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My Top 3 Goals (Ya gotta have ’em)

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A few years back, I wrote out a bucket list on a site called 43things.com.

My perspective was artificially limited in ways that are difficult to explain. And while MANY of the dream like items on that bucket list manifested in mostly predictable yet some in inexplicable ways, about half the list remained unfulfilled.

In truth. I was insecure when I wrote that list. I didn’t really have a whole lot of faith in myself because of this, and many of the items I’d written down – I mean – come on now, not now nor ever has the Trans-Siberian railway actually sounded fun, which somehow made my bucket list. I’d written it down for one reason – I could brag about the experience later.

Now Cuba. I’d always been curious about why the embargo was in place.

And thankfully. That educational trip manifested while the railway one did not.

Now if one thing. I’ve been given oodles of ideas and information since then to suggest not only was I artificially circumscribed with my previous list, but among the reasons I had been insecure was that I had quit believing.

Not just in me.

But in you.


And the possibilities.

This changes now.

Here’s a few of my goals for the next ten years.

  1. Teleportation

    To learn / teach myself how to wave my right hand, like this:

    And while thinking of a destination – the destination I am in is replaced by the destination I am imagining, allowing me instantaneous travel from one location on Earth (and eventually more locations) to another. 

    First, I’d like to use this ability to – don’t laugh – work with wealthy and famous people around the world providing food delivery. Yes, Q’s magnificent abilities will be used first to delivery you your favorite take out FROM anyplace in the world TO anyplace in the world. Of course, the delivery charge will be commiserate with the instantaneousness of the service provided, $9999 (to avoid having to report it to the FBI). For me it’s a win/win as I learn about the best places to eat around the world, while at the same time ‘lowering’ myself to be a delivery person – again – where I make enough money to afford the high costs of living here in Los Angeles.

    The delivery service offers the opportunity to refine my skills and hopefully meet some incredible people along the way.

    Eventually, this ability will include the capability to traverse time as well, so you can have food from Ancient Greece or Rome if that’s what floats your boat.

  2. I’d like to build a Time Travel Machine

    Once I’ve mastered teleportation, and gotten pretty good at time travel, I’d like to expand my business to include time travel and alternate reality tours.

    The TARDIS, or Time And Relative Dimension In Space is the model vessel I’d like to build (depicted here)

    While the TARDIS is roughly the size of a telephone booth, or 1 square meter for the base, or one yard squared depending on your measurement system, inside, it’s actually an interconnection to – quite literally – another dimension – where the entryway historically looked like this:


    Which, while cool and all and definitely science fictiony looking appears to be about as livable and comfortable as a hospital waiting room and decidedly unfun. Here’s an artist’s rendition of where I’d like to take it – a sophisticated yet throwback type appearance honoring one of the major authors who inspired me with time travel to begin with – Miss Jules Verne.


    Oh come now, you did know she was a female, didn’t you?

    In any case, the interior of the TARDIS – all contained within a separate and distinct dimension – is a bit more than 1kilometer in cubic size, and actually closer to a mile cubed. It’s massive, to say the least, and includes among it’s features a full Olympic sized diving pool ornamented by natural features complete with an ocean front walk in entry to it and waterfall.

    And – my favorite – several holographic rooms – holodecks is what they are referred to as, a massive game room which I use to collect digital games of every form – especially my arcade games, and a dungeon complete with swords, armor, and some of the more kinky items you might find in a wealthy gentleman’s dungeon.

    There’s more. So much more to the interior, which as a separate dimension, is re-configurable based on the current owner.

    In my case it’s yours truly.

    Now the primary goal with this machine – which is less a machine and more a smart house that can move through time – besides of course serving as my place of residence – is to take groups of people and/or companions on tours to different points in space and time, and alternate realities (currently classified as fiction, hallucination, imagined, and/or make believe)

    The house will come equipped with automated filming mechanisms which – like everything – is re-configurable and at this point captures digitized copies of the sound and light based information in three dimensions from anywhere both inside and outside the vessel at all times. Keep in mind it’s a time traveling machine first and foremost, a living and sentient one who serves as my friend and companion at times, but it’s also a means and mechanism for me to ‘put on the brakes’ on this thing called time and reality itself if and when there’s something I feel like I want to experience more of and/or missed out on.

    When my regrets and missed opportunities come pouring in, that’s why I get woken up in an immortal way.

  3. A Time Travel and Entertainment related Business

    Being sincere. I’ve never really operated a business, successfully. I’ve helped people. But never, myself, have I successfully managed one myself. God knows I’ve tried. But between financial reporting, accounting, taxes, and invoicing, I have traditionally just gotten overwhelmed with it all.

    So once I’m successful with both #1 and #2, I’d like to shift this into a business model that I’m not 100% fully sure of what it will be. I’d imagine it might be in movie making, but there’s another part of me that thinks it could be in robotics, and yet another in an as of yet undiscovered peace keeping market. I suspect once I am done with #1 and #2, this will fill itself out, and I’d actually like to leverage this business as my… Hmm. I’m not sure to be honest. Those blanks will have to be filled in along the way.

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