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Experiments in Programming a Population

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you take a pebble, and throw it into an otherwise placid lake, you’ll create a ripple effect which will emanate from the point of impact of the pebble on that lake which will continue to the extreme edges of the lake until it reaches the shore.

The motion of this action on that lake is so predictable, that physicists can predict the amplitude (height) of the ripples based on the mass of the object hitting that lake, the frequency of the ripples created in the water, how far the ripples will travel as they naturally erode in height and frequency, how long it will take for the ripples to reach the shore, and the energy contained in the ripples themselves.

In 2014, Engineers in Australia floated a ping pong ball in a small tank of water in University research lab. From there, they were able to leverage their knowledge of Physics by creating a series of ripples at specific intervals in the tank which created specific patterns resulting in precise and controlled movement of the ping pong ball in any direction they wanted.

More about that research can be seen here.

And later applications of the same research by a Scottish laboratory specializing in leveraging the same fluid dynamic physics to achieve the same photonically based results here.

The lesson to be learned is: Directed, precise and controlled physical movement can indirectly be achieved leveraging physics.

The physical world is comprised of objects created through chemistry, but underlying the chemistry and biology is physics and the math which serves as a language to describe the predictable motion that’s expected to occur given a consistent model of physics.

But as Einstein suggested nearly a century ago, the real world doesn’t always have consistent physics.

There are numerous gravitational anomalies that have been documented all around the planet throughout history, something I myself have directly experienced by seeing a bottle and water roll uphill at a place called The Mystery Spot in Northern California, but also physically and physiologically how screwed up my own senses became in certain areas around this location making it difficult to walk and maintain my balance.

This all was an early lesson to me at a very early age in real world physics and how physical laws of nature are generally wonderful to have but sometimes, something makes it so these rules just don’t apply in the predictable way they should.

This lesson taught me something important.

Physics is observational order of energy created by humans for humans.

Thank you, Einstein, for E=mc^2 and the correlations you outlined for matter and energy.

And while math is a language which conspires to reinforce the physical model outlined by physics that tends to govern our world.

It’s only a language.

Underlying this order we’ve created is the ‘wet clay’ if you will of reality itself.

And for me, in this physical world and particular configuration of reality, energy is what comprises that wet, unshaped clay.

Now it’s important to understand that this energy gains order through the systems of order we create.

Put specifically. Concepts such as time and physical space, light and darkness, all get their start in this energy which is influenced, guided, and shaped by our minds, and the ideas we create.

Don’t take my word for it.

The basic notion of this was developed by a genius named Albert Einstein’s with his Theory of Relativity here, where the relativity of time and space is based on the observer, which made it clear Mr Einstein understood that our particularly perspective of reality was unique to us, the observer.

But this stopped short of describing the interconnections between everyone and the relations between our particular frames of reality.

So here’s my theory.

Energy, if taking the same concepts applied to the placid lake or tank of water, moves in highly predictable ways in much the same way ripples move across the water.

My world somewhat understands this – and whether it’s viral marketing, mass media distribution, Facebook, or news sources, these influence people and the world through information. But with this approach of influence, it’s like taking a shotgun to a zombie invasion.

Put specifically:

Energy can and quite often does take on numerous physical configurations simultaneously which may often appear to be similar to each other but they are not and are more often than not unpredictable using modern physical models of the universe.

Now if you take those same Physics based models and attempt to predict the influence of interactions with energy…

At times they will become utterly unpredictable unless you factor one major thing into account.

The timeless nature of energy.

Let me explain:

Energy is to thought what a canvas is to a painter. It’s a means of expression for the artist interacting with the medium.

Which brings me to two experiments I am currently engaged in to understand my canvas as an better:

  1. Experiment #1: Can I influence the production of a major tv show without direct interaction?In May of 2017, Star Trek Discovery is being released as a television show. So far, I’ve acquired information detailing the characters involved in this production, the setting, the era, and accordingly I’ve begun writing an episode detailing the numerous potential configurations of reality colliding into one where the USS Discovery is frozen in a temporal stasis and they are actively engaged in a conversation with actors from other Star Trek series in my time period trying to figure a way out of the problem together.

    It’s my belief that if I discuss this with people here. providing very little information online. That energy will be influenced in such a way to shape the decisions the entire production staff have been making to create what they are which will invariably demonstrate clearly obvious relation to my writing and their end product.

    Which actually would beg the question if I see clear and obvious correlations to my story:

    Was I influenced to write the stories I wrote by their previous actions, were they me, or did it occur simultaneously?

    We’ll see.

    T’Pol will be involved in ways I’d always dreamed of and – if it does indeed happen – unedited and uncensored versions what I’ve written would most certainly incentivize fanboys a reason to purchase the series online and put a new fresh spin on the series..

  2. Experiment #2: Can I influence an online gaming community to play differently?

    Last month, I was playing a game of Hearthstone – a card game much like Magic The Gathering – with my friend Stanley Kirdey. when he did something that surprised me that I enjoyed.

    He didn’t ‘go for the kill’ and annihilate me when he had the chance as has been my experience with everyone else in the game. He continued playing by cleaning the board of my minions first. This actually transformed the game from something cut throat competitive to something more friendly and engaging.

    While he still wound up winning the match, much to my frustration, it got me to thinking.

    What if I adopt a set of rules that I play by for myself, and actively choose to NOT violate those rules even if it means losing the game?

    Can I influence the play style of those I am matched with?

    Moreso, can I actually influence the entire game and even the development of the game itself by this unique playstyle?

    I only started this yesterday, and the results are interesting. In much the same way Stanley effected me, I’ve already noticed about 30% of those I am pitted against adopt my casual play style once they recognize it and reciprocate.

    So we’ll see.

    My Current rules I am playing by and a reason for the rules:

    I Immediately Concede if I am pitted against:
    – Anyone with a C-Thun (Just because the play style’s always the same, they prolong the game to the end then annihilate you with this beast which makes for a very predictable and boring game)
    – Anyone of the same class (unless in Tavern Brawl) (Logic goes: I respect people who do what I do, unless we’re in a bar and we’ve had a bit to drink, in which case even unruly jackass friends are subject to opposition in a bar room brawl)
    I cannot attack Hero until all minions are destroyed (Exceptions, battlecry damage, random damage, and mass effect damage) So yes, this means I sit out my turn as a hero if opposed with a minion that will do too much damage to me.

    AS for ‘wins’ – Even though the game says it’s a win against me, if they don’t follow my rules that I’ve demonstrated clearly through the course of my play, then I don’t mentally consider it a win when my minion rule is not followed. Period.

    And as a final aside – my personal rule for deck building is – I must play the majority of class cards (80%+) IF AVAILABLE, and if I choose neutral cards, I try to play my character (for instance, neutral healing minions might be used for a cleric where a sniper might not but would be used for my rogue class).

    And while this play style certainly makes winning less frequent. The game seems and feels genuinely more enjoyable. To me at least.





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