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Standing At Attention

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Ocotillo Research Facility Tempe, Arizona – November 1st, 2006 – 15:00:00.000 pm Planet Earth

A crowd of roughly 1000 people are in attendance.

In the middle of the auditorium, near the front of the stage, is a large, heavy oak, four poster bed.

A completely nude and barefoot Amy, wearing only a starfleet style communicator just below her right collar bone situated about 3 inches above her right breast’s nipple, a full and uncensored view of Amy is visible on the monitor above her as she enters the stage from the right side of the audience, with a clothed Bill entering from behind the curtains on the left side.

Amy sat on the bed.

“Six years ago, when I was approached by Mr Gates to come do what I was doing working for him, I wasn’t really impressed. Having dealt with depression off and on throughout my life prior to then, I became curious how the mind worked. When I took myself off of Prozac, shortly after starting employment, I saw – without exaggeration – a profoundly different world than I had when I’d started the medication,” Amy said.

“I started college fresh out of high school pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing under the advice of the guidance counselor, and as I studied Customer Behavior, I couldn’t help but question this thing called free will. How much do you and I as humans have? When I take a drug like Effexor, or Prozac, I’d ask questions that chemists could answer with any degree of satisfaction. Why do these chemical reactions effect and influence emotion the way they do, and why were various placebos demonstrating similar results?,” she said.

The large screen that covered the entire rear of the stage. On it was an image with current jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, and a projected range leading to 2020, a 4x growth expected in little more than 13 years.

“As you can see by the graph back there,” Amy said as she turned, while on the left side of the bed facing the audience, looking and pointing to the back of the room with her right hand, “from this point pharmaceutical companies are expecting a 4x growth over the next 4 years.”

She laid down, completely nude, on the bed, which had 8 cameras from various angles looking at her. One leg extended towards the far right bottom of the bed as if being pulled to that corner by an invisible rope, another leg extended to the far left bottom of the bed, her left arm extended to the far upper left, and her right arm and hand extended to the far upper right of the bed, laying flat on her back.

Nothing was hidden. A camera from about 2 inches high at the foot of the middle of the bed obtained a clear view of her vagina looking up at her. Other cameras from about 5 feet above the bed on the corners looking down at the bed. Another camera about two feet above her waist looking straight down, and another camera from about 7 feet above that looking straight down at the same point. And finally, the last camera – 10 in all lining the monitors above – was offset from various audience perspectives.

“This bed feels sooo damn good I just want to fall asleep here,” she said, moving her arms like she was making a snowman.

A nervous air came across the crowd.

Amy, by any definition, was gorgeous. And seeing her lay naked, totally exposed, without sexuality involved in front of a crowd of 1,000 people – both men and women – of a technically oriented nature – was just too surreal and unusual.

Most didn’t seem to know how to react.

Amy was keenly aware of this.

Someone buzzed in, It was Senator McCain.

Amy then says, in an emotionally seductive way…

“Did you know that the communicator can be set to vibrate in response to your requests to chat?,” she said, as she took the communicator off her breast and placed it on her exposed clitoris for everyone to see and said, “Whoever did that, could you be a doll and do that again?”

At that point several people chimed in at the same time.

“Oh you little devils you,” she said.

Amy then removes the communicator from her clit, sits up on the bed, folds her legs Indian style, and places the communicator on her breast as she speaks again. .

“Yes, Senator,” she said in a nonplussed tone of voice.

“Amy, you clearly have your audience captivated by your complete lack of modesty, somewhere in all this, do you mind explaining to the rest of the audience what led to this?,” The Senator said, matter-of-factly, gesturing towards her overt nudity and implied sexuality.

“Oh I suppose I should get to that,” she said, “Thanks for the reminder”

“In truth. I’m having an exceedingly difficult time controlling my emotions lately. And I’d planned on coming up here, and discussing my education, background, what brought me into biomolecular engineering, and my plans to take over the world, but do I ever feel like I just need a good old fashioned FUCK. It’s a good thing I have this bed here, isn’t it?,” she said.

“Now, do I have any volunteers?,” she said

Most, expecting a formal presentation, were surprised at this. Some weren’t. And a surprising number of lights went on.

“Oh, I’m just kidding, I just wanted to see if anyone would respond. Turn off your lights before you embarass yourselves,” she said.

The lights on the name plates in front of the audience members all blinked off.

Except one.

“President Bush, are you still wanting to take me up on my offer?,” she said,“I suppose, for you, it still holds, come on down mister eager”

The President looked at her with a stern face “I don’t think Laura would much appreciate it, Ms Newton.”

“Call her, have her come down, she can join!,” Amy said, seductively, “it’s been a while since I’ve had a menage-a-trois, ” Amy said.

“Ms Newton. I think I speak for most of us in attendance today, well, I thought I did until I saw how many lights came on in response to your offer, but I still think I speak for most of us when I say – we are in attendance here today – watching what you have to present to us – knowing full well what in part to expect and you already haven’t disappointed – for some kind of big announcement. Do you mind cutting to the chase?,” she said.

With that, she hopped off the bed, and said.

“Fine, Mr President, if it’s a show you want, it’s a show you’ll get,” she said.

She lifted up the hair in the back of her head, to which some sort of plug could be seen.

“Dale, can you zoom in on this, please?,” she said.

Zoomed in, the cameras showed what was clearly some sort of plug which was embedded in the base of her skull towards her spine.

“Is that real,” several people could be heard saying in the audience.

She held a finger up.

“About two years ago, after a great deal of work in mind control and associated drugs, biologically I had come to one and the same problem plaguing designs with processor design and miniaturization. The problem was – subatomic. Or as some of you scientists in the crowd would prefer to put it – quantum.”

She walked across the stage, still nude.

“I had come across my problem when trying to understand biochemical reactions and their effect on the brain,” she said

An image of the brain came on the screen with two key areas highlighted.

“There’s two key areas that had supposedly been mapped that I wanted to understand. The cerebellum, the part of the brain which organized light and sound, and the amygdyla, in a way the central processor and router of motor functions.” she said.

“There was another thing that intrigued me.  This thing called the temporal lobe. I’d never really been satisfied with what had been written about it, it seemed – obtuse – oddly evasive and even condescending.”

“Now as everyone here is quite aware of, I’m quite the fan of self experimentation. So to answer Senator John McCain’s question from before, a question he’s well aware of the answer to – the first procedures I did on my own brain – through a chemical therapy – was to disable most of my frontal lobe. It’s not totally destroyed, I just found a way to chemically disable it,” she said.

“Now what does that mean? The frontal lobe is well documented as being the place which predicts actions that you and I take. I was finding it also had a tendency to govern what was called ‘socially unpredictable’ behavior rather than simply suppress it, and more than that, I was also finding it was in many cases overriding this thing called free will and choice. So, quite simply, I turned it off,” she said.

She walked across the stage.

“Oh, I know, Bill Gates positioned my nudity and overt sexuality as being an ongoing experiment based on the original interaction with Q. No, that’s not the truth, I was battling with the desire to want to be naked the whole time which is what led me down the path of experimentation I did until I found a way to suppress it and – damn do I feel liberated. And the great thing is – I don’t give a rats ass about what you think about me walking around like this,” she said, “And in part, I have Q to thank”

A few people groaned.

“Oh don’t get me wrong, the novelty will absolutely wear off when I start seeing all of you naked, no offense intended to you Senator McCain, but three years ago, shortly after I’d disabled a portion of my frontal lobe, I’d started thinking in altogether different ways. Without confusion of societal pressures, I couldn’t help but notice the abusive consumerism which made people feel bad and wrong for not fitting in. If you don’t look a certain way or act a certain way or dress a certain way, the influences we get from the lack of conformity I quickly learned led to stress related ailments, depression, and worse – a censoring of free will,” she said.

“Let me be clear about this: As I dove into the brain/chemistry link and the bio-mechanical influences – I saw patterns suggesting entire industries were leveraging what can easily classify as morally corrupt forms of marketing to influence, subliminally and subversively, to undermine free will in such powerful ways to sustain their revenue. Clothing and apparel being one, and pharmaceuticals being the second,” Amy said, as she sat on the bed.

A slide came on the screen which showed the statistical correlation and information.

“At first, my first reaction was incense – rage even. But then, as I developed the compounds to temporarily disable my frontal lobe, I began to realize – wait a moment. I haven’t exactly been unhappy with clothes and drugs prior to now. And I’m now being presented with options to take my life and career in a different and slightly unanticipated direction, “ she said.

“That’s when I disabled my frontal lobe,” she said.

“Now if any of you care to make this chemical at compound at home, it’s based on mind control drugs used by the CIA in the 1960s and 1970s, the chemical compound is C16H21N03, and before you decide to have it synthesized, I have to give you a warning: Your world will absolutely change once you take it, so prepare yourself with either a strong amphetamine or hallucinogenic so you don’t drive yourself insane with this,” she said.

Senator John McCain’s light came on.

“Sorry, Senator, back on track here,” she said.

“Q. Why is he here? There’s a million potential reasons for it, some good, some evil, and various reasons in between. What is he? I have my theories. But once I’d lost my inhibitions and realized what he responded to. I decided to involve him, directly, in my mind control experiments, with one major caveat. I refused to do anything to him I myself wouldn’t want done to me,” she said, ” I wanted – yearned – to understand what this man was capable of. And without relative inhibitions, it was easy to do what I did next.

“Jackie was already in and he was even trying to convince her to marry him. Wouldn’t that have been a gas, the world’s first human – if that’s what he was qualifying as – android marriage. Finding concerns that her rebuffs might lose me my contact with him, I had her begin slipping him a mind control concoction.,” she said.

“Let me be clear about this. Had this been your regular every day human, I may not have done what I did. but Q’s different. I know that. You know that. So I proceeded accordingly,” she said.

A few lights came on.

“Q, can you please come out and lay on the bed please?,” she said.

Brian Scott Gregory, otherwise known as Q, walked out across the stage, completely nude.

Imperfect body, carrying a little extra weight. Hairy chest. Flaccid penis no longer than 3 inches.  Shaved head.

The audience broke out into a huge commotion, some people even stood as he walked out.

Q walked out, and laid obediently on the bed.

“I created what I think is the perfect mind control concoction. If administered under the right conditions, the subject becomes 100% controllable. What I suspect makes Q different is this. And please. Hold your concerns until after this, then feel free to ask your questions,” she said.

“Q. Please take the center of the stage,” she said.

He got up off the bed and walked to the center of the stage.

Numerous people were standing up, they were clearly offended.

“Now listen carefully. When I give you the command to start, In thirty seconds, I need you to travel back in time twenty seconds, and step two feet away to the right from where you started, wait precisely twenty seconds in total, and then travel back in time twenty seconds, and repeat this thirty times,” she said.

She looked to the audience, “START!” she yelled.

10 seconds passed by and where there was one Q seemingly stepping out of eachother there was now suddenly thirty of him standing all in a row, looking out at the audience, all nude, until at precisely 30 seconds after she said it every one disappeared with the exception of the one on the far right. leaving only one Q there.

The audience, collectively gasped.

“I’m trying to understand this man, she said, I mean him no harm and feel like it’s my responsibility to both me and to my world to both show him what my world is about, and to understand what he’s capable of because – let’s face it – had I tried explaining what I just showed you to anyone, you would have had me committed,” she said.

“Q, ” she said, “levitate 2 feet off the ground please”

Q proceeded to effortlessly rise about 2 feet off the ground, as some people drew the sign of the cross across their chest.

“Q. Please levitate slowly to the ground and then stop levitating,” she said.

Q obeyed.

Numerous lights came on,

“One moment, Q, keeping everything else proportionate, can you scale yourself two times your current size,” she said.

With that, Q grew from six feet two inches in height to a little over 12 feet tall.

Some people started yelling in the audience and loudly protesting.

The reaction was so profound, this ruptured space time, causing two separate branches to be created where both General Shinseki and General Eberhart – separately, seized control of the entire assemblage, calling in for military support and terminating the proceedings. These two separate branches of reality continue, separately, at war to this day, and are primarily at war against each other.

Numerous fractures in space and time were created at this point as well.

This established the basis for many of this world’s religions.

Tony Stark spoke the loudest, and was noticeably scared of what he saw “Amy! I should be terrified by what I’m seeing. And I am. A part of me wants to run from this room, screaming, in ten minutes you have just utterly redefined everything I’ve stood for, but I have one question. What is the purpose in shaming him by making him appear here, potentially against his will, completely nude?,” he said.

Amy smiled.

“Brian, Q, please scale back to normal size,” she said.

Q scaled back down to six foot two inches tall.

“Tony, Have you ever watched the news after your appearance?,” she said.

“Of course I have, hundreds of time,” he responded.

“Now is that you?,” she said.

“What do you mean? Of course it’s me,” he said.

“But to be clear. You’re watching yourself on tv,” she said, “So are you the one on tv, or are you the one watching?”

“Well technically, I’m both,” he responded.

“Ok. But as you live through something. You’re in that moment. And later. When you watch that recording. While hundreds if not thousands if not millions could be watching. You’re not in the moment you were in when someone watched you. You’re in a new moment. And what you’re watching is no longer you – it’s an echo of you,” she said.

“I’m not tracking,” he said, candidly.

“When you’re interviewed, a copy of the image of you is placed into a digital stream and then transmitted around the world. This digital information is then translated from and reconstituted into an image. So what you’re seeing, what everyone’s seeing – even if it’s live, is still a copy of a past version of you,” She responded.

“Ok. What does this have to do with you and Q and your lack of concern for his … exposure?,” he responded.

“Simple, Tony. Q – in much the same way that you might see yourself on tv. As see him here is a 3d projection in time and space,” Amy said, “An avatar if you will. And as such it’s my responsibility to myself and to him to show him my world and what I enjoy to prepare him for when he truly arrives.”

Tony smirked.

“If that’s the case, and if your so unconcerned with telling him what to do, then why not just have sex with him right now and right here, in front of a thousand people ,” Tony responded, poking her from her prior assertion.

She smiled, a little unsure how to proceed.

“Go ahead. if you’re so unconcerned about the potential threats he brings to this world. Then I insist. Have unprotected sex with him right here, right now, we’ll all watch,” he said.

She looked at Q and the bed.

“Isnt’ that why the bed was there,” Tony added.

“It was a prop, Tony, so eventually I could tell you all how it all started. But since you insist,” she said.

“Q. Lay down on your back in the middle of the bed, place your right hand on the right bed post, your left hand on the left bed post, and place your left foot towards the bottom left bed post and your right foot towards the bottom right bed post,” she said.

He obeyed.

“Q. Make your penis erect please,” she said.

In seconds, it went from flaccid to fully erect.

She went to the bed, and put her hand lightly under his erect penis, elevating it so it created a 90 degree angle to his body, making it clearly visible to everyone.

“Go ahead,” Tony said.

Amy climbed on top of him, straddling him with her right leg on the left side of him and her left leg on the right side of him, with ten screens all showing everything, close up, including the entire back stage rear monitor, and the two large side monitors showing absolutely everything. She then could be seen taking his erect penis in her left hand as she elevated herself on his left leg with her right hand, as she proceeded to rub his hardened penis against her pussy lips, as she then licked her left hand , placing saliva all around his penis to lubricate it more, and from every angle, she could be seen taking his penis and sticking it through her pussy lips as they widened ever so slowly and the tip of his penis head disappeared inside of her.

Her eyes closed. Her head tipped back. She was in ecstacy, plain and simple. She slid and let him all the way inside her, six inches erect in total. And then she slid back up, where from the rear could be seen his entire shaft and the penis head remained in.

1000 eyes watching. Intently.


As if they’d never seen this before.

Feeling a little disconnected from her audience, or potentially influenced from their collective desire.

She turned around.

Her body fully exposed to them.

She slid up and down.

Faster and faster.

Her breasts bounding as her pussy lips slid up and down on his shaft.

She began to sweat.

She placed both of her hands on his abdomen, leaned back, her full nude body facing the audience, as she proceeded to gyrate faster and faster.

She was sweating. Panting.

Her body felt flush.

And that’s when it happened.

Her first real orgasm.

As she yelled “Oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god”

She collapsed.

In utter delight.

She looked down as she pulled herself off Q.

He had ejaculated inside her.

Everyone could clearly see semen dripping out of her open pussy lips.

“Amy,” someone said.

She was laying next to Q on the bed.

“Amy?” someone repeated.

Amy slowly lifted herself up into a sitting position.

“Well. That. Was unexpected,” she said, looking at the clock on the wall which read 16:33:45.030.

She looked over, Q’s penis was still rock hard.

“Q, please let yourself go flaccid now,” she said

“How about this, let’s continue this tomorrow, I’m actually spent,” she said.

“MS NEWTON,” said Senator McCain, “ONE last thing,” he said.

“What’s that?,” she said, exhausted.

“Will Q remember any of this?,” he said.

“Not now or in the near future. I’ll be sure that anything done to him comes to him when the time’s right for him,” she said.

“And when will that be,” he said.

“I honestly have no idea,” she said,“mental triggers, something I’ll get into tomorrow, aren’t always predictable, Please. can we save that for tomorrow, I need a nap.”

“Have a good night, Ms Newton,” he said.

And with that, the proceedings for that day went down as history.

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