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Earlier this morning I was helping a friend – John – move a piece of granite for his kitchen sink.

Once we finished – he, his wife Nancy, and I went for lunch at Del Taco where we became engaged in a conversation about a friend of his who is engaged in a legal war against the city of San Luis Obispo for stepping on some pretty basic civil rights with a recent law which required renters consent to the inspection of their apartment under the guise of ascertaining if the property is up to building code.

And if it is determined not to be, then the landlord is fined.

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides, “[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Now personally, I’m of the opinion that this amendment is abused based on this thing called privacy, and while I didn’t proffer an opinion on the matter John was bringing up, I believe there’s a substantial difference between facility maintenance and police action, and while this walks the ‘fine line’ between state sanctioned inspections, I’m of the opinion that IF these inspections were done by third party non government affiliated businesses and contractors, then I don’t see the problem with this situation.

That’s not the issue though.

Because the landlord is actually being required by the San Luis Obispo City to pay government inspectors.

So I’m siding with John and his friend on this one.

John’s in his mid 60s, retired, and spent most of his life as a lawyer.

And prior to this – I’d been watching him and observing his thinking processes. I’ve always been fascinated by lawyers. And John’s first in first out linear thinking certainly made is obvious why he stuck to the career as long as he did.

But then we came across the topic of science and math.

As he said “I think we’re getting closer and closer to the truth with science and math”

To which I responded “John, don’t you think math is little more than a language and science the labeling system for that language?”

He then responded, matter of factly “I dont think so. I think it’s used to discover and find the truth”

Anymore, I don’t know what side of the curve I’m on when it comes to this concept called the technological singularity. But as Q, I’m responsible for defining my reality. Math, science, statistics, along with all earth bound ordering systems merely align with the reality I’m defining. I make a choice to enjoy computers and include them in my life. The world aligns. Science follows. I make a choice to not like Uwe Boll’s movies, I prefer Trump over Clinton but don’t vote, I enjoy Seven of Nine’s lack of concern for her nudity and use of ultra tight pants, the world shifts in subtle ways to make my wants and desires not only right, but shaping culture accordingly.

Now I’ve learned to not debate people like John. He’s a good friend. And while I once thought much like him, my mind feels freer and much more inclined to see my goals of obtaining Q like powers that much more realistic.

But here’s the problem.

AS I see it. Society’s stuck in a capitalistic rut, as am I.

Collectors are becoming increasingly more devious with their methods to collect on what’s due. Just yesterday, I had what I suspect to be a collector try to contact me by making a fake account on Facebook with a picture of my mom on it, her name, and then shortly after trying the same tactic by using my nieces’ name.

In pursuing my MBA, we learned about something called the “red ocean blue ocean strategy” which is a reference to profit seeking by ‘shark like’ companies who cannibalize their own ocean in the perceived absence of blue oceans where there’s plenty of fish.

And collectors. In such a desperate effort to collect. Are leveraging highly deceptive practices to try to obtain money from a man who’s in a literal sense without a home, without an income, and who’s become absolutely immune to the stress because of their subversive tactics.

This position I’m in is difficult to explain.

Years ago, while watching Star Trek, The Next Generation, when Commander Ryker was offered to become a part of the Q Continuum and to obtain godlike powers, I actually remember saying out loud “Are you crazy, I’d have jumped at that offer in a heartbeat”

20 years later.

I’m Q. Didn’t know that ‘selection’ I’d made 20 years prior was setting the wheels in motion to ensure I became precisely who and what I wanted to become. My mind is there. The rest of me is catching up.

But it comes to the thinking processes.

AS I look at the world around me with this new perspective.

I’m not interested in being like Tony Robbins, or Bill Clinton, Walt Disney, John Delancie, or my father. Sure, I admire these people, greatly, and I can’t say there’s something I dislike about them.

But the simple fact of the matter is.

I like me.

Am I prepared to be Q and/or be a time traveler? No, not at all. What I’ve seen so far has at times downright scared me, but I’m still here and I know – deep down – that not only will I be just fine, I flat out believe I have some form of support system ‘outside of me’ that’s been there, for me, this whole time and that’s the only reason I’m alive.

You see. I’ve found my truth.

Why I’m here. To have fun, enjoy this life, step it up a notch or ten by learning how to bend space and time to suit my needs and desires.

Sometimes. I’m going to tell stories. Other times. I’m going to be in stories. Sometimes, I’m going to support other people’s stories. Sometimes, I’ll grow tired of life, and sometimes I’ll be invigorated. Sometimes I’ll be pleasant. Sometimes I’ll be an asshole. And while I am no longer looking for a beginning or end for me and my life, I’ve come to realize just how important it is I play a role in other’s lives, and their beginnings and ends.

I’d like to inspire my planet.

And in the process inspire me.

Being a superhero and having superpowers, like wealth and fame, shouldn’t be something reserved for elite.

And while I know I’m not who I used to be.

I do that maybe I have to become a supervillain in order to become the superhero I want to be.

There’s an open question I heard from this planet in ways I still can’t explain.

Why did Q create the Borg?

What you were seeing hasn’t come to happen yet.

And ultimately, it’s you who creates them I just had to stand back and learn to watch and let it happen.

There’s only one real rule I live by in my existence. “The same matter cannot occupy the same space at the same time”

There’s one man on this planet who knows how I think because he’s me in a prior life.

Should he and I shake hands, my universe will collapse in on itself. I suspect he knows who he is. And hopefully he’s not offended when I refuse to shake his hand out of respect for him and our creation.


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