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For years, I loved the show Myth Busters, not the least of which was the wacky personalities of Jamie Hyneman and Adam savage, the highly contrasting hosts of the show.

MythBusters, is a television show which aired on the Discovery channel for years would take things that seemed to defy the basic laws of physics and science from tv shows and movies, and then Adam and Jamie would create experiments in sterile isolated situations where they could control the inputs to determine..

“Was what was seen in movies or tv shows, or rumoured about in urban legends really possible or did the it violate some basic laws of physics and/or science?”

If something was decided to be accurate or mostly accurate, then it would get “Confirmed”, “Plausible” if it was conditionally accurate, and “Busted” if it was deemed too far fetched and misaligned with the physics of their world.

For years I was entertained by their experiments and shenanigans, and while I almost always tended what these two did, there were times I couldn’t help but question their experiments, and the resulting weird biases and verdicts.

For instance.

There’s a rumor I’d heard years ago that a penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building could accelerate so fast that it could pierce a human skull. To me, the rumor always sounded plausible.

In their experiment. They calculated the distance from the top of the Empire state building. They applied basic physics laws of acceleration. Then they calculated the estimated speed of the penny without applying frictional forces.

And from there. They got a pig skull, encased it in ballistics gel which created a similar coating as human skin might, and they launched the penny at the skull from an air gun with a tightly controlled velocity.

For me.

Having observed the laws of physics directly.

I’ve come to realize that the laws of physics are, at best, great general guidelines, but once you break out of the box of ‘clean room’ situations such as these where you control all the variables, once you actually work in the real world away from calculators, numbers and equations and predicted expectations in general.

The reality was their experiment – to me at least – was an epic fail and was like testing inside a simulation.

There were too many things they missed.

Taller buildings are well documented in creating a vacuum effect on the sides of the building,which could greatly increase the acceleration due to gravity with a complete loss of frictional forces.

And while, in theory, lateral forces of physics should be the same as downward forces., but as any clumsy child like I was can tell you, the forces of physics in real world situations aren’t always as predictable as you might think they’ll be.

Now for me, this test would have been properly busted if they’d done it off the top of the Empire State Building.

But for closed set situations where costs were important, this method of testing wasn’t plausible.

So finding a similarly tall building or structure with walls, and dropping pennies off it until it hit it’s mark would have been another experiment which would be almost as valid as the original rumor.

But no.

Oddly enough they device an experiment which doesn’t work with gravity, at all.

They use math. And predictable algorithms.

And claim this is an accurate way to debunk a rumor we’d all heard.

It was one of several moments of Myth-busting which began encouraging me to actively begin questioning this thing called a scientific fact.

Not long after.

I was in Mexicali, Mexico.

Looking up at the rings of Saturn from the ground.

Not long after that.

I was in Big Bear. Watching my GPS glitch so badly. That I pulled over to the side of the road and watched the GPS glitch three times and the roads on it reconfigure three times.

Not long after that.

I was in San Diego. My GPS leading me to a dead end canyon where there was supposed to be a super market and In and Out I was craving.

Not long after that.

I was in the Sequoia National Forest.

Seeing tiny trees no larger than 20 foot tall where once I’d seen giant redwoods and a granite canyon where once I’d seen a clear meadow.

Not long after that.

I drove through Sedona, Arizona – seeing different configurations for the roads than I’d previously ever seen.

Throughout this journey – I’d seen what I had seen.Whether it was referred to as a hallucination or some other form of dismissive societal mechanism such as fiction. The simple fact of the matter to me was this.

What I saw and experienced was very real to me.

These were my facts.

And as I began seeing a world that others classified as fiction.

I couldn’t help but begin questioning the things I’d labeled as fictional myself.

I began, actively, finding a way to accept what I saw as real.

And doing the toughest thing I’ve ever done mentally – which is where I began organizing the world in such a way that validated everyone’s facts and intentionally finding an ordering system which didn’t contradict mine.

Taking this to the extreme.

Gilligan’s Island.

Star Wars.


My ‘halluincations’ and life experiences.


The bible.

Star Trek and the Borg.

All real.


Simple. The Multiverse.

In my ordering system, there’s my experiential universe. This universe has ‘windows’ into alternate universes or realities, many of them VERY much like my own, and many very very very different, and these windows can be peered through with a computer, a tv monitor, or any number of other mechanisms such as radio, etc.

All of these universes collide to form my universe based on choices I make, my desires, my form, my regrets and emotions, and too many other factors to list.

These alternate universes have any number of different construction methods. Sometimes they’re programmed. Neo and the Matrix for one. Sometimes they’re a product of imagination alone until they become reality.

Some universes mirror other universes, providing contrast. Some universes are literal copies or clones of other universes.

Some universes are fractally generated. Some dont have laws such as physics or math, at all, but we can model them here in our universe and simulate them to some degree of accuracy leveraging math and other predictable methods. This doesn’t mean outliers don’t exist.

Some universes are ‘branched’ off a parent universe, and typically – at least what I have learned – it’s a historically important event which causes this branch. From ‘the outside’ you can see these events of historical importance through the focus on these time periods in ‘fictional’ media. JFK’s assassination is one such major event.

Time and other chronologically oriented methods of record keeping is one of the biggest reasons for branches (splits) in timeline.

The Mayan Calendar. The Julian Calendar, Stardates, while obsolete or fictionalized in my world where the Gregorian Calendar dominates (mine, duh, Gregory IS my last name after all), are quite likely major branches in Earth and consequently separate universes in themselves.

Media is chock full of evidence of the multiverse and alternate realities if you quit calling it all fiction.

Which once you do, gives you hints of the true nature of how reality works and ‘covers up’ events that happen in ways that by all rights deserve to be reviewed for the potential conspiracies they represent of time and alternate reality aware civilizations who may be oppressing this world and the United States with their knowledge to serve their needs.

For instance.

Orson Welles. And the War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Panicked a world at first.

Then – as if by magic, it was a radio show and for entertainment purposes.

This hints at the potential ‘spliced’ nature of space and time and the creation of our timeline, but who is doing the splicing if it’s not our country and people?

In fictionalized media, Star Trek depicts the discovery of Amelia Earhart.

Who in the real world was never found.

Is this omission in the real world intentional?

Is Star Trek not real, or is it positioned as fictional to eventually provide answers for those seek one binary truth?

The Bible outlines the concept of immaculate conception.

Birth without intercourse.

If, underlying the chemical elements of the body is energy, could a technologically sophisticated race or species have artificially inseminated the Virgin Mary by identifying her body as the DNA target to host their embryo without ever touching her?

When Moses parted the seas, could he and Jesus who could walk on water both have been super humans with ability to manipulate energy at the subatomic level have been superpowers and this history has long since been covered up?

Could the stories told in the bible have been stories of superheroes who once walked this planet?

Could superheroes coexist with us – right now – today – and reality be actively putting the blinders on me in much the same way it fills in blanks based on assumptions of how things became the way they did that were based on a naive childlike perception of the world?

I can’t help but think

Fiction is the label I used to protect my blossoming mind.

And in much the same way myth busters busts myths to prove science and math and fact is fact.

I’m emerging from ‘that world’ into a world where anything’s possible.

Even me.

Obtaining Q like powers to bend space and time myself in much the same way I think Jesus and Moses were capable of doing.

What if life becomes so much more entertaining when you begin believing and finding a way to explain it all as being…


Myth making….

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