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A Detachment from Bynaurus

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Bynaurus Science Initiative Facility, Planet Bynar

Planetary Time in a dilated synchronization to Planet Earth – November 2nd, 2006 – 06:44:22.717 UTC, dilation set to one one millionth of a second on Earth to every second on Bynar.

“Did you have, ” said 1010

“The proper coordinates,” said 1011

“dialed in,” said 1010

“to the singularity synchronizer?,” said 1011

“I did, “ said Admiral Spock, and to make matters more concerning I think Admiral Kirk is beginning to suspect there’s more to this than even he’s been made away of.

The humanoid looking Bynar pair looked at each other, talked back and forth in their high-pitched incomprehensible dialect, then looked back at Admiral Spock.

“and your red,” said 1010

“matter reserves are,” said 1011

“maintaining projected,” said 1010

“levels?,” said 1011

“The problem isn’t with red matter, nor is it with synchronization, the problems are in your mathematical predictions,” said Admiral Spock, ” have you considered the influences of your planet’s recent near death experience could be influencing your calculations?”

The pair looked at each other, talked back and forth in their high-pitched incomprehensible dialect, then looked back at Admiral Spock.

“We believe,” said 1010

“that there is more,” said 1011

“influencing our equations,” said 1010

“that we,” said 1011

“do not understand,” said 1010

“I need to tell Jim about this, he’s my friend, and humans have absolutely got to be involved in their own future,” said Admiral Spock.

The Bynar pair looked startled, and stood up straight, as they responded, quickly.

“We do not,” said 1010

“understand humans,” said 1011

“and introducing them,” said 1010

“introduces an unknown” said 1011

“that we are,” said 1010

“not prepared for” said 1011

“in our equations,” said 1010

The Admiral smiled.

“I suppose it’s time to adapt” said Admiral Spock, “I’m going to proceed with telling Admiral Kirk before Amy arrives. This cannot be simulated, is that understood?”

The two Bynars stood straight, arms at their side, and nodded their heads forward in quick affirmation of the Admiral’s request.

“Please take me to 30 minutes before Amy’s arrival,” said Admiral Spock, “And this time, no mitigation simulations. Whatever outcome we have with this encounter is what we live with.”

The pair looked at each other, talked briefly back and forth in their high-pitched incomprehensible dialect, as they then returned to looking at Admiral Spock.

“We are,” said 1010

“afraid,” said 1011

“Afraid of what” said Admiral Spock.

“the,” said 1010

“unknown,” said 1011

The Admiral withheld a subdued smile, suddenly feeling like he was talking to children braving the world for the first time.

“We’ll be fine,” said the Admiral.

Planetary Time on Vulcan and Bynar are both synchronized to Planet Earth – August 4th, 2409 – 09:22:02.898 UTC

The door to Admiral Spock’s office swung opened.

“Surprise!,” said Admiral Kirk, much less subdued than usual.

“Admiral Kirk, my friend,” Admiral Spock said, as Admiral Kirk came up and gave him a big hug.

“Good to see you, old friend, “ said Admiral Kirk

“And you, James. would you like some Saurian Brandy?,” said Admiral Spock.

“I know you’re priming me, but how can I pass that up?,”  said Admiral Kirk.

Admiral Spock walked over to a glass table behind the two couches sitting in his large office, on top of a table was a tray with an assortment of fine alcoholic drinks.

“How was your trip,” said Admiral Spock.

Admiral Spock pulled a curved ruddy red glass decanter with a bamboo type base and a lavender bow tied around the neck, pulled off the stopper, and pulled two glasses out as he proceeded to pout the lightly colored drink to the glasses.

“Uneventful, Admiral, as has pretty much been the story of my life since retirement,” said Admiral Kirk.

“And – the cabin?,” Admiral Spock said.

“Oh I got rid of that years ago. The physical work was unbecoming. Has it been been that long since we’ve had a good conversation,” said Admiral Spock

Admiral Spock placed the decanter back on the tray, placed the stopper back in it, and handed a glass to Admiral Kirk.

“To today’s launch. May she make history something different than what we’ve already lived.” said Admiral Spock.

“I will absolutely drink to that,” said Admiral Kirk.

Both took sips of their drink, as Admiral Kirk grimaced.

“Still has the same ole bite I remember,” said Admiral Kirk.

“Indeed,” said Admiral Spock, as he walked to the corner of his office and looked over the landscape, where the campus of The Science Academy stood and the whole facility overlooking the artificially created jungle making the pyramids of Cydonia off in the distance seem that much more shrouded in mystery.

“Jim, I have something I’d like to tell you,” he said, “A lot in fact.”

“I kind of assumed you had your reasonings for urgently calling me mere hours before I exit retirement,” he said.

The Admiral’s robe moved regally as he stepped towards the fireplace.

“Jim, I’d like you to understand how very long and hard numerous civilizations have worked hard – in complete secrecy – to both protect and censure humans from entering the nth dimension we refer to as time,” Admiral Spock said.

Admiral Kirk walked over and sat down at an aesthetically pleasing but uncomfortable chair next to the couches, folding his right leg over his left leg, placing the drink on his right knee as he relaxed in the seat.

“Oh Spock, Your flair for Vulcan dramaticism I can see hasn’t become subdued with age,” said Admiral Kirk.

He looked over at the fireplace.

“When did you get a fireplace in here?,” he said, “I never noticed that before.”

Admiral Spock  eyed him suspiciously as he got up from his chair.

“Spock, do you remember the time I was almost caught in the vortex?,” said Admiral Kirk as he got up from his seat and took another drink of Saurian Brandy.

Admiral Spock took a step towards the fireplace as well.

“I do,” said Admiral Spock.

Admiral Kirk stroked his hand over the fireplace mantel, feeling the texture, noticing how it felt absolutely real but there was something ever so slightly off about it to the touch but was undetectable visually.

“In 1966, a series of transmissions were received from the future and broadcast over public airwaves by mechanisms beyond our control throughout the United States. Prior to then, our entertainment channels were strictly reserved for what we naively referred to as ‘the truth’, and with the panic that ensued concerning invasions – the US Government was forced to mitigate the risk by calling it fiction,” said Admiral Kirk

“I see, “ said Admiral Spock, “why am I not aware of this history, I would have thought you would have told me about it before…”

Admiral Kirk stopped at a model of a Surook Class vessel, the only one on the mantle.

“Oh I had, Admiral, I’d brought it up numerous times with you, “ said Admiral Kirk, as his hand rested lightly on the model.

Admiral Spock eyed the Admiral’s hand, and attempted to deflect his gaze back to Admiral Kirk.

“I don’t recall,” said Admiral Spock.

Admiral Kirk took his hand off the model, and walked over to Admiral Spock.

“I love you like a brother, Admiral, “ said Admiral Kirk as he placed his hands on Admiral Spock’s shoulders.

“Brothers, historically, haven’t made the best of company, James,” said Admiral Spock.

“One of the first things that happens when you’re not enduring censure from what we naive and impetuous humans have coined as the holographic universe is intense paranoia. When your internalized predictive mechanisms no longer provide you feedback, it’s hard not to be suspiciously cautious,” said Admiral Kirk.

Admiral Spock was becoming increasingly suspicious.

“James, I called you here to explain…,” Admiral Spock began.

“Oh Admiral, I know about the Bynars. They’re suffering from good ole fashioned separation anxiety because they come in pairs, they have for millenia, and when one chose to live and the other chose to die just recently, it was the first bout of individual loss they’d received in so long they’d forgotten which caused total confusion for the collective,” said Admiral Kirk.

“How did you know,” said Admiral Spock.

“Admiral! Do you think this is the first time you’d come to me? Here we are on the introduction of time travel, and as a completely separate and distinct society which embraces emotion as us humans do, did you not consider for one minute that our approach to mitigating risk might be and might have to be different than yours?,” said Admiral Kirk.

Admiral Kirk walked over to the model on the desk.

“How many times….” said Admiral Spock as he paced around the room.

Admiral Kirk walked back over to the model on the mantle, and instinctively turned the model 180 degrees around in it’s concentric ring, then he gripped it with his open palm, and pushed the entire thing down like a lever. An audible click could be heard, as Admiral Kirk released the lever and the model reoriented and returned to it’s original position.

Admiral Spock’s face was horrified as the wall disappeared exposing the door.

“I don’t understand,” said Admiral Spock.

AS Admiral Kirk reached inside HIS open shirt, pulling out a key which looked exactly like Admiral Spock’s did,  he said to Admiral Spock “Spock, have you ever noticed how.. fractal.. in nature Bynar looked?”

He took the key, which fit perfectly into the keyhole in the wall, and turned, opening the doors inward.

“I have, Admiral, and I assume you’re going to tell me how you know all this?,” he said, “The Bynars have gone to great lengths to conceal their existence.”

Admiral Kirk walked into the open room of a vessel which had been used, countless times, by the Vulcans for time travel.

“I’d planned on spending today telling you about the Bynars. About time travel and how the Vulcans have used it for millenia, and how we’re in need of humanity’s help to temporally align our planets and prevent both Q and The Borg Queen from reaching power, “ said Admiral Spock, “But I assume you already know about all of this?”

Admiral Kirk walked into the primary console, flipped a button, closing the door behind Admiral Spock, as he smiled and a seat appeared underneath him which he promptly sat on.

“Admiral. I just don’t like the ring of that. I really haven’t. Captain. Do you mind calling me Captain again?,” said Captain Kirk.

“Jim, have you gone insane, you deserve that promotion,” said Admiral Kirk.

“And all the so called privileges that comes with it? N0t only have I not gotten laid in years, which nubile woman wants to spend time with a retired adventure seeker? By and large I am regarded as a relic, where people come to ask me what games I’m playing rather than advice on how to navigate a foreign star cluster. No thanks, Spock, but as an Admiral I can demote myself to Captain which I’m doing right now,” said Captain Kirk.

“Admiral, “ said Admiral Spock, “I insist”

“It’s Captain, Spock, and we both have a job to do,” said the Captain Kirk

He flipped a switch and said out loud “Computer, how many times has the big bang for this universe occurred?”

A female voice came on, “The Big Bang for this universe has occurred two billion, four hundred and thirty six million, five hundred and ninety nine thousand, one hundred and three times”

James looked over as Spock’s mouth dropped.

“We’re outside of time and space in this vessel, “ said Captain Kirk, “and it took me a LONG time to catch on to what’s going on. ”

“But Captain,” said Admiral Spock.

“Hold that thought,” said Captain Kirk.

“Computer, how many times have Admiral Spock and I been here before?,” said Captain Kirk.

“In this vessel, Captain Kirk and Admiral Spock have been in similar situations seven hundred and eighty trillion, nine hundred and ninety billion, two hundred and ninety three million, seven hundred and sixty two thousand, four hundred and two times before,” said the computer.

Admiral Spock’s look of astonishment remained.

“Captain, I am… ,” began Admiral Spock.

“Sorry? Don’t be,” said Captain Kirk, “But today’s inaugural flight of the USTS Enterprise that I was slated to command. We need to change our mutual history.  And that’s why I need both you and your vessel to make this all possible,” he said.

Admiral Spock had positioned himself next to the console, and was looking over records he didn’t have access to before.

“I censured myself?,” said Admiral Spock, looking at the records of countless alternate versions of Earth and Vulcan in awe.

“Yup. The origin of both of our planets was tied together,” said Captain Kirk.

“By Q?,” queried Spock.

“And he’s making the bride of Frankenstein,” said Captain Kirk.

“I don’t understand,” said Spock.

“Neither do I, my friend, neither do I, but he’s my son and I trust he knows what he’s doing,” said Captain Kirk as they dematerialized from all of space and time.

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