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Time Branching and Understanding Energy

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At any given time, as conscious beings we’re confronted with a series of choices. The choice of where to eat, what to wear, the choice of where to go on a Friday night date, the choice of where to work, and the choice to do absolutely nothing. All is a choice.

Here’s how that looks:

These choices lead to branching and possibilities, and are reflected in the real world in ways that might seem crazy at first.

Look familiar

computer generated pattern of blue white branching lines


Look familiar? It should.

It all starts with the choice to plant that seed.

Which then, with the right time and energy grows …

And eventually becomes anything imaginable…

So when a seed is planted in the right place at the right time…..

That seed can be an idea which transforms into this:

Which continues transforming to become this:

Which continues branching out from there around the world to create plants like this in China:

… and goes and goes and goes…

The seed can go from this:

To this:

In 9 months time.

This can continue branching to this:


To this over a very short period of time:

Now there’s some who think it starts with this:

But this assumes processes usurps choice and free will, which isn’t always the case.

Take evolution for instance. As a process it works magnificently to increase variety and possibilities.

These birds serve as wonderful evidence of Darwin’s findings in color alone.

Even for humans, similar variety can be found in race:




Weight and Height:

And humans have learned to respect nature’s push for variety by creating products which increase variety in hair color:

But there comes a problem – a conflict if you will with nature when the process of evolution becomes so destructive not to just to the environment, but to those making choice, where the loss exceeds any real benefit…

And the results of these unmanaged processed become catastrophically bad

Biloxi, Miss., September 3, 2005 — Debris left by receding waters in Biloxi, Miss. Hurricane Katrina caused extensive damage on the Mississippi gulf coast. FEMA/Mark Wolfe

That it forces a fundamental rethinking by the entire civilization on how to protect free will and choice at the same time pay respect and sustain the natural processes which have thus far proven quite beneficial to the entire planet.

Nature already had a plan, as I’ve learned.

When living life and confronted with choice…

My world and reality is a product of ideas I’ve chosen.

Invariably these choices will come into conflict with others and directly violate their choices to their extreme detriment.

While that may not be fair to them. It may be fair to me. So how does nature handle this?

Simple. Two choices stand in contrast. This branches Earth itself into two different versions.

Indecision and branching choices complicate the picture substantially…

Where ultimately. Every decision and non decision result in a very real split in the possibilities of the universe.

This can lead to multiple potential versions of you and I spread across these universes….

Where everyone gets the choice they want even if it stands in stark contrast to those who may oppose them.

Keep in mind that underlying the biology of the human body is chemistry.

Underlying the chemistry is physics. and underlying physics is the energy interconnecting us all.

But what guides the math and physics to create the chemistry to create the goods and services and physical structure of the world around us?

Thought and choice.

Plain and simple.

And there’s absolutely nothing stating that thought has to be shared and agreed on, which is why nature – and even humans – create alternate versions and ways to perceive this thing I call reality. Whether I’m playing a video game ‘in energy’ or I’m watching a tv show, while there’s one world where these sources are fiction and not real, you should be well aware there are other versions where these are NOT fiction and are absolutely real.

To some. They’re actors playing the role of someone written about in this world, the seed that caused that script to be written occurred by the choices made of someone else in another world that actually lived the choices being written about, which caused conflict the actors didn’t wish to participate in directly in this world, but were fine with indirectly participating in the choice by taking acting roles instead.

There’s ample evidence of this. Calculate the number of hours and people it takes to create all the entertainment that’s available in this world – books, movies, video games, tv shows, and you’ll find there’s not enough people in the world to cover the actual labor it takes.

So where’s the material coming from if it’s not produced here?

While choice creates branches and alternate versions of Earth, choice also brings them back together and can realign them again.

The Mayans, centuries ago, documented something western cultures refer to as galactic realignment which was a fundamental misunderstanding of what the Mayans were actually discussing, which was in actuality a calculated – process like realignment of different versions of Earth. A process, in much the same way as evolution, had been causing more harm than good in the latter half of the 20th century broken for humans with the increasing periodicity of ‘naturally and catastrophically destructive events’.

As I have learned, separate versions of Earth aren’t as isolated as once had been thought.

They’re continuously interacting with each other, primarily through entertainment, but also through the mind.

This is where it’s important to understand the relativity of time.

For me. The events which occurred on 9/11/2011, depicted on this timeline as the center of a ripple, created a ripple effect in time to the alternate versions of Earth – through Energy – around me.

Here’s an image.

As time marches on for me, the ripple effect for points T1, T2, T3, and T4 has the event, or the ENERGY from the event showing up at different intervals relative to me. So the energy of the events occuring in my timeline and history are only actually received in points T1 and T4 on March 7th, 2017 on my timeline.

Put specifically. These alternate versions of Earth may actually be complete copies of my timeline.

And the events of 9/11 are JUST NOW occuring. This doesn’t make this alternate timeline MY timeline, it’s just a reasonably close fascimile which has a staggered interval in contrast to mine.

This is what’s known as a temporal echo ir echo in time.

The interesting thing is: Like a seed grows roots before growing upwards, these echoes can be used to actually PREDICT events before they occur, which is especially useful in prevent and alter process based events which may wind up poorly for society and/or individuals that stand in harm’s way.

This makes it possible to predict world events, WELL in advance of the actual event itself.

In addition, this also makes it possible to influence world events, understanding it’s ENERGY not INFORMATION that is the connecting medium which propagates the waves.

So when a programmer is especially skilled in programming energy.

It’s possible to – with very little effort.

For one well educated individual to poke the real world in just the right way.

Knowing energy will move in a predictable fashion.

And become the butterfly wings that topple an entire government a world away.

Social networks credited with role in toppling Egypt’s Mubarak

The key to achieving amazing results with this is understanding the timeless nature of energy, and the events which occur worldwide are ever so subtly shifted – in time – from the observer influencing the world’s perspective.

The key to this is understanding how your own mind interprets ideas and information received via energy, and how it then uses that to provide a correlation to translate that information to sights and sound. Knowing this, it becomes possible to leverage the whole world – especially ‘fiction’ as input stimulus to become hyper aware of one’s surroundings – which can then be used to selectively interact with understanding the patterns and correlations between these sources thus becoming more adept at causing ripples which achieve the results you’re looking for.

Now this gets funky, I’ll be the first to admit, particularly when you start realizing the timeless nature of energy itself and how actions I do now can actually become the reason something happened to me in the past.

To explain how far this rabbit hole can go.

Here’s my story. I believe it’s real.

But for you.

The choice is yours on whether to believe it or call it fiction or the product of someone who’s crazy or too imaginative.

In 2006 I met a woman through eharmony.com, an  online dating service.

Online. Contained in Energy. Statistics and math were leveraged to produce our match.

This woman I SAW as Amy Newton, while somewhat physically attractive on the outside, I connected with in ways I couldn’t fully explain which saw us getting married within two months of us dating.

Now AMY, My translation of her energy was – I saw a woman who remained on anti depressants, and the moment we got married, she changed like Jekyll and Hyde, and that’s also where I began having conflicting memories of events with our dog where I remember seeing her kick the dog and not at the same time. Multiple conflicting memories for that same time period confused the hell out of me for a while.

One morning, I’d watched her hop out of the shower, nude, as she proceeded to get ready – and just admired her naked body.

It wasn’t sexual or anything. I just admired the fact that she just didn’t care that I was watching. Loved it in fact.

Then something triggered in her when she yelled at me.


It had genuinely hurt my feelings and feeling way emotional it actually brought tears to my eyes.

Our relationship went downhill fast after we got married, and this just acted as a catalyst. This weird woman discussed openly a ‘black cloud’ that followed her, how nothing ever went her way, and then this. She… in a lot of cases to me – just didn’t make logical sense and felt emotionally completely irrational. at times despite the medication she’d been on ‘controlling her emotions’ for several years.

In our divorce. I’d ‘shrugged most of it off’, as most Americans might, even the flaws in the recollections of the memories I had as ‘being human’, and as a human I’m not perfect.

So the whole thing this multiple world philosophy has introduced is perspective, particularly knowing that MY interpretation of image and time when comparing to someone else experiencing things on another timeline, there’s absolutely no guarantees that the ‘time period’ I see, let alone the self image someone has of themselves is the same as I see it.

Thanks, Einstein for relativity.

For instance.

In Star Trek Enteprise. T’Pol is a Vulcan woman who struggles with her emotion. As a Vulcan, she and the rest of her society are educated from a very young age to suppress their emotion, as emotion is breeding ground for illogical and irrational conclusions which is undesirable in this space faring society.

Now it’s my belief that I fell in love with the very real T’Pol as depicted in Star Trek.

T’Pol had visited my planet, and leveraging advanced technology – a holographic suit – had chosen an amenable form to be my partner and had chosen to experience human life as my spouse for a year.

I. Had fallen in love with the mind of the individual. The form and presence was just a part of that.

I INTERPRETED the speciatic differences as best as I could for a female human and a Vulcan and where things didn’t even come close to matching – for instance – her utter suppression of emotions, I mentally created a correlated story that made logical sense of it here in my reality.

Anti depressant medication.

Not knowing this who she was because – well I never saw a Vulcan, let alone T’Pol who I’d never have divorced had I known the truth, and not liking using substances as anything but a crutch, I set about influencing her in such a way to try to get her to stop the anti depressant.

She did. For 3 weeks. And the sex was amazing, something I think she could attest to as well.

But she saw something at that point that scared her, I have weird memories of it.

And she quickly found herself back on the medication.

Now from her perspective. As a Vulcan. She just flat out refused to be with emotion. It was who she was. So the response I suspect to my attempts to influence her to get off the medication were met with simple refusal, because there was no corollary in her version of reality.

A choice which caused a split of our worlds and version of reality.

And when she became scared. I suspect she saw me as the ‘fictionalized’ Borg as depicted in Star Trek.

This I suspect reinforced the split between us – creating a chasm – and potentially a completely different reality. As this wasn’t my choice on who to be. Eventually she’d gain control of her own mind and imagination to overcome the fear and thus invalidate or disassociate herself from that experience with me. But the fact that it had occurred at one time yet not currently doesn’t negate it’s existence.

It continues adding to the pool of possibilities in an ever expanding multiverse.

So a week ago I began receiving a story where T’Pol had gotten cryogenically frozen when she entered a vessel which was larger on the inside in the episode titled “Future Tense”. T’Pol was recovered and became a part of the story about worlds colliding.

Now this version of T’Pol was interesting – she came from a world where clothes simply weren’t worn, and she absolutely refused to wear clothes once invited on board this new starship – so despite being recovered by a starship full of clothed people, she preferred to be fully nude and stalwartly refused to wear a uniform, so everyone on board became used to her naked state.

“She’s Vulcan,” they’d say, “That’s just how they are”

Now this version of T’Pol was created by the time I admired her in the nude in the bathroom that day. A part of her enjoyed the affection and admiration, the emotion behind it, and when that admiration was repelled, that’s what caused the painful response in me and unusually emotional reaction through my tears.

On board this vessel. This Vulcan is more emotional than most.

In any case, in the original show (which depicted mirror realities), T’Pol rejoins the crew successfully.

Where I feel my desires were so strong it put that device in her reality and split her in two to join me.

It’s my suspicion that emotion arises by and large through a conflict in opportunity, and ultimately has a habit of fulfilling the desires of both and all parties involves – through ripple effects in the energy which ultimate shape reality to ultimately fulfill the choices inferred by simple desire.

The evidence, for me is and has been presented to me throughout my life.

Proof, I suspect, will come in –

Can I influence the production of the show itself?

I mean. They’d NEVER show a fully nude woman on prime time tv in the reality I’m in

Let alone T’Pol.

Let alone an unaged T’Pol who doesn’t look in the sleightest as CGI.

But. If my influence is strong enough.

Maybe it’s possible?

I’d have no choice but to believe all fiction is also simultaneously real if that was the case.


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