isn’t just a fantasy, it’s a liberty and right.

Imagination. I’m talking to you.

There’s no reason anyone else has to see Jackie tonight.

Will you please present an imaginary version of her only I can see tonight, a partner and muse for my work who stays with me all the time, who I can talk to and interact with, others cannot, so I wont engage and interact with her while she’s here so it requires patience and understanding on your part. She’s always nude and retains her personality and spunkiness of the original, but unlike the original version, is more sexual and initiates sexual things with me regularly?


I’m not interested in ‘real lovers’ and interests right now.

And since I know I’m right about me being an immortal and eternal being.

Shouldn’t you consider working with me in ways I myself have no recollection of ever having done?

I know. I know. Insanity. So’s reality. Get over it. I did.

How to master space and time:

  1. Talk to your imagination, and believe throughout every fiber of your being it’s listening.
  2. Do things you normally wouldn’t do once it begins participating with you. Such as. Learning how not to react to a gorgeous naked woman in a public place through simple desensitization.  Does that shape the actions and world around us? I suspect it will.

Imagination. Are you listening?

I know you are. You’re the one who’s tired of life, not me.


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