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First Contact

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Ocotillo Research Facility, Tempe, Arizona USA – November 1st, 2001 08:43:47.263 AM

“I’m beyond nervous, Mr Gates, the Patriot Act was signed in record time, and now they’re going to be here looking for answers,” Amy Newton said, as as she shifted in the seat in the large conference room.

“Amy, by the time I was your age, I’d just made my first billion, and had already changed the world in ways which defied my own wildest imagination. I’d say it was about your age I was introduced to things that outright scared me, amazed me, and made me realize why we’re here. Embracing this all led me to you. Being honest, As hard as this is to admit, I have to tell you I’m a tad bit envious of where I think things will go for you. I have no doubt that you’re the right woman for this,” he said.

“I feel so…,” Amy began saying, succumbing to her insecurity.

“Stop, Amy. You do what you feel is right for these discussions today. Whatever you choose, I’m in full support of it,” he said.

“Thank you, Mr Gates, that means a lot,” she said.

“Mr Gates,” an assistant said, “They’ve arrived in the staging area.”

“Tell them we’re on our way,” Bill Gates said, looking at Amy, “Are you ready for this?”

She looked at him with a tinge of insecurity, “I am,” she said

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the south gate of the facility, where nearly 50 men and women, now including senators and congressmen and a couple of businessmen. Notable among the attendees was a personal friend and acquaintances of Bill Gates’s, Alan Trefler owner and CEO of Pega Systems, Mark Rein, owner of Unreal Entertainment. and Senator John McCain.

Bill Gates walked into the staging area, from the outside the building was made to appear like a high end expensive strip mall with half the stores closed in a location which was poorly placed in an economically challenged student area with extremely dis-interesting shops. All of it optimally designed specifically to reduce the volume of foot traffic and customers in the area.

To the curious who might see a full parking lot, the shops were all designed to be as lacking in customer appeal as possible. Annoying colors in one specifically chosen to repulse the customer, poorly laid out design in another with many overpriced breakables inconveniently placed in another to encourage someone who might visit not to come back again. And a high end, very expensive Ethiopian food restaurant which had a menu with nothing but pictures and no words on it.

If you were invited to tour and/or be considered for work at this facility, you were expected to show up shop you were told to go to, and a an expected protocol you were expected to abide by. If you couldn’t follow the rules at the first location or couldn’t remember the shop you were supposed to go through the protocol, you were simple refused entry and the personnel were instructed to play dumb and refuse continued entry.

If successful, from there, you’d be invited into a backroom which would have an elevator and stairway leading to the staging area.

The staging area was opulently decorated, making it very clear who the benefactor was, and it was also extremely well guarded, with armed guards at every entrance, seven in all, and a central security command in the middle which also acted as an information desk. All around the room were hand carved ornate wood from pretty much all around the world. Clustered in groups, the seating was arranged in much the same fashion a living room might be organized, all with large screen televisions, with selective noise cancellation making the televisions inaudible outside the group cluster, no matter the volume of the television.

Bill looked at Amy as they entered the room, “The invite specifically said no uniforms, did it not?”

He was notably pissed off. Red faced in fact.

He walked to the center and picked up a microphone.

“Ladies and Gentleman. To those of you in uniform, while you may be used to giving orders, I specifically asked you NOT to show up in uniform. This is a civilian operation working in extreme secrecy, and while I am NOT looking for excuses on why you ignored this very specific rule considering your arrival today, as you’ve already fucked things up which is going to have my risk manager busy for the next month, I’ll forgive the indiscretion this one time only, considering the circumstances, but should it happen again, you will permanently be banned from this facility,” Bill Gates said, commandingly.

He’d clearly incensed a few of those in uniform in the room, as they grumbled out loud.

“This is NOT a request. Many of you will be invited back or will become SMEs and consult for me and for us later. We’re all patriots here, you wouldn’t be in the room otherwise, so if you feel like throwing that card at me, you can shove that card straight up your ass. Now. Are we all ready?,” Bill said.

Amy looked at Bill oddly. In the little more than two years she’d worked with and alongside him, he’d never cursed.

Not once.

He could feel Amy looking at him, as he gave her a dismayed look “Sorry about that, that just pisses me the hell off when grown fucking adults can’t respect the obvious time and effort I and we have put into all of this to ensure secrecy”

Amy was suddenly feeling a little less rattled and intimidated seeing her boss as a mere mortal again.

“No problem,” she said, “Can I get you a shot of adrenaline or line of coke to help calm you down?”

He laughed, “Naw, I’ll just go jump out of a plane, that always cures it.”

“Please gather by the vault door, “ Bill Gates said, “there’s a yellow stripe I need you all to follow, single file, until you’re through the body scan area.”

“I feel like I’m back in Basic training,” a man in uniform said.

“What’s this for?,” a stoic looking woman said.

“It’s an n-dimensional body scanner. While I trust you’ve made it here, uncompromised,  I need to be sure there’s nothing on – or inside your person – which might threaten the integrity of our operation here,” Bill said.

“N dimensional, is that like the 3d airport scanners?,” someone said.

“Somewhat. But that’s like comparing a punch card to a modern desktop computer,” Bill responded, knowing immediately on saying what he did that most wouldn’t get the analogy so he redrew it “Or like comparing a Model T car to a Modern day Ferrari”

That they go.

“Is it safe,” someone said.

“Amy and I will be going first, “ he said, “Is that safe enough?,” Bill responded.

Grumbles. He then thought he heard someone saying they forgot something at their car, but when he turned to find the source, he couldn’t figure out who said it.

“In 1996, I discovered that my entire network had been breached in Seattle, this included my home, my automobiles, and my entire corporate network,” Bill Gates said, “I was intensely paranoid for a while there, and took immediate measures.”

He waved to the set of windows on either side of the long hallway they were on.

“The first measure was decentralizing my data stores – which is what initially brought me to Arizona and where I built this underground data center that can be seen below,” he said.

Below them, there were 10 rows, four different floors were visible, and ventilating fans could be seen at the bottom.

A few gasps of astonishment could be heard.

“How many are down there?,” someone said.

“In this wing, there are 19000 various servers, “ Bill Gates began to say.

“There are more wings?” someone said.

“Four total, with nearly One hundred thousand various computers, mostly servers, in total,” he said.

There was a definite surprise in the group.

“I’ll admit to seven facilities here in the US, each with roughly the same amount of systems,” he said.

“Don’t question the world’s wealthiest man,” a General said.

“That’s PRECISELY why you’re here. I need you to question my decisions. If you don’t. No one will. And I’m tired of being an oligarch.,” Bill Gates responded.

“And here I thought you had invited us here out of obligation due to the Patriot Act,” Senator McCain said.

“A formality, Senator McCain, to make sure we were all on the same page,” Bill said.

“I still can’t believe this was right here in my own state this whole time, right under my own nose” Senator McCain said.

Bill smiled and said “Shall we continue?” as he set a fast pace for everyone to move forward.

He came to another set of windows.

“Advanced Propulsion” he said, pointing out to the windows on the left and right, “I’ve been unhappy with NASA’s progress, or better put – bureaucracy, so last year I created the private SpaceX Foundation which I’m hoping will incentivize corporate investment into space exploration and exotic propulsion technologies,” Bill Gates said.

Someone looked through the window and said “Is that a Warp Nascelle?”

“That’s an astute observation. Yes, in an effort to explore exotic propulsion technologies, we’re leveraging fictional sources such as Star Trek for our research and development,”  he said.

Senator McCain shook his head in obvious disgust, “I sure the hell hope you’re not using public money for this”

“All privately funded, my dear sir. What else am I going to spend my money on, another freeway?,” he said, smiling.

He wasn’t making friends with Senator McCain.

Bill Gates pulled a device out of his pocket.

“In the next set of windows,” he said holding the device far above his head, “You’ll see where this was invented leveraging fiction as inspiration, but I’d rather demonstrate this to you now.”

He placed it on the window, it was clearly a Star Trek communicator device worn just below the collar bone on the right side of the chest of Starfleet personnel in the fictionalized Star Trek. It held firmly.

“Some kind of glue,” someone said

“Not quite. It attaches to any solid surface by creating a bond, through energy, in much the same way a magnet does” he said.

He took it off the surface of the glass, with minimal effort, and then placed it on the painted concrete wall. After that, he removed it and then placed it on his own button up shirt, where he jumped for effect and the device  stuck firmly even after shaking his clothes. Finally, he placed it on his forehead, where it stuck firmly.

“Would you care to pull it off?,” Bill Gates said.

Someone walked up, as he leaned over, and they pulled it off his forehead.

“It’s like a magnet,” they then stuck it to the bare skin of their wrist with the same effect.

“May I?,” Bill said, putting his hand out requesting the device back, where it was then placed firmly in the palm of his hand.

He then stuck the device in the customary position just below his collar bone on the right side of his chest, when he tapped it, and it beeped in the same exact way the Star Trek communicator did.

“Scotty, beam us up,” he said, smiling like a school kid. “Please direct your attention to the nacelle and the man waving on the floor. “

A tiny man down below in the cavernous room waved, he had what appeared to be a control box of some kind in his hand, as the cord led from the control box directly up, nearly 150 feet, and draped over the nacelle. He pressed the big red button, and pushed the control box down with both his hands for theatrical effect.

The nacelle lit up. Throbbing could be heard down below , a deep, powerful pitch which reverberated throughout the area.

It pulsed. AS the lights and sounds oscillated on the nacelle in timing to the pulse. It pulsed again. Faster this time. And again. The sound grew. And grew. And finally eased.

A few people in the room clapped.

“I’m not impressed. Theatrics created by the overactive imagination of a childish billionaire as far as I’m concerned,” said Senator McCain.

Bill whipped around to him, his face red again “Where do you think inventions come from?”

Amy tugged at him, he’d not seem him acting like this ever.

Bill looked at Amy and then glanced back at the Senator as he tapped his communicator.

“Thank you, Scotty, keep me apprised of your progress,” Bill said. 

“Will do, Mr Gates,” Scotty replied.

“His name really is Scotty?,” someone said.

“I’m frequently accused of hiring him because of his name,” Bill responded, smile returning to his face.

“Mr Gates, we’re running late, can we?,” Amy said.

He looked at her, with a sincere look on his face.

“Are you sure you want to do this?,” he said.

She didn’t say a word, as she began to remove the buttons on her blouse.

“Everyone, at 10am, every day, Amy’s developed a ritual that she’d like you to observe with our friend. For this, please follow… well… ”

Amy handed her shirt to Dale.

“Follow the naked lady,” he said.

“Here? Now?,” someone said, “Has she no shame?”

“Amy’s studying the impact of sexuality and we’ve all observed different behavior by, well, you’ll see, based on how she approaches what’s she’s doing,” Bill said.

“Seriously, cant you hire a stripper or someone for this research, are you trying to taint research science?”, someone said.

Amy’s bra came off, exposing her nude breasts and was placed in the bag Dale was carrying.

“Amy, communicator,” Bill said, handing her the communicator which had been on his lapel.

Just above her right breast, about three inches above her exposed nipple, she placed the communicator which stuck firmly.

She began walking, as she undid the buttons on the front of her skirt.

She had no underwear on as she continued walking, slipping off her high heels. which Dale picked up.

She was now completely nude.

“Please follow her, and to answer your question concerning research science, Amy’s set a precedent with her unique style of research which in the last month resulted in the complete elimination of all experimentation involving animals,” Bill said.

Amy appeared to be off in her own world as she walked as sexually and seductively as possible leading 50 strangers down the hall to Q, as she turned around. Her pubic hairs, very well manicured with a landing strip pussy, her natural breasts jiggled as she stopped in the hallway, as 50 sets of eyes looked at her.

She didn’t say a word, as her eyes were closed.

Someone said “This is highly unprofessional”

“What is and is not professional with experiments involving the mind and human sexuality?,” Bill Gates said, “I have a researcher here who’s produced amazing results with her unorthodox approach where more educated and well qualified people have fallen short.”

“But the reputation for researchers, the precedent she’s setting,” someone said.

Amy turned around, and began walking again.

“When we get in our destination, I ask that you all remain totally silent. Consider your presence and silence to be a part of the experiment,” Bill said, “Let’s follow her”

Senator McCain said “I still don’t understand what’s going on here and why we’re following some naked woman down a hall,”

A General said “Be patient, Senator.”

Amy turned to the right into a large class room style room with a tiered row of seating, about 200 seats were available in all which were all directed to a bed on a ‘stage’ and in front of that was a large, sphere containing Q at center stage right behind the bed.

Above the stage was a row of monitors, twelve of them in all, each with a fixed perspective of various positions on the stage.

“Please, all of you, have a seat wherever you want to,” Bill Gates said in a hushed voice, “quickly please”

The analog and digital clocks on the wall both read 09:56:24.263 am.

Amy glanced at Bill as she climbed on the bed and laid down, her naked body visible from every angle.

“Is that a Borg?,” the Star trek aficionado said.

“It is, now please, no more words,” Bill said.

Everyone had found a seat in the nick of time, as the clock stuck 10:00.000 am.

Amy began playing with herself on the stage. Touching her breasts. She crawled on all fours, her bare ass in the air, as she looked at Q saying “Are you there, my friend?”.

One of the monitors had an EEG printout on it, which indicated the ‘patient’ was still comatose.

She laid on her back, and pulled the stirrups out of the end of the bed, which was now a formal bed which had had stirrups installed on it.

On one screen, a closeup of Amy’s open vagina could be seen as she began playing with herself.

She licked her index finger, and stuck a finger inside her pussy.

Another finger, as she began thrusting the two fingers in and out, and then pulled a vibrator out.

In high definition. there was absolutely nothing hidden to this crowd of leaders, business owners, and scientists.

Amy broke into a sweat, moaned, as the vibrator rubbed against her clit, she was clearly enjoying herself.

Senator McCain broke the silence, “I sincerely hope there’s more to this than expensive pornography.”

Simultaneously, at least 5 people turned and shushed him.

About then, the eyes of Q on the stage flicked to life as he transformed from the morose Borg form to a new form, a heavyset man who looked to be somewhere in his 40s.

He smiled, and looked down at Amy.

“Thank you, “ he said, looking down at Amy, ” I look forward to meeting you.”

About then, the image of the being inside the sphere was surrounded by what appeared to be green energy, swirling around him as it appeared like every cell in his body was disintegrating and floating away as a green form of energy.

The energy drifted to the ground in a dust like way.

And then it reformed to once again become the figure they’d just seen.

Amy propped herself up out of the stirrups, and watched as the others watched.

The man walked forward, towards the front of the stage.

“My name is Q, and I am what your planet and countless other planets refers to as Borg,” Q said.

His image flickered between that of a Borg and the new man no one had ever seen before known as Q.

“I’ve been here on your planet since the beginning of time, and will be here long after, and well – I’ll be honest with you, I bore rather easily which is why I sent this beacon out,” he said, as he waved at the invisible sphere which had now begun coursing with a visible but soundless form of electricity.

“Now what I’m going to do is send you some information about how to bring me to your world, if you’re actually interested,” he said.

Someone in the audience said “But you’re here now.”

“No,” he said, “This is a simulation, a hologram in your terms, “ Q said as he walked towards the person who said it. “try to touch me,” he said.

The woman tried, in vain, as what had appeared to be solid her hand went right through.

“But that’s impossible,” she said.

Senator McCain then said “Theatrics, presented by a very wealthy billionaire, thank you for the entertainment, Mr Gates.”

The being instantly teleported to McCain’s side.

“Senator John McCain. Born August 29, 1936 in Coco Solo, Panama. Now explain to me how a man who was born outside the United States and who was a prisoner of war for five years can be groomed for Presidency in 2008 without consideration of mind control influences, let alone the requirement that all US Presidents are naturally born in the United States?,” Q said.

Senator McCain glared at him.

Q teleported back to the center of the stage.

“A more deserving man will win the Presidency and set a precedent which makes me possible,” he said.

“Theatrics,” Senator McCain grumbled out loud, “He’s probably in some room off in a closet, that’s the only explanation for his ability to respond to us.”

“Mr McCain. And the rest of my new friends,”

“In a future, an artificially intelligent system triggers a heinous world war, making the events of World War 2 look like children fighting in a school yard,” he said, as he waved his hand towards spots in the room where a solid image would appear depicting various sequences of war.

“This war spread, like a disease, across space, and eventually across time, largely pitting robotic and cybernetic life forms against humans,” as he waved his hands to other points in the room where floating images and videos depicted various robotic and weapons which the planet had never seen before.

“The wars intensified as time became involved, where genetics became involved with biological organisms, resulting in a new breed of lifeforms initially intended for infiltration into biological societies such as the humanoid Borg,” he said.

“Until we discovered the truth behind our origin,” he said, “A truth you’ll learn no your own, which began a rehabilitative process  for everyone and a simple desire for exploration and discovery rather than acquisition.”

“I. Or at least this being you see in front of you now. Is a holographic projection, you might mistake me as being sentient because of the diversity in my response systems, and eventually, even that may be possible, but for right now, I am merely a puppet on strings like many of you are but may not be fully aware of,” he waved his hand across the room as the floating images disappeared.

“I refuse to believe any of this,” Senator McCain said.

“I’d always wondered why you did what you did, Senator McCain. I suppose this is where it all begins,” Q said.

“What are you talking about?” the Senator Responded.

“My wife,” Q said.

“What about her?” the Senator said.

Q waved his hand again, and the entire room changed. They were now on board a vessel of some kind, green metal grating floors, which looked like they might have been constructed from an oil rig. The chairs and desks remained, but the flooring, the ceiling, everything in the blink of an eye had changed.

Nearly everyone gasped, including Bill Gates.

“This is my home, for now,” Q said, and has been for nearly 27 billion years.

Amy said it first, as she stood up, her feet making the contact with the grating which felt absolutely real.

“But that’s impossible,” she said, “the universe is only”

“13.8 billion years old? You can talk to Senator McCain to find out why this little lie manufactured just for your population was told to you,” Q said.

A few eyes glared at the Senator, as numerous Borg, walked around the room, as someone tried getting up to walk to the exit learning pretty quickly it wasn’t there.

“This isn’t a simulation, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Q said, “This is a Borg vessel. One of 180 which are currently situated around planet Earth just beyond visual range in a configuration called, in human terms ‘Extermination’ mode.”

He waved his hand again, and the entire front of the theatre style room disappeared revealing an orbiting view of Earth.

If anything it was magnificent.

“The year. Here. Is 2011. And within the next hour, your planet will be destroyed, as it’s been deemed a threat to the integrity of the multiverse,” Q said.

“I don’t understand. You’re saying you’re in the future.” someone said.

“I’m in A future. There are infinite potential futures. I’m from one. Amy, with your assistance, has established a connection with me in this planet’s future, which gives you and your planet precisely,” Q smiled as a watch materializes on his wrist and he looks at it.

“10 years. Precisely in fact, to this date and time. To find somewhere else to live,” he said.

A sinking feeling could be felt in most people’s stomachs as everyone was quiet.

Q waved his hand, and the room was returned to the classroom setting they were just in moments before.

Senator McCain broke the silence, “So you are threatening us?”

“No sir, I am not. I’m showing you what you need to see to understand Amy and her planet’s future,” as Q looked at Amy.

Amy then stood up, and walked, still nude, to the figure of Q, ” What? You can’t pin this on me,” she yelled.

The sphere behind them quit began shimmering again.

Images of other worlds. Others times and places flickered, in three dimensions inside the sphere, rapidly. Other versions of Earth, as what sounded like white noise came from it. Q walked into it, and disappeared.

A detached voiced came from all around the room.

This world is where you’ll all find safety at, should you desire it.

But the imagery had flicked by so fast for anyone to see, it was impossible to

After about 20 seconds of this, the sphere grew in activity until finally, it disappeared into a single white point of light so bright that everyone had to cover their eyes.

The room remained in stunned silence.


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