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A Steampunk Wedding

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Another set of weird dreams last night.

Do these things even classify as dreams anymore?

I was at a portable bar, a long semi truck had been retrofitted with hydraulics and some pretty amazing engineering to unfold, and lower itself near ground level, anywhere, at the touch of a button to reveal the interior, a fully outfitted wooden saloon style bar and small dance floor. with steps leading up to it as the sides had neatly unfolded to reveal high tables and chairs, and canopy style protection and sliding windows on the walls to protect from inclement weather.

As I sat in this bar, windows drawn on a cloudy blustery day, I noticed much of those who were in attendance were part of a wedding party. Was I a part of this? I don’t know. From my vantage point at a high seat at the end of the bar, I knew I was alone.

I could hear many people speaking Russian. I’m not sure what they were saying. But I could tell many were debating whether or not to proceed with something. I assumed it was the wedding, with inclement weather threatening the event, which was a safe assumption.

I saw a face in the crowd.

It’s a face I hadn’t seen in 11 years.


She looked amazingly beautiful in her bridesmaid’s dress.

But her face.

In it I saw a complete lack of emotion.

Like she was here. But a part of her wasn’t.

Her attire was slightly off as well. An odd ivory shoulder pad on her right shoulder. And a dress that looked almost… steampunk. Was it a part of the ceremony and a simple selection of choice by an eclectic bride and groom, or was it standard fare for this version of Earth?

I don’t know.

I started to get up, I wanted to talk to her, to see if she remembered me, but no sooner do I get up when a man I recognized walked out of the restroom behind me. It was Chris. her husband. Only he was short. No more than five foot six inches tall. Much shorter than the six foot five guy I had met in my world.

The dream faded quickly as I woke up.

My mind saying to me “This is important, you really need to consciously remember this”

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