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It just feels good…

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Amy Newton

From: Amy Newton <amy.newton@microsoft.com>
Sent: Monday, November 1, 2006 9:23 PM
To: Attendees of Microsoft Technology Showcase
Subject: A Life Without Clothes

Greetings All –

Senator McCain indicated a number of you were curious about how life has evolved for me, along with the trials and tribulations I have endured following my decision to abandon clothing. I’ll gladly share this with any of you who are interested.

On November 1st, 2001, for the inaugural technology showcase which only had 50 people in attendance, I made the decision to remove my bra along with the rest of my clothes, both for highly calculated and ‘this just feels right’ reasons.

The following weekend, I called a dear friend up, who’d thought I’d gone mad, who reluctantly helped me pack up my entire wardrobe, consisting of two closets full of clothes, shoes, belts, and other miscellaneous adornments – which I then donated to goodwill.

She took a few items herself, despite her professed feelings of guilt.

The drive from work to my place is about 8 miles, and the first week was relatively hitch free. I refueled one time, it was later – around 10pm, much to the astonishment of a family in a minivan who was refueling, and a couple of teenage boys who surprised me by not only treating me with respect, but unlike the family, came over and asked me why I was doing what I was doing.

Oh I have no doubt they were coming over for a closer look. I’d analogize it to a car accident when you have never seen one before. While even as teenage boys I have no doubt they’ve seen plenty of pornography and maybe a couple of nude women in real life, but never in quite so audacious and unreserved a fashion as I had presented.

“It’s a warm night, and it feels good,” was my response.

They asked for a photo with me. They’d both had new smartphones. Holding one in each arm, They each took full body length selfies with me in it, something if you’d have asked me before how I might have felt about it, and comparing it to what I felt in real life, the reality versus what I’d predicted was way off.

It felt natural. Like no big deal.

“Have a good night, ma’am,” the boys said as they giggled and went back to their car.

Unlike the family in the mini van, where the lady yelled out the window “Put some clothes on you whore!”

It was through incidences like this that I grew exceedingly thick skin, incredibly quick.

That weekend, when I dropped the clothes off at Goodwill, I kept stepping on rocks and immediately came to regret the decision to relinquish my shoes. So I drove to Target, my first experience walking into a major store, and was caught and turned away by the guard no more than 50 feet inside the establishment.

The same thing happened half an hour later at Walmart, where I couldn’t make it through the front door.

So I drove to Nordstrom’s. an upscale, high end shopping clothing provider, where I walked in completely nude with my small purse around my side, one of the few things I had decided not to get rid of, and it was almost as if the sales associate in the footwear section didn’t notice my complete lack of clothing when I asked if he had some sort of resilient socks I could wear to protect my feet, as I didn’t want anything as bulky as shoes.

He quickly turned me onto something called nonskid ankle sock, which – wanting to emphasize and draw attention to my nudity, I purchased all the beige ones of these they had, and walked out of Nordstrom’s feeling both respected and classy and a fan of the business.

So sure, some customers walked by, and I had several looks by males, and a few females who seemed offended but mildly envious, but all in all, my initial and most of my subsequent fears and concerns over being objectifying and being physically harassed and touched were completely unwarranted.

In fact. Over time, I found people to be more stand offish than they previously were, quite the contradiction to expectations.

I shopped for groceries online at first, but found it way too difficult to plan anything in advance and hated eating by a schedule which grocery shopping online reinforces, so from there I switched to what I referred to as ‘hit and runs’ – I’d walk into a 7-Eleven or Circle K – grab whatever I could – paid for it – and left before gathering too much attention.

Driving anywhere was never a problem, and while my lack of clothes certainly made me substantially more observant of the world around me, I also noticed how little people actually look at other drivers or even care. I had a few people in trucks wave at me in the first couple months, from their vantage point my lack of clothing was obvious.

But never any lewdness. In a sense. My expectations and initial concerns far exceeded the reality.

But grocery shopping became my immediate problem. The first three times, Managers or employees attempted to escort me out. I explained the law to people, but they refused to believe it. They refused to believe that not only was what I was doing an expression of my individuality, legislators had regularly been refusing to make laws which governed individual expression, particularly if it couldn’t be demonstrated that behavior was detrimental to the public.

But people, by and large, I found to be irrational creatures. And as I explained the law here in Phoenix, and that nudity is not against the law, and while there are laws concerning sexual offenses, there are, quite literally, no laws on the law books, concerning nudity here. Some states such as California have laws which disallow nudity in specific places – parks in California’s case. But most refuse to cross this boundary and strip people of expressive rights when it comes to their body and individual freedom.

The police were another matter altogether. I’d found a couple of nudity friendly grocery stores – Trader Joe’s and AJ’s Fine Foods – which both would let me come and go as I pleased and actually supported my lifestyle decision, but this didn’t stop the occasional customer who’d call the police and I’d find myself detained, temporarily, as they insisted I put on clothes.

I couldn’t help but ask them “Why does it feel like you’re trying to shame me into putting clothes on?”

Body Shame. A very real thing.

Eventually, I was detained on the way home for 24 hours when Bill became involved, this incensed him so he involved lawyers, the ACLU, and while most newspapers mysteriously refused to respond, the local New Times picked it up which made the cover story and subsequently I was publicized in every news station in the valley as “The Naked Lady”.

The first year like this was hell. I’ll be the first to admit that. And while I considered, at times, backing off – I started understanding he tremendous pressures that very smart owners of companies use to their advantage to sell their products through the collective influencing of the population through marketing and law, and just how important this was to my studies of Q, of free will and choice, of mind control, and of the need by people like me to find less subversive and positive ways to leverage this knowledge.

With the publicity, I saw my world change in front of my eyes. I could go to a spring training game wearing only my booty socks and carrying my purse, and lay out catching the rays in front of a couple thousand people and no one would bother me. I could go to a concert, or visit a theme park as I went to Disneyland with a friend, all without being oggled or bothered.

I suppose this is where I began discovering what I considered ‘hints’ of how this universe is constituted.

When nudity, as a general practice, in isolation, is frowned upon, then I would have predicted problems traveling to other locations who didn’t know about me, especially internationally.

But as I took flights to other places.

Carrying only a backpack with a few incidentals, making travel a hell of a lot easier when I didn’t have clothes with me.

I found the responses elsewhere were exactly the same as I did at home.

No one noticed or seemed to care.

Here I was in London, Leicester Square a few years ago, and while I was freezing my butt off, chilly weather still something I’m trying to deal with, I found myself – completely relaxed. I even got drunk one night at a local club and danced all night , without my clothes on, at a club with 1500 people. there.

I’ve done the same thing in Las Vegas too.

Since 2003, I’m utterly flabbergasted on how little people actually care about my nudity. Senator McCain wanted to understand what I’ve been through,but even speaking in front of an audience of a thousand people, my overt sexuality and nudity no longer gets any reaction it once did. It feels, to me, completely natural to be like this, and you are among those who have accepted me for that.

The last two years have been utterly eventless. I have been to 9 countries in that time, I’ve visited the Pentagon, twice, I have gone skiing, three times – and let me tell you does it ever hurt landing on a bare ass so I became a better skiier as a result.

But men no longer look at my boobs when they ask me out, my pussy and my breasts are already out there for them to see, there’s no silly childish mystery and they actually look at me in the eyes when they talk to me now, and I no longer feel.. objectified.

I’d never understood the whole objectification thing anyways.

But I’d suddenly realized women were doing it to themselves in the traditions which surrounded clothes and finding a mate.

All told. When I come to work. I feel like I can focus on my work. I’m no longer concerned about my stocking running, a high heel breaking, or spilling coffee on my brand new blouse and the endless list of problems introduced by apparel.

And feels adult if that makes any sense.

It’s also saved me a great deal of money, too. I hadn’t realized just how much I was spending on clothing until I stopped spending money on clothing, which all told I would estimate was chewing up nearly 25 percent of my income.

I carry around extra booty socks everywhere I go, the ones I get now are very resilient, fit over my toes, and are as strong as most shoes only they make me look like I am barefoot. Almost. With bigger feet.

And other than that, while I do carry around a ‘sit cloth’, a cloth I use to sit on when a surface is too cold or may not be as clean as I like it, this ‘experiment’ in nudity has also made me substantially more aware of my own body, and has helped me control it in such a way that makes me less inclined to be cold in cooler temperatures and hot in hotter ones. I can self moderate my own body temperature much better now than I ever could before.

Amazing what such a simple change in attire does.

Hopefully, this about covers it.

To close. I feel at liberty encouraging other willing subjects to do what I myself have done and continue to do.

I see no place for shame in the body. And sincerely believe no one else should either.

Thank you for your time,

With kind regards,

  • Amy Newton




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