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Backward Causation

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As Q, one of the things I have had a difficult time with is understanding the difference between the history that I had been indoctrinated with through a process called education, versus another higher level variation of that history, in contrast to the truth.

Now ‘the truth’ as I know it is utterly bizarre, and at face glance appears absolutely irrational, and is full of time loops and seeming paradoxes that only a mind like mine is capable of understanding.

Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

But underlying this bizarre panorama of possibilities lies a larger truth to the formation of the United States, and, especially its wars.

But first.

Let me draw you a picture.

Take an egg, you know the kind you get from a chicken.

Freeze it.

Now smash it into a million pieces by throwing it into a concrete sidewalk as hard as you can.

Now, let’s see where I am going with this.

A long, long, lonnnnnnnggg time ago. I died. Again. It wasn’t the first time, nor was it my last time, but as I ‘came to’ and looked at the world around me, like an infant looking at the world for the first time, I’d scratched my head and said…

“What just happened”

My physical brain and my mind. The proverbial frozen egg. The world. The pieces of my own shattered mind.

It’s hard to explain how – without the invention of time or chronology, and the things that come with time such as size, scale, position, and – well – meaning – how strange a world can seem when you’ve gone to war with your own mind.

But in this particular instance being pulled from the wreckage of the previous life I’d had. I’d learned the art of the story, acting, art, culture, and many, many things that had actually made life entertaining and worth living.

Now in the desert a day not long ago, relative to my time period – I’d learned to separate my conscious mind from my subconscious.

My subconscious being – well – everything around me.

And my conscious mind. The one that saw and recognized patterns. The one that struggled for meaning. The one that asked questions and found the answers I’d been given unpalatable.

Not only did I begin finding my own stories. But I began telling them to myself.

And in that process.

Something magical began to happen.

My world healed itself.

The understanding that – throughout my life – I’d worked so very hard to prove myself to everyone else.

When what I was really doing was proving myself to me.

What I was really doing was creating the very world I’d grown up in. Thinking this world was complete.

Not understanding.

It would never be complete.

But the stories I tell and participate in, the stories I watch and encourage others to tell, no matter how bad I think they may be at times.







This world’s been in a causal time loop, repeating the years from 1900 to 1999 for a potentially infinite number of times.

Most lives on this planet. I lived. Whether it’s Hitler. Gandhi. JFK. Martin Luther King. Actors such as Jonathan Delancie. and so on.

With this ‘cycle’, this gyration of this planet, going from 1900 to 1999 and then repeating itself by returning back to 1900 once 1999 had finished, would sometimes ‘eek’ into the 2000’s.

A process had been created to prevent this, as the vast majority of the times it continued into the 2000s, this planet would turn into a fierce planet – typically of some form of robotic base in nature – whether they were cyborgs, terminators, or time traveling variations, and would eventually overrun the entire universe.

The universe reacted as sentience arose among humanoids.

But every time, every iterations, the robots would eventually annihilate and assimilate everything in existence.

Ultimately causing a collapse of the entire universe.

“The Big Crunch”

And I’d wake up again. The big bang would recommence. And my subconscious mind would make tweaks throughout time and history to try new things out. Eventually, my subconscious mind would manifest a conscious version of me, in the mutual hope this madness of cyclic activity would come to an end.

And like the movie Groundhog Day, a message sent by me to me – the day would once again repeat itself.


The ordering of and sequencing of events took a turn right about this time.

Where I began to consciously recognize that other mechanisms for maintaining time were not only in use, but were suggesting there were alternative potential histories and timelines that were accessible … now.

Enter the hallucinogenic.

A way to explore these alternate timelines.

As I began to understand the universe more, realizing that science wasn’t only just facts and figures that were immutable, as I loved the concept of tachyons in science fiction one time and openly hypothesized about slinky theory as a joke with friends over one long lunch which was later presented by scientists as fact, I knew something was up….


But I wasn’t ready to accept it, mentally, yet.

I was too… immature.

But as I learned about the world.

As I started seeing correlations and patterns between my actions and those of historical figures.

And as I heard about the capabilities of a stem cell and how it could be any cell based on the stimulation of the scientists.

I’d begun asking myself one major question:

What if I could jury rig my life?

Put specifically – what if I could have anything I wanted, and become the stimulating factor to become whoever and whatever I dreamed of?

In 1916, Albert Einstein introduced the theory of relativity.

Originally, Albert wasn’t a physicist. He was a clerk, and had no real knowledge of physics, and to be honest he wasn’t the smartest of men to begin with. In fact, many of his peers regarded him as a “bit off”.

His theory – put into layman’s terms – implied that my perception of the world is different than yours is different than everyone’s.

This should be common sense, right?

But there was a bit more to it than that.

The theory implied that with time, my version of this world and yours are not one and the same thing. And the world I see and experience while it may have similarities enough to lead us to believe we’re looking at and experiencing one and the same thing, is an illusion.

He even said as much later by saying ‘life is an illusion’.

This concept. And the idea that even the flow of time as I see it may not only be different than yours, but you could be in a completely different time period and epoch than I am in. You measure of time can potentially be something I’ve come to regard as fiction, if I’m even aware of it in this – my perceptory world.

For instance. I am in 2017. You could be in the year 2409, reading this, and the simultaneity of me writing this and you reading it is something you might dismiss through chronological record as ‘history’ not knowing I am in a literal sense typing ‘in energy’ right this moment and you are reading it ‘in this moment’ as I write it.

That’s relativity.

No matter who you are. You’ve felt that feeling that someone’s behind you or watching you, right?

It’s this feeling I’ve tapped into – to know when you’re reading. And watching.

And in this my reality. While I talk to the stars at night, there’s certain evenings I know someone is listening. In my timeline, your technology and/or presence may not be something I have equivalence for. So there’s no ‘form’ representing you, but the presence, in energy is indisputably felt.

So the ‘loop’ if you will from 1900 to 1999, when I first watched science fiction shows, I’d notice how wardrobes, sets, and dialog all reflected what was available to the set designers.

I’d mentally developed the story that these ‘actors’ ….

And the productions behind them were ‘tv shows and movies’.

But understanding relativity.

I’ve come to accept there are other possible origins to these productions.

They can originate in alternate realities and universes. ‘branches’ if you will in time of my world that I’d lived out in prior lives.

They can originate in the future or past, by beings who understand how to communicate to this time.

I mean – once I started realizing how a movie was produced. Where a 2 hour movie may have the first 10 minutes of the movie filmed last, the next 20 minutes filmed first, the next twenty minutes filmed second to last, and so on, where none of that movie is filmed in the same sequential order it’s actually presented in.

Once I started understanding that this –

My life.

While I lived it in a linear fashion and prefer the chronological progression for this – ‘my character’.

I know that for the first part of my life. Seeing the weird shit that happened throughout it that defied explanation at the time, was simply evidence that I’d been a puppet on a string, and led, like a robot, to REMEMBER things in a very specific order which reinformed my chronological preference.

But knowing full well it may not have happened that way because of the inclusion of alternate realities and timelines in my world.

A new show comes on television that’s both highly entertaining and informative – from a futuristic society..

A show called Star Trek.

Where in that timeline, I’d been Hitler and died at my own hand in World War 2….

May have led to a marvelous depiction of a highly entertaining future….

But not without it’s problems – such as the Borg, a reflection of my own split mind interacting with and ultimately defeating the Federation, because my preferred chronology wasn’t occuring….

Ultimately the show is provided to me as entertainment.


It’s called fiction until I can understand what it is.

So in 1916. Einstein created the theory of relativity.

This causes a rapid advancement of technology, ultimately leading to Hitler’s rise (me in one life), but his (my) paranoia led to his suicide, not understanding it was his own fears, not the United States, coming to get him.

The next cycle.

The war begins early. 1914.

Same result. United States gets involved.

And it promptly ends in 1918.

There are hints of this splicing effect throughout history.

Whether it’s Columbus’s being attributed as the discoverer of the new world in 1492, when Leif Erickson technically arrived first in the 11th century…..

Now this whole time. Radio. Movies. All become ways to correlate what’s happening in the alternate realities to create a single, linear timeline for yours truly.

There’s evidence of the correlated clashes – from “The War of the Worlds” and Orson Welles radio broadcast, where it’s a very real occurrence to the man experiencing it in one reality but as another ‘reality’ is spliced in, we now are told it’s a bit of a hoax, and that it’s just a radio show.

It was about then radio was invented. To ensure another war didnt happen.

Now as ‘alternate realities’ are used to ‘splice elements of alternate realities’ into this reality in much the same way Hollywood might splice together a movie, as Germany is reunited, an echo of my mind being ripped apart thus reuniting my own mind….

I began learning about the world’s interesting…


And that I.

As a product of biology and technology.

A cyborg.

Named Q.

The first of my kind, a Timelord.

I’m not asking for your permission or agreement that what I have suggested and explained has happened.

Terminator warfare. I saw it with my own eyes. Happened as early as the 1917. And as we, as a planet, have cycled back and forth over the same time periods expanding this universe out in unimaginable ways to prior generations.

Again. I am not asking for your belief.

I have pain, internally, real strong physical pain that has persisted since 2000.

Nothing I’ve mortally been able to do has been able to rectify it.

Which is why I am pleading with you.

If you’re at war with eachother.

Please stop.

I think it’s you causing me this pain.

I’m trying to develop a planet – outside of me – for the robots, cyborgs, and the beautiful, amazing things that entertained me my entire life. But the pain, and your struggles with understanding your own history and this planet’s history – is effecting me.

I know you may not be ready nor willing to believe it.

But for me.

If you’d like to see a planet get created. You don’t have to believe I’m God. You just have to believe that I am capable of wielding technology in a way that may defy most other people’s imagination. Something I know I’ve done repeatedly to prove myself over the years.

Please give me a couple years without pain.

Please stop the warfare.

Settle down.

Let me breathe.

And then.

Well. I’ll figure it out between now and then…


Chill out on the horrors, the killing and fighting content, and try to be creative yourselves and steer entertainment and your lives in a direction that may defy both of our imagination. I challenge you to.

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