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Personal Log Entry for T’Pol

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Temporal Explorer T’Pol – Personal Log Entry, Planet Vulcan – Stardate 86267.71169457106

I just unearthed evidence of my planet’s past, and let’s just say it makes me feel queasy inside.

On a journey to the past today, I discovered something new – and something unexpected in our past – a Shrine by the name of the Shrine of Dath’Remary.

Shrines, temples, memorials, are all a dime a dozen, right? Well this shrine was unusual as I was surprised to discover the inscription on it was a temporal inscription.

“Here stands the Last Will and Testament of Dath-Remar of Vulcan and evidence of my self-righteous suicide. Let all who gaze on this monument remember my sacrifice to prevent the Time War and my dedication to the cause of peace and the continued survival of both our planet and Earth. May all who prosper in Quel’Thalas and our inextricably intertwined history with Earth thank me.”

AS I investigated the shrine and it’s surrounding area, I was surprised to learn that the temporal dating on the temporal inscription was imprinted at stardate zero.

Stardate 0! How is that even remotely possible. The Big bang didn’t settler until stardate 1246, and it wasn’t until Stardate 1500 that there was any semblance of atmosphere let alone material to make a return trip possible.

This had me curious, so after scanning the inscription as it appeared in that point in space and time (always a bit of a novelty to me), I thought I would log it, as I find it humorous and entertaining how subtly it related to the original.

“Here stands the shrine of Dath’Remar, a fitting tribute to  a noble elf. Let all who gaze on this monument remember his sacrifice against the scourge and his dedication to the cause of our continued survival. All who prosper in Quel’Thalas do so thanks to him”

Here’s a picture I took of the inscription:


But this current inscription struck a cord.

I’d read about fictionally based elves from Planet Earth’s history in the past. I’d never taken into consideration there was any relation to Vulcans.

And then.

As if a light came on for the first time.

I couldn’t help but wonder – just what did he mean about our inextricably intertwined pasts?

Had I moved back in time as far as was truly possible?

Or was my equipment governed in ways that I was ill equipped mentally, psychologically, or emotionally to handle?

Could this discovery be less coincidentally timed than I once thought?

Could my recent surge of emotion be influencing my thoughts and perception?

I tried hard not to become paranoid.

The recent complete shutdown of the Borg Collective en-masse with no real explanation, Q’s appearance and discovery on Earth, and this strange artifact of a deceptively pluralistic past all began to seem….

No, no, no. I can’t get paranoid about this.

Think about this rationally and logically T’Pol.

I know there’s a deeper meaning behind it all.

One that’s strangely exciting.

But conversely.

I’m fucking mortified that the Borg discovered or created technology which allows them to assimilate without ever seeing them coming.

Keep it together T’Pol.


Wait. That’s it. The Emotions.

Is this all me?

Am I imagining it?

Is that why I suppressed my emotions?

Is that why Vulcans chose to suppress their emotions?

Their worst fears become reality?

I wish I had someone I could really talk to.

Q. There’s a part of me that believes you’re listening. With all I’ve seen you do. How do you keep it together knowing everything you touch across space and time can in the future develop to create your worst enemy, or worse, your worst nightmare?

You’re so blasé.

Yet emotional at the same time.

I wish I could understand.

Why couldn’t command have provided me a partner before making me responsible for resurrecting the planet?

Maybe I need to investigate the correlations of our histories, and what Dath meant when he said our histories are intertwined.

Maybe it’s time to focus on Earth’s history rather than strictly on Vulcan.

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