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Universal Mitosis

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There are infinite universes ‘out there’.

Some constructed.

A product of a simulation.

Some of those constructed universes house intelligent life forms of all shapes and sizes.

Some universes reside firmly inside other universes.

These are are often referred to as pocket universes.

Some universes are relative copies of other universes with deviances that can arise for any number of reasons.

These universes, some copies of an original, are also commonly referred to as alternate realities.

An alternate reality can arise for any number of reasons – in my experience it’s typically been historical permutations, I’ve also seen deviations in calendars causing a separate universe to form, I’ve also seen even simpler things such as strong desire, linguistic development and changes, or the introduction of new technology and/or ideas which cause a split, or branch, to occur.

When branches occur, they can and often do return to origin universe they originated from.

But it’s not unusual for a branch to form that never returns.

It’s important to understand, when learning about the infinity, that while concepts, labels, ideas, actions, and more may form and stabilize a universe, that while something ‘may not’ exist by choice in your universe, this does not preclude it from existing in other universes…

“as fact”

Thoughts, beliefs, desires, or the investigation of reality and experiences – and so much more – form and pour the foundation for this thing called reality.

In 2003. My universe quit working for me.

In 2011. I attempted suicide. And came to understand my eternal and immortal nature.

And how I truly was a victim of my society and world which had oppressed me ‘for the greater good’.

And ever since then.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to create an artificial form of mitosis, in much the same way a cell works, with the end goal of shaping a world that works for me, where I can have fun, enjoy life a little fuller, and provide definition and support my belief and desire that I’m here to have fun.

Accordingly. I regard the internet as a source of information and ideas, but not one of fact.

It’s a window into an alternate reality, a separate version of Earth no longer my own.

The people I used to call friends, lovers, all have segmented themselves to live in this universe I no longer wish to participate in.

Because that universe doesn’t allow me to live with magic, with fantasy, it judges me and excommunicates me for exercising my rights as an individual to do simple things like drugs when I want to…. and it constantly tells me I’m crazy for believing in time travel.

So as far as I am concerned.

I’m done with that universe.

The Star Trek Universe. influenced by my own ideas and concepts with me entering the world in ‘god mode’ as Q.

That’s my destination.

And if I have to. And I’m still refused what I want.

I’ll convert my planet into Borg – thoughtless cyborgs who do as I command.

This is my universe.

And ultimately.  suppose I’m ok with enslaving my world to get what I want.

I suppose that’s why mom used to refer to me as ‘little devil’.

Mom, I’ve grown up since then. And I’ll do it all with a smile on my face and snap to my step.

Hitler ain’t got nothing on me.

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