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Intro of the Queen

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Ocotillo Research Facility Tempe, Arizona – November 1st, 2006 – 16:40:00.000 pm Planet Earth

Amy sat up.

The auditorium was empty.

Q aka Brian was laying next to her. Both completely nude.

She put her hand under his flaccid penis.

“Q, make your penis erect please,” she said.

His penis grew, to fully – rock hard erect in two seconds.

When I tap your chest with my index finger, I would like you to ejaculate and continue ejaculating until you have nothing left inside you to ejaculate.

From there, she crawled over him, pushing her naked body down and assuming a crouching position with her legs underneath her and the camera at the base of the bed only inches away from her very exposed rectum and still wet vagina.

From there, she then gently cupped his testicles and erect penis, as this sent a shiver of excitement throughout her body and especially to her loins, which made it all that much more exciting to take his erect penis into her mouth, and slowly – voraciously swallow the entire thing, to where it touched the back of her throat, as she gently rested her chin on his testicles looking up at him  – she fought her gag reflex, as all six inches of his erect penis was reaching inside her mouth to the back of her throat forcing her to breathe through her nose all causing tears to form in her eyes.

She waited a moment. Soaking it all in. Trying to understand the excitement she felt that was so foreign, so unusual, so definitively arousing, the gag reflex stopped and she just looked at him – more vulnerable than any man would ever be.

“Why?,” she thought, as she reached down and stroked her clit.

“Business,” she thought, “must stay focused.”

She retracted her hand.

She then tapped her finger.

The first spurt of cum hitting the back of her throat caused her to cough a bit. But she swallowed. And continued swallowing. From the monitors, his penis could clearly be seen pulsing, and she could clearly be seen swallowing it all, as she thought…

“How much does he have?”

This continued for nearly a minute, a constant stream, until finally she could feel no more.

Q’s back arched a little, he was clearly feeling something despite his hypnotized state.

She then slowly pulled out.

A little semen dripped on her tongue.

And as she pulled his still erect penis out of her mouth, a final bit of ejaculate caught her, unexpected, streaking across her eye down across her face to her chin.

She sat up.

“Ok Q, you can stop ejaculating now and let yourself go flaccid, thank you,” she said, as she wiped the cum off her face with her right hand and stuck the semen covered fingers into her mouth, licking the cum off her hand.

As he went flaccid. She could feel the excitement drift from her.

She sat between his legs, looking at him, before saying “Let’s get you home,” she said.

“Highly entertaining, Ms Newton, highly entertaining, “ said Senator John McCain standing just in front of the stage to the right, getting a clear view of pretty much everything.

“Senator. I thought everyone had left,” she said.

“I saw everything, and might I add, even I enjoyed it. Amy, may I call you that?,” he said.

“Sure, Senator, ” she said, as she slipped over Q’s legs and to the side of the bed, hanging her feet over the side of the bed onto the floor, legs slightly spread apart, arms on either side of her holding the bed, intentionally exposing her nudity to him.

He smiled, knowingly.

“So what did I just see and why?,” the Senator asked, “It’s not every day you see something like that, and trust me, I’ve been around the block a few times and have seen what I thought to be everything. Please don’t take this as an attack or confrontation, I’m simply curious. Do you mind explaining why you just did what I just saw you do?”

She looked at him, demurely.

“It just felt like something I wanted to do,” she said, “it really is that simple.”

“Well, are you full now?,” he said, jokingly.

Amy chuckled, lightly, “He had much more in him than I anticipated,” she said.

“There are many of us throughout the government and in leadership around the world who are becoming increasingly concerned about the future. Many of us are not interested in seeing the world devolve into an animalistic carnal sexual state which you clearly represent. Conversely, there are many of us who are absolutely interested in what your lack of inhibitions can bring to this stagnating world,” Senator McCain said

He continued.

“Now don’t get me wrong, at first I found your behavior absolutely appalling and sincerely wanted you arrested. But there’s a part of me that says – for as much as we as a nation have chosen to capitalize on sex and relationships, your free expression represents well needed and well timed polarity. “

“Senator, I’d like to get Q back. Do you mind telling me where you’re going with all this?,” Amy responded.

“I’ll be blunt. Are you and Q in collusion?,” he said.

Amy stood up, smiling, and walked towards the senator.

“Why Senator, however on Earth would make you come to suspect that?,” she said.

“Just a hunch, Amy, I’ve done a lot of digging into your background and there’s a lot that doesn’t fit,” Senator McCain responded.

She held up a finger in the air.

She then placed it on her lips, as if to indicate to the Senator to be silent for a moment.

She then turned to the bed.

“Q. Would you please walk back to your home the same way we arrived here? Don’t speak to anyone, just walk and when you get home, you’ll fall asleep, and tomorrow, you’ll remember a long day at work and – imagine something inventive – a story to tell your friends – not remembering me and any of this – about why your scrotum may be sore from the excess expenditure of ejaculate,” she said.

Q walked off the stage.

“Amy, it’s midday, and you’re asking him to walk home nearly seven miles during rush hour while he’s completely nude?,” he said.

Q walked off the stage.

She looked at the Senator with a mild sense of anger.

“Senator. Have you ever actually read any of Einstein’s work?,” she said.

The Senator responded, “What’s that have to do with…”

“Senator… I need you to trust me with Q. His safety is my greatest concern, but that safety isn’t going to mean he’s going to live a sheltered and isolated life you and the others have been insisting he lead for your idea of a perfect world. I intend on making him my toy and am treating him accordingly, and conversely me his to,” she said.

“MS Newton, I..” the Senator started to say, but was cut short.

“Senator, Let me add this. I know you and your friends at the NSA are fully aware that I am among a number of people in this country whose mind is capable of floating freely of form, and that eventually I’ll be able to inhabit any body in much the same way you and others might drive a car,” Amy said, “Q is as well, and to some degree we’ve established a dialogue out of simple self preservation and the desire to enjoy our own lives more.”

The Senator sat down.

“How long have you known about us?,” he said.

“Well you see, that’s where it gets a little difficult to explain without flirting with your invalidating labels such as ‘insane’ and ‘fiction’. How do I explain that the man you know as Q is a homeless aspiring writer in the future, and my dialog with you now – one and the same dialog that you and I think is happening right now is actually being authored by an imaginative man in the future who’s spinning stories explaining the unexplained events in his own life from his own life experiences?,” she said.

“How do I explain simultaneity and the seeming coincidences of time and space to a man who organizes information in one specific chronological order, an order I greatly respect which has enhanced and given substance and meaning to both my and Q’s lives, but shouldn’t limit our lives but it does – by people like you,” she said.

The Senator leaned forward in his chair, his hands held together at his palms with his index fingers tapping lightly and slowly on his lips.

He’d begun to stare off in the distance rather than Amy.

“Are you angry with me?,” the Senator said.

“Do you mind explaining what happened to the world?,” she said.

“Only if you don’t mind answering a question I have before I do that, “ he said.

“Go ahead,” she said.

“Are you the Queen?,” he said, politely.

“I am,” she said.

“And Q?,” he said.

“We are two parts of the same whole, “ she said, “the beginning and the end, or as some would call us – the alpha and the omega.”

He sat. Pensively looking forward.

“About 5 years ago. A lawyer I was personally grooming to become President in 2020 approached me, a man by the name of Chris Gooch, and said he thought his wife was cheating on him and asked if I could tap my resources to see if his suspicions were true. The situation for me was horribly difficult – because his wife’s father was one of my good friends – the former Secretary of Defense by the name of Harold Brown, who was still doing work as one of those highly overpaid consultants for DARPA at Cheyenne Mountain,” Senator John McCain said.

Senator McCain leaned forward and stood up, slowly.

“Now I knew that my investigation of anyone in a former Secretary of Defense capacity would trigger immediate notification to the Secretary of Defense of my activity, and the last thing I wanted was his image of his precious daughter to be tarnished. but I also knew that I wasn’t above the mechanisms of reporting. so I contacted the NSA, found a a man who would discretely hack the database without questions asked and promised to remove logging mechanisms and notification triggers, and once he did that – I could then privately retrieve historical records for Chris’s wife without his or anyone else’s knowledge of what I was doing,” the Senator said.

“That’s why your comment about coincidences just now hit a home run. Rachel was indeed having an affair, and the man was one and the same as the man who’d just hacked the databases for me,” he said.

Amy smiled, and put her right foot on the edge of the bed, her vagina clearly exposed to the Senator almost as if it was looking at him.

“Q, right?,”  Amy said.

“I had him remove the changes he’d done, so anyone, not even he – could have seen what I did,” he said.

“So what did you do? A father who’s daughter was cheating on her husband, threatening the perfect relationship by sleeping with a computer programmer, a man who was a dime a dozen compared to a man who might be the future President?,” Amy said, “As a friend, as a mentor, as a father figure, how did you handle this situation?”

“I called Chris to my office, and showed him the evidence,” the Senator said, “And I intentionally kept it away from her father.”

“And what did Chris do?,” she said.

Senator McCain sat down.

A tear streamed down his face.

“He had both of them killed,” he said.

“Damn,” Amy said.

The Senator wiped away his tear.

“I loved Rachel like a daughter so it hurt having to show Chris the truth. And seeing how Chris reacted. I immediately stopped grooming him. I was, quite frankly, fearful of a man like this who could so quickly have his own wife murdered,” he said.

“Amy, why aren’t you questioning timelines here?,” he said.

“Well it’s not that hard to assume something happened which makes Q still among the living, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make those ties,” she responded, in a spunky way.

He shook his head.

“You are right about alternate realities. I come from a world where Princess Diana died in a fiery car crash, where terrorists struck and tore down the Twin Towers in New York which are no longer standing in that world, and where Elvis died in 1976,” he said.

Amy looked at the Senator with fascination.

“I figured as much,” she said, “your demeanor today seems far more… willing to cooperate than you traditionally have been.”

“Well, the last go around I resolutely stood against what you were doing and let’s just say what I did with mind control with you left me blaming myself for a series of events which led to a full on nuclear assault which wiped away most of the Southwestern United States including my wife and kids in 2011,” he said.

Amy didn’t seem surprised, and leaned forward, asking “So how are you here, now?”

“Q,” he said, “I’d seen the fireball of three nuclear missiles expanding above Phoenix, and as the heat rose. Time stopped.”

“I was in my den. Watching the news. It all happened so fast. That’s when Q came. And he said, matter of factly. ‘I’m God.’ and you’re about to be consumed by two exploding balls of fire. Now I am going to give you an opportunity to change your own future, and I am not going to tell you what to do to change it – that’s up to you, ‘ he said as he flipped the blinds back showing the two balls of fire that were hovering in mid air. If you don’t want that choice, well then, we can see where those puppies take you’,” he said.

“Typical Q,” she said, smiling, “Good to know he hasn’t lost his sense of narcissism and dramatic flair”

“In that moment, I agreed, and before I could ask more questions which god… or Q I have no doubt I wanted to, he snapped his fingers and suddenly I was staring at my computer screen watching a video of Rachel having sex with Brian in the backyard of Chris and Rachel’s home in Arcadia, “ he said.

“Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?,” she said.

“I’m done with thinking for today, Amy. But I want you to know – if there is anything I can do to help you and your cause and collaboration with Q. Just ask,” he said.

With that he got up and began to turn away, when he looked back to her as she got off the bed and said to her.

“And Amy. For whatever it’s worth. I’m sorry,” he said.

“For what,” Amy responded.

“For everything,” he said, as he paused at the door, and turned around.

“Oh one last thing, Amy” he said, as Amy had turned around and started heading towards the bed.

A little piece of him couldn’t help but wonder what she was doing

“Yes, John,” she said.

“Do you mind sending out an email explaining your trials and tribulations without clothes to everyone who attended today ? I suppose a part of me finds it fascinating how anyone, let alone a highly attractive female can live in modern society for four solid years without a lick of clothing. What have you gone through – what’s happened to you since giving your entire wardrobe away to Goodwill four years ago, and what led to you sending Q on his merry way without clothes as well?,” he said, ” I trust you. But it all makes me curious. Where does this confidence come from?”

Amy smiled.

And thought to herself.

It’s about time.

“Sure, I’ll send it out tonight,”  she said.

“Thanks,” he said, and walked out the door.


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