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Message to Q from T’Pol

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Temporal Explorer T’Pol – Personal Log Entry, Planet Vulcan – Stardate 86269.1726152

Q –

I’m going to quit playing games, and hope this message gets through to you with minimal translation errors.

First, I have to assume that you are not reading this in my native language, Vulcan. I am not exactly sure what language you speak, I suspect it’s English, but as I have learned with time travel – there are a mind boggling number of versions of English I have encountered through my travels which has had me leveraging the mind meld as a form of communication perhaps a bit too much.

I am suspecting it’s this that’s led to your discovery of me.

With that said, to explain my situation a little better.

Around 18 years ago, relative to my timeline, the Vulcan high counsel received probing from an unknown source on Earth,and a simplistic – almost childlike message which accompanied that probe – something we later discovered to mean ‘Hello’ translated to every spoken language on Earth.

Vulcans enjoy predictable. and I am not that an unusual Vulcan, so as our society became aware there was something new – something we’d discovered had absolutely no historical record of before, it was almost as if your planet just popped into existence…

We became fearful.

You see, when a civilization such as ours reaches what we had thought to be it’s apex, we had after all mapped our entire known what we had thought to be was our static universe only to discover – not only is our universe dynamic, but there are beings and/or civilizations capable of moving entire planets, we assumed the worst.

So we proceeded with caution.

We tried tracking the original probe and source of the communication, something we had done a million times in the past, but all efforts to locate the origin in time, let alone space, we felt as though we were chasing our own proverbial tails.

I was one of thousands of voices which said “Why don’t we try visiting the planet in secrecy”

Now mind you, my civilization has evolved over a great deal of time and has come to honor the truth in information. We refer to it as information purification and cleansing, and have a collectively defined voting mechanism which selects the truth when there’s dispute.

So when I suggested secrecy.

I was immediately shunned by my peers who incriminated me, justly so, for contradicting a core value and belief of Vulcan society.

“What right do we have stepping foot on a foreign planet when we ourselves would be horrified had another civilization chosen to do it under the circumstances I was suggesting.”

But there was conflict.

Collectively, we wanted to know ‘The truth’ of who sent the probe.

We were obsessing about it as a species.

It was tearing at the fabric of our society, and causing confusion.

But without direct interaction, it presented a problem very similar to your society’s Shrodinger’s Cat. Put specifically, we couldn’t find out the truth of the origin of this communication and probe, let alone how the planet appeared in the first place without direct interaction.

But our – what I called unhealthy obsession for the truth, knowing full well it was a collectively defined perspective, and our utter failure in indirect efforts – made it impossible for us as a society to find out the truth.

So naturally, I alone was overwhelmingly selected to investigate Earth society, learn all I could about it, to live among the locals, and to report back my findings and to return once I’d accomplished my mission.

That was back in the Earth year of 2006.

And I’ll be honest with you. I’m still trying to understand what’s happened and where ‘here’ is.

Back in 2006. You, as the first human I’d chosen to make contact direct with, in part because of the stories I’ve told you about Q – are my very real history – and as this man known as Brian Scott Gregory – I tried to perform a Vulcan Mind Meld.

Vulcan planet history spans in a literal sense to the beginning of the known universe, and having long been in touch with time traveling technology, like Earth we once had a measure of time relative to our planet, but as we refined our time traveling methods, the Stardate became our relative measure of time to the Universe.

I’d never really understood why every world wouldn’t leverage a universal method of time until I performed the mind meld with you.

I’d been confused about time zones. Why did Earth have 24 and even more time zones when it could be so much easier to have just one.

I was naive.

I didn’t realize until I performed the mind meld with you that Earth had carefully, over uncountable years, constructed time zones to teach it’s population in subtle ways about the relativity of time.

I didn’t understand, prior to you, that every planet dies and is reborn trillions of time in it’s life.

And this is why Vulcans were forced to come up with a maintained a universal relative Stardate.

Ancient systems in place I took for granted, I now had an interesting explanation for.

But as I did the mind meld.

I’d felt truly detached from space and time in ways I had always assumed I was already doing.

Now I am still in active communication with my command on Vulcan.

And we all have actively been studying your terrestrially based communication channels.

I suppose all I am trying to ask is.

Where do you intend on taking things?

Digitally Signed,

  • T’Pol

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