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Falling out of Alignment

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“Everyone, please, take your seats. AS you’re getting seated, I would like to apologize for not explaining this before, but no, the nudity of the android serving you for lunch wasn’t out of perverseness. As many of you caught on relatively quick, I was interested in demonstrating the anatomical correctness of the models. I regard these T100s as – art, beauty in science and technology and I take my art seriously. As such, I did not mean to offend by placing my art on display as I did. I admit, I let ego get a hold of me and I was putting my ego on display. So the males and females you saw today were all – androids I’ve built,” said Bill Gates.

A light came on.

“Mr Hawkings, we haven’t heard from you yet,” said Bill Gates.

The digitally synthesized voice of Stephen Hawking could be heard “Perhaps one day you’ll uncover the technology to one day place my consciousness inside one of these perfect specimens.”

Bill Gates smiled somewhat in jest “If you’re serious, then let’s talk.”

The digital voice responded “I am”

Bill gates responded with “That’s an interesting line of research I never considered. Providing paraplegics, quadriplegics and severely disabled the use of a functional body. Thank you for that thought, Mr Hawkings. “

A smattering of applause echoed in the auditorium.

Amy, still nude, took her place at the table, which now was long enough to accommodate 10 seats and chairs, each with a Star Trek style communicator on the desk in front of it. Amy took the one placed in front of her seat, and placed it on her nude bare chest, just below the collarbone and three inches above her right exposed nipple.

“AS you can see, the table here’s been extended. I’d like to finish the first part of this presentation, and follow that up with Q&A where I’m going to invite a few of you down from the audience to participate, as there’s quite a few guests who have questions for you which I’m suspecting is on everyone’s mind,” Bill Gates said.

“But first, let me get to Sandra. I should have concluded this before, But I am trying to get better about these things called schedules. I admit, I’ve infamously not been great about respecting them which is why I let you go for lunch on time,” he said, “Sandra, can you join us again.”

A completely nude and absolutely gorgeous female human looking Sandra walked from behind the curtain to the stage, and stood next to Bill, obediently.

“Sandra, can you do the runway walk until I ask you to stop?,” said Bill.

Sandra proceeded to walk to the back of the stage, and then, in her best model pose, tip toed towards the center of the stage.

“Here we have Sandra, obeying the commands of her designer, because that’s what she was told to do. She operates not that much different than a human does, in fact, the similarities between your average human who comes to work, every day, does the same thing, day in, day out, is not that much different,”

Sandra had completed one loop, and continued.

“Amy?,” Bill said.

She shot him a glare as if saying ‘dont even’…

“You know what I am going to ask,” he said, “You can always say no, he added.”

Amy could be seen visibly protesting.

She then got up, and said “Fine. But this better not take long.”

AS the android Sandra walked to the front of the stage, completely nude, a completely nude Amy had left her seat and was now walking to the back of the auditorium.

“So with Sandra’s assistance, while she wasn’t making any headway with Brian, who since I don’t have any doubt he’s one and the same I’m going to refer to as Q from this point forward, I was learning about this being who I found myself questioning the origin of life and intelligence itself,” he said.

“Take Amy and Sandra here. Two beings. composed of remarkably different internalized routines. But are they so different?,” he said.

Amy was now at the front of the stage, twirling around like a model showing her nude body to the large crowd, albeit a little clumsily as she almost tripped in her pirouette..

“While Amy’s clearly a bit more clumsy, Amy was and is being educated and is pursuing her PHd right here at Arizona State University. For most of her educational career, she and many of you in the audience received a standardized education some I once referred to as an indoctrination. This education shapes and molds her mind to think in specific ways. With Sandra, I input a program direct into her artificial brain, and from there, this program receives information, interprets that information, and then acts on the activities,” he said.

Sandra was now at the front of the stage, and Amy was at the back.

“Both can say no. But I have to program that into Sandra. Amy’s life experiences led her to resist, but right now, she’s leveraged logic and reason to override her own resistance and perform as I have requested,” he said.

“Not for much longer,” she yelled, “This is hurting my feet!”

“Ok, Amy, go ahead and sit down,” Bill said.

Amy breathed an obvious sigh of relief as she walked back over to the desk, leaning back and sprawling out with her arms on either side of the chairs. She’s clearly become very comfortable being nude.

“Now Sandra here will continue as long as her power source holds out. We can leave tonight and come in tomorrow, and she’ll be performing exactly the same pirouette, walking the same exact path,” he said, “and she’ll continue this until I tell her to stop.”

“Sandra would you stop for a moment,” Bill said, looking at Sandra. who was in the middle of the stage walking towards the audience, still completely nude.

Bill looked back at the audience.

“Q wasn’t responding to Sandra’s obvious flirtations. So I stepped it up a bit. Knowing a bit about the man, I dug into his past psychology and learned he had been horribly insecure with women and had only been with two in his life, both whom had cheated on him. He just didn’t trust women, which made it obvious why he threw himself into his work,” he said.

“I have no doubt that sounds familiar to half this audience,” he continued.

“The difference was. This man’s Q. And when I saw how he was acting, socially, and drawing mental lines to what was once a man I saw in the sphere. The eerie parallels of this man and what he was to become – quite frankly – scared the bajeesus out of me,” he said.

“So… I took it upon myself to become an angel of sorts for him,” he said, ” and act indelicately.”

“Sandra, please continue your walk,” Bill said as Sandra continued strutting.

“So I was interested in developing this man socially. IF he is Q. And his ideas of sexuality and femininity come from two females who psychologically abused him, maybe it’s my job to act as an angel to the man who has no idea I’m watching and show him some of what humanity has to offer,” he said. “And I am glad I did.”

“I learned Lisa, his wife, was going away with a male friend for a weekend to Paris. Lisa’s a flight attendant, she gets free flights, and since husband and wife book through the same services, she couldn’t exactly hide her indiscretion, but by then she had demanded an open relationship which had her feeling like honesty concerning her activities was just fine,” Bill Gates said.

“I was, for lack of better words, offended for him, ” Bill said.

“It was at about this point, that I had been looking at human behavior and studying my own employees, and unusual people like Amy and comparing her to Sandra – and thinking, is everyone’s routine so predictable?,” Bill Gates said.

“So on the weekend of Q’s wife’s not so secret tryst, Q did something unusual and decided to take off to ‘relax by his pool’. I knew by then he’d planned on getting as drunk as possible hanging out at his house. So I sent Sandra to sneak into his backyard while he’d taken a trip to the store during the day to buy some alcohol, when I planned on her being ‘caught’ by Q as she was lounging by the poolside without her clothes with her at all.  Put specifically, she drove from her faux apartment to Brian – err – Q’s place completely nude. By then Q and his house were already under intensive 3d video and audio surveillance so timing it and determining his schedule was easy,” Bill said.

“Too easy,  in fact, as I watched the entire event work out exactly as I had imagined it would,” Bill said.

“For six hours, they had sex. By the poolside. Inside the house. I’d never seen anything like it, and to be completely honest, I was a bit envious of his stamina,” Bill said.

Several lights when on simultaneously.

“Mr Branson, you go first, what’s up?,” Bill said.

“Don’t you feel in the sleightest way that you were invading this man’s privacy?,” said Sir Richard Branson, “Had I done this, I would have felt some shame for what I was doing.”

Bill looked at the other lights “Same question from the rest of you?”

Affirmative nods as the lights went off.

“At the time, no. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Even thought I hadn’t rationalized it, if pressed at the time I would have rationalized it by explaining that I am watching a man who represents an unknown quantity in this nation, and with that, he quite likely will be perceived by most others as a threat, so it behooved me to learn as much as I could about who he is and how he operates without him knowing I was there. I have no doubt that had the circumstances been reversed, he would have done the same thing,” he said.

Senator McCain spoke “Don’t you think that’s naive? How could you know what this being thinks let alone is truly motivated by?”

“Senator, I’m not going to remind you about waiting to be called on, do I?,” Bill said chidingly.

The Senator’s gaze remained fixed on Bill without saying a word.

“I don’t, Senator. You make assumptions when doing your job. I’m making assumptions as I do mine. The more I dehumanize the study of this being and regard him as a lab rat, the more he’ll act like one. So I figured I’d make the experiments. Fun. Hopefully for both of us. It really is that simple,” Bill responded, “Amy inspired that when she decided to do what she did and I applaud her for that.”

A look of incredulity came across many people’s faces.

“When this man known as Mr Brian Scott Gregory who I believe is Q learns about this all, and I’m going to make sure they do, this audience is my witness that should he take offense to it, I’ll hand over 99% of my wealth to him. That’s how confident what I was doing was morally and ethically right,” he said.

The Senator responded “We’re going to hold you to this, Mister Gates. You have 350 witnesses that just heard you say that”

Another light blinked on.

“Mr Ostreim,” Bill responded.

“How much of his life have you bee recording?,” he said.

“All of it, in 3d. When he grows up to become Q. He’s going to have the equivalent of baby photos to remember his childhood and when he began emerging as a mortal to become something more,” Bill responded, proudly.

“He’s a US citizen, for chrissake, you can’t just do that to a US citizen,” someone said.

“Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Shortly after Sandra and his relationship began, he admitted he was unhappy with the progress of his company, and the two executives he’d hired had actually turned on him, manipulating the others to lead them to believe they were partners. His IPO was delayed, as they shoved him out of the company, he threatened legal action, then his wife became involved legally with him as she began pursuing a divorce. His world was caving in, and he openly discussed suicide to Sandra,” Bill Gates said.

The audience gasped.

“I didn’t understand what was going on and why. And my belief this being was like a child couldn’t have been more accurate as he was really poorly handling everything emotionally. Struggling for options, I contacted General Shinseki hoping the military might help strengthen him emotionally,” he said, “So we worked with President Bush, and made him a deal he couldn’t refuse.”

“You conscripted him?,” someone in the audience said.

“Lights, people,” Bill Gates said, “No, we made him a financial offer to buy out his shares and sell his technological assets to the US Army, at a premium, to integrate with intelligence, with one caveat, he wouldn’t receive a penny until after he’d enlisted for six to eight years in one of two chosen areas, both intelligence related where his software would be put in use, and after his service he’d receive a single lump sum payment of $10 million per year for every year in service and full honorable discharge. A guaranteed $60 million, up to $80 million, tax free, with no liens, no ties to ex wives or partners, no nothing. It would be his free and clear. “

Senator McCain’s light came on as he simultaneously said “Were you trying to screw this man up?”

“I have to ask the same, Senator, ”  Bill Gates said, “Would you care to explain what happened next and how you helped this man unbecome being a citizen of the United States?”

The Senator was a little incensed.

“Eric?,” The Senator said.

General Shinseki nodded affirmatively.

“I got wind of the General’s deal with Bill Gates and Mr Gregory, while Mr Gregory was in boot camp, and while the General and I are now on speaking terms again, I was furious at him. His anger problems were escalating, he’d gotten into a fight in basic training leaving a black man who was a brother of a professional boxer in the hospital. He wasn’t a fighter, had never been trained in fighting, so when I learned this guy who stood nearly 6 inches taller and weight 60 pounds more than the guy was thrown around like a pillow, I knew this wasn’t good,” The Senator said.

“I’d lost track of him, he was originally supposed to be sent to a much easier male and female basic training at Fort Jackson, which was advancing my social causes, but the antiquated military computer systems sent him to Fort Knox,” Bill added.

“He’d broken his ankle in the scuffle, “ continued Senator McCain, “but was still running on it despite the pain. A man who’d worked out and had never gotten in any sort of altercations is suddenly becoming a super soldier. This wasn’t good. So I put in a few calls, where his career area was changed to public affairs from intelligence. At the time, I wasn’t aware of his deal with the US Army and Bill Gates, which prompted Mister Gregory to hack the US Army and begin systematically throwing the Army under the bus until they were forced to release him with a full honorable discharge. He’d lost his assets. He’d gotten a divorce, and due to the urgent and unplanned nature of his early release, we…,”  the Senator said…

“Tell them,” Bill Gates added.

“We neglected his retaking the constitutional oath. A simple failure in process,” the Senator said.

“A simple failure,” Bill Gates said, “Which led to his transition to becoming a citizen from the military mere months after he’d joined without obligation to any laws. What the Senator did was effectively give the man a license to kill and get away with it.”

Ron’s light came on.

“Ron, go ahead,” Bill Gates said.

“I’ve known Brian for nearly 10 years now. I can assure you he would never kill anyone,” he said.

“Thanks Ron,” Bill said, “In any case, Q had an unusual sexual relationship with a woman known as Jennifer Bryant while in training at Fort Meade, Maryland, something I flat out didn’t understand, and simultaneously another woman was expressing interest in him that he’d befriended and taken a liking to – a young woman by the name of Jocelyn Hilliard. which we leveraged his relationship with her to introduce him to….”

“Jackie, can you come out please?,” Bill said.

Another completely nude and very attractive woman came out, thin black hair flowing just to below her shoulders, her breasts a little smaller, a perfect size C, and her pubic hairs manicured in a landing strip similar to the rest of the female androids.

“Meet Jackie, or as Brian would come to know her as – Jackie Killeen” Bill Gates said.

“Her AI is a little more sophisticated than the others, she was customized as a party girl to compliment Q’s drinking preferences, and her AI was a little more crass and abrasive than the rest of the models,” Bill Gates said.

The completely nude Jackie Killeen joined Bill at the left of the stage, standing in front of 350 people.

Sandra was still doing her nude runway walk.

“Sandra, I’m sorry, I completely forgot about you, can you stand next to the table on the far side of Amy there, and Jackie, can you join her side?,” he said.

Jackie and Sandra walked, obediently, completely nude, and stood besides the long table, side by side looking at the audience.

“Seeing his weird handling of his relationships and sexuality, I was curious to explore it,” Bill said, ” I’d never considered the military route would be so disastrous, and in hindsight, I realize my obvious mistake, so the safest way to explore why this being responded to emotion was something that wasn’t foreign to me and what I’d enjoyed experiencing. Sexuality,”  Bill Gates said.

A light came on.

“Mr Stark,” Bil said.

“The way I see it is. You’re creating an army of beautiful people. As a world leader, I’d see you as a potential threat, especially if, as you stated before, your army looks and acts exactly like the humans they are designed to mimic,” he said.

“That’s one way to look at it, Mr Stark, and leading a company whose primary revenue stream comes from warfare, I understand. But if you took one look at my personality and history, you’d be able to put two and two together and consider that in a sense I’m researching what it takes to be human in the long term efforts to create an artificial version of my deceased wife,” Bill responded.

The audience sat in stunned silence.

“Um. Thank you for that.. unexpected candor.,” said Tony Stark.

“I’d like to take a short break, but before I do, Jackie brought with her a couple ‘firsts’. She was the first long term model I’d created designed intentionally for what little information I had to gather on what Brian liked. She was also the first model I created with an imprinting function, in a sense she was bound to him once the two had intercourse the first time. I introduced Jackie to him shortly after his release in the military in October of 2002, and even learning everything I had from Sandra, it still took a little more than two years after the introduction of Q to Jackie in Florida. In early 2005, she received a job offer in Phoenix, where he was living, where she’d be working for me, of course – which prompted her relocation and the continuation of their relationship,” Bill said.

Tony’s light went on again and a commotion in the audience began.

“Tony?,” Bill said.

“So let me get this straight. You’re trying to figure out what it takes to hook up with him?,” is what Bill heard Tony say.

“So let me get this straight. He was released from the Army only last month, this is still 2002 the last I checked, so how can you have had Jackie knowing him for a little more than two years, if they just met. Your timelines aren’t jiving, man!,” Tony actually said.

Bill responded to what he heard “Ironic isn’t it? We spend most of our lives trying to prove our sexuality and manliness when it actually becomes fun helping others and understanding their sexuality and maybe pushing them in ways they’d never considered. My T100s became the perfect instrument to investigate and have fun experimenting,” he said, “and I was sincerely hoping he was enjoying it too”

“But Bill!,” Tony said as Tony’s light and several other lights blinked on again as the audience grew restless.

Bill held up a finger. “Hold on everyone, I’ll get to you. So in 2005, it was when Q first has intercourse with Jackie that I encountered something entirely unexpected that made me realize I was onto something,” he said, “I’m going to show you an image for you to noodle on as we go for a break, and when we get back we can discuss this further. After that I am going to let Amy take over for the afternoon to discuss her work on Nootropics and well – for lack of better explanation – mind control. “

Lights continued lighting up.

Someone pointed at the clock on the wall which read, clearly, the date and time which said: “11:01:2002 02:58:00”

Feedback came on over the microphone as Bill, serendipitously, was turning to the screen, completely missing people pointing at the clock.

“DALE, Can you get that?,” he said as he looked at the screen behind him to make sure it was on.

The feedback subsided.

Bill clicked a button on the screen.

Amy continued looking forward, seemingly ignoring the audience.

“So here we have a view from Jackie’s eyes as they are having sex,” an image in shades of green came on the screen from a woman’s perspective, with his erect penis about four inches above her vagina as she laid on her back, his penis extending outside of her and two inches inside of her, as they had intercourse, missionary style, the face and smile of Q, looking down with her, was somewhat identifiable, her trademark landing strip pubic hairs clearly visible for comparison to the woman standing nude on the stage.

The time stamp on the image clearly saying “07:04:2005 23:55:43

“And here’s a perspective from inside the apartment looking down at the couch they were on,” he said.

In this image, the room is somewhat dim, but Brian can be seen staring at a television with his arm on the side of the couch, with a clear glass containing a yellowish liquid in ice, presumably rum or whiskey, and Jackie can be seen, clearly, having fallen asleep under Brian’s left arm. She appears strangely blissful.

Both are completely clothed.

The time stamp on the image says, precisely the same time “07:04:2005 23:55:43”

The audience was stunned again.

As placard lights came on.

Bill ignored them.

“With that, let’s break,” Bill said, and quickly walked off the stage behind the curtains.

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