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Somewhere along Interstate 266, Washington DC, USA – September 11, 2001

9:00:42 am

“Can I have your license and registration, please?” the officer standing next to Amy’s Lexus SUV said.

“Officer, I don’t understand, what did I do?,” Amy said, frantically searching for her paperwork.

“I’ll explain in a moment. License and registration, please,” the officer repeated.

Amy begrudgingly hands the officer her license and registration, as he takes it and proceeds to walk back to his car, as Amy leans her head out the window and says.

“Can you please be quick, I am running late as it is,” she said in a raised tone of voice.

The officer did respond as she pulled her head back inside her car, sighing deeply.

She picks up the phone, and selects the entry “Dale w/ DARPA@Pentagon”.

The date reads “September 11th, 2011, the time 9:02am”

“Dale. I know. I know. Long explanation. My alarm didn’t go off this morning and I knocked the phone off the cradle so I didn’t get the automated wake up call. Look, the world’s conspiring against me to make sure I run late, and now I’ve just been pulled over by an officer who won’t tell me why I’ve gotten pulled over, can you please delay the presentation by one hour – from 9:30am to 10:30am?,” she said.

“Oh you’re a doll. I owe you… ok dinner, thank you, Dale, thank you so much.”

She hangs up the phone as the officer comes up.

“Ms Newton,” the officer says, looking at Amy’s license.

“Ms Amy Newton, currently residing in Chandler, Arizona,” the officer says.

“That’s me. See the resemblance?,” Amy says as she points at the photo on the license the officer’s holding and feigns a similar smile to the one in the DMV photo which she had waited nearly three hours to take which was almost as painful as being stopped on one of the most important days of her life.

“Ms Newton, what’s your height,” the officer said.

“Oh jesus it says there on the license,” she said.

The officer looks at the license, and then looks expectantly back at her.

“Five foot five and three quarters inches tall, without my heels,” she said, clearly dismayed.

“Weight?,” he says.

“One hundred and ten pounds, “ she said, tersely, thinking she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.

“Bra size,” he said.

“COME on officer, next thing you know you’re going to be asking my blood type,” she said.

Without so much as a smile, he responded matter-of-factly, “That’s next. Bra size, please”

“34c,” she said.

She glanced at the clock on the dashboard. it now read 9:17am.

“Blood type,” he said, flipping the license over.

Amy responded, “Q positive, and yes I’m donating my body to science should I die unexpectedly,” she said.

“Thank you for your cooperation, Ms Newton,” he said, “Ms Newton, I’m not sure if Phoenix has these things called toll roads, but about three miles ago you passed through something we refer to as a toll booth where you’re expected to pay for the use of the road.”

“Oh baby jesus that’s what this was all about? How much is the toll,” As Amy went to grab her purse at the same time the officer responded by pulling away from the car and putting his hand on his gun holster.

“Miss, please keep your hands where I can see them,” the officer commanded.

“Hold yer horses  there, Dirty Harry,” Amy said, as she pulled her hands to the steering wheel, “I was just going to get my wallet to pay the toll”

The officer took his hand off his holster.

“I’m afraid that’s not possible, you’ve already broken the law, now if you’d let me continue,” he said.

“Fine, “ Amy said, looking expectantly at the digital clock as she thought Thank God I delayed the meeting, now if I don’t make the 10:309 on time I’m screwed.

“Now as I was going to say. You’re entitled to use our roads, but when you see a sign with a colorful turtle on large yellow sign, that’s your cue that you’re entering a toll road and expected to pay to use that road. These roads were created with lent money obtained by bonds by the state of Washington DC, bonds which we are expected to pay back, so we pass the cost to those who use those roads. You,” he said.

She felt like she was being talked to like a child, and took note of the officer’s name.

“Well I apologize, Officer Ellis,” she said, with half genuineness.

“Apology accepted, Ms Newton. I’m going to let you go with a warning for now, but would you please consider the local economic impact of your commuting decisions should you visit our fair state in the future?,” he said, as he handed Amy a pad with a pen on top of it, “I’m going to need your signature acknowledging our discussion and the verbal warning.”

“Sure thing, officer,” she said, as she took the pad, and signed it.

The officer took the pad, and as he handed Amy her license and registration, he asked.

“Do you mind me asking why you drove your car from Phoenix to here, when there’s always rental cars?”

Amy took her paperwork, and placed them on the dashboard.

“Too much to get into, really, it was a last minute trip where all the flights anywhere in a 500 mile radius were booked, the meeting was too important to miss and I had a week and didn’t mind the drive – I had never driven across the country before. But I will tell you what, it feels as if the entire world’s been conspiring against me to be here,” she said.

“Maybe it has, Ms Newton. You have a good day, and please, keep the turtles in mind as you drive through our state” he said.

The officer walked away from the car, as Amy rolled up her window, and thought.

“What the hell does that mean?,” she said out loud. “Maybe is has? Asshole.”

She looked at the clock on her dashboard.

It was 9:37am.

As she turned the keys to her car, the car didn’t start.


West Wing, Pentagon, USA 10:28:22 am

Amy bursts through the door of the meeting room.

“I am SO stinkin sorry for being late,”, she exclaims.

Thirty four sets of eyes at the long mahogany desk turn to her.

Most of them accompanied by a palpable look of surprise.

And some with masked fear.

As she walked to the front of the room, her partner Dale said to her, oddly – she noticed – devoid of genuineness “I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show.”

 “You wouldn’t believe it if I told  you,” she said.

“Well you’re here. I suppose that’s all that matters,” he responded.

“Again, I apologize for being late, it’s felt like the world conspired against me arriving today, “ she said.

About then, Bill Gates strolled in, smiling, and took a seat near the back of the room.

“Thank God you showed up,” she said.

“God had nothing to do with it, you wouldn’t believe the problems I’ve had getting here,” he said.

A white haired man wearing a blue Air Force uniform spoke, “Ms Newton, Mr Gates, you both called us here, do you mind not wasting more of our time and getting on with your presentation and why you called us here?”

Bill Gates looked at Amy, “Sure, Amy, do you mind?”

“Not at all, General Eberhartthen, is it? I apologize for everything, but what you’re about to see here is Q Classified, the faces you see around the room are the only ones authorized for this information,” Amy said.

Someone at the table said, “There is no such thing as a Q clearance.”

Amy went around the room, and set a single sheet on everyone’s desk.

“Are you suggesting we revise our functioning security clearances?,” someone in the room protested?

Without giving Amy time to respond, someone else picked up the paper and said “This is preposterous, you’re suggesting there’s clearances within the United States that the President himself does not have access to?”

Amy continued around the room, without a word, dropping the security clearances in front of the men and women in the room.

“Q clearance isn’t even listed, why,” someone else began to say as Amy motioned to Dale.

The lights went out and the projector came on.

A video came on.

It was a clip from Star Trek, The Next Generation, available here.

In the clip, a man named Q appears and claims he’s God, and is talking with a man known as Captain Jean Luc Picard who has apparently died from a fatal phaser wound to the chest and is now in the afterlife with Q who is telling him he died.

Someone said “It’s Star Trek, you’re wasting our time, we don’t have time for this, Ms Newton.”

“If you hold your concerns and questions for 15 more minutes, I promise you your patience will be rewarded,” Amy said.

A few in the small audience grumbled.

The next clip came on, another clip from Star Trek, the Next Generation, available here.

In the clip, Q appears to teleport onto the bridge of the Starship, and at the snap of his fingers, women, cigars, and entire wardrobes change in the blink of an eye.

“Ms Newton,” General Eberhartthen said softly as the video continued, motioning her over.

She acknowledged him, but placed an index finger up, in a gesture suggesting one moment please…..

He shifted somewhat angrily in his seat but resumed watching the screen.

Six screens, three on either side of the wall flipped on, as the next video commenced.

On the center screen – a larger 10 foot by 7 foot high resolution projection unit, a large and medically clean room, was a video of a slightly younger looking Amy being introduced to the Borg known as Q by Bill Gates.

The video zoomed in on Amy and Bill, and showed the entire short introductory conversation Bill had with her as he walked around the Borg tapping the invisible spherical wall separating the Borg from the real world.

“Are you expecting us to believe that this Borg thing is real?,” someone said.

“They’re trying to tell us Star Trek’s real,” someone else said jokingly.

A few nervous chuckles around the room.

The short three minute introduction flashed away.

Amy’s face was seen on the screen next.

“Dale, can you pause it so I can prepare them?,” she said.

“As you all may or may not be aware of, I’ve been working with Nootropics, or mind enhancing drugs based on a wonderful molecular biologist’s original work, who incidentally just recently passed away and the CIA’s MKUltra program in mind control,” she said.

“Next thing you know you’re  going to tell us mind control’s real,” someone said.

She ignored them and continued.

“Now as some of you may know, I myself have a policy of using myself in my own experiments. I prefer not asking someone else to do the things I myself wouldn’t do first. And with this next experiment you’re about to see, I have to warn you, it is involving me and is what you would consider pornographic so if for some reason in today’s day and age you find this offensive, which you shouldn’t as each of you has been vetted before being invited here, then I ask that you leave and abide by the NDAs you signed earlier, and walk out of this room and pretend none of it ever happened,” she said.

Amy, to be sure, was a very attractive female who was only 26 years old at the times. With short brown hair, she had an athletic body and for most males would be considered a 9 or 10 out of 10.

The room was quiet.

“Do I have any objections to what I am about to show you understanding what you’re going to be seeing is pornographic?,” she said.

No one said a thing. In a room comprised of 12 males, not one objected.

The video was paused.

Amy motioned to Dale.

Seven screens leapt to life. Three 60 inch screens on the left wall, three 60 inch screens on the right wall, and one main projection.

On the main projection unit was a view of the entire room with the Borg, and Amy standing next to a medical gurney.

The clock on the right hand corner of the screen read 09:01:2001 12:36:42.6969

The clocks in the same position on the other screens were synchronized at the same time as the video remained paused to establish a sense of timing between them.

On the first screen on the left wall was a full body shot camera from a 45 degree left angle guided by personnel in the security room which would be following Amy.

On the second screen on the left wall was the lifeless Borg’s face from head on, a fall face view of him.

On the third screen on the left wall was the security room, with nearly 50 sets of eyes eyeing nearly 120 monitors viewing the room.

On the first screen on the right wall was a full body shot camera from a 45 degree right angle guided by personnel in the security room which would be following Amy.

On the second screen on the right wall was a body shot of the seemingly lifeless Borg from the front.

And finally, on the third screen on the right wall the screen was a full body view of the gurney from about 5 feet in front of it from the top.

Next, Amy explained what had been explained to her about the Borg and Bill Gates discovery of this being called Q in the antarctic. From there, she explained in brief how she came to be included in the research, and where she got the idea for digitally based Nootropics.

“And Miss Newton. You don’t think you’re being cleverly manipulated by a very wealthy man with too much time on his hands? Not a single one of these images has cameras in them. He’s a software genius. What’s he done to you to lead you to believe…” someone said.

“Dale, can you take us around, please?,” she said, cutting the woman off.

The lights lit up just a bit to about 50% illumination, as Amy flipped open a box on the table.

The large screen in the front of the room showed a view of the entire room as if a camera was coming out of the box.

But the curious thing was – there was no camera. Nothing was visible.

“About 18 months ago, Q entered what can only be referred to as a coma stage of mental activity,” she said as the invisible camera flew within inches of people’s faces as they swatted away at an invisible fly which didn’t respond to their presence or attempts to swat it away.

“About six months ago, a few of the technicians studying the Borg from afar came up with an idea based on the ocular device’s design on a camera that could leverage subatomic physics to retrieve light and sound from anywhere within a 50 foot radius without detection through the computer,” she continued, “as they put it ‘the design made itself obvious after studying the Borg'”.

The invisible camera then sped through the room at what – at least on the screen – appeared to be nearly a hundred miles an hour.

“The control and precision of the camera was refined using off the shelf technology one could obtain from any modern television set remote control,” she said, “and after they applied their theoretical physics understanding,” she continued, pressing a button as a view from just over the Pentagon could be seen as she guided the camera upwards through the clouds.

“We found there to be a limitation of about 13 miles for this camera which could travel at any speed,” she said.

“Jesus,” said someone in the room, “The NSA’s going to have a field day with this”

“May I remind you of the NDA you signed, “ Bill Gates said, “what we’re detailing is not to leave this room.”

“This has just become a matter of national security,” said General Eberhartthen

Amy got angry.

“Gentlemen, please, can you shelve it for one moment, I have no doubt what comes next will prove very entertaining.”

The camera then switched off, as she closed the box.

The general and Bill Gates exchanged glances.

“Go ahead, Amy,” Bill Gates said.

“Q has been unresponsive outside my first contact. So I decided to give it a more personal touch,” she said.

“It was a hail mary, that I objected to when she first presented the idea,” Bill Gates said.

“But THANKFULLY, you and Bill agreed,” she said.

“And we’ll never think of you the same afterwards,” Bill quipped.

“Dale, proceed please,” Amy said, as Dale turned the lights down and the main screen resumed

Amy’s voice could be heard, plainly.

“Q, do you hear me?,” she said on the recording.

On the screen, Amy traced around the perimeter of the sphere, touching it the entire way.

“Q had initially responded to my touch. And after being told I’d been selected based on ‘mental markers’ developed in an algorithm created by Mr Gates to find people like me, I began thinking that maybe there’s something related to a psychic connection between us that triggered his seemingly resurrected state, “ she said in the meeting room as on the screen she walked back to the gurney after circling the sphere, where she began unbuttoning her shirt.

“So I had to question the origin of this connection. Humans have powerful emotions which respond to touch. Equally as powerful is the response to sexuality, The nootropics I’d been in development with seemed to strengthen this bond.” she said, as on the screen the shirt she had on fell to the floor.

“So what, you’re going to do a striptease for him?,” someone in the room said.

“You still have the option to leave this room at any time, but once you do, that’s it,” Bill Gates said.

The room grew quiet, unsure how to react.

“SO. What I did was an experiment. Under the influence of nootropics which had proven successful in developing a stronger psychic connection, as an emotional creature could I create an emotional connection with this being with a powerful form of emotional expression?,” she said.

On the screen, Amy had unlatched her bra, revealing her naked breasts.

Someone in the room stood up. “This is highly unprofessional,” she said, pushing herself away from the desk, as she looked to the others for approval and support, where she found absolutely none.

Amy’s skirt on the screen dropped to the floor as she kicked her heels off.

She now stood barefoot, in her panties only.

“I will not stand for this!,” she exclaimed, still looking around the room for support.

It was weird.

“Will you just sit down, Margaret,” someone said, “we’re not thirteen years old anymore.”

“Do you like this,” the laboratory Amy said on the screen, as she proceeded to pull her panties down, exposing her landing strip well manicured public hairs, as she kicked the panties off her foot seductively, leaving her totally naked, visible from numerous different angles.

Everyone in the room was hypnotized.

“Since we didn’t have a bed, a gurney from the medical lab was pulled in for this next part,” she said.

On the video screen, she could be seen walking completely around the sphere, touching it seductively the entire time.

“Dammit, Dale, can you PIP the EEG on the main screen?,” Amy said from the conference room.

To that, an EEG graph appeared on the screen.

“I don’t expect you to know how to read this,” As the Amy climbed up seductively on the screen with her bare ass in the air on top of the gurney, “but the EEG between a person in a coma and a conscious individual is easy to discern the difference”

On the gurney on the screen, Amy could be heard saying “Do you like what you see?”

She got off of all fours and turned around, and mounted her legs in the stirrups, clearly exposing her vagina in very high definition for everyone in the room, as the camera zoomed down for a closer view.

There was absolutely nothing she was attempting to hide.

Amy then proceeded to stroke herself, and then licked a finger and then stuck it inside her vagina, as a nervous man at the table said.

“God bless America, where you can masturbate and get paid for it,” he said.

Nervous chuckles around the room.

“Now as I’m masturbating here, pay attention to the EEG,” she said.

Curious noise could be seen on it, nothing significant, yet…

On the screen, Amy had her right hand cupping her naked right breast, and with her left hand, she had her index finger and middle finger about 3 inches inside her pussy, thrusting it in, then out, as she began moaning on the screen.

Margaret spoke up, “Ms Newton, I have no doubt you’re thrilling the men here with your lack of shame, but is there a reason for this to continue?”

Amy didn’t have to say a word.

About then, the EEG leapt to life.

The Borg. Transformed, Shape shifted.The image transformed to one and the same man seen on Star Trek, only, like Amy, was completely nude with his eyes closed – frozen in the same position he was in as a Borg.

The transition and transformation was immediate and complete leaving no one in the room without a doubt.

On the gurney on the screen, Amy pulled her fingers out of her pussy and bolted up at the edge of the seat.

“Is that John Delancie?,” someone said.

“Q”, Amy said.

At about that time, a gutteral, horrible moaning sound began emanating from the body.

“Helpppppppp meeeeeeee,” the voice said in slow motion.

At that moment the eyes of the man opened up.

He looked terrified.

“I don’t understand,” someone said.

His mouth opened.

“HEEELLLPPPP MEEEEEEEE,” he said, as if in slow motion.

“How is that not John Delancie?” someone in the room said.

The image of the man then shimmered, as if covered in a holographic cloak of some kind, briefly, and was once again the Borg.

“John Delancie Doesn’t exist,” Bill Gates said

“What do you mean, he’s an actor on,” someone said.

“A show which didn’t originate on our planet,” Bill Gates said.

The view on the primary screen changed to show Amy, from in front, a full body view, who had begun crying, she then got up off the gurney, stumbled, and collapsed to the ground, sobbing.

Dale rushed in to her side, as the video paused.

“What was that all about,” someone in the room said.

“Q had created a connection with me. I suppose you could say a part of me felt like dying that day,” she said, tears again forming in her eyes.

“When you say created a connection, what do you mean?,” someone said.

“Dale, lights please,” Amy stood up.

“What did Q say to you?,” someone asked.

No response.

“Q asked me what I wanted,” she said.

“And what did you say?,” someone in the room said.

“That’s between Q and I,” she responded.

The General said “This is a matter of national security”

Amy said nothing.

The General repeated “I demand you tell us what Q said to you,”

Amy walked to the front of the main screen, with the image of her naked, lying on the floor crying paused in time for all to see.

“General. I showed you all this for one simple reason. I wanted to be naked in front of all of you, and I wanted you to see me masturbating. I wanted that. It excited me. Still excites me,” she said.

“So you’re a slut and a pervert,” The General said, “I can throw you into jail for treason for telling us what he said.”

Amy smiled.

“My name is Amy Newton. I was born on March 5th, 1975 in San Diego, California, where I was kidnapped at birth and adopted by a wonderful family in New Jersey where I was raised before moving to Arizona for school,” she said.

“Interesting story, Amy, but what’s that have to do with Q and your discussion?” the General said.

“Dale, lights all the way up please,” Bill Gates said.

“General, I can answer that question without Amy having to violate the sanctity of her… covenant with Q,” he said.

Bill stood up and walked to the front of the room.

“I am Bill Gates, and my family disclosed to me a long time ago that I had been adopted and was originally born in Orange, California, and as lawyers they were able to make it appear like a natural birth when it was not. After some discovery and a great deal of money and desire to know my own genetic history, I learned who my biological family was, an enigma in itself, and that I had a twin brother whose records were completely and untraceably erased,” he said.

The General looked confused.

“Bill, what does this have to do with the question I asked Ms Newton.”

“Lies, General, and why we tell them,” he said.

“I’m not tracking,” said the general.

“General, do you keep secrets?,” Bill said.

“Of course I do,” said the General, “if it’s a matter of National Security, I am obligated to keep them. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?”

“Now in your role as General, who is allowed to keep secrets from you?,” Bill Gates said.

“Technically, only the President, but he and I are on the same page so he keeps nothing from me.” he responded.

“Would you be offended if the President or your subordinates kept secrets from you?,” Bill said.

“If it’s a matter of National Security and within my jurisdiction, absolutely, “ he responded.

“And protecting the United States is your duty, isn’t it, so technically using that logic, nothing should be kept from you?,” Bill Gates responded, waving his hand at the screen.

“Wait. I see where this is going. I’m not on trial here. Ms Newton participated in a nationally sanctioned experiment in which she received communication from a subject who poses an extreme threat to this nation,” he said.

“General, the military presence to my privately owned facilities was a calculated measure I was making to guarantee the safety of my personnel and investment. In much the same way Exxon might receive assistance while engaging in business abroad, the endeavors I was engaged in I assure you are both privately funded and operated,”

“And still pose a threat to this nation,” The General said.

“Where do you draw that line on what is and isn’t a threat?,” Bill Gates said.

Someone in the room said “he has a point, General”

Dismayed. The General, who’d been standing, sat down.

Bill Gates looked around the room, as he referred everyone to the paper Amy had passed out.

“Ladies and Generals, I’m hoping Amy putting herself out there like she has hammered the point home that we’re in need of a modern day update on what is and isn’t considered a threat to national security, and an update on the World War 2 era Security Clearance system while we’re at it,” he said, “The paper in front of you is a first draft proposal to this new level of clearances”

The General picked up the sheet for the first time and studied it intently.

“Across government lines, the goal is to have a uniform and single point source for confidentiality with this draft. And someone like Amy, where she may feel comfortable and confident doing what she did in public, can also be afforded some privacy and protection guaranteed to her by her own government should she do the same thing at home,” Bill Gates said.

The General said in a concessionary tone, “Ms Newton, if we expedite the creation of this, and I assume you – Mr Gates – have the ability to rush this through the Senate and House, are you willing to divulge, in it’s entirety, what Q communicated with you?”

She looked at Bill, expectantly, and then said.

“If it’s deemed a matter of National Security by what we all agree on in the act we draft, then you can bet your pointed ears on it, otherwise, no way,” she said.

The general looked around the room.

“I suspect we’re all in agreement that if we’re to be included in this, then we need to act immediately. That’s the point I suspect you’re trying to make, Mr Gates? What do you propose calling this… little act here?,” the General said.

Bill Gates smiled. “Let’s call it The Patriot Act. I suppose it will always put a smile on our face thinking about Amy – the patriot for whom instigated the need for the act.”

Amy smiled.

She loved it when things fell into order exactly as was intended.

The General responded “The Patriot Act. I like it.”

On October 26, 2001, The Patriot Act was put into force.



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