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Saying no to Ganges

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Ocotillo Research Facility Tempe, Arizona – November 1st, 2002 – Planet Earth

A crowd of roughly 350 people are in attendance.

“Well so much for secrecy, “ Bill Gates silencing the audience, “Thank you all for coming.”

“To those who were in attendance last year, what do you think of the new auditorium space?, “ Bill said.

A light commotion around the audience, as Bil Gates covered his eyes to get a better look at the small crowd “Senator McCain, are you out there, how do you like the new place?”

Senator McCain smiled, not enjoying the attention called to himself, and gave a thumbs up.

“Ok. Let’s get this party started,” Bill Gates said.

“I’m trying something new with this presentation today, and I haven’t prepared a speech, only talking points, so if I fumble or don’t come across perfect or intelligible, well then, now you know,” he said, smiling with a goofy smile.

A few chuckles in the audience.

“Now you all know why you’re here. You’ve all been briefed in advance so hopefully what I’ll present today won’t be as startling as what we had before. With that said, Amy, do you mind joining me on stage?,”Bill Gates said.

Amy walks from the left of the massive stage from behind the curtains, and once again is completely nude.

Amy smiled to the audience and waved.

The audience grew a little raucous.

“Amy’s choice to work at this facility was initiated due to – as you all should be aware of – the discovery of a device which she triggered by – how do I say this – heck, I’ll just put it out there – by appearing completely naked like she is now and then proceeding to masturbate in front of our previous audience on a bed much like this one here on the stage,” Bill said.

“Encore, encore,” someone in the audience yelled.

A few laughs.

“We’ll get there,” Bill said, “You’re our captive audience for three days and that I do promise is on the agenda.”

A few claps in the audience.

“But before I begin. Ever since the events that happened a year ago, pretty much to the day, I have been having regular dreams. For me this has been remarkable because, well, it’s been since I was a child that I had dreams, and more often than not, they were nightmares,” he said.

He looked around the room, “To those who were in attendance last time, have any of you experienced a notable increase in dreams since our last visit? Let’s see a show of hands”

Nearly 50 sets of hands when up, excluding Senator McCain.

Bill Gates thought to himself without saying, “Figures, McCain’s the only unimaginative one who didn’t.”

“Wow, that’s more than I predicted,” Bill Gates said, “So just last night, I had a dream where I was visiting the past and had ‘jumped’ to a date in my own history, with someone who I regarded as a friend but have no waking recollection of who this person was. I – oddly enough – was in my underwear – quite literally wearing only my briefs, and whoever I was with – he didn’t seem to care – as we went to a local mall. I protested in the dream, pointing at my lack of attire, when he said ‘It’s Arizona, no one will even notice’.”

A few laughs in the audience.

Well, to my surprise, no one did, as we walked through the upscale mall in North Scottsdale, and no one seemed to notice. Not long after this occurred, my friend said to me ‘its too late, the timing is all wrong’, as we got in a convertible car – I think it was a Sebring – and started driving down Scottsdale Road. In the dream, Scottsdale Road seemed much different than it is now, lots of trees, and substantially more apartments and housing. But it was definitely Scottsdale Road.”

He continued.

“About then I come to understand he’s looking for something I have, and that this trip to the past where he expected a past version of me to be at the mall turned up goose eggs. And for some reason, in the dream, I’m oddly obligative to him, and tell him, ‘Well I know where I was living in 2005, how about I take us to that date and we go to where I was living at that time?,” as he agrees”

The noise in the crowd grew.

“I know, I know. It’s 2002, and here I am dreaming about 2005,” Bill Gates said, “What’s that Steven? The microphone each of you has in front of you on your desk is a press to talk”

“*tap tap tap* Yep. It’s working. I said, Bill, You’re already light years ahead of most of us technologically, so dreaming in the future isn’t exactly hard for us to imagine as something you’d do,” Steven Spielberg said.

A few courtesy chuckles came from the audience.

“Thanks, Steven for the validation. So back to the story – I was driving the car, and my passenger agree on moving ‘back in time, where something inside me knew I was in the year 2009, so when I thought about the year 2005, in the dream, Scottsdale Road transformed, ever so subtly subtly, but oddly enough, so did the lighting and feel of the place. As it transformed, in the dream I realized I was mentally fighting with whether or not the year was 2007 or 2005 I needed to go to, and the outside world was literally shifting between a 2005 and 2007 version – rapidly accelerating between both years in a smooth fashion,” he said.

He continued

“So as I settled mentally on 2007, and drove us to an apartment complex on Greenway Road, I looked at my passenger who seemed dazed by the experience of my indecision. We walked into the apartment complex management office, when I went to the office manager and said ‘I’m so and so’, I am literally unsure what that name was, and asked for my apartment keys.”

He continued

“It was about then I noticed that my passenger was with me inside the management officer, and he had slid against the office door and looked extremely confused, as he said ‘My head. It’s not feeling right. I’m just so confused I can’t think straight. That’s when I remember thinking, in the dream, ‘I don’t like any of this'” and that’s immediately when I woke up.

The audience leapt to life.

Each of the guests had their name on a placard in front of them, with a light signifying they had something to contribute.

A few lights on the respective desks lit up

“Well it seems some of you have already discovered the ‘I have something to say’ button. If we start this now, we’re never going to get anything done. ”

The lights blinked off.

“Thank you. My only point about the dream is one of seeming coincidence. James Cameron, are you in the audience?,” Bill said.

A light came on with James Cameron on the placard.

“Yes, Bill, and thank you for the invite,” he said.

“Honored, Mr Cameron. It’s a well known fact that the inspiration for Terminator came to you in a dream. Have you ever considered that this was a transmission, a blueprint of sorts, sent to you by someone or something with the ability to influence the mind directly?,” Bill said.

A commotion in the audience.

“Interesting. I’ve had pretty involved conversations with Mr Spielberg among others on the nature of creativity and am of the opinion that it could also be a transmission from a future where these wars were real, and they’re merely documentaries where they come from,” James Cameron responded.

“So my thinking clearly isn’t original,” responded Bill.

“No, Bill you don’t have the market cornered on creativity,” said James.

A few in the audience laughed.

“Confluence, “ Bill said, “That’s the term that comes to mind, our minds may be receiving information which might be creating a path to a a single future, which begs the question I and quite a few others in this room have been researching over the last year which had us questioning –  Just where is this future going and do we want to be a part of it?”

The entire rear of the stage lit up, in what was revealed to be a projection screen, where a single world, appearing and disappearing, repeating itself, could be seen across the screen, with the same single word front and center in large letters.


“What I’d like to do is name these meetings, that way when we discuss them, the word is our mnemonic reminding us of which meeting we’re referring to. This meeting – our first formal gathering of the minds on a planetary basis, will be titled confluence, with the solitary goal of sharing just where we’re at, why, and the key figures involved.”

The screen changed as the slide progressed.

On the upper right hand side was an image of a partial man, part machine, in a body suit exposing only his penis and ass.

The Cyborg known as Q.

“Everyone’s been briefed on who we’ve come to regard as Q, and everyone should have had the opportunity to review the recordings of the events that transpired last year. A few days after that meeting, Separately I and Senator McCain, working in complete isolation from eachother, began the investigation of this man,” he said, presenting an image of the nude holographic man who appeared in response to Amy’s unreserved sexuality.

“Rather quickly, we came to discover a man who either is him or looks remarkably like him was living right here in Gilbert, Arizona, and had created a company named Touchscape, which at first was thought to be involved specifically in an artificially intelligent learning system and was later discovered to be considerably more,” Bill Gates said, “Senator McCain, do you mind explaining your findings”

Senator McCain came on “Sure. AS Bill’s well aware, our technology at the NSA’s pretty sophisticated and can slice through what we thought was any secured system with ease. Well, when we tried getting on to his company’s network, not only did he immediately disconnect us, he surprised our agents and was working at around 10pm when our agents tried – but he also physically traced our local agents down, who were working out of a local residence, without their knowledge, he rerouted their monitoring to a contained environment – something called a honeypot, a dummy server with old versions of his code leading our agents to think we’d struck gold, and from there he collaborated with the local police, the local service provider and the FBI and had our agents behind bars in a matter of hours. It took literally two days to get our agents out of jail, they were not too happy about that.”

“Damn. I mean. Damn. But I have to ask, with the NSA’s resources, why did it take so long to get them out,” said John McAfee, owner and CEO of McAfee’s security line of products.

“Mr Mcafee, please use the I have something to say button marked clearly in front of you if you have something to say,” said Bill Gates.

“Apologies, “ John McAfee responded, looking at Senator McCain.

“Let’s just say Murphy was present,” replied the Senator.

“I don’t understand,” said John McAfee.

The Senator wasn’t wanting to dig into it, clearly, but in front of the audience he relented, “Well first, the agents were processed as immigrants and sent to a south phoenix processing facility used for holding naturalization offenders. This is a lengthy process, where it took 24 hours to process them to discover they were citizens. From there, they were processed as DUI violators and accused of trying to jump the line exiting custody and found themselves in the wrong line, which took an additional 24 hours to exit.”

John McAfee said, hiding his laughter “I don’t understand, Senator, surely the NSA must have had access to the databases to track their name or the cameras to locate their position and get them released.”

Bill Gates cut in, “Senator, I think I can answer this one. Senator McCain called me when this happened, accusing me of interrupting his investigation, which I wasn’t. I hadn’t even started yet, and was dealing with more pressing concerns such as who wanted a Rachel android and why. Not only could I not trace down his agents, but I couldn’t find evidence of there being any arrest, and I dont have access to police systems like the Senator does”

The Senator chimed in “Facial recognition was turning up nothing, as were name matches – because even their names were entered with completely incorrect names. So naturally, I assumed Mr Gates might be responding to my breach of his security only days prior “

John McAfee responded “well how did you figure out the agents were in jail?”

“Four hours after their arrest, relief agents – rotating in every four hours, talked to police who’d still been doing their investigation. They immediately came under suspicion and played it off as if they were a nosy gay couple who saw the police activity. Fortunately, they were dressed in civilian clothes, so the police bought their story. Then they checked the remote logs – all the agents had their activity remotely logged, where they learned what happened. They contacted their management, and that’s when Senator McCain received the call,” Bill Gates said, “Does that about sum it up Senator?”

“You did better than I could have explaining it,” said the Senator.

The room was stunned, silent.

“Look, to any of us, this was an impressive display of technology and if you’ve all done your homework, is highly indicative of something a technologically sophisticated prankster such as Q might do, so after talking with Senator McCain, I became concerned about his findings influencing mine which is when we came up with the idea to reconvene in a year but silencing all communication between us until then,” said Bill Gates.

A light came on a placard which read Ron Ostreim, owner, Desert Software Solutions.

“Ron, glad you made it, go ahead,” said Bil Gates.

Ron smiled and said, simply “And we thank you for that”

A few nods and agreements.

Bill Gates smiled and nodded in his direction as well, as a photo of the man they’d focused on.

“So with this, Mister Gregory became priority number one, and the Senator and I both agreed that extreme and creative measures would be taken to mitigate risk of his discovery of us. Without new technology, this severely hampered both of our efforts, so we were both forced to proceed with more conventional measures to understand pretty much everything possible about the man.”

The next slide came up.

The slide contained images of the man and a woman yelling at eachother in front of a Mexican food restaurant.

“The woman, is Lisa Milot aka Lisa Gregory, his wife since 1995. The two had been having marital issues, both having had infidelity issues they were fairly public about with their friends, throughout their marriage, something Mr Ostreim can personally attest to, he’s one of a very select few friends of Brian’s that we decided to include here as I already had a history with the man as well. With this, I decided to stir the pot a little with my new Sandra T100 model, which gave us all a magnificent chance to understand his personality.”

“How did you get her in to his company?,” someone said.

“Buzz in please!,” responded Bill, “he’d been actively recruiting for a PhD to provide credibility to his staff, we provided him with one who came with an assistant. It really was that easy.”

A placard lit up.

“Mr Buffet. So glad you could make it to my little shindig,” he said.

Warren smirked, “Glad I could be here. first, Bill, do you mind having Mister Ron introduce himself?”

Bill Gates bowed, “Ron, do you mind?”

“Not at all,” Ron said, “I’m Ron Ostreim, owner of a software consulting firm named Desert Software. I worked with Mr Gates long before I met Mister Gregory, doing kernel and device driver development on Windows since it’s infancy. I successfully resisted Mr Gates golden handcuffs when shortly after I met Mister Gregory while in a role as Vice President of UHaul. Mister Gregory wasn’t a great programmer, but had a wicked sense of humor and had played an ingenious practical joke on a fellow employee’s computer system which brought him to my attention, so I promoted him and we quickly became friends and remain that to this day. “

Warren leaned in “Don’t you think your relationship with Mister Gregory will be compromised by what happens here?”

“Mr Buffet, I genuinely enjoy Mr Gregory as he’s one of the few people I’ve met who you can’t help but respect on his terms. He readily admits his shortcomings, he’s who he is and is genuine about it, which is a rarity in today’s day and age. But more than that, he deserves representation, especially with a crowd like this,” Ron responded.

“Fair enough, “ said Warren, “Second, I’d like to direct this question to Mr Gates, and in part to Senator McCain – I’d like to understand why both of you didn’t consider more subtle measures, a more pragmatic approach to all of this.”

Senator McCain was the first to speak up, “Now don’t you go pinning this one on me, I’m simply maintaining pace with the man setting a sprinter’s pace up front and center.”

Bill said, “Ladies and gentle creatures, I was hoping these kinds of questions wouldn’t come until after I’ve had a chance to bring you all up to date on the events of the last year. But Warren, since you asked, there’s no one single factor, to be honest. All my life I feel like I’ve been at the right place at the right time, so much so that I’ve had to question serendipity and chance coincidence. So to before I say what comes next – I remind you this in a closed session, With Melinda’s untimely passing in a car accident in 1997, I’ll openly admit I felt somewhat defeated, it’s taken a while for me to feel like me again, but I have become a bit bored and restless. So at a time I have been grasping at straws looking for definition and meaning, this landed in my lap. It’s not a sense of urgency that motivates me, it’s meaning. Discovering Q – a being who I and I suspect the rest of us had previously considered fictional – makes me feel like a child again. Suddenly I am not the biggest kid on the playground, I’m chump change compared to this being. So don’t mistake a lack of obvious pragmatism for a lack of concern over safety and security. I’m just excited about the possibilities this opens up.”

“Should it pan out to be true,” said Warren.

“Should it pan out to be true, Mr Buffet. This is where I remain pragmatic and fight paranoia constantly,” said Bill Gates.

“Bill, please don’t waste any more of your time, please continue, “ Warren said.

Bill smiled.

“Sandra, do you mind joining us on stage,” Bill said.

About then, a beautiful woman who was the spitting image of a young Audrey Hepburn walked, completely nude, on from the left side of the stage. At five foot, seven inches tall, size d breasts, and a landing strip well manicured pubic hairs in full view, she walked to the center of the stage where Bill stood speaking into his lapel microphone.

“Shortly after our meeting in 2001, I created Sandra, with her personality and looks modeled after a young Audrey Hepburn. I wanted this to be my most sensual and realistic model yet. Kevin, the PHd I’d worked with as he was pursuing his doctorate in Information Systems Management – had direct experience enhancing a major version of my enterprise database software – SQL Server had agreed, with full disclosure of Sandra’s real nature and the compartmentalized experiment only, to work with Sandra and let me know where our goals of pairing these two fell short and why,” Bill said.

A few placard name lights flicked on.

“I’m going to disable questions for now, I’ll open it up later. Dale, can you disable questions, and have someone get 350 pens and notepads and distribute them for anyone who has questions and a bad short term memory?,” he said, tersely.

The lights flicked off.

“Sandra, you’re on a model’s runway which extends from the back of the stage to the front. Please model your latest fashions,” Bill Gates said.

Sandra, still completely nude, walked to the back of the stage, where she started walking on the tips of her toes, strutting down the stage with a sultry look in much the same way a model would, all the way to the front. She twirled, once, posed for the invisible camera, then walked back to the back of the stage.

“Beauty in motion, in my opinion,” Bill Gates said, “Sandra, can you return to the front of the stage and take a seat next to Amy please?”

Sandra acted obediently.

The slides flipped as Bill clicked something on the projection.

An image of Sandra, clothed, appeared on the screen in a meeting room. Brian was clearly seen interviewing her, along with three other males.

“Kevin’s condition on hiring was to include Sandra. But Sandra was interviewed just like everyone else,” Bill Gates said, “Mr Gregory if anything is a stickler for protocol.”

“Sandra left. We didn’t have a good feeling about the interview, we’d had her bugged and we could only program her with rudimentary skills so the questions that were asked in the interview were for very experienced database programmers. We didn’t try to pass her off as such, she came in as a student still pursuing her degree, but Kevin’s assistant nonetheless.,” he said.

“Fortunately, Sandra had been given a little time to install some monitoring equipment, so here’s what came next,” he said.

A video came on the screen. It was the same conference room Sandra had been interviewed in moments before.

Brian: I don't like her. Not one bit. She doesn't know jack shit about database optimization, let alone how to create a 
       table, I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole. I'm a big no on this one. 
Darin: It's a package deal, dude. Kevin's a perfect fit. And look at her. She's fucking hot. 
Neil: Not my type, But then again she has one of those vagina things. Brian: Neil, back me on this one. 
Neil: I'm User interface. I like her personality. That's about all I can say. 
Brian: Well that's worthless. 
Bill: Bri, I'm with D on this one. She's trainable and eager and cheap and easy on the eyes. 
      But Kevin's the real deal. We hire them together, or not at all, and I'd say if we mitigate her as a risk...
Brian: Especially after David's fuckup... Deleting an entire damn live database day one 'on accident'. We
      can't afford to hire someone that bad at what they do day one at this stage in the game.
Bill: Agreed. And all I'm saying is. We mitigate the risk. We have a little eye candy. 
Brian looks around the room, feeling outnumbered. Brian: Can't we discuss this?
Darin: It's your company, man, but I think you're outvoted if you're agreeing to a democratic process. 
      That and she's cheap. Who else you gonna get to run maintenance batch work none of us like to do
      for twenty six thousand a year?
Brian: Fine then. I personally think you're all letting your dicks be your guide. But I'll treat this 
       like a democracy. I don't have to like it. 

“And with that, Sandra And Kevin were hired,” Bill Gates said. “The placement of those two proved invaluable, and Kevin quickly and privately began idolizing Brian and his work. He’d never seen anything like it before. Sandra, meanwhile, was hit on by every straight guy in the place. She went out with Bill a couple times, in an effort to try to make Brian jealous, but Brian’s attention was diverted between his work and his ‘open marriage’ as his wife referred to it as but he himself just threw himself into his work.”

A few photos of the offices of Touchscape came up.

“Here’s an excerpt of what Kevin said to me in a phone call.”

Kevin: He's genius. On a level I have never seen before. What he's done is created an object oriented
      learning system that scours a target, it - in a literal sense - learns everything it can about 
      how an entity functions, what the entity finds important, weighed and measured, and then - here's 
      the part I am still trying to wrap my mind around - it adapts. A new business owner takes control 
      of the business,  the company reorgs, it abandons products or services, all of it - his system 
      dynamically takes it all into consideration. So whether you have a web site, or you're just looking
      to understand your own information stores better, as an administrator you have total control over 
      your information and how it's presented to the public. 
Bill: I'm more interested in Sandra here. Has she made any progress?
Kevin: Bill, did you hear anything I just said? There's nothing like this on this planet. I mean, 
      if I didn't know any better, I'd say this guy isn't from Earth with the way he thinks. 
Bill: You're obsessing, Kevin. You're there for a reason. You've reported his efforts. 
      Now do you mind sharing a little feedback on why you think Sandra's not achieving success. 
Kevin: Do you know his design also mimics the look and feel of a company and can provide a presentation
       which looks and feels exactly like the original company?
Bill: Impressive. But back to Sandra. What happened?
Kevin: Fine. He's not taking to her at all. He hates attention. And treats the people around here, 
       his friends, in part like his shield. He respects them, and even hired someone to act as a 
       leader of the company and another man to act as chief of technology so he could focus on 
       development and not have to "deal with people issues". He's an introvert, and thick when 
       it comes to being flirted with, so he just isn't receptive at all 

“Kevin wasn’t proving as reliable in information gathering as I had hoped, but he later suggested some improvements I could make. I’d also learned that Brian had placed himself on an online dating service shortly after Sandra started working there, so I had to consider the possibility that Sandra was too close. Maybe he had personal rules against dating in the office?,” Bill said.

He looked at the audience, who was clearly growing agitated.

“Dale, go ahead and let them ask questions,” he said.

Numerous lights flicked on.

“Come on people. Ok. Larry. You’re new here. Everyone, meet Larry Hryb. Earlier this year I started Microsoft Games division, and Larry is our corporate spokesman and highly skilled and educated in public affairs. Brian’s a gamer, and while presently the gaming industry is dominated by the Japanese, America needs representation and the timing seemed right for an American competitor, and who else has a couple billion floating around to invest in a gaming startup?,” Bill said, “Yes, Larry?”

“Thanks for the intro, boss,” Larry said, knowing full well Bill hated being called that, “Did you involve anyone in public affairs, psychology, relationships, or marketing before your experiments with Brian?”

“Thanks, Larry. And no, I didn’t. At the time, I had to consider and weigh the risk involved of introducing others to what was already getting out of control, so I made a command decision to maintain as much secrecy and isolation in the last year as I could.”

Bill then added “INCIDENTALLY, It’s the realization that I needed someone skilled in public affairs which led to the decision to hire you”

Larry nodded and said “Thank you for that, chief”

Bill winced. “Mister Stark, your floor”

“Tony Stark, Owner and CEO of Stark Industries,” he said as he stood up and waved his hand.

“We all know who you are, Tony, “ said Bill, “What’s your question?”

“The implications of what you’re already presenting to defense is enormous and surpasses anything I have that remotely resembles it, literally and of course figuratively,” he said as he draws an hourglass figure with his hands in the air. “Am I to assume my presence here suggests a relationship you might want to form with me and my company and the defense industry?”

Bill Gates’s smile lost it’s luster.

“Tony Stark. The Wizard of War. Tony, how much fiction do you engage in?,” Bill said.

“I try not to watch too much of it, I find it… detaches me too much from the real world,” Tony said.

“That being the case. Let me help you and the rest of the audience out. Dale, take me to the fear findings section of the presentation.” Bill responded, with a dire face.

“Over the last year, I’ve expanded a team which has cross referenced fiction to the real world and discovered some startling and eye opening possibilities which reinforces a single need for us as a society. Climate change. Corporate Espionage. The drama associated with the childish he said she said games of who’s sleeping with who or who ran naked through the streets are going to seem silly that they ever concerned any of us. Here’s the picture of what we know so far.”

The photo on the next page showed images of a Borg.

“We had what appeared to be a real Borg. The Borg, at least as depicted on Star Trek, had leveraged nanotechnology and converged their biological bodies with their technology and – at least in fiction – their minds had become a collective. Now I don’t know about you, but I enjoy my individuality, and hope we – at least in this room – can come to both understand and agree on the benefits and risks of a collective mind, and how to preserve our individuality,” he said, “So I think we should all consider the Borg as depicted in Star Trek as a very real metaphor for what’s possible for our future given our current technological trajectory.”

The image flipped to a a gorgeous and very naked Tricia Helfer standing in the middle of a remake of “The Last Supper” scene, complete with landing strip pubic hairs, everyone else clothed.

Bill gestured towards Amy and Sandra “Does this image remind you of anything? Has anyone watched this – the adults only remake of the tv series Battlestar Galactica which appeared on HBO in 1999?”

A few hands went up.

“Oh come now. If you’re anything like me. You were delighted to watch the first classy and high budget science fiction production which on occasion featured uncensored sex. Now I ask you. Is it that much of a stretch to consider we were watching actual androids tell a story and we were watching androids have sex?,” Bill said.

The hands went down.

“So morally, we’re absolutely going to have to have a hard look at ourselves, sexually, and what that means for our world, society, and culture moving forward,” he said, as he added, “Lest we end up like this.”

The first image was a dirty street corner of a busy intersection in India, and a dirty man was seen with his erect penis masturbating in plain view of everyone. Another was an image of people shitting in the river of the Ganges, and corpses being thrown into it. Another image was of festering corpses alongside a road in Africa. And yet another was a series of images of slums in cities around the world.

“In a nutshell, I’m concerned about our future on this planet. As robotics, artificial intelligence, and lifespans increase, and as we learn the cold hard truths about the reality of science fiction, what I am concerned about is the very future of this planet. ”

“Q being real presents fascinating possibilities. But what he also presents is a reality check. Who are we as a society. Where are we going. What do we want and why are we here? And with here, I’m not just referring to the human race as a potential disease infesting a beautiful planet. I’m referring to our reason, both as individuals and as a collective society – what’s our purpose,” he said.

“I’d like to break for lunch. But to conclude this first segment. And I do hope Q’s listening to this.  I’m going to get around to asking each and every one of you, individually, why. Tony. You enjoy your weapons of war. Does it end there? Warren. You enjoy competition. What happens when I walk away and refuse further competition? Meg, you enjoy making women look like more than an object. Do any of you take the time to dig, internally, and really – honestly ask – why?”

“Q. He. You. Present to me proof I’m not alone. And I myself am anxiously unsure what our future holds for us. And that excites – pardon my profanity, it excites the fuck outta me. And I sincerely hope you have good intentions with my … our world,” he said.

“Let’s break for lunch,” Bill Gates concluded, “I hope all of this sinks in to everyone here.”

“Oh and one last thing,” Bill Gates said as people began getting up out of their seats.

“It IS about TIME we all agreed on future directions together rather than letting it be dictated by seemingly random chance. I’m finding random chance to be too.. calculated for my tastes,” he said.


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