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Gyor Nee’s End

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“Now, goddammit, Amy, will you put some clothes on,” Senator McCain yelled.

Amy looked at him, defiantly.

“I said NOW!,” the Senator yelled again.

It was a stalemate. as Amy refused to budge on her position, when she walked over besides Bill Gates who was standing besides the podium.

“I meant what I said. When you come to this facility, you’re looking at what I intend on making my wardrobe from this point forward,” she said.

“If I am not mistaken, you’re an employee here, and as such, the man who pays your bills makes the rules here,” the Senator responded, not realizing how what he was saying next would put him in an exceedingly bad light “Bill, goddamit, tell her to put on some clothes.”

Bill smirked, looking at Amy with a ‘you sly little devil’ look, as he responded to the Senator.

“Senator, please quit obsessing on my researcher’s wardrobe, or lack thereof, and as I see it, we have bigger fish to fry, such as – where do we go from here?,” Bill Gates said.

The Senator looked left, and then right, and then back at Bil.

“Anyone else? You’ve got to be kidding me? No one else in this room has any opposition to Amy’s behavior and apparel?,”  the Senator  said.

Major General Eric Shinseki said “Senator, with all due respect, but Ms Newton is a civilian, this is a civilian operation, and this is not a public space, so what Ms Newton and Mr Gates agree on and sets for corporate policy is their business, not ours.”

The Senator became furious, “GENERAL! You have active duty men and women stationed on premises, this entire operation poses a major threat to national security, so as far as I’m concerned corporate policy and privacy went straight out that goddamn door the moment we all witnessed what we did. If you don’t do something about this, then I’ll be forced to call an emergency congress session and seize the property through imminent domain.”

Bill Gates’s face grew red “Senator! This is private property. Do you realize the precedent you’ll be setting if you reinforce your concept of governance on companies and individuals if you don’t at the very least try to work with us?”

The Senator looked around the room. He knew he was in a room of peers, but the situation, he felt was way too dire.

“I think everyone should just calm down. I personally have no doubt Amy has a perfectly valid reason for her attire, and I for one am curious to see where we’re all going to go with this,” said a stoic looking man in the audience.

The Senator shot him a glare, “Just who the hell are you and why do you think your opinion is even desired?”

The man maintained his composure, “Well, I’m Tim Koogle, CEO of Yahoo, you know that small little company that put nearly five hundred thousand into your campaign’s coffers and opened up offices here in North Scottsdale about five years ago. We met,  even had dinner at Ruth’s Chris if I remember correctly, although there was eight people in attendance I can understand why you may not remember.”

The Senator looked flustered, and sat down.

He leaned forward in his chair.

“Ms Newton. Amy. Do you mind sharing your reasons?,” the Senator said, in a mildly concessionary tone.

Amy looked at Bill and then leaned to the Microsoft.

“Q. It’s what he wants,” she began saying, as the Senator interrupted.

“I sure hope there’s more than that,” the Senator responded.

“There is, if you’d let me finish,” she said.

He leaned back, smiling, and said “Go ahead.”

“What he told me is the average human body is comprised of 20 billion cells, give or take a few billion, where mine contains around 37 trillion. Many of these cells, he said, act as receptors, transceivers, which can be used to both determine my position in space and time and to begin stabilizing the psychic connection between his mind and mine without driving me insane,” she said.

A commotion began to occur in the audience.

“As I said earlier, he’s selected me as a partner, a mate, something I had to explicitly agree on, a partnership he himself admitted failure to in the past, and he’s trying something new with the desire to make this method of companionship work.”

The Senator responded, waving his hand around “Everyone, please, calm down, let us continue here.”

The room relaxed a bit.

“So what you’re saying is. You agreed to a marriage with a man you don’t even know, who appeared as this immodestly ghastly apparition we saw in front of us , because … I’m just not getting it,” The Senator said.

“I believe he at the very least as Star Trek would have put it has sufficiently advanced technology to make him godlike, so who am I to question his methods for finding a partner? Compared to the predictably boring and relatively unintelligent men on this planet, present company notwithstanding, he at the very least offers something most men don’t – an opportunity for remarkable stimulation.”

Someone in the audience quipped. “In more ways than one”

“Exactly,” Amy said.

“So yes, Senator, I choose to leave my body exposed to everyone until he can bridge that gap between us,” she added.

“Can we shelve that discussion,” Bill Gates said, tersely.

The Senator leaned in again. “Fine. The security of this nation and world are clearly in jeopardy, we’ve all seen our future, I sure the hell hope you know what you’re doing and just what you’re inviting to this planet…”

“A future, Senator, There are infinite potential pasts and futures, he merely showed us one,” she said.

“Whatever that means,” The Senator said, “Sure, Mr Gates, your room, your floor.”

Bill gave the Senator and the rest of the room a look with his body language that said oh and now it’s my room, “Senator, I won’t even ask how and where the NSA obtained the technology you just demonstrated, “

The Senator looked at him with a don’t even go there look.

“But first, The clearances,” he reached under the podium, and handed Amy half the stack as he took the other.

Amy walked to the left of the room, still completely nude, and Bill to the right, as they began handing out the sheets.

In a raised tone of voice Bill said as he walked passing out the single sheet of paper,” A month ago, in a meeting at the Pentagon, we received the agreement by the leaders of the US military and Intelligence Agencies that a civilian security chart, originally proposed by Ms Newton, was in order. Military organizations and Intelligence Agencies would be encouraged from within to adopt their own security or they could retain the existing system, it was entirely up to them. But no longer would civilian level security be aligned with or responsible for implementing military security protocols in their operations. This chart has the security levels.”

Someone looked at the paper, and said “Why aren’t we talking about what just happened.”

“Patience, Mr Branson, You’ve all scheduled all day for this. I intend on taking up your time. In exchange, I have world class catering which will be delivering shortly, and a few of my favorite select wines among other beverages. I do not intend on making any of you hate this, but let’s do this in order,” Bill said as he continued handing out the pages, as Amy silently walked from person to person setting the sheet on the desk in front of them.

“Sir, Sir “ Richard Branson responded.

Bill smiled at him, “Sir, my apologies.”

Many of the men couldn’t help but admire Amy’s naked body, who took it in grace.

“This model of security is what Microsoft and all my subsidiaries are in the process of adopting. We’re already moving our corporate headquarters outside of the United States to shield us from eminent domain actions that gun blazing Senators such as Senator McCain might use in an attempt to seize our assets without giving us due process let alone any form of fair value,” he said.

The Senator grumbled, and said “This means nothing to most of us.”

“It’s a matter of respect, Senator McCain. Information and ideas become molded into something entirely different based on the organism processing that information, whether that’s an individual, a company, a government, or some other form of entity, so Microsoft’s merely making it clear to anyone doing business with us: Here’s our scheme. Yes. We will have things that we choose to hide from the President whoever he, she, or it – is. This incident, I am planning on personally discussing with the President, Levels 1 through 28 are Q Scales, compartmentalization, with Q17 being the highest “Q level” the President will have access to if requested. ”

The Senator smirked, and began to say something, when Bill Gates arrived at the podium.

“SENATOR!, “ Bill said, “You do realize there are other people in this room, don’t you? How about I put you in time out for the next half hour and you let others speak?”

“Old habits die hard, Mr Gates,” he said.

Amy joined Bill at the front and sat down roughly ten feet behind and to the left of him, still nude, her legs crossed.

“So as you become acquainted with Microsoft’s security levels, of which everyone in attendance today is at Q1,” Bill said, looking at the clock on the wall “It’s now 11:30, we’ll break for lunch at 12, so does anyone have any dietary restrictions”

A few people spoke up.

“Got all that Dale?,” Bill said.

“Sure do,” he responded on the intercom.

Bill looked around the room, as someone had raised their hand “Mr Trefler”

“Uh. Yeah. I just was curious what you meant when you said John Delancie doesn’t exist,” Alan said.

“Great question. And great place to start. Thank you for that,” as he touched a few buttons on the screen.

An image of Patrick Stewart aka Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek, the Next Generation came up on the screen. Seconds later, this was followed by an image of Jonathan Frakes aka William Riker, Whoopi Goldberg, John Delancie, and more.

“Shortly after the discovery of the Borg sphere in the Antarctic, which was discovered by mapping real world locations to fictional locations, I started purchasing tv show and movie script originals looking for clues on what tv shows and movies may be filmed here and what ones may be arriving to this planet via alternate routes. To my surprise, I found out almost immediately that transcripts, not scripts, were the only thing available for Star Trek, the Next Generation. Real world, original scripts simply weren’t available,” he said.

He breathed.

“So that’s when I hired and began working covertly with some of the best discrete private investigators money has to buy to investigate the origin of Star Trek, The Next Generation. I was concerned that my investigation would ‘trigger’ a cover up response, so being covert was absolutely crucial to our investigation,” he said

“So here’s what I learned,” he added.

The screen flickered.

“Patrick Stewart aka Jean Luc Picard. British actor, born 13 July 1940 in Mirfield, United Kingdom, has a current and valid British Passport but has never left Europe. Not once. Has never appeared on an American stage, let alone a stage of Star Trek, and utterly refused both subtle and later overt attempts to discuss,” he said

The Senator sat back, his arms folded with a stern look on his face.

“That’s bizarre. Maybe he’s just tired of interviews,” someone in the audience said.

The image on the screen flipped to the next image.

“Brent Spiner aka Data,” Bill continued.

“My favorite. I fell in love with him in Star Trek Phase 2, what was that episode where he and a human female fell in love and they debated letting the two get married?,” said Sarah Palin.

“I hated that episode, it made me want to choke on my own vomit,”said Jon Stewart, “it was something weird if I remember correctly, a phonetic of Journey’s End if I remember correctly spelled G,Y,O,R,   N,E,E,APOSTROPHE S followed by the word end, based on the female character’s name, Jore”

“Amazing memory,” said Sarah.

Bill pushed a button.

“Guess what?,” he said loudly over the intercom, interrupting the commotion.

“Mister Spiner is MIA. Not only could I not locate him, after contacting both Paramount and numerous agents in Hollywood, but I couldn’t find anyone who’d ever worked directly with him,” he said.

“Movie stars can be obscure and like their solitude,” said Sir Richard Branson, “Unless of course they’re Elizabeth Hurley, then you can’t get rid of them.”

Everyone in the room chuckled.

Bill continued, “John Delancie aka Q. Jonathan Frakes aka Number One. Marina Sirtis aka Troi, Michael Dorn aka Worf, gates McFadden aka Beverly Crusher, Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge, all simply not on this planet”

“Is it possible they’ve all been kidnapped?,” someone said.

“Or abducted,” someone else said.

Dead silence.

“I considered all of that, however implausible it seemed,” Bill responded, ” that’s when I came across Will Wheaton, who played Wesley Crusher and absolutely insisted he talks with all of them to this day, regularly.”

Again. Silence.

“And finally. I had the privilege of meeting Whoopi Goldberg. Who I personally chatted with,” he said.

Bill looked up at the clock, which read two minutes until noon.

He flipped the image on the screen.

“We discussed Star Trek, when she explained how much of a pleasure it had been meeting all the fans of the series,” he said, pausing for a moment, and then added “That’s when I learned her idea and concept of acting wasn’t one and the same as mine,”.

A quote came up on the screen below her image.

“It has absolutely been a pleasure acting like the people I saw on that screen. I’ve lived a fulfilling life as a result.”

Senator McCain broke his silence “The lady is clearly insane, what the hell does she mean by that?”

“Well my guess is we’re dealing with alternate realities here. Realities and worlds where these individuals exist. Whoopi may never have questioned or may have mentally filtered out what acting is to anyone else, which was among the reason Amy’s work on the mind and mind enhancing drugs such as Nootropics attracted my attention. And with this display today, I think locating Q isn’t just about him finding us. It’s mutual,” Bill said, “The events of today supporting my position. On that note, let’s break for lunch, through that back left door just follow Amy.”

Amy walked up the stairs.

Still nude.

As Bill turned off everyone’s microphone to make sure no smart ass remarks, particularly by an annoying Senator could be heard.

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